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Danielle Pierre

2 years ago

My cat (wiggy) got hit by a car and I rushed him to VCA. The staff here was extremely comforting in this time of distress and kept me informed the whole time. Nevertheless I was a wreck not knowing if he was going to be okay and they truly made this heart wrenching process so much easier. After his Injuries were assessed Dr. Green very thoroughly walked me through all of the surgeries and options while giving me his recommendations for optimal healing (and no, it wasn’t the most expensive option). I was torn of what option to go with and the amazing vet tech staff got me information on every possible scenario while being extremely patient and compassionate with me. They never made me feel like I was asking too many questions and thoroughly answered every one I had. Wiggy had to stay in the hospital for a few days before surgery and they kept me informed and connected to my baby the whole time. I want to thank Dr. Green and his team from the bottom of my heart - 8 weeks later and he has totally recovered! Words can not describe how thankful we are for you.


2 years ago

I can't thank this place enough. I came to them in middle of the night seeking help for my dear kitty. I unfortunately had to make the impossible decision to put her down, but these guys went above and beyond for me. In such a tough time, they exceeded the duty of vets and technicians. In so many ways. I could write a novel about the level of care they gave to me, but all this review needs to get across is that I was in good hands and my pet was in good hands. I really can't thank them enough for the care we were given.

Rhonda Foutch

2 years ago

I do not recommend taking your pet to this facility for emergencies. I know COVID has it restrictions; however, at my local vet, I know you're allowed to come inside. But this facility refused to let me come in with my dog. Also, it is important to note that when I arrived, I was the only one in the parking lot. 45 minutes later, I finally got a call and they were going over the costs with me. I simply wanted them to stitch up my dog, I didn't care how much it cost. I was surprised they had not started the emergency medical procedure. They called again 15 minutes later to say it would be another hour! When I pressed them about why it was taking so long, they said the doctor would have to call me. She called a bit later and said it would now be a couple of hours or more because more dogs had arrived. If they had done the stitches when I arrived, it would have simply been an in and out process. Instead, I was bumped to the end of the line which resulted in what would be another 2 hours. In addition (and just as important) I found this place to be very unprofessional in comparison to services I have received at my regular vet.

Talia Parker-Warwick

2 years ago

Our dog had an allergic reaction for the first time and since we weren’t sure what was happening or how bad the reaction would be, we reached out to VCA just to be sure it wasn’t something serious. They were able to see us almost immediately (we know that’s not always possible, can’t predict other emergencies) and were so polite, friendly, informative, and professional. This was our first dog emergency and everyone we spoke with really helped lessen our stress. We felt confident our pup was in great hands the whole time.

Jill Wilson Bull

2 years ago

I am a veterinarian and completely trust the team at VSNC with all my pets! He needed urgent surgery and Dr. Jess Barrera and the surgery team were able to work him in to their already busy schedule. I drove an hour from Denver to seek their specialty care. Thank you also to Dr. Wight and the ER team. Now my kitty is resting comfortably at home!

Jody Carter

2 years ago

My 19 yr old cat was dying so i called to have him put down&they said it would be $265! I happen to know from working at a vet clinic that it costs them about$35 for the shot.$230 bucks for 5 min of someones time? I am going to file complaint with the better business bureau.

Mallory Banks

2 years ago

I had to bring my newly adopted puppy to this facility in the middle of the night after he had gotten very sick. I called and everybody was incredibly kind, taking a 9 week old puppy to the vet in the middle of the night is very scary. Unfortunatley, he was diagnosed with Parvo, but the entire staff went above and beyond to treat my sweet Hagrid. After spending a few nights in the hospital he was quickly back to his puppy self! That was the hardest 4 days not knowing if he was going to be ok. I appreciate the staff calling me twice a day to let me know how he was doing. For such a scary situation, everybody was so calm and kind and helped me feel better. I am so grateful to them for saving my sweet Hagrid!


2 years ago

Earlier this week we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our 2 month old kitten, Broccoli, that we had adopted on the 17th of this month. In a matter of 2 days he was affected by a severe neurological breakdown and unable to walk in the span of a day and a half, with a supposed clean bill of health shots up to date etc. Every other emergency vet was completely booked and unaccommodating for our situation, we went to the closest area and it turned out to be the best decision we could make for the matters at hand. VCA was beyond caring and rushed to take care of our sweet baby with barely any questions asked. With the overall situation it was not at all an easy choice to make for us, they waived euthanasia fees and even gave us a free pawprint and hair clipping since little Bro had to be sent for rabies testing. They were our rock in this situation. I cannot express how grateful my fiance and I for their treatment in this situation, had it have been any other place I don't feel we would have had the same level of quality care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we can rest a bit easier knowing Broccoli was taken care of, loved and comfortable until his last moments.

Allison Grant

2 years ago

I am very pleased with the care my elderly dog got here. He had a strange skin injury that very suddenly became infected (on a weekend when his usual vet was closed, of course). They got him in pretty quickly, treated his wound, and gave me some tips for follow up. A few days later and it already looks incredible! The vet and techs were all very thorough and friendly, and I felt really good leaving my boy with them.

Christian Culwell

2 years ago

Recently I had to take my dog Tucker for an emergency visit for the first time since I have had him. I am so happy that I took him here because they were quick to treat tucker and were very communicative. I was very worried about him so I had called all through out the night to check on him and every single time I called in they gave me a detailed update of how he was and what else they needed to do and didn't act annoyed by the calls at all. They also told me everything they were going to do before hand and explained the exact reason why. They also didn't charge me for unnecessary things; you can tell they actually care!!! The most awesome part about the visit was that Elizabeth sent me an update of Tucker at 2:40 am with a cute picture of him. Would 100% recommend this place if you have to take your pet.

Sandy Bierman

2 years ago

I want to say thank you so much to Dr Green and Dr Carrie Adrian for helping our dog, Daisy. We had a little issue with billing and front office communication but it was straightened out. Daisy our lab tore her Achilles tendon. Instead of doing surgery we did PRP a new procedure it's half the price of surgery. It was a long haul 6 months worth. But we either we're going to have to put our dog down, take her leg off or surgery. Dr Adrian was wonderful she was always there for support. We questioned the process along the way, it was hard but I'll tell you it's really worth it now!. Daisy a hunting dog, family dog and will be able to hunt her again. She's retrieving at this moment and it's wonderful to see her so happy. Thank you again Dr Green and Dr Adrian I do appreciate it!! Sandy

Annie Cooksey

2 years ago

We had an appointment with VCA for my sweet Hank.. unfortunately we had to make the decision to put her down due to her quick decline in Heath and we never even went to her appointment. Despite that they were so kind hearted and sent us the kindness card of condolences for our loss. I just really appreciate that you all went above and beyond ❤️❤️❤️

Wanda Calhoon

2 years ago

our 11 year old German Shepherd, Lucy wasn't eating and our regular Vet suggested we come here. They got us in right away and having been working to figure out what is wrong with her. It's been two days, appears she has an ulcer from previous medicine she was taking. Dr. Sherrill and staff have been so good and patient with Lucy and with us. Thank You so much for your care and loving Lucy as we do.

Wendy S

2 years ago

Where do I start! This happened 1.5 years ago. When my dog was having issue with seizures the neurologist wouldn’t make changes to his meds until she was back from vacation. When I called after a week with him showing signs of pancreatitis from his meds, I found out that the neurologist had been in the office for 3 days but NEVER called me to change his meds and the concern of pancreatitis. I ended up at VCA with him having severe pancreatitis and the first 24 hours of being at VCA NO ONE gave him any pain meds whatsoever and the internal med doc told me the next day that she didn’t see that the staff gave him any pain meds and she would get that done right away. After giving him pain meds his heart rate came down. How in the world could these people not give a dog pain meds and instead let him suffer for 24 hours in severe pain!! I am extremely disappointed in the neurologist who showed the lack of concern for my dog and made him wait 2 weeks!! And extremely disappointed that VCA let him go 24 hours with no relief for the pain. I will NEVER go to VCA ever again!!

Mary George

2 years ago

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. They were honest, compassionate and took very good care of our 2 cats after an emergency poisoning. We could not have asked for better service. Thank you for saving our cats and charging a fair price. We appreciate your team very much.

Shannon Matthews

2 years ago

VCA does NOT care about pets, they only care about MONEY. They saw my dog Rosie in December 2020 for vestibular disorder. She was treated with medication which resolved the episode. In March, less than 4 months later, she had a second episode. I called to request they refill the meds that fix the problem and they REFUSED. would not refill the RX without seeing her for a $100 recheck visit. EXACT SAME SITUATION AS BEFORE. AND Rosie had been to her regular vet THREE DAYS earlier and had a clean bill of health, and I told them this! They refused to fill the RX which would help my dog unless they could charge me $100 for a visit. She'll have to hopefully get better with OTC human meds instead.

Jyzel Korgan

2 years ago

vca was no help. my dog went in for a distended stomach, just needed an exam and x-rays. they quoted me at $600. it’s insane how these vets these days can rob you for your money. i do not suggest this place what do ever. (don’t bring your expensive dog here, the more expensive looking dog the more they’ll charge) good luck :)

Bailey Lazzari

2 years ago

The hospital and staff were great, super responsive, and I thought I was getting my money’s worth.... unfortunately after paying over 4K for an ACL surgery I brought my dog to another vet for the second one where they informed me the one VCA completed needed to be redone, is extremely unstable, and my dog is favoring the torn leg over the one they fixed. My new vet only charged me $1,500 and offered to fix the one VCA did at a discounted rate.... get a second opinion before this happens to you!!!!

J. Elizabeth

2 years ago

VCA in Loveland was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. Vet techs were all so friendly and compassionate. Dr Raczak was thorough and very helpful explaining everything we went through along the way. I highly recommend recommend VCA.

Toby Fraley

3 years ago

Brought my dog in to get checked out. Seemed like I waited 3 hours for my dog to sit back there making it seem like they were taking care of my dog. In the end I spent my retirement fund and ended up taking my dog somewhere else.

Patsy Hood

3 years ago

My two visits to VCA were positive. My cat, who was 16 years old, had been to two vets who could not diagnose his health issue. My first appointment at VCA provided sad, but thorough information. When the time came for euthanasia, the staff at VCA went above and beyond to allow me to be with my cat. Dr. Sherill was exceptionally kind, as was Jess and the staff member I spoke with on the phone. I greatly appreciated their sensitivity to the situation.

Tessa Callahan

3 years ago

We, unfortunately, had to visit the emergency office at the worst of times. They were so caring during the euthanizing process as well as cremation. They packaged up the ashes, paw prints and hair so carefully and nicely. Thank you for everything.

T.J. Julien

3 years ago

Our elder dog broke his hip, went in on emergency visit, knowing this was more than likely his last car ride. They whisked him away, we were not allowed to be with him due to "the other patients"? We saw him in the room later already …

Stephanie Rust

3 years ago

Unfortunately, I had to visit this past weekend to have my cat euthanized. Pros: - They were open. - We didn't have to wait too long. - Front office staff was kind, professional, and took time to handle questions/billing over the phone prior to us entering the building, to avoid any delays after the procedure was done. The receipt had already been emailed to me before we were allowed to go inside. - My cat was brought to us in a quiet room, bundled up nicely in blankets and a little bed, with her IV in place. She was comfortable, and the room was cozy/dim for my husband and I. - Dr. Myers, for the brief time we spent with him, was pleasant to deal with. He was friendly, and respectful. He did what he needed to do, quickly and efficiently, and then left to allow us some privacy. Cons: This feels dumb to write, but - the vet tech that came to bring my husband and I inside? She kept referring to our cat as he/him. I said something like, "actually, she's female" once, but it kept the point where my husband and I were joking about it while we were waiting for our cat to be brought in. I worked for years at a vet hospital, and had owned that cat since she was six weeks old. She was definitely female! The same thing happened when the tech brought our cat into the room, and also when she came to collect my cat after she had passed. This isn't me trying to be extra "woke" or anything, nor am I looking to get anyone in trouble. My husband and I were able to joke about this, but it's the kind of thing that could be really upsetting to many other pet owners who are having a hard day already. Details matter! That said, thank you for being there for me and my old girl. I'm glad to have such a business nearby. **EDIT** If attention to detail matters to you, read on. A few days after I euthanized my cat, I received a voicemail from a receptionist at VCA, informing me that her ashes were ready to be picked up. The problem? I had confirmed *twice* on the day of our visit that I wanted to have my cat's ashes sent to my home, as I didn't want to have to drive back to VCA so soon. The first time was on the phone with the receptionist I spoke to before we went over to VCA. (The choice was offered when she outlined the aftercare options, so it's not like I was asking for anything unusual or special.) The second time, I confirmed my choice again, on the phone with a different employee, before our cat was taken inside the building. And I was definitely charged for the next-day FedEx shipping, make no mistake. I heard the voicemail, called VCA back, and asked the receptionist about the shipping option. She seemed a bit confused, and ended up transferring me to a manager (no, I didn't go all "Karen" or raise my voice at anyone). The manager I spoke to was professional and apologetic. She offered to refund the shipping cost to me immediately - I didn't ask for it, but was grateful that she made such an offer. My cat's remains arrived the next morning, as promised. When I spoke to the manager, I tried to express that my concern wasn't money at all, but the impression I was getting in terms of the oversights and small errors that had happened. As I said before, I worked in a vet hospital for years, in an emergency/critical care facility very much like VCA. I know better than many people just how difficult it can be to work in a place like that, where things happen quickly and details can get lost. Unfortunately, those mistakes give the impression of sloppiness, and of the employees just not caring. And I'm a realist - I get that none of those employees is grieving my cat, I understand that I'm just a client, I understand that my cat and I are basically forgotten, once I'm out the door. But, again - this is the kind of treatment that I know, from previous work experience, can be tremendously upsetting to an already emotional client, and it is a bad look. The last thing? I received a sympathy card in the mail. It was signed by the doctor who came in to euthanize my CAT, as well as many of the staff. Take a peek. I'm done.

Stephanie Ball

3 years ago

I used the VCA Hospital back when my dog had horrible bone cancer, and spent thousands of dollars trying to help her and she passed away. Recently my dog Richard a 14 yr old husky came up with an eye problem, I called the VCA and they immediately directed me to eye center right next to the VCA. I couldn’t get an appointment there for 4 days, so I called the VCA Back to see if they could help him that day, his eye was swollen, red, goopy with green mucous and he was clearly uncomfortable. The girl who talked to me on the phone seemed annoyed that I wanted to bring him to them because they “do not deal with eyes” she made that very clear to me. But they are Vets and I was just hoping for them to look at him and see if they could prescribe drops or antibiotics to make him a little more comfortable until his appointment at the eye center a few days later. Again she seemed to reluctantly make my appointment and reminded me how much it would cost me almost like she was trying to persuade me not to come. Then I received an email confirmation for an appointment from them for my dead dog who they treated for terminal bone cancer 9 months ago. I instead called the North Shore Animal Vet Hospital in Loveland and was greeted so kindly and they got me in the same day to help Richard even though they do not specialize in eyes. I explained his condition and they wanted to help him as best they could, even knowing that he had an eye center appointment in a few days. They were all so kind and friendly and gave me some steroid drops to help clear up his eye infection and his eye already looks so much better! I am sure that the VCA is great for emergencies with your animals, but when it comes to personal care, you can tell they are a corporate company who wants the animals in and out and to get paid. I highly recommend seeking out another animal hospital like the North Shore Animal Hospital if you want compassion and people who truly care about your animals.

R. Luna

3 years ago

My 14 year old dog spent his final moments here. The staff was amazingly compassionate and did everything they could to make the process better for me. I even was able to be with him, which with covid was my biggest fear. I am very grateful for their services and their big hearts.

Predatory Sith

3 years ago

fantastic staff. Treated our little chihuahua Abby with great care and attentiveness.

AJ Wyoming

3 years ago

Very caring staff and doctors. Expensive!!!

Lauren Shamon

3 years ago

Dr. Panek provided exceptional care to my 17yo cat and exceptional customer service to myself as a nervous pet parent. She spent the time to explain all aspects of treatment and diagnostics for my cat and answered all questions I had. The entire team with VCA was a pleasure to work with!


3 years ago

Dr. Panek saved our cat's life. Our cat became very sick a few days ago. She could not stop throwing up. We live in Cheyenne, WY and initially brought her to a local vet, but they were not concerned or helpful. Thankfully, we brought her to VCA where they diagnosed her with pancreatitis. Dr. Panek, the technicians, and everyone we spoke to at VCA were so helpful and kind. They provided regular updates and were patient with our many questions. This was a very stressful time for my husband and I because we seriously thought that our sweet girl might not make it. I can't fully express what a comfort it was knowing that this knowledgeable, kind, and responsive staff was taking care of her.

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