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Todd Snuppert

2 years ago

I shop here often, but the only feeling I ever have when I'm in the store is annoyed. The prices are annoyingly high. The luxury pet resort nearby doesn't mark up their products as much as this place... how is that even possible? The staff either don't care about the conditions of their in-store animals enough, or they care so much that they interrogate people and talk poorly about customers who are looking to get animals. The ID policy for purchases? Also annoying. You cannot possibly be serious that $2 worth of hampster food is worth making me go to my car and bringing back my license. I'm not joking, they did that to me.

The Big O

2 years ago

Huge selection. Friendly, helpful staff. Good prices.

Matt Greguska

2 years ago

Bought my very first kitty here. And not long after, my 2nd. Staff is friendly and helpful, they even remember me and ask how my kitties are doing.

Brittany Slatter

2 years ago

We went today to look for bird toys. We walked in by the birds and all of the cages were disgusting- like they haven’t been cleaned in weeks. The smell was awful and their were 4 birds out of their cages. When I mentioned it to staff they said they knew. When I mentioned my concern as there was not food or water out for the birds to get to she said they get water in the morning when they are doing their rounds. I wanted to take all the animals with me as the reptile room and the mammal room was the same. Lots of rabbits in one small cage and all dirty. There were bugs flying everywhere. I am all for pet stores if they properly care for the animals they have. This store does not seem to have a staff that care or an owner/manager to allow the animals to live like that. To the breeders who bring their hand raised birds there, please reconsider- they are not cared for.

Alcyone Kircher

2 years ago

Friendly staff, and they let my girlfriend and I interact with many of the pets there!

Lisa Derrick

2 years ago

I am so happy with the wonderful staff. Their all nice greet you ask if u need help and they help you out.

Jay Jachoowicz

2 years ago

Did not have what I needed. Next to nothing to choose from. Not good for fish food anymore.

Christopher O'Brien

2 years ago

This store is poorly managed. It smells, the animals are not well cared for hence the smell. This store used to be one I would be excited to go to, but now, it’s depressing and I feel sorry for the animals that end up here.

Samantha Harvey

2 years ago

A great place and always super clean.

Laurie Lane

2 years ago

Great store and staff was very positive and helpful!!

Kimberly Wellhausen

2 years ago

I normally love it there, but I took my dog for a bath this past weekend and was disgusted by how filthy it was. I paid for the wash which a customer told me it's $26 for 5 and the first one's free. The girl didn't give a free one. Back by the bath the floor was covered in dog hair. Inside the floor and tubs were filthy and full of hair. We stood there and no one even looked at us. The customer called an employee and told them to clean the tubs. He did a very bad job and walked away. We finished, put her down on the wet hair covered floor he hadn't cleaned and left.

J. N. Ray

2 years ago

I shop at the Menomonee Falls and the Waukesha locations. Customer service at both is always good. This is the only local store I can find live feeder Mice for our snake. Quality of the mice vary.

Gerardo Dominguez

2 years ago

Customer service is lacking. You have ro search for your own product. Even if you ask , they basically point you in the the same direction you either were already at or would have gone anyway. Other then that wide selection of high quality products that won't make my pups sick. Cashiers are friendly.


2 years ago

Great place to get pet supplies and adopt your next pet.

Heyzues Rgeta

2 years ago

Friendly staff, cleanliness could have been better, but overall the experience was great. Got to pet the kitties and Nemo was there with dori.

Monika Robenhorst

2 years ago

Friendly staff and you find what you need

Michelle M

2 years ago

Helpful staff, good product selection

Maureen Malone

2 years ago

Helpful staff. Good selection of fish.

Adam Mikels

2 years ago

Very helpful and friendly staff.

Justin Roach

2 years ago

Nice and polite staff. Helped us find what we were looking for.

Dan Eastwood

2 years ago

Huge inventory of specialty supplies for pets. They stock items for more than just cats, dogs, and birds.

Cass Hartlage

2 years ago

I bought a corn snake from them and it died two days after I got it. I do not recommend buying from them.

Danell Blake

2 years ago

I felt sorry for the animals. I wonder if they have companionship other than getting the cages clean. Some just seemed so lonely. Cashier could have been more helpful...was actually of no help at all.


2 years ago

Good dog food selection. Good service. Always a register open.

John F Pace

3 years ago

I've bought 3 hamsters from here, well bought 2 and one died and I traded it in for a new one per their 30 day health guarantee because my kids really wanted them. After the one died and we traded it in for a new one, the 2 that we had died within days of each other. So I honestly wouldn't ever buy small animals from there again.. and before any one thinks it was my kids faults, we have cared for a hamster for almost 3 years before committing to another one.. so it's really sad

Dennis Valuch

3 years ago

The have a great selection, fair prices and pleasant, helpful employees. Rather go to this local chain than the big-box pet stores.


3 years ago

fish aren't looking too healthy or great

Jerry Novak

3 years ago

We've shopped at pet world for quite a few years for our Yorkies. They had a great selection. However, their customer service and attitude is not appropriate. We purchase 4 pound bags of Canidae and are using their receipts for a buy 10 get 1 free. This last time they were out and only had a 12 pound bag. I mentioned that although there is a slight price advantage, the purchase should count for more than one bag. The staff could not help me. The manager at the time could not help me. I finally just called Mike the owner and he basically said there was nothing he could do. He finally said " If you are dissatisfied with Pet World, shop somewhere else " and hung up on me. Having been in retail, there is always something that can be done. Always. Although I agree this is a minor point, it points to a bad attitude toward customers. I guess they don't want customers if they have a problem however minor. It is sad to see such poor customer service.

Rod Davidson

3 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selections.

Yvonne Ramos

3 years ago


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