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Dawn Dalaska

2 years ago

I just adopted a.one year old Bichon from Tiny Paws. He is a puppy mill survivor. His foster mom could not have been nicer or more helpful. She gave him a great transitional home & has now allowed me to bring this sweet boy into my family. They are heroes who do God's work every day. Awesome rescue! ❤

Sam Doe

2 years ago

Before finding out what breed and age I am looking for the caller from Tiny Paws started asking me questions to see if I meet their requirements. She told me the requirements are set to get a puppy from a puppy mill. I would think that first she should have found out that I want to give an older dog a much needed and loving home. When I told her that her response was the dogs are in foster homes not a shelter. I guess they don't really need a loving permanent home. I have owned many dogs that were always well taken care of.

William Casto

2 years ago

Two weeks ago we picked up a really stinky pup that was rescued from a puppy mill in Kentucky. He was so scared and a mess. This condition had nothing to do with Tiny Paws. He was as he had lived. Today after 2 weeks Bo has accepted his new family, wants and gives his love through licks and trusts his new Mom and Dad. Our 7 year old rescue Doodle has become his mentor and best friend. The people involved with this rescue family are Fantastic people. Vicki and her team do a fantastic job of bringing a new life to these little creatures one family at a time. HIGHLY recommend this organization.

eileen fiorentino

2 years ago

Looking for a little dog, they do charge too much

Kathy Mehalko

2 years ago

A very caring organization rescuing dogs from puppy mills, owner releases, strays and over crowded shelters and finding them loving homes.

Judy Archer

2 years ago

Hi l was disapproved from vickieno explain at all I have adog for 9yrs she lies and don't explain my app.was approved but never said and my vet gave a good because he takes care of her it's not fair please carefully of Vickie no answer thank u judy

Jo Jones

2 years ago

Loved this sight. It has all the information anyone would need to know. I have shared this site with my friends with animals and ones looking for a pet. Thank you.I ????

Tanya Popp

2 years ago

Tiny Paws is a wonderful rescue organization!

Elissa Kotel

2 years ago

Horrible !!!! Do Not Use Them To Adopt Pets From Them!!!!

Jose Gomez

2 years ago

adopted my beautiful little girl from them in 2013 and she is the most sweet girl. Would love to have more time to help out with items to keep fur babies alive and healthy.

Bo Whitehead (BoBo Layne420)

2 years ago

Looked online called them and I can not believe how super helpful they were

Florence Castro

2 years ago

We adopted our new furry family member,Toby, today. The whole process was very easy and Carol, his foster was incredible to work with. I emailed her Friday about his availability and she responded right away. After filling out the application, she called the next day. We had a wonderful chat and she was very honest about what he needed (being a former puppy mill dog). After references and a video house check were completed, we planned to meet. It's Tuesday and he's now in his forever home. Thank you Tiny Paws and a special thank you to Carol for everything!

Blackwidow1515 Wright

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and caring quick to respond I adopted my little guy thru them I am very pleased very well run rescue with loving volunteers

Lina Palionis

2 years ago

Got our wonderful dog Meadow via a foster home with Tiny Paws in 2020. Could not be happier with Meadow's care and treatment. Thank you, Tiny Paws, for rescuing these poor puppy mill convicts!!!!

Samm Krause

2 years ago

Kind and compassionate staff

David and Theresa Palmer

2 years ago

Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue has been very helpful , prompt and courteous in replying about a puppy I was interested in adopting . The puppy was so popular that the applications were no longer being accepted. I sent another email and again received a prompt reply. If I had found another dog that was right for me I would have been pleased to work with Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue !

Juliann Rose

3 years ago

My experience with Tracey, the foster mom, was a pleasure.

Todd Fraser

3 years ago

Amazing organization. We were fortunate to be able to rescue our first 8 years ago and the process was professional and quick.

Linda Petrowsky

3 years ago

I’m a foster with tiny paws small dog rescue and my first foster dog I ended up adopting even though she was older and blind and let me tell you my dog is my best friend. I could not ask for a better companion. I am forever indebted to Tiny Paws for that

Emily Izenman

3 years ago

What a wonderful place. I fostered and ended up adopting and have enjoyed the entire process. The director Vicki is very sweet, dedicates her whole life to trying to save as many dogs as possible. I appreciate her rescuing dogs from China who would otherwise not have a home. It’s easy to get involved and easy to pick up and care for the dogs! I love my dog and I will be a proud supporter! Hope to adopt again

Erin Capobianco

3 years ago

I do not recommend this agency to anyone! I got my yorkie through this rescue 7 years ago, I had met with the fosters a few times to make the switch for the puppy smooth. When they finally dropped her off, I got the paperwork and was very surprised when her age said 7..but was told by both foster and director that she was 2. Of course I still took her, but was very unpleased with them lying to me...not sure what else they lied about. We unfortunately just had to put her down yesterday after 7 years of her being with us(she was 14). I had reached out to rescue about a week ago asking if there was a family who could take her in because her needs were getting beyond my capability. I just got an answer today from director. She was very rude and unprofessional. She told me that I didn't give them a chance to response, I explained to her that due to her health failing very quickly(went from 5 pounds to 2 in a very short time, trouble breathing, loss of appetite, confusion, etc), the vet and I decided it would be best to put her down peacefully so she doesn't have to suffer anymore. This director questioned who this vet was, questioned me, and told me it was wrong to "kill" my dog. Please be careful when trying to adopt.

Tammy Martin

3 years ago

When my husband and I decided it was finally time for a new dog, Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue made it very easy to apply. The paperwork is all there on the website, just follow the directions. Now, this being our first adoption from a true rescue with fosters in place, I mean, I was confused. So confused. I realize now that these people try very hard to get the right dog and person together through their vetting process. Reference checks,vet checks. Very thorough and time consuming for all involved. I'm happy to say we got one of the best dogs ever put on this earth and he is a puppy mill survivor. Just turned 4 recently ???? give them a chance. They won't do you wrong!!

Scott McConnell

3 years ago

Contacted Tiny Paws regarding the possibility of adopting another dog through them. First email went unanswered for over a week. Called and left a message today. This request on the heels of the tragic passing of our beloved pet by complete accident. Everyone was, and still is devastated. All 4 of our dogs are rescues from various organizations. This is the first time this has ever happened and we have owned multiple pets for over 50 years. We will always try to adopt and are extremely responsible pet owners. Tiny Paws replied and told us due to the circumstances their "board" would not allow us to adopt through them. I shared the situation with them previously. I totally understand that decision. There are endless opportunities out there to adopt. What took me aback was the judgmental response that was returned accusing us of not "supervising" the dog, people "stealing" dogs out of fenced yards, and telling us the dog should not be "loose" at anytime. This is from an organization that vetted us prior to adoption less than a year ago and should already know we live in the middle of nowhere on acreage and none of our dogs are ever chained or leashed unless in public. My closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away. Our spread and accompanying loving environment is dog paradise. Continue to adopt and be responsible pet owners, it is vitally important. I for one will never utilize Tiny Paws again now that I know they are really insensitive, judgmental individuals. All their assumptions and accusations were totally unfounded and uncalled for. Sad.

Ryley Langford

3 years ago

I found this organization incredibly rude and unprofessional. Please choose your adoption agency carefully. You can see from their replies they are not outstanding human beings.

Rheed “TAZ” Davis-James

3 years ago

I love dogs...ok animals...donate please!

Pookie Rust

3 years ago

Nice people to adopt from

Michael Piechota

3 years ago

I just checked out the website and I was seeing if they could use some meds that I had for my dog that passed away just recent they didn't have the need for them so I gave them to someone else but I also was looking to Foster I received the dog from them a while back matter fact it was the one that just passed away I had her for 9 years she was 15

Lucy Wilhelms

3 years ago

Wonderful organization working tirelessly to save dogs

Kala Goriup

3 years ago

We found a dog we wanted to adopt from pet finder that this rescue had. It seemed all right at first. The foster called us. I started to get wary at the way she talked about the dog. We were so hopeful I ignored my misgivings and continued to push forward. They cleared our application, vet check and all. I kept emailing trying to find out the status and finally she responded that she didn't want to give up the dog and had become attached. I can understand that. But why not tell us on that first call? Why was the dog still listed for adoption. I checked and as of tonight it is still listed as for adoption. I would think it was us but she offered us another dog in the rescue without re-applying. I really don't feel comfortable gambling on these people again. It took a lot for us to be ready to open our home to a new dog after loosing our last one to cancer. If you try these guys, I hope you have a better experience than we did. It really hurt to have our hopes crushed.

Denise Holt

3 years ago

I bought my furry friend, Tator Tot, and Darcy was very helpful! After bringing him home, I called and texted questions and she's beenvery helpful!

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Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue, Wisconsin, Union Grove

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