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Jamie Boyer

2 years ago

We've been to the pet pool 3 times now. The first time was a free instructional visit to help us understand the layout and rules of the pool. They do this introductory session to confirm your dog is comfortable with the water. By the second visit, you are allowed to monitor your dog on your own. They do have cameras to make sure everyone is staying safe. They have a large digital clock so you can monitor the time of your session. A huge added bonus is a little shower station you can use afterwards. As long as you can bathe your dog in the alloted time, this amenity is at your disposal. We use a premixed water/shampoo spay mixture to make the process more efficient. You are expected to give your dog potty breaks every 15 mins. Initially, I felt this was excessive, but, honestly, I think it has more to do with making sure you don't overswim your dog. If your dog has an accident, it is a $100 fee. Multiple accidents could lead to termination of pool usage. You can customize your swims: 30 min, 60 min, private or public. They have life jackets if you need. We bring our own. There're a few toys too, but, once again, we bring our own. Our dog loves it! She swims her heart out playing fetch. It isn't something we do every week, but it's a nice treat for her on occasion. Our poodle had a major knee surgery this past year, and doctors encouraged swimming as part of her ongoing rehab. This place has been very friendly so far. There is another pool in FC for dogs. A "therapeutic" salt water pool, but they were requiring "extra" unnecessary vaccines to use their pool. This is not the case with Four Paws. Glad we ended up here. Thank you.

Betty Kaan

2 years ago

Very impressed with Four Paws Pet Hotel. We left our 2 dogs and cat for 10 days and 1 dog and our cat is diabetic. They took care of all of them very well with no issues. I have already booked with them for our pets for our next trip. Very comfortable leaving my pets at Four Paws Pet Hotel. It's clean and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Mrs. White

2 years ago

We went to check the place out prior to potentially using it for boarding our kitty boys. Staff sends knowledgeable?, it's attached to a vet, and we can check in via video 24/7!I am impressed, if we use them I will update this review.

Sara S

2 years ago

Cailyn is the best groomer! My sheepadoodle puppy named Dawson, has had multiple wonderful experiences here at the dog salon. Cailyn always takes great care of my dog and returns him to me happy, clean, and cute as ever with a great haircut! Call ahead for an appointment, as Cailyn is always booked out for months!

Tatiana Silberberg

2 years ago

We love the peace of mind we have while boarding our dog at Four Paws! The rooms are large, private, and the beds make our dog so much more comfortable. We love being able to check the webcam to see how our pup is doing as often as we want. The staff is also incredibly nice, and has always been wonderful to our dog. Absolutely worth paying a little bit more, for such an extremely better experience than the average boarding kennel!

Shana Noon

2 years ago

I was really upset to find out they are not a 24 hour facility like their website suggests. The earliest you are able to drop them off for doggy day care is 6am which does not work for my schedule. This is NOT a 24/hr doggy day care, as they suggest with their website or the front desk. To me a marketed 24/hr faculty suggests you can drop off/ pick up your dog at anytime. This is not the case with this facility. They should really change their marketing tactics. I am really upset by this because I got a short term apartment by this facility so someone could watch my dog and it turns out their hours don’t work for me. And when I tried to schedule day care over a month in advance they don’t have the room for my dogs. If you are looking for 24hr daycare this is not the place. This is also the only place I have heard of where you have to pay extra to let your boarded dogs play in the daily daycare. What?! I am already paying for them to be boarded, why do I have to pay extra for them to play with the other dogs in the facility? I really think this place is a scam. I was so excited thinking that it would work for my crazy schedule but it turns out it does not. After their interview one of my dogs was limping even though they told me that it was not interested in playing with other dogs. Why was he limping then if he wasn’t playing? He wasn’t limping before daycare. I really don’t think they were watching the dogs.

Alex Thomas Wedemeyer Hutchinson

2 years ago

We've been going to this resort for years and they continue to expand their services. Our dog loves to swim there. Also, when I miss my pup, they send me photos of her fun there.

Katrina Korzyniowski

2 years ago

We always call Four Paws first, schedule our dog’s time there for boarding, and then book our family’s trip. The staff is so caring and go above-and-beyond to help. Our dog is in the very best hands when we board him at Four Paws and we do not worry about a thing while he stays, for he is shown so much love there. The doggie daycare and grooming is incredibly outstanding as well! I highly recommend Four Paws!!

Google User

2 years ago

Rude ownership. Don’t feel our dogs were cared for well. Won’t be back and recommend you do not take your animals here either.

Ron Clouse

2 years ago

Took excellent care of my dog plus had a camera in his own suite, so we could view him when we wanted.

Sarena Roy

2 years ago

Love! They are super nice, prices are good and they offer video cams for you pet. They also sent a couple pics of my kiddos and gave me peace of mind. I got to enjoy my vacation because I wasn't worried about my dogs.

ann green

2 years ago

As usual, my Papillion, Mystic and I had an awesome experience. Sam, her regular groomer, is so good. And the staff is so on top of everything. Thank you all.

Janet Rider

2 years ago

Had a great experience boarding my dog here. Staff was great and my dog had a great time!


2 years ago

I love this place for daycare! It was one of the more affordable options I found so I was blown away by the quality. I trust the staff to take care of my dog and know she has a great time. They also have a dog pool which we can't wait to try!

Kathy Nichols

3 years ago

Dog grooming was very nice. Friendly staff.

zombie slayer

3 years ago

A few months ago I rescued a mini Australian shepherd. She was just over a year old, malnourished, ragged and also had severe separation anxiety. A friend of mine suggested Four Paws... I honestly couldn't have been more pleased in my life with this place! Not only was it a nice walk to the door, very clean as soon as we walked in, we were greated with wonderful staff. Heres the best part of my experience though!!!! there was one gal that really stood out!!! I believe her name is Lindsey. She not only made my dog feel comfortable (baby was pretty scared at first) but she reassured me that everything would be fine as I left my new doggy behind with a stranger for a few. It took about an hour or so and Lindsey personally called me saying my baby was ready. I get there and I couldn't believe what I saw!!!! Not only did my "baby" look like a beautiful, trimmed up, stallion thatl I've never seen before, buut she looked so comfortable and free and so excited to show me (her mommy) how this wonderful lady made her look and feel beautiful. I cried as soon as I saw my doggo. (No lie I balled) Lindsey made it an amazing experience and I could tell she really connected with my doggy and that she genuinely cares about people's pets and takes a very professional approach!!! I hope that she knows that and to be honest I will only request her from now on!!!! Oh side notes: She surprised me with putting a few adorable feathers in my girls hair, and omg, everyone comment on those as well as my baby's hair cut!! Lindsey even went as far and beyond to get to know our living situation and personally showed me the kenneling situation. Also very clean and professional! Management... keep this girl around and give her a raise while you are at it!!!!

John Smith

3 years ago

I went to this facility a few weeks ago. I was not impressed. I called numerous times and even left a voicemail. They did not call back at any point. When I finally got a call back, the girl on the phone was rude. I think her name started with a B? Wish I could remember. I could call to ask, but I'd never get a hold of them. When I got there, they were quite dismissive and rude when I came in. They were clearly distracted. I would think for a business, they would take a customer more seriously. Anyways, I wanted my dog Bruce to play with other dogs in day care, but they seemed to be so dismissive of me and overwhelmed, as well as understaffed at the front, that I decided to just go ahead and leave.

marissa spencer

3 years ago

Dog lovers of Fort Collins. I know this is long but keep reading!!!! A little background on Our puppy. We got Bo March 12th right before everything shut down. For the last 2 months Bo has only been able to hang out with mom and dad until recently. We had spent a lot of time with him and his training at home because of the current social distancing guidelines. During this time Bo regularly visited his vets office for check ups and monthly happy visits. During these happy visits, Bo is taken out of our car and brought inside the vet office where he is loved on and given multiple treats. During this time we stayed in the car. When Bo is brought out he is always given such positive feedback. We have also started him in training classes as of 4 weeks ago where Bo is in class with trainers, other dogs, and ourselves. Today: When we were doing research for a doggie day care, we had a few suggestions that pointed us to FOUR PAWS. We wanted to invest in the best place possible to send Bo to daycare. When we arrived to Four Paws, we were not greeted, and our 5 month old puppy was not greeted as well. (Kind of strange because everyone wants to greet a puppy) as a first timer at daycare, you would think the staff would be a lot more enthusiastic when welcoming a new comer but instead we felt like a huge inconvenience. We explained to the front desk person that Bo is super loving but is shy at first and needs some time to warm up to new people and dogs. There was little comfort from this employee while we dropped him off. She took his leash and said “come on” and that was it. 5 minutes later: We get a call from daycare saying Bo had “snapped” at them while trying to take his leash off his collar to directly put him into a kennel when he got there. ( you want to take a dogs leash off and throw him in a kennel right away? Without letting him see his atmosphere or warm up to the people putting him in there? ) Bart and I were extremely concerned with the accusations because Bo has never shown any sign of aggression and rushed back. As we got there I asked the 3 employees standing in the front what had happened. I was told Bo snapped, I asked them.. please define “snapped” for me? Her response was “he got mouthy with my hand trying to take his leash off” I said so was he aggressive? Did he lunge at you? I was told no. So the 5 month old puppy was chewing on your hand while trying to take his leash off? Yes. So he didn’t “snap” at you? “Well no, not really.” I informed them that they should probably use a different word choice to future dog parents because that wasn’t an accurate statement and was very concerning. They then recommended a “happy visit” to get him used to the facility and people which they said would be perfect right now but then declined giving him one. I feel like more should have been done to warm up a 5 month old shy puppy in a new space and new people. The owner then contacted us to tell us she was informed what happened with Bo. She said that Bo would benefit from training with their trainer there (without meeting our dog she has assumed he is not in training, WHICH HE IS) then proceeded to tell us puppies should run up to people and that there was something GENETICALLY wrong with Bo. I wish I could make this up. She also said FOUR PAWS would be happy to work through this with him. Without even meeting Bo had the assumption that he was genetically impaired and needed training which he was already in. She hasn’t even met our dog and gave us a full assessment on what could improve Bo as a dog. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you’ve made it this far into my post to see this, DO NOT SEND YOUR DOG TO FOUR PAWS. They will probably try and comment on this post with an inaccurate statement and how they would like to fix this but it’s too late. Save your time, money, and dogs personal experience by finding a more loving and caring facility to leave your dog at.

Kym Gilchrist

3 years ago

Great staff and clean facility.


3 years ago

Your dog will come back with kennel issues and they Will turn appointments around on you, tell you your appointment is set up with a specific groomer(that you’d asked for), make you wait for the day of and then tell you the groomer isn’t going to accept any new clients even though the appointment had been made with them already and was fine when you’d booked it. This place isn’t worth it. *Thought* the groomer was but was proved wrong. Too exhausting.

Echo Joy

3 years ago

I've taken my dog here several times for grooming.. her double coat is difficult for me to manage. Every time she comes home she looks ADORABLE! The staff does a wonderful job and the facilities are so beautiful ????❤

Jana Lewis

3 years ago

Love this amazing hotel and spa for pets. Locally owned with employees that genuinely care and love all of their clients. Extremely clean and professional. Your pet is well taken care of and loved. The pool is a great place for dogs to get their wiggles out and swim and play!

JEAN Tinnermeier

3 years ago

The people are excellent to work with

Bee W

3 years ago

Lindsay did a great job on my girls. We have a Belgian that loves to sing, very loudly which didn't phase her. We also have an older girl that's a Pit Bull that hasn't been feeling too well and she did a wonderful job working with her.

April G-R

3 years ago

Helpful, kind staff who love your pets

Allison Granger

3 years ago

I wanted to board my cat here and came in for a tour of the facility. I wanted to see both where the dogs and cats were boarding. When they brought me down to where the dogs were, the dogs can see each other from their rooms, and it made me concerned. There were dogs there that were obviously riled up from other dogs being in the area, and it just was not a good set up. The space for small dogs was extremely tiny. I briefly watched one of their employees get on their hands and knees to clean one of the smaller dog rooms, and it looked extremely painful. She had to crawl in and started coughing from breathing in the chemicals. Why aren't there better precautions for the employees? Then we went up to the cat room. Cats are allowed to come out, but yet again they can see each other as the cat is out roaming around. I expressed my concern with this, and I was told it if was a problem with my cat, then they would keep my cat in his room. This really confused me considering cats also deserve socialization time? Especially when mine loves people, just not other cats? And it costs MORE to have staff give attention to your pet. Unbelievable. I talked to the owner about my interest in boarding as well, and something was off about her. She almost seemed to talk down to me, taking me through each step of the process like I was stupid? She feels like the type of person to assume everyone is an idiot. Not fond of the place. Will not be boarding my animals there, especially my cat. Go somewhere else where they actually care. About their pets. Also I had to wait a while because there was only one person at the front desk. Very inefficient.

Allison Adams

3 years ago

I took our 1 year old Coton de Tulear to Four Paws this morning to be groomed. It was our first experience with this company. I was greeted warmly and didn't have to wait for the appointment. I was able to speak with the groomer before leaving to discuss what we wanted. Alea was our groomer and she was AMAZING!!! Before I left Barkley, she really took the time to understand what I wanted. He had some pretty bad mats and I was afraid he would need to be shaved down. She worked hard to keep some length and blended in the shorter areas. I can tell she took extra time to avoid having to shave him. His face and ears look adorable. Barkley can be fearful of strangers, but he did well with Alea. We will definitely be back. He looks so much better than the last time we had him groomed somewhere else. I also appreciated that Alea took time to talk to me afterwards. I highly recommend Four Paws grooming.

Melaura Munn

3 years ago

We have used Four Paws for daycare and grooming. Our dog always has fun and we even get photos of his time playing with others. As far as grooming, my daughter has a mixed breed dog that has a double coat which is hard to keep up with. She always comes out beautifully and easier to keep up with. Definitely recommend using them for daycare, boarding and grooming.

Susan McCarthy-Rice

3 years ago

Best grooming we have ever gotten! Alea did an amazing job with our Alaskan Malamute. We didn't realize how scraggly her fur was until Alea cleaned her up. All we asked for was her back end to be trimmed; she did all her legs, ears, tail, body - she looked fantastic - and none of it was too short. She also did not remove too much of her undercoat, which happened at another place against our wishes (for winter in the mountains). The price was very reasonable. Everyone was friendly and kind to our pup. We will definitely use Four Paws again.

Ashley Hill

3 years ago

Best place to leave your pet. My little kitten was living the good life here. She was probably sad to come home to our little hovel after the amazing care she received here. I highly recommend this place. Ultra clean, great facilities, wonderful staff.

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