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Andrea Wilson

2 years ago

My sweet 13-year-old doggie, Mavi, has presumed herniated discs in her back (her liver is not up for the anesthesia that would be needed to confirm with an MRI, nor for surgery). She's been unable to walk more than a few steps without assistance since mid-Oct, so our vet suggested we give acupuncture a try. So far, it seems very promising! We saw Dr Andrea for the first time just before Christmas. She was very sweet and gentle with Mavi, who seemed nervous, but relaxed enough to accept treats (she refuses them at the vet and the groomer). That night and the next day, Mavi did not seem great, but she had also been exceptionally active. And I figured I could only expect one acupuncture session to do so much for a serious back injury. So planned to give it another try. The second day after acupuncture, she suddenly seemed significantly better and more comfortable! At this point, I still wasn't sure whether it was the acupuncture or whether she was simply recovering (I came into acupuncture a bit skeptical, but desperate). But figured it was worth booking a return visit. About 10 days after acupuncture she started declining again, which basically convinced me that it *was* the acupuncture that helped her, but that the effects were now wearing off. We went back for our second visit yesterday. This time, Mavi wasn't at all nervous!, and actually seemed to really enjoy the appointment. I love that I am able to stay with her the whole time, and she seemed very happy and relaxed, enjoying the gentle attention. Afterwards I took her both to the pet store and the park, after keeping her cooped up for weeks for fear of causing further injury. She was overjoyed and went for a much longer (assisted) walk than I would have preferred, but nonetheless seems better today than yesterday. Sadly we don't live in Madison anymore and can only see Dr Andrea on vacations, otherwise I would bring her every couple weeks for sure. I am so far a big fan :). It's wonderful to find someone my dog likes who is able to help her in a relaxing trauma-free way.

Samantha Boneck

2 years ago

I’ve taken my cat ‘Binx’ here several times after he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The first time he had acupuncture he was bouncing all over; the second time was different. After observing his behavior and appetite for a few months, I now believe the acupuncture treatments did help. His appetite has improved, he doesn’t hide under the bed as much as he was, and he appears to be back to his normal self. Additionally, I’d like to comment on how well I was treated by Dr. Andrea.

Laurie Lange

3 years ago

My French Bulldog has been going to Dr. Andrea once a month to help treat her neck and spine issues. Wednesday she woke up not being able to move her neck and could hardly walk. Dr. Andrea got her in that afternoon for a treatment. The results were absolutely AMAZING! Gigi was almost back to her normal self the next dat!

Emma Cross

3 years ago

My dog is having a bit of a rough recovery from a TPLO procedure so it finally occurred to me to get him a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Lynne was so kind and understanding--my dog is pretty anxious at the vet and he calmed down with her after a bit and she was very patient during his adjustment, letting him take breaks and working at his pace :). She also was very knowledgeable and took a thorough history as well as documented everything she noted about him during the appointment. I was unsure about how he would handle a chiropractic adjustment as he's often pretty anxious about vets, especially new ones, but Dr. Lynne did a great job and was super nice :)

Jen Harrison

4 years ago

These guys really know what they are doing.

Jeremiah Madsen

4 years ago

I called to get some information about a condition my dog has. The Doctor called me back and re-assured me the condition is completely normal and not to worry. Instead of trying to sell me a service she let me know that what they offer would not have an affect. Knowledgeable, honest and very friendly is how I would classify Harmony Vet in Monona.


4 years ago

Fantastic care for my old scenthound Watson when he had slipped discs, arthritis in his hip and partial paralysis. I had no idea acupuncture was legit before seeing it work on my dear old boy. Since used it (at human practitioners!) for myself and several friends and family members. Really wonderful treatment, the proprietor is super friendly and exudes calm, open to discussing treatments and answering a million questions. Watson's since gone to the big boneyard in the sky but I'm grateful that taking him here made his last year much, much happier :)

V. BlackRiverFalls

5 years ago

wonderful, personal, from the heart care ! saw IMMEDIATE improvement. Highly recommended and worth trying if you are on the fence about the choice

Tyler Doylson

5 years ago

We love Dr Lynne, she is a kind and giving veterinarian/acupuncturist. She is great at what she does. She helps and cares for our four legged friends. I heartily recommend them.

Jason Jasinski

5 years ago

Dr. Dawn has been fantastic to work with. She was very patient with our dog and took the time to understand what was ailing him. We have seen a difference in our dog's behavior since beginning acupuncture treatments for pain, and my family is happy with the outcomes.

Becky Peterson

6 years ago

I took my 9 yr old Pomeranian, Maddie, to Dr. Lynne for her first chiropractic consult and adjustment last Tuesday. Harmony Vet had been recommended by several people I trust in the industry, so I had high hopes for helping Maddie's disc issues. I had her vet records sent to Lynne in advance, and told her during the consult that Maddie has carried a diagnosis of collapsing trachea for her entire life. She had never had an actual collapse, however. After some adjustments and massage throughout the spine and neck, we left and Maddie had a cough. At home it progressed so quickly that I thought she had kennel cough. Overnight it got so bad she was struggling to breathe, and was honking on every attempt. She didn't get any sleep, and when I took her to the vet immediately in the morning the x-ray showed her trachea was completely collapsed. She had to be on bed rest, hydrocodone, and prednisone for days. I called Harmony to tell Lynne what happened, and Dawn informed me that Lynne was out of town teaching in Florida. She offered to tell her what happened, but said she wouldn't be able to call me until Monday. Obviously Lynne was able to be in touch with Dawn from Florida, so for for her to refuse to take ten minutes to call me to check on Maddie and apologize for the part she played in being a detriment to my baby's health is unacceptable. She further demonstrated poor ethics and poor business practices by neglecting to call me today (Monday) when she said through Dawn that I could expect a call from her. She did not exercise proper duty of care when making neck adjustments on a dog prone to trachea problems, and demonstrated lack of concern for her patient's well-being after the fact when notified of the problem.

Jill Heczko

6 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Dawn. She compassionate and very good at what she does. She cares a lot about her patients and their humans. She has made schedule accommodations for me more than once. She gave me an extra quality year with my Lab and she helped rehab​ my collie so she could get back to doing the things she loves. I've recommended her to many friends who are also pleased.

Judy Calder

6 years ago

Bo is in his declining years & i am so grateful to Dr Dawn for making this time of his life worthwhile! After manipulation & acupuncture improvement is immediate-spring in his step!

Mary Burke

6 years ago

Dr. Dawn and Dr. Lynne are amazing. I brought in my 10 year old Lab, Gema, afraid that the issues with her hind legs would mean she would not be around for long. That was a year ago and Gema could not be better. It was my vet that recommended them. We started with weekly appointments but now go every 3 weeks.

Michelle Waldeck

6 years ago

We are so glad to have found Dr. Dawn at Harmony Vet! Before she passed last year, we took Cleo, our senior (13-15yrs old during treatment time) black lab, to see Dawn for various conditions that western medicine hadn't helped. Her most serious issue was lack of mobility that also contributed to weight gain. We honestly thought we were going to have to let her go before we took her to Harmony. After several acupuncture treatments and adding herbs to her diet, she went from being a dog that could barely stand on her own to a dog that was going up and down stairs and for walks again. Without a doubt, Dawn's treatments added time and quality to her life. Dawn has also been treating my cat, Sophie, for some respiratory and weight loss issues and she is doing SO much better. While she is still prone to congestion, we are now managing her symptoms with treatments and herbs. She is back to herself, attitude and all! The doctors at Harmony Vet Acupuncture & Spine care truly care about the animals they see, as well as their humans. They will work with you, your animal, and your primary vet to find the best solution to whatever your issues your furry family member might have. I highly recommend them!

Tim Kalscheur

6 years ago

Dr. Dawn has worked wonders for my 9 year old lab Scout. He was having trouble walking and climbing stairs before treatment. Scout has been hunting the past two weekends. Have my"old buddy back". Just AMAZING what Dr. Dawn has been able to do.

Joan Herzing

7 years ago

I have a 5 y/o Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix that has had an itchy tummy/chest rash since he was a pup. Antibiotics would take it away for a while but once they were gone, it came back. All year round. No matter what topical cream/spray/ointment/homemade concoction I used. He was miserable. Acupuncture/natural supplements from Harmony have kept him rash-free with zero side effects (tip: mix powdered supplements with liver sausage). I wish I would've come here 5 years ago. Lynne is so sweet and patient with him. My big fluffy buddy is itch-free and happy, and my house isn't strewn with white tufts of hair. Worth every (affordable) penny.

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