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Jamie Chamorro

2 years ago

Very helpful and knowledgable about the dog we were interested in.

Josh P

2 years ago

Knowledgeable staff, great selection of dog food, treats, supplies, and cute puppies ????

Bingo Emmons

2 years ago

Found exactly what we needed

Anna Peer-Drake

2 years ago

I just love going over there and holding a puppies

Lynn Lidwin

2 years ago

Took our Zoe for a picture with Santa. They were great, and very well organized. Thank you so much Puppyworld!

Darryl Morgan

2 years ago

I love the staff very friendly. nice amount of puppies every time I've visited


2 years ago

I can't believe this place is still open! I rescued two dogs from this place many years ago. I say "rescued" because when I saw them they were in tiny cages and in obvious distress. Both pups needed emergency vet care within days of taking them home (advanced kennel cough) and had to be treated with antibiotics and other medications. When I called the store about it, I was told I could return the pups and get new ones instead. WHAT? Return them like I would return spoiled food? Just no. Thankfully, after some weeks and nearly $1K later, they recovered. Please don't buy puppies from places like this! Go to your local shelter instead.

Karen Kuhn

2 years ago

Unless yr ready to buy one of these cute puppies, 1700-4000, don't go, you want to hold one, and take it home. But gosh, alittle steep for me, now I have mortgage payments & assoc fees, but beautiful puppies, good assortment

Lexi ImaWriter

2 years ago

You can hold the puppies as long as you give them identification (or was that just for me?) My puppy was a Pomeranian mix for $3,000. That's TOO Expensive! I guess I should call licensed breeders directly. ????????‍♀️

Nicole Braun

2 years ago

I am surprised places (“pet shops”) like this are still around. I hear their promotions on the radio all the time, which prompted me to write this actually. This is not a review on the specific place, but what the business model is overall. Please please please ADOPT/RESCUE. There are so many wonderful puppies and dogs in need. Stores like this are often selling dogs for high prices from puppy mills, leading to health issues and behavioral issues, like many of the other reviews have mentioned. Do your research and be responsible when choosing to add a new memeber to your family. Do not support this.

Susan Stahler

2 years ago

Please listen to what people are saying. If you are buying a puppy at this place or any puppy store, you are supporting puppy mills. Do your research, please. The dogs and the puppies born at puppy mills are mistreated and live in horrible conditions. It will break your heart. A puppy should not cost thousands of dollars. They aren't trophies. We got our amazing puppy at a rescue and she's amazing. These stores need to go out of business, and shocked that puppy mills still exist. All puppies are amazing, but I hope that places like this go out of business and these puppies at this store can also be rescued.

Lexi Rakowski

2 years ago

Although the dogs are adorable, these are puppy mill puppies. I asked an employee where the puppies come from, and she said "from FDA registered breeders" without skipping a beat. The food and drug administration? Registered breeders are from the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP). No AKC mention either. Reputable dog breeders will put their DATCP dog breeding license on their website. This is what I found with a few minutes of google searches. PLEASE do your own research. Yes these puppies are cute and sweet, but this business practice needs to go.

Angela Cunnington

2 years ago

Sold someone I know a "purebred Maltese" for $1700--verified by two vets--not a Maltese. They have some weird arrangement with a specific vet who we initially went to, but he clearly didn't know what he was doing. Two different sites list them as buying from puppy mills. Polite but dishonest and misleading. Had initially almost bought a puppy with a limp foot. Came back a week or so later and they said she was in physical therapy. Probably put down. Clearly inbred.


2 years ago

This companies business practices are absolutely outrageous, convincing young kids to "finance" a puppy at 22% interest. Not even remotely honest operation. Stay away.

Jeffrey Langer

2 years ago

We were able to get the puppy we wanted

Salvador Vazquez

2 years ago

This place has some word of horrible financing that charges 95% interest rate. Please don’t do any financing in this place!! I’m not a gruntled customer. The dog I purchased is wonderful. They don’t explain the financing to you and you end up paying the amount you borrowed many, many, times over

Julie Mikul

2 years ago

I highly recommend this store if you are looking for a new puppy. The staff was knowledgeable and very loving of the puppies.

raul robles

2 years ago

I only went in for some healthy dog treats. Not cheap but my baby girl is worth it. Almost bought a puppy. Oh boy!!!

Yas Rodriguez

2 years ago

Bought a puppy from here and I REGRET IT! Dog is super slow. He is mentally challenged.

Caroline Kuether

2 years ago

Got my puppy from here a few months ago and my experience was great. The girl who was helping me was telling me everything I need to know about the poodle breed and even giving me tips as a first time puppy owner. I was sooo terrified because it’s a big step but their support and advice helped me feel so much better. I’ll still go in from time to time with Cash for treats that she likes and the girls who work there are so nice and love to see her as she grows. They even remember her from when she was there! It’s a great small business to support and since they work with reputable breeders and not puppy mills, this is the place to go to get your puppy. I see people complaining about price but you can’t buy a cheap puppy while expecting a healthy one.

Jade Lovelien

2 years ago

I visited here about an hour before they close. The dogs that weren't in rusty kennels, were out on the floor with maybe a few toys. Nothing for them to lay on that was comfortable nor a pee pad so they didn't keep peeing on the floor and stepping all over the place with pee paws. The dogs were supposedly cleaned a week ago, which I don't know the standards of cleaning dogs, but a week seems like a long time, especially with an open petting policy they have going. The vents and sprinkler were very dusty and rusted. Gross. The kennels that the puppies were in were also very very rusted. I would never buy a pet here. Most of the staff were nice, but I am pretty sure the owner girl was not the nicest to us.

Rich drozek

2 years ago

I bought a puppy golden retriever for $3,600. At first the puppies seem normal for the first month and a half. Then it started showing signs of behavior that was not normal. I had two golden retrievers prior to this so I can't say that much now I'm experiencing health issues after 6 months I wish I never went there they told me he was a champion and I never got to see the parents or pictures I made a big mistake bad part of mine don't go there


2 years ago

i recommend buying a pup from here! i got my dog Lily 2 years ago from here sheś a aussie mix blue heeler now she´s living her dawgy life! shes Tiktok famous and her Tiktok is Pawz.animals since i can´t post a pic of her:) puppies here are expensive put defently worth the money!

Lillian Thao

2 years ago

Walked in to get my puppy fix with no intention of buying a puppy and literally the first puppy I held I was like that's it, I'll take him! The puppies are reasonably priced unlike some places *cough* Racine Petland where all puppies are at a minimum of $7,000 *cough*. The employees were extremely kind and helpful during the adoption process. Would definitely come here again, not only for my puppy fix, but to adopt another puppy!

Orlando King

2 years ago

I had a very positive experience here a puppy world and I have a 3 month old blue heeler rat terrior and she's perfect prices were good for me and I will absolutely buy another puppy from them.

Nat Life

2 years ago

Bought my first puppy here Alyz is usually the one helping me out with all sorts of stuff and giving me advice on what to feed her and what kind of toys to get her she's great

Lisa Chaney

2 years ago

I bought a puppy there for 3,000. Named him daddy he's a fat little thing. Very active...

Alex Lee

3 years ago

I had the best experience here. I am a first time dog owner and I got my puppy here after looking for quite a long time. They did a great job of informing me or everything I needed to know and would need for the puppy! I would highly recommend coming here! They also encourage you to donate to people they are helping at the time to help you with the cost of your puppy! I loved the experience overall and will be back if I need anything! Staff is by far amazing! I was helped by Adrianna and she did a great job!

Kayla Kubenik

3 years ago

I got a puppy 2 years ago from here without knowing much about dogs in general. Now knowing puppy mills/stores are beyond disgusting and neglectful I want to help people look elsewhere for a puppy. The dog I got from Puppy World is amazing and I wouldn’t take her back for a minute. I just wish I would of looked elsewhere and not fallen victim to the world of puppy mills. When I got her, they told me she was a heeler/border collie. Although this isn’t wrong, I did a DNA test and it turns out she is 10 different other breeds. This store does not know 100% what they are selling. If you see this, go to a rescue or breeder (responsible ones only). Places like these do not need to exist. They are scammers and only out to get a quick buck at the dogs expensive. Dogs deserve more. Do better.

Jerome Hazelwood

3 years ago

First off we were greeted nicely then left to roam on our own had to get the workers attention because she was too busy with a personal visitor then she told us the price of the puppies which were outrageous $3000+ which wasn't expected since it's not mentioned anywhere website and all no thanks will take my business elsewhere

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