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Emily Kurszewski

2 years ago

My cat was in a lot of pain last night. When I called the lady who answered the phone was very rude. She went on to tell me that it wasn't a "critical condition" and therefore they couldn't see my cat. If a cat is mewling in pain loudly from 9pm to 3am and the amount of discomfort is very obvious, why could she not be seen???

Skyla H

2 years ago

Our poor kitty Charlie had been battling unexplainable illnesses since August and unfortunately was not getting any better and suffering greatly (our primary vet had suggested a specialist) We had an appointment last week with an internal medicine vet Allie Wingert and she was amazing on trying to help us find a place to start and create a treatment plan. On Tuesday, November 23rd he started experiencing severe repeated vomiting so I had called Lakeshore to let them know my husband and I were on our way. Upon arrival they immediately administered an anti nausea medication and some fluids in an attempt to get it under control. We appreciated Elizabeth Schnabel not disagreeing with us discussing all of our options or trying to talk us into expensive treatment options that could potentially prolong his suffering. The entire treatment team and all of the staff were so compassionate and kind when we had to decide to peacefully let our boy Charlie cross the rainbow bridge. We were given as much time as we needed and we’re not rushed out in anyway. Thank you everyone ❤️

grace lessila

2 years ago

The lady that answered the phone for me tonight was very rude. I was just wondering if we should bring her in or not and she showed a very bad attitude. My new puppy has been throwing up for the past couple days and my dad has been up north deer hunting. I understand that you can’t bring animals in without the legal owner but you don’t have to be rude about it. My animal needs vet attention and she was unnecessarily rude.

Lori Kerber Gutierrez

2 years ago

My dog was not acting right, and I was very concerned. I took him to Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists on a Saturday night. They were very professional, kind, and attentive to me and my 4yo dog. Turns out, the dog ingested something he shouldn’t have. We received a prompt exam and diagnosis, as well as aftercare instructions. I couldn’t believe how reasonable the prices are! Thank you so much!

Amy Bates

2 years ago

They were waiting at the door for my dog. Once we informed them that he was blind they were very responsive with him. The vet was very detailed and caring. Staff very polite and responsive. Highly recommend..

Jordan Hausmann

2 years ago

I am at loss for words- I should've known better than to have let the vet care for my Scout after she developed an attitude with me. Dr. Thompson said she was concerned with his depressed breathing & then gave him narcotics that made him crash. The same dose they start opiate addicts with at a methadone clinic.. of course he died. The vet continued with the rude attitude after our cat was pronounced dead. I am so mortified.

Pattie Poulakos

2 years ago

This hospital has been purchased by a HUGE group and wow the quality of service has went way down hill. The political signs on your front windows is a huge turnoff. Your vet tech Zoe is a real piece of work and because of her and her obviously being miserable with her job you will never receive another penny from me and I will do everything in my power that no one I know will ever go to your hospital again!!! The Dr was a huge class act and it's just sad that the first thing everyone is exposed to is the front office and it's very toxic!!

Alex Defatte

2 years ago

I dropped my dog off at 10:30 for an eye infection and I missed a call at 12:36. When I called back the girl on the phone said he was ready for pick up, then when I got there they said they were just calling about his history, and told me that I was the one who misunderstood them, several times. I live in Racine so I had to drive back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I literally drove 120 miles round multiple trips. When I finally bugged them enough I got him back in my arms at 3:20, come to find out, they still hadn't done anything for my dog! What is this? IT'S BEEN 5 HOURS! The doctor told me it'll be another half hour for her to write a prescription for antibiotics. The whole experience gave me so much anxiety on top of what I was already having for my dog. I'll say the office staff was adult-like mannered, the prices are reasonable and I may trust the care they offer but only when they actually provide it! I'm coming to an ER to pay extra for the prompt care. It should not be an all day event. There is no vestige of quality for prompt service at this facility.

Kourtney Demeyers

2 years ago

I will never in my life go to oak creek emergency vet ever!! I took my dog there around 4 o’clock last night because his paws were so infected and so inflamed they were bleeding when I got there they took him right away to the back and I’m assuming they were doing exams because I was the only patient in the building waiting comes to find out my dog was stuck in a small cage for six hours with no water and was never even checked out by a vet. They were trying to say that they were understaffed but every time a new patient came in there was a new vet doctor that came out so they obviously weren’t understaffed. every time I would ask the front desk what’s going on with my dog they would walk behind and they would laugh. And then I asked him if I could please have someone check my dog out and they bring my dog out and tell me that my dog isn’t considered an emergency because he’s not sick or dying. But I guess bleeding from all 4 paws isn’t considered an emergency. Like you guys are considered a 24 hour emergency vet and I was in need of an emergency and I was just pushed away. I also called them back the next morning and I told them and they still told me that my dog is in sick or dying so he’s not considered an emergency.

Kristal Kaiser

2 years ago

When my pup unexpectedly became very ill, I found this place in a Google search, and I'm so very glad I did. While my dog was unable to recover, and I did ultimately have to choose to let him go, the staff here was beyond empathetic, kind, courteous, and communicative for the time they had him through to when I just picked up his remains. To me, what made the biggest impression, is when I walked into the clinic, without having called, holding my unconscious and very sick shepherd mix in a blanket in my arms with no idea what to do, a lovely gentlemen literally ran over to take him from me without question and give him immediate care without even knowing what the problem could be. His confidence and compassion were clear in those actions, and I was put at ease. Thank you to the staff for being, across the board, absolutely stellar. You made a very tough time bearable. I've had to do it once before, and it was a very different experience than what you provided. While I hope my other pup, Navi, stays healthy as long as possible, of course, if she doesn't, I wouldn't go anywhere else. - Link's family

mary urban

2 years ago

I am very pleased with the Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists. I especially appreciate Dr. Rachel Sternberg. I want to thank Dr. Sternberg for the excellent care she gave my Laura. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and her kind attention that made Laura's treatment a success. I am very grateful. Mary Urban

Phoebe Krawczyk

2 years ago

Professional, fabulous bedside manner, and extremely knowledgeable. I would 100% trust them with the care of pet anytime.

Raeann Kuemmerlein

2 years ago

My wife and I had to bring our dog here late on a Wednesday evening. We both couldn't have been more happy with the service. From start to finish, Initially calling on the phone, to bringing our pup in, to talking to the front desk clerk and talking with the Vet techs we couldn't have been cared for better. Everyone was friendly, assertive and treated us and our pup wonderfully. I felt that our pup was in great hands. This will be my go to emergency vet from here on out. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Samantha Baskin

2 years ago

I’ve had to take my senior cat there multiple times you in the past two years and every time it was a phenomenal experience. They took exceptional care of my “baby” and I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again if necessary. Everyone is so polite, caring, and thorough! They really care about their patients/patients’ families.

Mike K

2 years ago

My wife took our dog here and they turned her away because they were at capacity? How can you be considered a 24 hr emergency vet and turn people away. Makes absolutely no sense.

Jennifer E. Kaul

2 years ago

I will never take my pets, or recommend that anyone take their pets to Lakeshore in Oak Creek. I was turned away tonight because they were "at capacity". How can you be a 24/7 emergency vet and turn someone away that is having an emergency with their pet?? They wouldn't even allow me to wait. I was told to go to another emergency vet 20 minutes away. In my book, this is completely unexceptable.

Angie Beaudoin

2 years ago

We were turned away…in the parking lot…when our Puppy was critically ill. Thank goodness for other emergency vets as our Puppy needed emergency surgery for a blockage. I do not recommend this place as they are not 24/7 emergency.

Kaitlin M

2 years ago

The wait times have always been a joke with Lakeshore but today took the cake. I called as I was on my way with a 12 week old puppy who clearly broke his front paw after a jump and was told to “slow my roll” and that they were at capacity and would not see me. An ER vet who doesn’t take emergencies? Give me a break. You turned away an emergency and lost my respect. Funny how online says 0 patients in line and I could get in line yet you tell me over the phone you’re at capacity. Do yourself and your pets a favor and find another ER Vet.

Sarah R

2 years ago

This is for the Oak Creek location. My cat had her first seizure early in the morning. I called Lakeshore and they were able to get her in right away. My cat was seen and assessed in a timely manner. The doctor thoroughly discussed possible causes, tests they could run and options for us. She answered all my questions and was incredibly kind. Every single staff member I encountered was caring, thoughtful, attentive and patient, from the front desk staff on the phone, to the vet techs and the vet herself. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my pets here again or to recommend this place to friends or family. They followed up after she left to see how she was doing, they were good about transferring records to regular vet for post ER check.

Bonnie Adamczyk

2 years ago

This is in regard to LAKESHORE on Silver Spring! They almost killed my Freddie! ???????? He was in ICU for 5 days. During this time, they kept assuring me that he was STABLE! When I picked him up, he was anything but stable. His whole little butt was taken off by an inexperienced handler. His skin was gone! No ointment was prescribed; no collar was put on him, no prescription for pain or calming! This was Christmas Eve that I picked him up....only to see, and feel the pain that he was in. This place doesn’t even deserve a star. Find out...the BUSINESS changed hands, and other doctors weren’t there is now owned by a company conglomerate!

Jessica Gonzalez

2 years ago

If you own a pet at all.. stay away! Had to use them last year during Covid shutdowns when my dog started having breathing issues. Thousands of dollars later, and after telling them to F* off. I took my dog to a private vet to find out what he had was genetic and there was no cure. The best thing to do was put him down (which we did). So, instead of Lakeshore being honest with us, they used us as a money pit at a time when money was tight for everyone. This place is horrendous, they do not care for your pet, it’s all about $$$ for them. Go elsewhere!

Kristin Bucek

2 years ago

2/01/21 (Oak Creek) My dog was misdiagnosed. I took my dog here because she was having shortness of breath. The doctor called me and diagnosed her with a pericardial effusion. She gave me two options; to euthanize her or take her home with pain medication. I told the vet she was fine an hour ago playing and running in the snow. The vet said this can happen very quickly and dogs decline rapidly when they have this. My dog was fine when we came home and had no issues. She was acting like her normal self. I took my dog to my primary vet, he also did an ultrasound and he stated my dog did not have pericardial effusion. He said as he read the report from Lakeshore, about my dog, he thought he was going to discuss euthanizing my dog at the appointment. My dog continues to run around and is happy! Always get a second opinion if you go to this place! I would never go here again!! Big thumbs down!!! 6/10/21 update; My dog is still alive. Happy with no issues. This company is only concerned about money or they need to get more experienced vets. Add on prices without telling you. Gave me an herbal med without my consent. Crazy!!!

Christine Grams

2 years ago

I would give a zero if I could. My dog was seizing, so I drove to the ER. I called the number in the circle drive and they turned me away saying they are at capacity. It's an emergency room. You can't turn away an emergency. My dog died 3 hours later. They potentially could have saved his life. Instead I was turned away.

Ruthie Lopez

2 years ago

I called Lakeshore veterinary specialist ,and told them my dog was having an issue in her mouth,I explained,she had a discharge ,and very foul breath,and was not eating or drinking.They told me to bring her in .When I arrived I also explained the issues to the vet tech, they assured me she was in good hands .They told me it would take up to four hours to take care of her ,so I went to fill the time .I called them 3 hours later and wAs told the doctor did not find anything alarming ,and that she would call me .She called and said I felt her mouth through her muzzle and didn't feel anything,I asked why she was not put out so that they could look in her mouth,and she said we do not do any kind of dental work here ,and she would put her on antibiotics,and an antidepressant for pain .I asked her why they did not tell me that they would not do dental work when I called them ,and she said it was a misunderstanding,well they keep my poor dog for five hours ,charged me 180 some dollars ,for an antibiotic,I refused the antidepressant, GABAPENTIN,it is not a pain pill and does not help ,I felt very taken advantage of and angry ,that they would put my dog and me through this stress and expense,I would never recommend a vet that is only out for money ,and not the welfare of your pet ,and you ,it was totally there fault for telling me they could take care of her problem .Please be aware of this ,money hungry vet clinic ,I will never go there again!!!!!!????????????


2 years ago

I rushed my older cat there yesterday to be put down. I called ahead of time so they knew my situation. I sat there for over 3 hours separated from my pet before they finally did their job. 3-4 workers (not the doctor) came in the room I was in to make me repeat the same story about my cats condition and history. Then the doctor calls me on my phone to get the story again and tells me she wants to wait until my regular vets office opens to get records. After all that happened she calls me and offers to do a bunch of tests and medication. I told her no and she continued to talk me out of putting my pet down, switching my words around and hours later finally agree to euthanize my poor cat. I told them i wanted to see and spend time with my cat before they injected her with the sleeping meds, then they bring her in the room already completely a sleep. I was so upset and said my goodbyes. I was treated poorly and my pet sat for hours before anything was done. How can you call that place an emergency. The doctors name is Stephanie Eldredge. I hope I never have to go to that place again.

Brandon Gaidosh

2 years ago

The experience I had today at the emergency vet will be one I will never forget. My puppy ate his blanket and vomited, had diarrhea, and is now shaking/limping. They refused to see him because I am unable to pay today (because I get paid tomorrow). The receptionist recommended me to take out a loan with them and they said I will get approved immediately so they can see him. The loan said that they will get back to me in 5-7 business days, okay so what do I do about my dog? What am I supposed to do this this loan now? It's a hard inquiry on my credit report. Basically just going to let my dog suffer in pain until you even LOOK AT HIM! I will never go back here and will take back all of my good reviews about this place. This is a mediocre business.


3 years ago

????????????????Poor customer service at the front desk. Did not feel welcomed at all. Very condescending when they speak to you. WILL NOT BE BRINGING MY BABY BACK HERE. ????????????????. Paid double of what I would have paid if I went to st. Paul vet . The energy at this place was very off-putting at. FIRE the lady at the front desk

Sarah Melzer

3 years ago

I was very anxious about my young puppy receiving quality care. I have to say thank you to Stephanie D and Dr Fauske. They helped me through this and were patient and kind. It turns out my puppy is fine, but before knowing that I was a wreck and they were so helpful and nice. I felt like they listened to me, took the time to explain and make sure I understood as well as treated my baby like it was their own. I cannot say it enough, they were amazing to deal with. Thank you!!!

Andrea Walczak

3 years ago

Our new puppy showed signs of pain and itching which made him so uncomfortable. When I called our normal vet they would not schedule a same day appointment. I knew something was wrong. Dr. Rice and her staff took great care of my puppy and quickly saw he had a double ear infection. They cleaned his ears and treated him with antibiotics and steroids. He was resting comfortably in a few hours. I’d give them 5 stars but I think the cost of his medicine was over inflated. However, I’m very satisfied with the level of care the clinic provided to our brand new pup.

Jennie G

3 years ago

What a friendly and helpful team. Went in for a 2am visit with a sick cat and left with a happy one. Prices were very affordable too.

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