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John Plohetski

2 years ago

Dr. Janssen and his team are very efficient, thorough and caring. He always takes the time to soothe our dog's anxiety, talking very softly to her and being gentle, overall. He is by far the best vet we've ever had.

Lori Burch

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets!!

Story Time with Nessa

2 years ago

We have had horrible experiences with vets in the past, but this is a vet that truly loves the animals. They’re so wonderful!

Desi schulenberg

2 years ago

Brought in a cat, vets didn’t make me feel any better about the cat being chipped if anything rubbed it in my face “Aw no kitty for you” left bawling my eyes out because of the words that they said and how they made me feel.

mariah strong

2 years ago

This clinic is terrible. Save your money. I should've listened to the reviews. The prices are ridiculous and the staff doesn't care, especially the office manager I believe her Name is Diane. Just no care, they require a 50$ deposit to schedule any future appointments which was weird but I was ok with it but I was never told If you have to cancel they keep the money, you can't even reschedule. If you reschedule you have to pay an additional 50$. Their prices for shots and any blood work is outrageous compared to any clinic I've ever been to. The only thing that makes sense is the exam fee. The staff also makes you feel like a bad pet owner if you decide to hold off on ANYTHING you believe isn't necessary, they literally look at you with a face like you're a terrible person. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

Preeti Gupta

2 years ago

Staff members are very nice!

Althea Denham

2 years ago

They did an excellent evaluation of my new cat and provided me with great advice to help support a problem we were having. I would recommend checking them out.

Jane Terpstra

2 years ago

We have gone to Janssen Clinic with our pets for many years now and have been very pleased with Dr. Janssen's veterinary care and with the staff's professionalism and care for our pets. We have never been disappointed with their knowledge or skills. This is a great vet clinic!

Lynn Christiansen

2 years ago

The staff at Janssen Clinic have always been very friendly, caring and competent. I have been taking my cats to Dr. Janssen for at least 20 years now. Dr. Janssen is a wonderful, caring and knowledgeable veterinarian.

Susan Iaccarino

3 years ago

I recently sensed my cat may have a more serious medical problem and wanted her to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. I would never imagine that I would have that happen in the same day but it did at Janssen Clinic. I chose this clinic when I first adopted her since it was nearby and had good reviews. I certainly was not disappointed. I find Dr. Janssen and his team extremely welcoming and, above all, so informative about the medical condition and needs of my pet. This has not always been my experience in dealing with other practices in the past. They care about their patients and their owners.

lynn silverman

3 years ago

I've used Janssen Clinic For Animals for over 18 years, with both senior cats and now kittens.-They are always responsive and I can rely on them to provide wonderful care.

Jessie E

3 years ago

Prices here are astronomically high, along with a guilt trip if you question any services they are pushing. They provide quality care, which is why I am giving them two stars vs. one, but their approach left me feeling taken advantage of. We moved to the Madison area about two years ago and I had put off finding a vet for our two cats, so that is on me for not having a trusted vet in place when our older cat got sick. Reviews for Janssen were very positive so I felt good taking our cat here. Upon checking in, you have to sign off on an estimate of services. I understand why they do this because seeing the bill after services would be shocking, however by the time I get my cat in the car and drive over there it's not like I would go home and reschedule somewhere else. Prices here are more than double what we paid our vet in Chicago, which was surprising considering most things are a better value in Madison. They heavily pushed doing a full blood panel which then goes into some kind of state registry, which was over $300. While this seemed unnecessary I went along with it as they made it seem like it was something needed for all patients. I do feel they did everything they could for our cat but unfortunately at 15 years old he passed away later that week. Our other cat then came down with a similar respiratory issue shortly after so of course we were very nervous and brought him right into the clinic. They got him on meds and he is healthy now so I appreciate the care provided, although similar price shock and so many services/tests being pushed. A few of these I questioned if they were truly necessary and the technician responded something to the affect of "that is the best care". I was expecting a more detailed answer and left me feeling they are pushing unnecessary services. Additionally at follow up appointments each time I signed off on another $300+ bill, they want you to schedule your next appointment at that same time, before you have had your visit with the vet to even understand the care plan. I wanted to hold off on this as I was starting to get nervous about paying all these bills. I was given a condescending explanation of how scheduling works, and that was enough for me. We have since found another vet and we're very happy with the care as well as much more reasonable pricing. When I mentioned the state registry blood panel thing which had been so heavily pushed at Janssen, they were not even familiar with what that was. Other reviews are very high so maybe I'm just not in right income bracket for this clinic, however it left me wondering if due to the pandemic and lost income due to less well visits if they were more aggressively pushing services and tests. If money is no object for you this is a great clinic. In my experience with our vet in Chicago and now our new one here, you can receive quality care at much more reasonable prices than Janssen without being made to feel guilty if you do not accept every single service pushed.

Allison Chaffo

3 years ago

I've been taking my dog to Dr. Janssen since he was a puppy and I've been very happy with everything that he's had done at the Janssen Clinic! The staff is always extremely friendly and I really appreciate that they keep me up-to-date on during all of his visits/dental cleanings/surgeries.

Anne S

3 years ago

Wonderful customer experience and care. You can tell making a connection with your pet and you is important to everyone at the clinic.

Beth Trost

3 years ago

Able to bring my cat in to be evaluated same day. Evaluated her quickly and took care of her issue. Staff very pleasant and helpful. I trust Dr. Janssen with all my animals. Very caring and accessible.

Emily Lepage

3 years ago

Everyone is always so nice!

Kathryn Wolf

3 years ago

Dr. Janssen offers a wonderful combination of professionalism, warmth and high level expertise. We have been clients for over 2 decades. Over that time, we’ve adopted a variety of rescue cats (6) that have clearly felt loved and safe with him. Even a challenging feral cat. After a lifetime of animal companions, this seems unique. Do I need to say more?

Matt R

3 years ago

Super friendly, helped answer all my questions, and everyone there had a positive and fun attitude. They made my new puppy feel welcome and helped teach me a thing or two!

Steve Sperling

3 years ago

We take both of our cats to the Janssen Clinic for many many years. we wouldn't consider taking them anywhere else,


3 years ago

We have been going to Janssen clinic for three years now and are so happy we found them. Our dog has an on going medical condition and Dr. Janssen helps us to maintain her health. Dr. Janssen and staff are thorough caring and sensitive to not only our pets needs but ours. Would highly recommend.


4 years ago

Pros: Very knowledgeable, staff is very friendly. Dr. Janssen is great with animals and was able to make even a very skittish cat very calm and well-behaved during the visit which at other places had been a huge issue. Good at suggesting services and products which may be helpful. Cons: A bit on the expensive side. I have had the same work done at competing clinics for far less. My main complaint though is they were not great about communicating about records - I tried to get my cat transferred to a new place because I have moved to the east side, and was told they only had info from vaccinations due in 2017 even though I know she was seen in 2018, and had bloodwork at the time as well as medication, that I would like to have on her medical history, since there were things on the bloodwork which were causing issues again. Not sure if this is just not commonly kept information and maybe I'm being a harsh customer, but I would expect that to be on record somewhere and that I/my new vet could get access to it.

Crystal Blass

4 years ago

Excellent service and care! We were in from out of town and they quickly helped us when we had a concern with our cat.

Kyrstie Amick

4 years ago

Always a pleasure to take Charlie to Dr. Janssen. The staff is always very friendly and attentive. Thank you for taking such good care of Charlie!

Melody Panek

4 years ago

The staff here is professional and kind. They are good with the animals and good with their owners too! I have a cat with diabetes and thanks to Dr. Janssen and his staff, she is doing very well and has been very stable.


4 years ago

Very happy with Dr. Janssen’s care of Sophie.

Shanna Haerle

4 years ago

Wonderful vet clinic! They take care of both my cats and have been very helpful answering any questions!

Teresa Gartley

4 years ago

For twenty years Dr. Janseen and his team have given our furry children excellent care. We highly recommend them!

Travis Drow

4 years ago

Excellent and thorough. Extremely personable. Dr. Janssen is a great veterinarian and his staff is friendly.

Whitney Lockhart

4 years ago

Dr. Janssen and his team have always done a spectacular job with all of our pets. They are very well informed, and very kind to both our pets and us. What I appreciate the most is Dr. Janssen's calm demenor. He always appears clam and collected, even when telling us what we could improve on with our pets. He has been our vet for a few years through our old cat, our large dog, and now two new cats and they have always received the best care.

Suzy Shain

5 years ago

This is the second pet that has been taken care of by Dr. Janssen. He is highly knowledgeable, caring and always willing to answer questions in detail. His Vet techs are some of my dog Cooper's favorite people! Conveniently located right off the Beltine in Middleton. Highly recommend.

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