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Dakota Taylor

2 years ago

We had been going to this vet because it was convenient to where we lived and had relatively good pricing, it didn’t even bother us when they made small mistakes like losing our cats collar (they did refund us) or giving us the wrong paperwork on occasion because hey mistakes happen, but we had brought our cat for his routine checkup - we were not allowed to go in because of COVID. Something happened to our cat that day that we still don’t know. All we know is that when I picked him up they said he had a rough day. I didn’t know what that meant because they didn’t explain anymore and my cat seemed fine when I got home. However 6-7 days later the vet called to tell us that animal control would be contacting us because at his vet appointment he bit a vet tech and drew blood and the vet tech had to go to the hospital. We were obviously alarmed at this point because no one told us anything before that point. Animal control comes over to our house and tells us our cat could have rabies (he was vaccinated, but regardless) he had to go on a 10 day watch from the incident. But it had already been 7 days so he only had 3 days left. However that meant that we had no clue for 7 days that he could have rabies and could have transferred it to people and animals that we had at our house!!!!!! The animal control told us that apparently he had gotten out of his room at the vet, and that the tech had chased him down and grabbed him and that’s when he bit him. Our cat was completely and utterly provoked. Since that visit about 7 months ago our cat has not been the same. He was so sweet and now he is only nice around me and my boyfriend. Any one who comes over he gets extremely stressed out and has behavioral issues. We had someone pet sit over the holidays who is a vet tech and knows what they are doing and he almost can’t handle it because he can’t move in our home without our cat attacking him. We are at an utter loss for our sweet boy and how he used to be before this terrible experience.

Cia Ga

2 years ago

Everyone here is compassionate and caring. They follow up with a phone call after your visit to make sure everything is ok or check if you have questions or concerns. I am very happy we found a great vet clinic for our cats now that we moved to Colorado!

Ben Weiser

2 years ago

They always take good care of our animals. They are always very attentive to our needs and they prioritize the wellbeing of the animals.

A Dedow

2 years ago

Very kind and informative staff. A cheerful, clean environment, with knowledgeable vets who know how to network. Handled my rabbit with care and grace. Thanks guys!

Ramona Sandersfeld

2 years ago

Awesome! Friendly! Professional! Thank you ????

Jack H

2 years ago

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Staples are great. The place can be kind of chaotic, so make sure to budget lots of extra time.

Mariah Pastore

2 years ago

I love family and friend Veterinary care. They always have friendly staff. Dr. Robinson is very love and made my dog feel at more covetable

Patrick Silva

2 years ago

Dr's and staff are awesome. One of the best we've ever experienced. Thank you for your service. Would recommend to everyone without hesitation.

Travis Brandsma

2 years ago

The staff are great my dog dosnt like people but he loves this place ???? we told them that he bites and they were ok with it...he didnt bite them

Wild Man

2 years ago

Told them my dog had an injury to where he is totally immobilized and could not walk, and they said the best they could do was a month out. These people don’t care about their animals, they’re here to book as many appointments as possible and get some quick cash! Look elsewhere, the reviews here are very misleading :)

Ashlyn Nolan

2 years ago

I LOVE this clinic- if we weren’t moving we would take our dogs here forever. They are the nicest and most patient clinic I have ever been to. They have always been quick to answer any questions and schedule me as soon as possible. They made both of my pups and myself feel so comfortable. Highly recommend. I have never seen my dog so happy at the vet before!

Autumn Higgerson

2 years ago

I have been coming here for 2 years now. My last vets charged me an arm and a leg for care. They were not compassionate at all. Both my dog and cat have extremely BAD anxiety when they go to the vet. First time we came Dr. Robinson sat right on the grounded by my dog and did the exam. Brought my extremely skiddish cat in. She is scared of everyone but myself. The last vet she hid in as sink. Again Robinson came in sat non the ground Ann's did the exam. Her handled both of my fur babies with care and compassion I have not seen at any other vet. He is always willing to answer my anxiety filled questions. Recently one of my pets for diagnosed with diabetes. He was so helpful in education me and teaching me what to do with true shots. I can't imagine going anywhere else I have recommended so many people to go too him.

David Wylie

2 years ago

I went in with my dog on Monday because she was very ill. Nobody knew what was wrong with her so we decided to initiate the blood test. They told me that I would have to wait three days to hear back from about the results of the blood test. I called them that following Friday and they said they had the blood test but they're unwilling to talk about it with me until they could get a doctor on the phone. It is now Saturday afternoon and I still have not heard back from them and I still have absolutely no idea what the blood tests are, and my dog is still really sick and it's clear I'm not getting any help from the vet. It's also memorial Day weekend and I don't know if they're going to be closed or open on Monday, so now I potentially may have to wait till Tuesday just to hear about my blood test results that I got eight days prior. These people are obviously just interested in taking your money. If they had even the slightest inclination in taking care of a dog's health then they would be calling back and informing me immediately about my dog's blood test results. So even after I had called them and reminded them that I needed to hear about these blood test results they still refuse to contact me back. How absolutely worthless. My dog is still very sick and thanks to them I have no idea what's wrong with her. Thanks to this Vet. These people responded that they had given me the blood test within 15 minutes was is a downright lie. They called me Tuesday the next day after my initial visit and told me that the blood test would take three days to come in. I contacted them on Friday and they said the blood test had just arrived that morning which is four whole days after my initial visit. So obviously it is impossible for them to have given me the blood test results in 15 minutes. My dog passed away Monday morning at the emergency clinic because the friends and family vet care couldn't give her the help she needed to stay alive. And now they're going publicly online and call me a liar and call me an Internet bully. Those people have to be the lowest scumbags on the face of the planet

Nelson Collazo

2 years ago

I'll keep it simple. I'm from New York City, pet care is expensive where I'm from and everyone is rude, The vets are rude in New York and I'm rude, though transparent and blunt. I brought Artie in because he was crying, he had to go out and poop every 2-4 hours. I walked in and they said "We don't normally take walk in" I was ready to leave immediately to look for another vet that will take him in and unfortunately I was quick to anger because it made no sense to me, they don't normally take walk-ins, so why even bother asking me "What's wrong with Artie?". It felt like a waste of time to try to even explain when I could just go look for another that will take him in. Two things that solidified this place as my Go-To A) They Accepted me as a walk in despite my bitterness. B) I can see that they care. I trust them and their prices are FAIR that should say something.

Peggy Carter

2 years ago

Practical, caring, knowledgeable staff from the front desk to the exam rooms. My cats couldn't be happier or healthier. Each visit is better than the last.

Joy McManus

2 years ago

Great first experience! Professional and friendly staff with excellent time management.

Brady Micek

2 years ago

Absolutely love this Vet. They're affordable, which is the biggest thing, but the quality of care is high quality, and the staff is very kind and compassionate.

Gaza Scuba

3 years ago

Best vet staff in town. Went in there for a third opinion about an expensive procedure I was told I needed to get for my cat and they offered all of the same treatments other places offered but at a cheaper price. They also discussed with me some things to do at home to prevent my cat from developing the same problem (which no other vet even mentioned when I asked about stuff I can do at home for my cat). They were always very gentle with my cat and even though they're a bit further away than the last 2 vets I went to, I consider them well worth the drive. Affordable and highly professional pet healthcare.

Yvonne Merme

3 years ago

I take my 4 cats here and they are very kind and knowledgeable. They help me so much and always have available appointments quickly! They are awesome here and always take good care of my pets.

Simone Peck

3 years ago

They took good care of my big guy. Vet got on the floor with him and everything

Ana Ruiz (The Legend of Ana)

3 years ago

I love this place, they have always been there with a smile and an amazing price. My pup is extra timid and they not only handle it amazingly, they are kind and knowledgeable all around. They don't push additional things on you like other places I've visited, and the entire staff makes you feel welcome and cared for. If you are a college student looking for an affordable welcoming place, THIS IS IT!! ????

aundrea noblet

3 years ago

My friend Brooke is a vet tech here so I called Friends & Family to see if I could make a new patient appt for my puppy who was have intestinal problems. Brooke was not available, but I knew how much love she has for animals, that the rest of the staff would too and that my pup would be in great hands! Taylor answered the phone, told me that they were booked solid, but would speak with the Dr to see if they could fit me in. Due to the urgency of my puppy's intestinal problems, the Dr fit me in! Since it's the Covid pandemic, things were a little weird but that did not stop Taylor from being friendly and providing great customer care. Our appt was at 11:30, I called to let her at 11am we were outside in the car, she said to come in (with our masks) to get the puppy's weight and stool sample. Their friendly resident cat made us feel real comfortable and relaxed while we waited. Even though we were early, we did not have to wait long at all! Taylor and Dr Robinson were in the room in no time. Let me tell you, I was impressed! My puppy was on the floor underneath the table, both Taylor and Dr. Robinson just plopped down on the floor to hang out with her! I coaxed her out from the table, to which she was greeted immediately by pets and belly rubs! Since it was our first time in, Dr did a quick examination, prescribed my puppy with what she needed, and out the door we went. It was a quick exam, but I feel like it would have been more detailed if I was not an urgent matter or having practice social distancing. I'm definitely glad I took my pup there and will return there for future issues and check ups!

Debra Unruh

3 years ago

Absolutely love the vet and his staff.

Donovan Townsend

3 years ago

The vet here actually cares about the animals instead of just about the ????

Emily Blackaby

3 years ago

I took my dog there today for the first time and it was a great experience. They took the time to explain everything she needed (she had an eye infection) and made sure I knew the price of everything that was done. I never felt rushed or pressured. Very good care and a great price for service and meds. I would definitely recommend them, especially if you're in college and need affordable but good care.

Patrick Newman

3 years ago

Always friendly, and top notch care!

Randy Rhymes

3 years ago

I brought my 7lb cat here for her annual visit, Dr, Robinson, the old white man with a beard, saw her. When he came into the exam room he was incredibly aggressive. As a 6ft well over 200lb man I was appalled to watch him slam my poor cats body into the metal exam table. You’re a vet, you’re supposed to be able to carefully take care of your clients no physically abuse them. I will never come back here and you should avoid it at all costs. Edit: after reading every low review you all have it seems that Dr. Robinson is just incapable of being a compassionate doctor to his feline patients.

Quincy Spelts

3 years ago

Not letting people in right now.but very good place to take your pet for sure.and they do work with you and not push things on you.

Sabrina M.

3 years ago

This vet came recommended from a shelter where I got my kitten. She just needed some vaccines and a quick look at her eyes. The shelter said she had some eye issues but it was all better a week before adopting her, so I just wanted the vet to double check. Upon entering the building, there were two drunk homeless people arguing and making it difficult to enter the building. Not at all the vet's fault, but that should have been warning enough for me. The vet tech took me to a room right away and I handed her the papers regarding my kitten's medical history. She looked over them then asked me if my cat had a medical history and if she was spayed. It was as if she didn't even read the paperwork I handed her. The vet came in and said my kitten's eyes were red (which was news to me as her eyes seemed a healthy orange to me) and he's not sure what it is but it could be a number of things including chlamydia and herpes. He then said "it doesn't mean she's a bad kitty" like he was making a sex joke. I then asked if her eye issues can be passed onto my other cat. He said "theoretically" and that was all I was told. He prescribed her an eye ointment and told me to apply twice a day, 12 hours apart. He showed me how to apply it then I was sent on my way. Upon paying I asked the vet tech if it was okay to apply the ointment again that day considering we just gave her a dose. The vet tech told me it wasn't a big deal to do it again and that it wouldn't be a big deal if I skipped dosages and didn't give the eye ointment as instructed by the vet. Very unprofessional and didn't feel like they knew what they were doing. Also felt like I was not taken seriously. I would not recommend this vet to anyone and have already scheduled an appointment with a new vet.

Patricia Maxwell

3 years ago

Very wonderful experience, staff is always very friendly and helpful, I love that their exam rooms are so spacious and open, floor to ceiling windows let in tons of light and didn't feel like a dungeon. The veterinarian came in and actually sat down on the floor with my dog and paid attention to him instead of taking him out of the room, was patient with Pig and gentle. This is the veterinarian for us

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