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Dawn Ockwood

2 years ago

They are doing a great service here but the communication is very poor. I called to see if I needed an appointment to bring in feral cats, had to catch them. I was told no, they take ferals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until noon. When I brought them in, I was told I should have made an appointment. They did take the cats since I had traveled an hour to get them there. I told them I would need to pick them up the next day. Got a call asking if I was picking them up the same day so telling them I had to pick them up the next day wasn't communicated. When I picked up the cats, I parked in a spot that was unmarked. I texted the information needed, said I was in an unmarked spot. I got a very terse reply that all the spots were marked. When the cats were brought out, I pointed out that the spot was unmarked. I would bet that spot is still unmarked.

Holly Henry

2 years ago

Nice enexpencive nuter/ spay clinic.

Gwen Schneider

2 years ago

They do high volume spays and neuter for cats dogs and bunnies.

David Moore

2 years ago

Over all it was good !! But my 4yr old Rott 6 hrs after leaving is still having the shake's !!!! Little to much drugs ! And the only thing that was said rotts tend to have bad effects from drugs used !!! It's hell watching your pet whom you love , having drug overdose reactions !!!

Ronna Blackley

2 years ago

I was extremely apprehensive about taking my fur babies here after reading all of the comments ..Boots & Cuddles spent the day here yesterday..we were sent home with cones and pain medication with clear instructions ..the cones are too big for their heads they are to stay on for 2 weeks to heal so far they are not messing with their incisions overall it was a great experience..there was an odor in their carriers upon pick up which is to be expected I bought them with this in mind and they can be cleaned ..we are very happy they both did well. I recommend The Spay Me can choose if you do not want a student to work on your pet and you can pick different packages

Dawn Kirchstein

2 years ago

So good to my kitty

A.R. King

2 years ago

I guess "immediate surgery" means nothing to them when it comes to some pets... They assessed my cat and decided she had breast cancer which they told me is very common and fast growing in cats so they wanted to operate immediately and told me to call back the next day to schedule the surgery with the receptionist. But when I called the next day the receptionist said there wasn't a note to schedule surgery and I had to reconnect with the veterinarian for confirmation. I've since called at least 5 times over the last week alone but never once have my calls been answered or returned. It's been 2 weeks now and still nothing from them.

Victoria Bosley

2 years ago

Due to an apparent sedation machine malfunction, our 6-month old healthy kitten never made it home. She was straight up put to sleep from a "fluke". A normal procedure turned into my nightmare. They refunded us and paid for her cremation. If you have multiple strays and barn cats, sure good cheap place. But I would pay the extra for your beloved family companions to go to a regular vet.

Trish Randall

2 years ago

They are quick & they do what you ask them to no extra this that the other things without asking your permission.

Tonia “Tuna” Spears

2 years ago

Staff was very helpful & friendly!

Robin Cridelich

2 years ago

So thankful for the SpayMe Clinic! I have had cats dropped off here at our farm over the years and could not afford to fix them. They do what cats do , have babies. Well all 18 of our cats will be fixed (except for Peewee who is to little) by the end of December. I will care for, love and feed these cats the rest of their lives but no more babies! Until the next hoohah drops more off. They have a well organized routine and it works well. The people are friendly and care for the MANY animals they care for. If you are low income , this is the place to contact.

phinn markson

2 years ago

I love them. Been coming here for about 6 years with multiple pets. They've always been able to get me in quick when there's a crisis. Super friendly and helpful. I am very grateful to have been made aware they exist!!

Ms. Darlene Toles

2 years ago

Nice store got a whole bunch of stuff

Melinda Hughes

2 years ago

Just dropped off 2 teenage cats to be fixed. Very easy & inexpensive! ♥️????

Mary Haug

2 years ago

They lost my cat and then gave me someone else's cat! I didn't get my cat back till the next day

Justin Sprietler

2 years ago

Did an amazing job with my little guy [cat] Bright him in for a basic neutering

diana whalen

2 years ago

Such caring facility. Great no contact pick up

Aimee Hilsenhoff

2 years ago

They took great care of my dog, "Tequila Chiquita Banana" ???????? while she got fixed, & had a hernia removed. Any time I had questions, &/or concerns, the staff promptly got back to me. They were always very helpful, & very compassionate. Thank You!! ???????? "Teqi" crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 1/29/2021. ???????? Not a day goes by that I don't wish she was here. ???????? Love You, & Miss You Always, Teqi!!???????? #LoveMom ????

ronald struzynski

2 years ago

Verry good place to go

Stephanie Harter

2 years ago

When I called to schedule my 2 outdoor cats for spay/neuter I specifically told them that both cats had already had their rabies vaccines and did not need the flea and tick medication put on since they would be in the middle on their monthly application already. Before I hung up I made the girl read back what was documented to make sure it was in their charts. I get them back and guess who got another dose of rabies and flea and tick meds. When I called to find out why they did it, they told me they had no documentation of this. They told me that neither would be deadly to them and just to monitor. 3 days later both cats are still not eating and vomiting several times throughout the day. When I called back to tell them about the vomiting all I got was a voice mail. Also not impressed by how much of their ears they "tipped". Otis looks like he's missing half his ear

Sheila Smith

2 years ago

This is a great service!

Shannon Friel

2 years ago

Organized, quick and professional. Great cost!

Rebecca Boak

2 years ago

They are a high volume clinic...with one drop off time block for all the dogs. So give yourself at least an hour for check-in. However...the staff is very kind and professional...very sweet with my dog. Pick up was alot faster. My first puppy had an umbilical hernia that they fixed for only $20. Her incision looked gruesome...but has healed extremely well and barely left a scar. Second dog...2 vaccines for only $10 and her incision looks amazing. All in all...very good experience and you can't beat the price. You just need patience!

Nancy Haferman

2 years ago

Treat our dogs like family. Easy to get into and reasonably priced

Madison Mayer

2 years ago

Affordable prices and able to get screened quickly. Never received exam notes as promised

Colleen Ostenson

2 years ago

Very good people. Highly recommend

Tina Larson

2 years ago

You did an awesome job with my cat

Theresa Gutheridge

2 years ago

They are very professional. The waiting is minimal. The workers are very nice.. I took in two cats so I will be taking one more soon

Charlene Wilke

2 years ago

They did a really good job triming my dogs nails, bringing her vaccinations up to date and annual check up. Very professional, organized and nice staff using great COVID measures to protect staff and clients.

crazy boyys

2 years ago

Great place to get affordable care especially if you have multiple pets or barn or feril kitties. Do the right thing and for a little over $50 you can get them spayed or nuetered, rabies shots and flea and mite treatment. Wish it was better advertised thruout the state. They also have vaccination days that are ridicoulsly cheap and sometimes have grants or programs to get free shots. They Even do dental work.

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