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Michael Clayton

2 years ago

Katrina is great! She does a great job on my daughter's Wheaton Terrier

L Mui

2 years ago

Our medium hair cat was a hot mess and uncooperative, but Katrina handled it all with patience and professionalism. I was so impressed with how well she did with our crazy kitty boy.

Ryan Cridelich

3 years ago

I've been taking my dog Charlie there several times and the service has been amazing. Would definitely recommend

Badger Home Builders (Tom Langan)

3 years ago

Katrina is a nice person and does a good job at a fair price. Our dog Loki drags me in the door to see her.


4 years ago

Katrina is very caring and treats all pets like her own. ????

Lynn Schiller

4 years ago

Amazing woman!! Treats my pups like her own. Fits me in no matter when I call.

J. Marie M.

4 years ago

I can’t believe the unprofessional, defensive, nasty responses I’m reading from the owner Katrina for reviews posted here. I wish I had checked these before bringing my pup to her for grooming . I fully expect something from her the same... regardless, i want to let people know We had a horrible experience bringing our pup to her. Please check Yelp for reviews and photos before deciding to use this business for your pup. I am currently researching her ability to “groom” and our options to report her. No one should have freewill to claim they know how to groom dogs, take payment and not have a clue what they’re doing. Please check photos on yelp!


4 years ago

Awesome service. Great job on the haircut and style. Dogs think i look great. Bow Wow!!

Carlene Jonas

5 years ago

Katrina grooms all three of my dogs. A Beautiful Caviler that would be at her shop daily if I could . My Boston for nail grinding and glands. And my VERY difficult shaggy Jack Russel. She keeps my pack together so they feel secure . Katrina remembers I have asthma so no doggy perfume. Katrina also schedules so they can come home in less time. When I am sick she even delivers. Can’t beat the ties and bows! My dogs love her. Over 5 years.

Victoria Patterson

5 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Katrina for 17 or 18 years now. I can’t recommend anyone more highly. She truly loves each and every animal that comes through her door, and she loved my Springer, and then my two cockers like they were her own, and they were always cut to perfection . I’ve had opportunity to see her with her own puppies ( Japanese Spitz). And these are the most socialized gentle puppies anyone could ever own...all because of the great start they get in her loving home. Thanks to Katrina, I am now the proud owner of a Japanese Spitz, and when I travel, I would never think of boarding her with anyone else!

Melissa Buth

5 years ago

I usually don't write reviews but took my puppy (golden doodle)here for his first haircut and I'm a little ticked. Overall, the haircut isn't horribly bad (although there are spots that look like they weren't even trimmed) but we just …

Melissa Breitenstein

5 years ago

I have been taking my two little dogs to Katrina for two years now. She is so amazing with them. I take them monthly and everytime my little guys are so excited to see her. One of my little guys had a small skin issue and she is very knowledgeable with the care of dogs and helped me take care of his issue. And my other little girl is very standoffish towards some people but not Katrina my little girl jumps right into her arms. I would very highly recommend Katrina to anyone. And I have told many people to go see her and they have all been very pleased with their services. Thank you so much Katrina for helping me with the care of my little guys and for being a great person.

Lori Schultz

5 years ago

My pooch always looks adorable after her visit with Katrina!


5 years ago

I can tell you who not to go to ! The groomer next to Piggly Wiggly in Oconomowoc off Brown street across from St.Vincent. After getting my nails done on Saturday I went over to book and appointment only to have the owner/lady scream at me …

Courtney Schultz

5 years ago

We took our two teddy bear dogs to Katrina for the first time last weekend. We know other people that take their dog to her so we thought we would give it a shot. We told her to groom them like teddy bears. All she did was shave them, much shorter than she should have. She cut our old dog in the neck with the razor and our little dog twice. Once on her belly and once on the pad of her paw. Katrina didn’t even tell us that they got cut. Not acceptable. The haircuts uneven and many spots missed. We will not be going back.

Cheyenne Roach

5 years ago

Worst grooming experience ever! I have a miniature poodle and he is a complete sweetheart when is comes to grooming, and I don’t know what she did but he can’t even stand to be in the parking lot of her place. She insulted him in front of …

The Dude

6 years ago

You can't beat the price, professionalism, or quality when it comes to Grooming By Katrina. We take all 3 of our dogs to her. If you're in or around Lake Country, go to her!

Shorty McFox

6 years ago

I have to say, I'm completely impressed by the setup of her shop. It's an open concept salon where not only the owner can view the entire services but people walking by. Also, the quality of the products she uses and the time and care she …

Sarah Yates

6 years ago

I wouldn't wish anyone to bring their pet here. They cut my dog in three different spots and didn't say a word, shaved him bald when he was supposed to get a teddy bear cut, he hasn't stopped itching, and he has been super skiddish and …

Elizabeth Harned

6 years ago

Maverick loves Katrina and is always happy to see her.

Michelle Milavetz

6 years ago

I have been looking for a quality groomer for a long time...I AM SOOO THANKFUL FOR KATRINA! She did an amazing job on my dogs and when I arrived to pick them up, they were so happy it was like I had dropped them off for a party. I admit that I can be pretty picky about my babies and it was so refreshing to see that she understood this and more than met my expectations. Their coats were perfection,all of their undercoat was pleasantly gone, they smelled delicious, and and even my little one who can be difficult about her nails, had perfectly trimmed nails and pads and looked amazing overall. Her prices were more than reasonable, she was prompt and they were done in a timely fashion. What a blessing to have finally found a groomer that does a stellar job with them in beauty, health and most importantly happiness. Finally a groomer I can trust!

Joyce Marshall

6 years ago

O M G Katrina I just Saw your Work on Face Book. O M G i Want My Zha Zha done like the you make house calls to Tulsa Oklahoma.?????? Or just tell me how to do it .Joyce Marshall . every loves it .its so so cute!!!!!!

Joanie Krueger

6 years ago

I have been using Katrina for almost 15 years now she is the best. When I needed her to cut our German Shepard nails and couldn't get him to her shop she came to our house and didn't even charge extra. Always gets my Peanut in when needed even if I call at the last minute. Her prices are fair and treats my Peanut like her own.

Jason Thelen

6 years ago

Katrina is super good. Loves the dogs and the Prices are great.

Erin Manne

6 years ago

We were so happy to have found Katrina a few years ago. Our dog is aging, has arthritis, and has never completely healed from an ACL surgery. Needless to say, he can be challenging to groom. We went to a number of groomers in the Lake …

Cheryl Ganske

6 years ago

We have been taking our Scottish Terrier, McGuyver, to Katrina for 9 years. He always looks so handsome when we pick him up. Scottie's have a specialized cut, and Katrina does an awesome job. We often get many compliments on his cut when we …

Chelsea Senquiz

6 years ago

Katrina is the ONLY groomer I have ever gone to that treats my babies like they're her own. She is so gentle with both my girls and is so patient with them even when they aren't always cooperating (which is most of the time). My one girl is …

ChainLube2017 Catxstyx

6 years ago

"AMPUTATION ?" - That was one of the treatment options for our dog following his last appointment with Katrina. I dropped him off to be groomed on a Friday morning. When I returned to pick him up around noon, I knew immediately something was wrong upon seeing him. Instead of his usual happy animated response to seeing me, he remained seated on the floor without moving. Katrina said he may have a sore butt from falling off the grooming table, but assured me nothing was broken. In reality after getting him to the Animal Hospital, my vet informed me that he had a Broken Femur at the top of his leg, in the worst place possible. At this point the treatment options were Amputation, Orthopedic Surgery ($5000+) or, as a long shot, a series of ongoing office visits, casts, heavy sedation to keep him immobilized to prevent further harm. We chose the third option and were very fortunate. This culminated with visiting our vet 2 to 3 times per week for more than 3 months. Upon medical clearance, we were able to slowly start walking him outside allowing him to regain his mobility. This unfortunate experience made me realize just how great our Animal Hospital and their staff were. We have also found another groomer with a large experienced staff that came highly recommended by multiple sources. One final note, in order to post this review I had to give this business a minimum 1 star rating, otherwise this would have been a zero or negative star rating.

Carina Lundgren

6 years ago

I have been at Katrinas shop for the last 8 years and I couldn´t be more happy. My dogs love to be there and they love her. I have looked at her when she grooms cats and dogs who are coming in to the shop in terrible condition and they are …

Amber Mayo

6 years ago

The best groomer we have ever had. We have taken two dogs to Katrina and also have followed her when she moved locations from 3 miles from our house to 12 miles away. She has always done a great job and has always treated our dogs well. Highly recommend for a professional grooming for a great value. 15 years using Katrina and she is the best.

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