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Michelle Warner

2 years ago

I love Ruff Academy and their Woof Daycare services. When I moved to town I took my rescue dog to their training classes and the classes were effective and a great way to keep him engaged during Wisconsin winters. He's now gone to their daycare for almost 2 years and both he and I love it. He's a friendly dog but had always been very attached to me, so while I knew he could do fine at a daycare from past experience, I never expected him to be one of those dogs who loved going. But Ruff has met he where he is, lets him be him and it still surprises me how excited he is every morning I drop him off there. Thank you! These guys are kind and responsible and they're lifesavers.

Dave Williams

2 years ago

My doggos and I have enjoyed and learned so much from the classes we have taken. The trainers are outstanding resources for dog related information, tips and techniques. WOOF Daycare has helped my puppies grow and socialize with other dogs. They look forward to their daycare day and cannot wait to see their friends. Staff is watchful, attentive and caring. I appreciate all they do and have done over the past year and one half.

Ashley Truttschel

2 years ago

We've done Ruff classes, Woof daycare, and private training and would recommend all three! Rebekah and her team are great. We love the size of classes/daycare and appreciate how they've gotten to know our dog and work with him individually. We can tell how much they care and how much our dog loves it there!

Thomas Kind

2 years ago

I had such a great experience with the Ruff Academy. My pup continues to improve, and I have to thank the trainers here for giving me the confidence to be a better owner.

Pam Ballestero

2 years ago

I love Ruff Academy. Their dog obedience classes are fun and effective. I took my older dog and am now going to take my puppy. I feel it is a very safe environment for the dogs to get socialized.

Natasha Kalk

2 years ago

I rescued a new pup named Mazie. I have had dogs my entire life but rescuing a dog who was on the streets for 8 months and in a shelter in Texas was new to me. I didn’t realize that I could not treat her the same as my sweet lab. Thought I could just give her a kiss and snuggle as normal but that wasn’t the case. Mazie gave me a warning shot at my face (not a bite) but close enough to really scare me. I was freaked out and didn’t understand why she didn’t want to be close. I called Ruff Academy the next morning. I talked with Rebekah and explained the situation. I was shook up but she calmed me down and we went over some tips to do before starting up one on one trainings at our house. She came to meet our pup with no charge, and we came up with a plan to do 4 sessions. Mazie struggled with people touching her stomach and back legs. She also would get scared at night if she woke up. During 4 sessions she learned to do place, recall, break her fear of us touching her and barking at random things. Rebekah helped build confidence in Mazie and us as her pup parents. To be honest she is a completely different dog. She can now trust us to touch her belly, knows recall, leave it, place and calm down when people come into our house. I’m so happy we have a trainer who we can continue to build our Mazie into the best pup possible. We all thank you❤️ And look forward to future classes.

Charles Kestell

2 years ago

Doggie daycare and training. Very good.

Vicki Herd

3 years ago

My Paisley loves coming to Woof! She starts screaming when we drive into the parking lot and pulls me to the door! Once her leash is off she’s gone without a backwards glance! Not only does she have her doggy besties but she loves the people too! Heaven forbid we ever drive past Woof! On a non daycare day...! LOL!!

Robin Strahl

3 years ago

Trainers are knowledgeable and willing to work with you

Mic Stubler

3 years ago

Rachel is top-notch at how she trains the Service dogs, how she handles schooling classes with owners and their dogs plus running EVERYTHING from dog PlayCare with website feed for owners to watch their pet all day long plus she'll even cut your dogs nails for you.

Mallory Andrews

3 years ago

My dog goes to WOOF doggy daycare and takes classes at RUFF Academy. We both love it here. She has wonderful teachers and has gained so much confidence.

Jolynn Van Ginkel

3 years ago

WOOF! Daycare is the greatest thing that ever happened for my dogs. They know when it's daycare day and are always super excited to go. Woof has a structured day and supports good behavior and socializing with other dogs in a safe & controlled environment. I have an Australian Cattle Dog mix that tends to very "heelerish" and tries to herd the other dogs. The owner and staff know her characteristics and help her to get energy out in a constructive way instead of just scolding her for doing what her breed does best. I highly highly recommend trying out daycare, you won't regret it and your dogs will love it!

Cheri Meyer

3 years ago

Best experience. Agility was so fun and a great learning opportunity.

Ashley konkel

3 years ago

They know dogs very well and have a passion. I love learning..they keep you and your dog as a priority.

patricia kelly

4 years ago

Training the puppies in the nearby park

Alex Wellman

4 years ago

I have had a great experience with Ruff Academy. Rebekah is knowledgeable and a highly effective trainer. She provides you with the tolls you need to train your dog! I first tried a training class with central bark. Ruff academy is so much better!

Ashley Velier

4 years ago

I highly recommend WOOF! Daycare! Our little guy goes every week and we love it! Rebekah and staff do a great job of making sure it is a fun and safe environment for both littles and bigs. This has been a great way of keeping our dog socialized and burning out the extra energy.

Burns Family

4 years ago

Went from a five star review to a one star because of Rebekah and her response to our family decision to put our dog down (he bit a human five times in his life - three times were our son (once at the age of 8 requiring stitches) and twice in the last two months). We spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to train our dog, but he just had something going on that we could not train out of him. Most of that training time and money went to RUFF btw. We gave him chance after chance and he continued to get worse instead of better. First it was dogs that were off limits, then bones, then toys in general. Even though all that is true, the decision to put him down was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make as a family. We’re grieving the loss of our pet, a member of our family. Rebekah replies to my Facebook message letting her know we’d decided this, and thanking her for all she’d done for us, saying that she was confident things could get better but that we’d needed her help and that we shouldn’t have tried to do it on our own. I’d sent her Facebook messages asking for her to let me know her schedule and fees related and where the training was going to be done at and she’d not replied answering any of those questions. Looking back now that was consistent behavior for her that I’d chosen to overlook because she was willing to work with our high risk dog. To shame a pet owner that did everything they could and gave their pet far too many chances was unnecessary and cruel. Ultimately, no one could guarantee that my son wouldn’t be hurt by our dog again. The next time could have been even worse than this time. We are hurting beyond words for the loss of our dog, but we wouldn’t take back the decision we made because our son isn’t severely hurt.

Char Pachniak

4 years ago

The best there is in dog training

Courtney Kuether

4 years ago

We love going to Ruff Academy! The trainers are helping correct some issues with my pup and she attends Woof daycare. I will continue to work with them on new training to help get my pup get to her full potential!

Heidi Wallner

4 years ago

Ridley loves attending weekly.We love how much she is learning she comes home super tired from all the fun. Rebekah and the other caregivers do a wonderful job. The days are filled with planned activities runs like an actual preschool. Ridley loves her report card each week. Very affordable, well maintained, and your pet will enjoy the quality of care they receive.

Jacob Thelen

4 years ago

Fun open experiance with good trainer time

Katie Klueger

4 years ago

I absolutely love having this place to love on my fur baby. Lucy is 8 months & has been going for one month. Rebekah & her team send live updates from Facebook & you get a report card at every pick-up. I know they love on my dog while I’m at work & at the end of the day, she is so tired she can hardly walk out of the building. Cannot say enough, we truly love it!!

kay miller

4 years ago

Ruff Academy not only makes my dog a better dog but it makes me a better fog owner. Love my classes.

marnie russ

4 years ago

They have a great atmosphere and they love the dogs! I always feel so relaxed leaving my dog Ezekiel in their care. Every time he comes home from WOOF he is wiped out for days :)

Sam P

4 years ago

We have been thoroughly impressed with WOOF! Daycare's services. Especially in the winter when the days are short, we are grateful to come home from a long day at work to happy and super relaxed dog. Rebekah and her team do an exceptional job structuring a diverse mix of training exercises each day that go well beyond the typical playtime.

Ron & Debbie Rysewyk

4 years ago

We love WOOF! Daycare so much for both of our girls. They are socialized there, played with, given the opportunity for activities and love being there. We can leave knowing they are well taken care of and will get updates or videos to let us see/know how they are doing. Great peace of mind. Today I showed a friend a video from a daycare experience and Rebeka's voice triggered one to jump off the sofa to look for her. She was rather disappointed that Rebeka wasn't at our house. Cutest thing ever. Great to know that's how much our pups love her.

T Pool

4 years ago

I’ve had German Shepherds for years and have worked with Rebekah Hintzman to train all of them. My newest girl, Luna, came to me from a terrible situation and we wanted to get into training right away. With a lot of support from RUFF and Rebekah, Luna will soon be taking her Canine Good Citizen test. She has become an amazing addition to my family and I don’t think I could have accomplished that without RUFF! Thank you Rebekah, for opening the best place to train a four-legged family member.

Stephanie Roberts

4 years ago

The team at RUFF Academy is great. They have group classes and observe each dog and owner to make the best recommendations for training tools. They help make training fun and build a bond with you and your dog. They allow time in class for questions which is great for first time owners. I would highly recommend RUFF Academy. We are on our third class and love how far we have come.

Sarah Larson

5 years ago

Great company. Everyone is so kind. People bashing affiliated with K911 are not accurate representatives of what Ruff is and the services they provide.

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