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Michael Vance

2 years ago

I would strongly recommend My Pet's Vet! Dr. Ron is awesome as is his staff. We were looking for a Vet for all our animals including a tortoise, cat, dog... Now all the pets are happy and healthy!! And make sure to check out the Tardis (Dr. Who) in the back! Very neat even for non-Dr. Who fans.

Ryan Lucas

2 years ago

I recently switched to this vet from another vet that was becoming too hard to schedule appointments with. Dr. Beatty has great rapport with my dog Ziggy. She's extremely calm, almost in a relaxed trance. She received shots today and didn't make a peep. Vet work was done in my presence opposed to my previous vet who just took my dog in another room. Seeing the same vet each appointment is great and makes a huge difference. I'll be returning here for my future vet needs.

Leslee Camonier

2 years ago

Listen, I have never left a review before, but seeing as my passion is reptiles and I'm studying to become a vet myself (an exotics specialist) I feel I have a duty to warn others. DO NOT GO HERE FOR REPTILES. I have 15 soon to be 18 reptiles. Reptiles are my heart and my life. So when one of my bearded dragons started making a croaking noise I was concerned, as I tried to help myself, and it wasn't working. I wanted to take her to someone who had more tools and experience than I do currently so I took her to Dr. Beatty. I didn't get any instant bad gut feelings from him, but he gave my beardie back to me saying she was fine. (He did bloodwork, fecal test, and a physical exam) Obviously if I say my beardie is croaking she's not fine, but as he had more experience and a license to practice I was inclined to believe him. Eventually her condition got worse so I took her back and he took x-rays. He determined that she had pneumonia. At this point I was a little suspicious, but pneumonia was more believable than "she's fine". So I brought her home with antibiotics. She had her first shot in the clinic so I waited another two days. Her condition only got worse so I took her to VCA in greenfield. She was considered a high priority case because she was in dire condition. Throughout the night they treated her for pneumonia because that's what I had told them she had because of Dr. Beatty's diagnosis. The doctors there suspected that there was something else going on because their most potent antibiotics weren't taking affect when they should have. They did more x-rays and found out she never had pneumonia, she had an obstruction of the airway. Rare, but fixable, yet it was too late. She had passed away. I only have a few things to say about this. 1) a doctor, any doctor, when they have a patient and they don't know what's wrong, does what they can to narrow down causes. It's the same you would do for a human who goes to the doctor. 2) If the doctor at VCA was able to tell there was an airway obstruction from the x-ray, what happened the first time she had an x-ray? 3) I'm a form believer in if you don't know, say "I don't know". These aren't objects to play around with. Animals are family to a lot of people. Lastly, I will never be returning here. Her name was Smiles and now she's gone because of a mistake that should not have been made. If anyone is smart, and reading these reviews, if you have a reptile do not come here. You will regret it.

Kristi Becker

2 years ago

Dr. Beatty and his support team are so caring and friendly with our furbabies and us humans. We've been going here for years- multiple pets- always feel like Dr Ron genuinely cares about his clients and their owners. Everyone is kind, and friendly- Dr. Ron has a calm gentle nature and always answers our questions- and helps us understand what's going on with our pets . Highly recommend.

bart ferrara

2 years ago

There's a lot to say here. I'll try to be brief, but I'll likely linger on. We started our dogs' pet care at My Pet's Vet because of convenience. That was nice for about a year. Then after a couple of up charges without our consent, I became suspicious. The final and third strike was a wrong diagnosis of anaplasmosis. That's a big one to get wrong. We were suspicious because of the circumstances surrounding the diagnosis. We took our dog to another vet for a work up and it was negative. Dr. Beatty blamed his lab. I'll give Dr. Beatty the benefit of the doubt. When I told him why we were leaving and not happy with the services he performed, he blatantly lied and said he talked to my wife about doing a full urinalysis work up for a 3 month old puppy that was peeing in the house. Yeah, you read that right. Puppy pees in the house= $125 test. No urinary tract infection. No consent was ever given by my wife. He says he remembers it differently. If you have ANY slight suspicions about your vet, such as giving shots to your pet in another room, or adding on ear drops as a preemptive measure to the bill, trust your gut. Get a new vet!

Zach Peterson

3 years ago

Dr. Beatty was absolutely amazing. Was awesome to work with, took care of my ball python and was completely open and honest. I also got two of the most amazing snakes in the world from the man who rescues not well taken for snakes for nothing more than his love of animals.


3 years ago

Amazing clinic with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff. I always feel like my cats are in good hands when we go for visits. Can’t recommend enough. :)

Monica Daleccio

3 years ago

I found Dr. Beatty while searching for a second opinion for my hedgehog, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I could not be happier with the care he and the clinic staff provided for my baby. They're incredibly compassionate and empathetic - We felt very well-cared-for!! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Beatty at My Pet's Vet to anyone in need of care for their pet!

Kailie Krombos

3 years ago

I cannot say enough to describe how amazing My Pet's Vet is and just how grateful I am for this clinic! Dr. Beatty is the kindest veterinarian I have ever met. He truly cares about your animals and is very knowledgeable. Maggie was super sweet and helpful in scheduling my pet's appointment and also assisting throughout. My Pet's Vet will always be worth the two hour drive for me, and I would not hesitate to bring any of my pets here! They are especially good with reptiles, not to mention one of the only clinics in the area who actually treats exotics. You will not find a better clinic than My Pet's Vet!

Jason Gullett

3 years ago

Dr. Beaty is the best!

Erich Muckelberg

3 years ago

They have a TARDIS. On top of every other awesome factor, there's that. Does your current vet have one? No? You should question that.

Buried Alive Gaming

3 years ago

I trust them with every one of my animals!

Abbie Jorgenson

3 years ago

Always a great experience for me and my bearded dragon Dax. Dr. Beatty is very knowledgeable about exotic pets, he even has a bearded dragon himself, Seymour! You can tell he really cares about the health and happiness or all his patients. Highly recommend to all looking for a vet in the Milwaukee area, but especially those looking for exotic pet care.

Audra O'Brien

4 years ago

Dr. Beatty and his staff always took time to answer our questions, check in to see how our Toby was doing, and never hesitated to go above and beyond to ensure that our children felt that our pets were safe in their care. I will always refer pet parents to go to Dr. Beatty.

Kate Hoffman

4 years ago

Best experience for me and my boy. Was the first time he didn't shake. Never was there a wait which was always added anxiety for us both. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful. I felt his doctor. BEATTY was family in the way he treated us both. I would go to ends of eath for them if the unfortunate event of them ever moving to keep having them all care for my fur people. They listen to what you concerns are check everything with gentle care and understanding. They are so reasonable in cost as well. 5 stars isn't enough for this caring group nor does Thank you seem to be saying enough.

Molly Ryan

4 years ago

Dr. Beatty is smart, capable, and very patient. I was a first time puppy adopter. He spent almost 2 full hours with me answering my questions, showing me the ropes, and left me with a binder full of useful info. I never felt rushed nor pressured to buy anything. His team is warm adn energetic and looks happy to be working there. Even more importantly, he is transparent about the cost of things. He gave me estimates before I got there so that I could process and decide whether to book an appointment. He showed me multiple different medication options and even price matched with online sources in front of me. I am extremely impressed by this business and would recommend it to anyone in the area.

Natalie Brodjeski-Palini

4 years ago

Always accommodating and amazing service.

Unknown Villager

4 years ago

Been going here for a few years now. Dr. Beatty (sorry if spelled wrong) is one of the kindest and most caring vets I've ever met. From our lizards, snakes, and our kitty he's loved and cared for them all. They're an amazing vet clinic and I couldn't recommend them enough.

Tamara Little

5 years ago

I have never given a negative review of a person, company or product...until now! I was brought up to not say anything at all if you can’t say something nice about someone, so I won’t start now, but I feel the need to warn others about this Vet. If you care about your pets, please stay away!!! Look at some of the other 1 and 2 star ratings.

Attila Baumann

5 years ago

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Beatty for a few years now. I can't imagine taking them anywhere else! Dr. Beatty and his staff are very helpful and accommodating with all my family pet needs. He listens to me with my concerns and answers my many questions. His knowledge, diagnosis and prognosis has literally lengthened the lives of my pets. I am thankful for this clinic. I would recommend this veterinarian clinic to anyone who feels their pets are family and want the very best of care. Office is always clean and organized . The staff is knowledgeable and polite.

Brian Rogers

5 years ago

Dr. Beatty is great! Easy to talk to, and very kind and gentle with my guinea pigs. He does all animals too, which is great!

Chad Schaffer

5 years ago

Fantastic. Every staff member is caring and helpful; the Doctor is a master of the craft, but goes out of his way to answer questions in terms understandable to lay-people. I brought them two rouge street cats, knowing nothing about how to proceed to get them healthy and legal, they handled the rest, and educated me enough to give them a good home, all with an air of effortless hospitality. The Knivesforhands brothers are a very important part of my life, I trust their well being to very few people, I count everyone at My Pet's Vet among them.

Nancy Nancersin

5 years ago

Always so helpful and so gentle with my pets.

Mike Mattie

6 years ago

Took the pooch in for a procedure and everything turned out great. Took super good care of him. Great staff!

Lisa Fox

6 years ago

My guinea Pig was very ill and my regular vet was out of the country. I called Dr. Beatty and was able to get an immediate appointment. After seeing her he suggested that he take home with him since it was Memorial Day weekend. He exceeded all my expectations and treated my pet as if she were his own. I highly recommend Dr. Beatty!!

Taylor Drescher

7 years ago

My experience here was crap! The doctor gave my boyfriend and I false information about out bearded dragon and put her on medicine she never needed! Said she had a respiratory infection when she never did. He told us to do a fecal exam and after tge fecal exam he said she had no worms. We took her to a 24 hr vet on 108th st in greenfield and gave us the right information asap. Out bearded dragon did have worms which My Pets Vet didnt tell us and charged us for that fecal exam for nothing! I will never go here again my bearded dragon is being well taken care of at this 24 hr vet and I would not take your animals to My Pet Vet. The 24 hr vet I went to is so nice everyone is so kind and so quick to tell you whats going on with your animal.

Janette Mamedova

7 years ago

My vet for my purebreds Bengal cat and French bulldog for 10 years. Would never trust anyone else. Regarding the bearded lizard reviews: You get what you pay for. If you want to save money, then maybe you should not have pets. I have no issues paying any amount for my pets' care because they are part of the family.

Dillon Shiff

7 years ago

Hands down the best veterinary clinic I've taken my cats to. The staff always welcomes me and my cats well and Dr. B genuinely cares for the animals he takes care of. I brought my kids and he took the time to show us the snakes and bearded dragon they take care of in the house, and patiently answered all the questions we had for him. I love the building the clinic resides in, its well maintained and comfortable. I recommend this clinic to anyone who cares for they're animal.

Anthony Matsche

7 years ago

Dr. Beaty is knowledgeable, experienced and thorough. His number one priority is the animal's quality of life. He was the first vet to discover my dog's skin condition. He diagnosed my dog's allergy accurately on our first visit. Would back Dr. Beaty as the best vet in the north shore.

Andre Ramos

7 years ago

I took my bearded dragon in and i was skeptical at first when i walked in nothing was set up no lobby no chairs the building was still under construction so i was unsure about the vet but went ahead and got my beardie checked anyway the doctor ended up taking a stool sample and through out the whole visit they were throwing extra exams in asking if i want to check for all sorts of things i ended up spending about 200 dollars and my bearded dragon only got worse they charged me for every little thing also the doctor didnt seem as if he knew what he was really talking about and it seemed as if he was making stuff up as he went he checked a stool sample for my dragon and said he found no parasites in the stool i then took my beardie for a second opinion when i saw my dragon was on her last leg i took her to the 24 hour vet on 108th st in greenfield and they obtained a fresh stool sample as well and noticed that she was stuffed with parasites i believe this doctor falsely diagnosed my animal and believe they just wanted the money i would not recommend this vet to ANYONE the doctor doesnt seem to know what hes really doing if i were to suggest a vet i would DEFINATELY say hands down the 24 hour vet is much better and ALOT more professional and they all knew what they were doing i asked if i could at least have a refund on the stool exam and the doctor kinda got an attitude and told me to go on my way your animal will be in very good hands at the 24 hour vet they seem to be alot more experienced and seem to actually care for the animal it took 1 visit and shes doing MUCH better know this vet however was trying to schedule appts to bring my beardie back in for more tests i believe they are in this for the money aspect and show no care for these animals

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