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2 years ago

I brought my dog and now my cat to see Dr. McCoy and, in each case, she has been right on the money with a diagnosis. None of the previous vets were able to diagnose my dog's eye condition (just one of his issues), but Dr. McCoy did. My dog is doing great, and she has helped my cat as well. I love her unhurried manner, the way she handles animals and her knowledge. The front office staff in very professional and friendly as well. I am so glad to have found them. I would recommend this clinic.

Lisa white

2 years ago

Our doggies are loved and very well taken care of by the whole staff. We are very happy with the care we receive!

Joann Payne

2 years ago

Our dog likes this place

Agnes Dalessio

2 years ago

Always a great experience. They have helped my 13 year old dog tremendously with acupuncture treatments.

anna Marie

2 years ago

I liked how they were understanding to my granddog and my needs. They took great care with her. I will be getting her in again for a check up this week again. Yes. I recommend them.

Heather Milburn

2 years ago

They always make you feel welcome, and treat your pets like they're their own. The vetrinarians are all so kind & honest about your pet's health & any treatment plans. Magnolia Springs treats you like family, every time.


2 years ago

My experience was the best. All staff are very kind,and explain everything in detail. always able to ask all questions.I was not rushed.I will now be using this clinic as my Vet.

Megan Molkentin

2 years ago

Greatest place Ever, they treat you like your family and my dog was treated even better. They were so Compassionate and Caring about Both of us!! Prices are incredibly reasonable and they made time to see my dog even though I had no appointment. BEST VET CLINIC EVER, I'LL NEVER TAKE MY ANIMALS ANYWHERE ELSE AGAIN. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING SUCH GREAT CARE OF TINKER MOLKENTIN AND MYSELF.

Nicole Eckblad

2 years ago

This is such a warm welcoming environment. The staff are all smiling and kind and their care is the best.

Patricia Allar

2 years ago

This was my first visit and very impressed ???? Also extremely happy that they are "special needs" pet friendly and knowledgeable ????????

Jessica Smith

2 years ago

I took my two adult male cats in this past week for a well check and to update their shots. The staff was very friendly, and the appointment was handled quickly and smoothly. We'll definitely be keeping our cats with Magnolia for any future vet appointments.

Jennifer Kleczka

2 years ago

I had called several vets for my VERY sick cat. Magnolia was the only one that would see him. But not for a week. My cat died before I could get him in.

James Streit

2 years ago

Very friendly service and they know what they are doing!


2 years ago

The staff was very professional. Everyone was very helpful and willing to answer all my questions. I never felt pressured or pushed to do anything I didn’t want. And on the plus side is smells amazing in there. Very calming. 100% will be back. We are so happy we switched to them! This little guy was very happy when he left.

Deborah Russ-Coachman

2 years ago

Dr. McCoy is caring, knowledgeable and extremely compassionate. She takes the time to make friends with amazing "bedside" manner. I wish I had a vet like her at home in New Mexico.

Jessica Kowalkowski

2 years ago

Employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and the place is nice and clean.

Jan Bràndies

2 years ago

Haven't needed a Vet for over 25 years. Magnolia Springs Veterinary Center was ever so nice and everyone so friendly. Glad I choose to take my new pet to them.

Christopher Drager

2 years ago

The staff at Magnolia is very attentive to our pets, our appointment time, and inquiring about additional care or needs our pets may have. We appreciate their attention to detail and excellent care of our pets

Cassandra Sura

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my cat here for two years and just transitioned my partner’s dog here too because of this: Our dog (was my boyfriend’s dog first so he had his own vet separate from my cat’s) injured his tail. I called his normal vet first, Northside Animal Hospital. After not getting through a few times, someone answered and had me tell my story but continually said she wasn’t an expert and was just giving me her random opinion. Nobody with animal knowledge was ever offered up. She said I could make an appointment if I really wanted, but it would be two weeks or so away. She used the opportunity to try to sell vaccinations and other services without ever looking at my dog’s history. I then called Magnolia Springs. The person who listened to my story relayed it a doctor and then gave me the professional expert advice as well as talked me through all my questions AND got me a same-day appointment. As I’m used to there, the doctor thoroughly explained everything and never made me feel rushed. Then, as usual, I also received a call a couple days later to check on my dog and proactively answer any questions that might’ve come up. They really care about making sure the pet is okay. This place is amazing. It also provides holistic/natural treatment options along with traditional ones, which is why I started bringing my cat in the first place. I’m so incredibly appreciative of them!

Anita H

2 years ago

My 14 year old Maltese has increasing difficulty with his back legs due to spinal issues. He's been on various medications, and relief was limited and short lived. One acupuncture treatment and we saw significant improvement in his stability and pain reduction. It's miraculous!

Travis Nienhaus

3 years ago

Absolutely fantastic staff and service here. Cant wait for their permanent home!

Jessica Cranley

3 years ago

They always give a great experience for my Bella

Clarence Lechner

3 years ago

Great as always best people to take of your fur babies mischief says thanks to all

Carol Degen

3 years ago

I have taken several doggies for acupuncture there and everyone from the secretaries to the vet techs and Dr. McCoy are all AWESOME!! Dr McCoy is so patient with my Briley dog. After only 2 appointments for acupuncture he has much less spine pain and he is a much happier doggie these day. I have already scheduled 2 of my other dogs for acupuncture. Way to go Dr McCoy and team!!!

Jen K.

3 years ago

Great place for any type of pet! Great people, great services, and very knowledgeable!

Elizabeth McCall

3 years ago

Always beyond helpful, love the staff and doctors here. Sometimes pricey, but wouldn't you rather have a vet you can count on and trust?

Sheri Witer

3 years ago

My old pup had an emergency and we had never been there before but they got us in and took care of him promptly. Will be our new vet clinic!

Minerva Siegel

3 years ago

We adopted a sick 8wk old puppy. After months of conservative treatments, Magnolia Springs tried to sell me “snake oil” miracle cure gut supplements based on bogus science and made by a known quack for my dying puppy. I took her to a specialist afterward who immediately realized how sick she actually was, and started aggressive treatments. She still died at a year old. I took my mastiff there asking about joint supplements; his mobility’s great, and I wanted to keep it that way, but the supplements I’d been giving him upset his stomach. Dr Galick made my husband and I really uncomfortable by spending the whole appt trying to talk us into committing to putting him on frequent, lifelong joint supplement injections that would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We told her we budgeted for $100/mo for his joint supplements, as we were still spending thousands at the time trying to save our aforementioned puppy, but Galick tried to pressure us into buying them anyway. She left the room and even had another staffer come in with bagged-up, portioned out shots for him ready to go to explain the process, so we had to also explain to that other person that we couldn’t commit to those and they’re not what we were looking for. Super uncomfortable and inappropriate. At the end of the appt, Galick sold us supplements that ended up having the exact same ingredients that I’d told her we were trying to avoid because they upset his stomach, so she just didn’t listen to us or his needs whatsoever. I ended up finding ones that worked for him on my own. She also did a dental with extractions on my dachshund, and when his stitches didn’t dissolve passed when they said they should’ve and he still wasn’t eating kibble weeks later, I tried multiple times to make a post-surgery follow-up, but was told that they don’t do follow-ups for dentals. After calling a few times trying to just get them to make sure he was healing okay, I had Galick’s credentials thrown in my face and was basically told I just didn’t understand how this works, and they assured me he was fine. We stopped going to Magnolia after that. He never started eating kibble again and began having behavioral changes, but I’d gone through some major health scares in that time, so it was determined that he was having anxiety issues. He was even put on anxiety meds. It’s been over six months now since his dental surgery, and we just ended up at the ER vet because he was refusing to eat and the hair on his back was standing up like he was in pain. The ER sedated him to examine him thoroughly and determined that he either didn’t heal properly from his dental surgery, or they didn’t do it correctly, so we’ve been referred to a specialist. We’re having to pay another ~2k in under a year because of these issues with his former dental surgery. I’m really upset that we discovered my dog’s been in pain all this time, and absolutely do not recommend Magnolia. They also frequently overcharged us. They credited our account the amounts we overpaid each time, but that still just shouldn’t happen. They’re already an expensive vet clinic.

Theresa Romanowski

3 years ago

I called to make an appointment for my dog for her yearly exam and to have all of her vaccinations for the year administered. During my phone call, I asked Lori what I could expect my total to be so I can plan ahead financially. She told me I could expect around $150. I bring my dog to her appointment. After they were done they call me and tell me the total was $284.93. My response was "why is it so much? I was told on the phone it would be around $150 and this is almost double" the girl on the phone said she is going to guess they didn't add in the price for the blood draw. I paid, they brought my dog and my receipt out to me. I look over the receipt and notice one of her vaccinations she was suppose to receive was still saying it was due to be done the next day. So I called and asked why wasn't she given this vaccination. The girl responded that she just forgot to bill for it. I asked her if she is certain my dog actually received the vaccination. She said yes because she is the one who gave it to my dog but now I owe an additional $28. Now my total for the day is $312.93. MORE THAN DOUBLE WHAT I WAS ORIGINALLY TOLD. The next day (sunday) I receive an email for feedback. My feedback was it is absolutely ridiculous to be told $150 and then blindsided with over $300 bill. Now today (monday) I receive a voice-mail from Lori stating she would like to go through the bill with me and clear up any misunderstandings. I called her back. She starts off the conversation saying the blood draw and exam alone equals $200 so she doesn't know why I misunderstood her and thought she said $150. I responded by saying I didn't think it because of a misunderstanding, I thought it was $150 because she told me that's what I should expect. She continued to insist it was my fault for misunderstanding her and not hearing the end of the conversation because she insisted she told me at least $200. And then she said they have a note in my file that they are not to give me verbal quotes any longer and all quotes are to be sent to me. Even if she did say $200, which she did not, my total was still significantly higher than that. So, no matter what she set me up to be blindsided by the actual price. At this point I told her 1 of 2 things is happening here. Either she doesn't clearly remember our conversation or she is trying to not take responsibility and place blame on me. I asked to speak to her boss. She said that would be 1 of the doctors who are busy and she could let them know I wanted them to call me back. She then followed up with "that's if they even call you at all". So with that statement said, that tells me 1 of 2 things. A: either the doctor (her boss) doesn't care about the clients or what their staff are doing. B: she has absolutely no intention on letting the Dr. (Her boss) know that I would like to speak with them regarding my interactions with her. All around, completely unacceptable customer service given by Lori. Had she taken responsibility and said "I apologize for giving you the incorrect price" I would have accepted her apology and moved on. What kind of customer service is this? This is not the first time price discrepancies have been noticed. I referred my neighbor to them after the first time of bringing my dog in. My neighbor and I compared bills and noticed she was billed different fees for the same services I received. Appointments have been made and told there will be no visit fee since the Dr isn't needed for that specific appointment. When it was time to pay, a visit fee would be on the bill. When questioned about it they would say "the Dr went into the room". I wonder if the doctors are aware of all the discrepancies being performed. It seems as though it all depends on what staff member you deal with that determines what your bill will be. No consistency. The Dr's are nice and knowledgeable about their profession. Unfortunately customer service from staff and consistency is lacking.


3 years ago

The vet was great and took the time to explain everything that was going on with our dog.

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