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Matthew Smeiska

2 years ago

Suspected our dog of licking a counple drops of anti-freeze. Called for some direction and receptionist suggested we bring her in for some tests. We complied. After tests were complete and we were told all tests look ok, then they wanted to call the ER hospital to double check with them. Turns out the ER hospital is the only show around to test if it is in the system. So now after spending 300.00. we are not sure if it's in her system that could effect her in the next 12 hours. I guess more money somewhere else. When we questioned them, the vet said sorry if my receptionist did not tell you that. The few things we learned from this, is they have poor communication, they are not cheap and cannot perform some simple tests or procedures. Time to move on......


2 years ago

I also was a client of Dr. Rose Elliot and gentle care. When she moved over to the clinic we stayed with her. Unfortunately, I have not seen her since the move and I am never asked which Vet I would like to see. I called to make an appointment for rabies shots, and I left with a $500 bill. I didn’t see anything that happened to the dogs because they were taken from the room. Then they come back and tell you all the things that you should do, not telling you about the expenses. I feel they are running up the bill unnecessarily. I too will be requesting my records and going elsewhere.

DeAnn Keller

2 years ago

So nice to stop in for a nail trim in between appts

John Siverling

2 years ago

they treated my dogs like they where there own family

john creeder

2 years ago

Bad deal! Dr. Elliot Rose is a great vet but when Gentle Care was family owned she had 5 star reviews on FB and 4.7 on google. Since then with different ownership this place is a unpleasant disaster. The prices are out of control, the staff’s attitude’s are out of control, very unfriendly & the fact that you cannot go in with your pets & support them during their visit is a huge turn off… Who knows what they’re doing or if they are even giving them their shots. This place has gone downhill & I think I speak for a lot of people when I say it was better when Dr. ROSE was in control & the prices were fair. I had to switch because of it & I couldn’t deal with their staff anymore.

Cale Johnson

2 years ago

ANIMAL HORROR STORY CENTER!! The new staff are insincere, deceitful Phony smiled pretenders, the most offensive staff I’ve ever met. The staff need a serious character adjustment along with their prices!!! My wife and I been seeing Dr. E Rose when it was under old ownership, again, staff are boorish and crass people + the prices are hard to deal with now. They’ll quote you on one thing, next thing you know it’s double/ triple that. When I brought my pet for his appt I unfortunately saw a family blubbering in devastation. I assumed their pet needed to be put down, except come to find out they had actually killed the dog during neutering surgery, and it’s not the first time I hear it’s happened either. What bothered me most was that they didn’t seem too concerned with the family or animal they just killed. The whole ordeal was painful, insulting to watch and we’ll never go there again, we’ve had enough abuse ourselves from these people. They should be out of business.

Kayla Thorne

2 years ago

Worst vet I’ve ever been to. Would give zero stars if I could. The vet and techs Never calls you back, do not follow up/ do what they say, unfriendly, they even messed up giving my dog the wrong vaccine-so I had to go back in and the records are all messed up. Going to go to literally any vet but them.

Marcia Strommen

2 years ago

I Love Dr. Rose and Dr. Blessing is a good vet also. I have a problem with some of the staff mostly their customer service (Rhronda)I called the day before my two dogs apt. and spoke to Rhonda to see if I could bring my other dog along because I believed she was bit by a bug they told me the vet that was going to see my dogs was off that day but to bring her along and if the doctor could see her she would. I did take her along and arrived 5 minutes before my appointment and called to let them know I was there. I told the girl that answered the phone that I had my other dog with me I was put on hold and Rhronda came on the phone to tell me that the vet was too busy and my only option was to leave her and come back latter to get her I travel about 20 miles one way to go to this vet (Dr. Rose and Dr. Blessing) and since I was on time and they didn’t come and get my other two dogs until 10 minutes after my appointment time ( I was the first appointment for the day) and were done almost 15 minutes early with the two they did see. I find no reason for them not seeing her. I told Rhonda I would have to find another vet to look at my dog and she informed me that I could go right ahead and do that. Hopefully they don’t treat all of their clients like this. Not good business sense.

Angela Garber

2 years ago

I was charged for another wellness exam when my puppy had already gotten one last week. This was strictly for vaccinations which they even confirmed when they took him back. This is also a big problem for me. They do not do any of the visit in the exam room. I was given the total, and I asked why so much. She tried to argue with me about what took place last week. I handed her the paper statement with proof. They would not budge and continued to be difficult. Not a good place to take an animal that is already stressed out by being there.

Kristin Ann

2 years ago

We love Dr. Blessing. She's the only vet we trust with our pets.

Amanda Kienast

2 years ago

Gentle Care was amazing but I have not been happy with their procedures, customer service, new pricing or how they treat their customers since they merged with Animal Wellness Center. Their Client Service Specialist (Rhonda) is condescending and rude. The Multiple interactions I have had with her have been unpleasant. I took my dogs in for their annual check up, with Dr. Blessing, since they now allow the owners into the building. It was very clear that the vet tech along with the vet did not look at my dog’s history/chart prior to coming in. Additionally, they do not perform any of the exam in front of the owner. They take your dog into the back room and you do not get to see who performs any of the services you’ve requested on your animal or even if they’re completed at all. One of my dogs is very easy going and went right back. My other dog gets very scared and will not leave the room if I am not with her. After many attempts to get her into the back, I asked if they would perform the exam, shots and blood work in our room and they said no. At Gentle Care I was in the room for everything and my dogs always did fine. They eventually said they’d do everything in the room but I would have to leave the room…. Why?…. Their reasoning is that the dog does better without the owner in the room. Obviously not. Actually, at Gentle Care the vet and techs would often have me pet my dog’s head and talk to them while they did procedures because it kept them calm… so what has changed? What are they doing that they don’t want the owners to see? Needless to say we will be switching vets.

stephanie delapena

2 years ago

I miss Gentle Care Veterinarian Services. I still have Dr Rose Elliott as my Vet. Since she merged with new ownership there prices have skyrocketed. I have brought all my pets there I just feel they nickel and dime you to death. I feel the staff are fake. My dog just had dental surgery and I asked for some soft prescription food staff refused and was trying to rush me out of there. I want Dr Elliot to know she can do better with different ownership I’m not comfortable with these new people. I also called to get my dog neutered and they want outrageous price to do it, I found vet half the price and is near my home.

Alexis La Joie

2 years ago

Fantastic vets. Dr. Rose has been our family vet for 3 generations.

Christy Johnson

2 years ago

I have had Dr. Rose Elliott has my vet for 30 years and she is wonderful. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Nola Sebunia

2 years ago

I love Dr. Elliott. She has been my vet for a long time!

Carri Holat

3 years ago

Your website says you allow walk ins but I just called and was told you do not. It makes me wonder what else is not true on your website.

CJ Richards

3 years ago

These people came in a few hours early (we are talking 5:30 am early) to fit a surgery on a already full day for my boxer. And that's just one of the many extras they do. I travel out of my way to follow Dr. Blessing and her practice. I don't trust anyone else with my pets. She's upfront and honest and just great with her bed side manners for us pet owners. And her crew at the Animal Wellness Center are always wonderful caring and patient individuals. Always a five ????!

Peter Williams

3 years ago

I have used the vet for many years. This is my third set of hunting dog that have been treated from birth to death. This is one of a kind vet stop!

Maria Maldonado

3 years ago

Best Vet ever... super friendly very caring towards our pets excellent service

Alicia Hegedus

3 years ago

I haven't been using animal wellness center for a long time (just over a year now) however, I have been seeing Dr. Blessing for some years now and even travel almost an hour as she has moved to this practice. If you want the most compassionate, heartfelt, honest, caring doctor then Dr. Blessing is the person for you. On so many occasions Dr. Blessing has been there for my pets and myself and has pulled some miracles for me. I value her opinion and look up to her so much. She is truly an inspiration for how pets and pet parents should be treated. But none of this could be done without her amazing technicians and assistants standing behind her. Thank you Animal Wellness Center of Waukesha for always being there for me and my fur babies on the drop of a dime everytime. You are truly appreciated

Sherry Olson

3 years ago

They come out to get pets due to Covid. Everyone is very nice and personable! Love Dr Elliott. Heard Dr Blessing is awesome too!

Carol Kempke

3 years ago

Thank you for your special attention to Melody's health. Dr Kate and Amy

Matthew Priebe

3 years ago

They are very loving, compassionate, supportive, honest, understanding, family oriented, and will be there for you, and your pet unconditionally through highs and lows. I highly recommend this place if you want to best support, and treatment for both you and your pet.

Mark Farrow

3 years ago

Awesome staff! Caring doctors! They really have your pet's well-being at the highest priority!

Linda Morin

3 years ago

No place to park, one way in and no way out. They forgot to come and get my dog since no people can come in. I called to let them know I was there and sat for an hour and I left. I tried to call again and no one answered the phone and the sign on the door now said closed. There were at least 15 cars in the driveway , no parking lot to park in!! Cars were pulling in and couldn't get out! I ended up stuck in the mudd.

Kathy Lloyd

3 years ago

The seem to do a good job over all, but this last visit too a week to get test results. I only got them because I called. Fortunately they were good results.

Jesse Hayes

3 years ago

Dr Blessing has always taken great care of our girls, highly recommend her!

Chris Cass

3 years ago

Dr Elliot is fantastic, though I wish they still did boarding at the new location.

barbara parsons

3 years ago

Love Dr.ROSE ELLIOTT. new building seems nice from outside.

Brian Lehmann

3 years ago

They take care of my babies! They always give honest opinions and never seem to push unnecessary/costly procedures or medicines.

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