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2 years ago

Bay area animal hospital really came thru in helping my little buddy, Damian, our black cat. The staff got the appointment for Damian, expeditiously. After we dropped him off, filled out some forms, and Damian was checked over thoroughly. I received a call from the attending doctor, explaining in clear terms, and recommendations. I gave the approval, and after a few hours, we were informed that Damians dental procedure was completed and he's in recovery, doing well. Before we could take custody of him, the doctor wanted to brief us, explaining what was done, and explained after care for him when we get him home. Damian is doing very good, appetite is good, not sleeping as much. He's back to being him. Thank you Bat Area animal hospital, for all you've done. The staff treated us with respect, dignity, and compassion. Thank you all, very much, Bay Area animal hospital

Echoe Gordon

2 years ago

How is it that you can make an appointment for a certain day and then they Dr goes out of town to Las Vegas if I could I would have gave this zero stars

David Graveen sr

2 years ago

Took my kitty to get her fixed very friendly employees very professional customer service and interaction. Couple hundo but hey almost every business has to charge more cause of shortage due to pandemic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Stacey Parkes

2 years ago

Dr Haukaas is fabulous - gentle and knowledgeable and my dog & cat both love him. I know if I call for something serious they’ll fit me in (I called Saturday morning cosy dog had been puking for 24 hours - they fit me in same day!) and I can always trust the front desk, nursing staff and Dr Haukaas to be professional and friendly.

Geneva Williams

2 years ago

Wouldn't take out very sick cat even if he was a new patient

Emily Resch

2 years ago

Spaces were clean and appropriately sized for my larger breed dog (85lbs). There is outdoor space for pets to run and the option of paying for individual walks. Everyone I interacted with (whether by phone or in person) was very friendly. Staff were personable with me and responsive to my pet's needs.

C Walts

2 years ago

Boarded our pups- nice staff,, good price, nothing fancy.

Alyssa Bizub

2 years ago

I was out of town 6 hours from home. My dog had an allergic reaction with full body hives and facial swelling. In a panic I called the nearest clinic and they were willing to see my dog mila right away without hesitation. I appreciate you guys for being lifesavers!

Beth Dahl

2 years ago

As new dog owners, Bay Area Animal Hospital has always helped us feel confident in the care our puppy is receiving. We are completely comfortable with every interaction we have with each staff member in this establishment. We know they ALL care about our pet whom we consider a family member. Dr. Haukass takes time to address our concerns and answer our questions in a professional and respectful manner. We are so pleased with the care our Loki have received at this facility.

Brenna Lynn

2 years ago

They did really good with my friends teacup Yorkie puppy for shots. I would definitely recommend them

heather koski

2 years ago

We brought our cat here for a very large hematoma on his ear. Not only were we able to get in very quickly for an examination, his surgery was scheduled for the very next day. The staff are very helpful, kind, and professional, and our cat likes them too.

Sara Ribble

3 years ago

Last Thursday I brought my Lab Charlotte to Bay Area Animal Hospital for the first time, she was getting spayed. They made us feel so welcome and were so good with Charlotte. Charlotte tends to be really shy and skittish and they were very patient with her. I appreciated that they let me stay and be with her while they gave her the first shot to make her sleepy. She was able to fall asleep in my lap before the start of her procedure. They took excellent care of my Charlotte and I greatly appreciate that. I plan on having Bay Area take care of Charlotte and my other Lab Joy from now on!

Roxanne Rogowski

3 years ago

All the staff at Bay Area Animal Hospital are so caring and compassionate. Fast and efficient service. They go on and above to be sure our pup was happy and comfortable. Thank you for the great service and for being there!

P Smith

3 years ago

I am not from the area but brought my dog in for a chipped tooth. Everyone there was so friendly and helpful. She didnt need a tooth extraction after all. I got her annual shots while there and it cost about 1/4 of what I normally pay in another state. They were honest and could have easily recommend unnecessary services, but did not. Such a great place. I highly recommend.

Angela Love

3 years ago

They are great with my pets

Frank Ozanich

3 years ago

I have had nothing but good experiences with the folks here and Doc. I honestly had a harder time changing vets after moving then doing things for myself. I had been a client of the Doc’s since 90’s when he first took over the practice in the old house downtown. Nothing but kudos from me!!

Mark Jameson

3 years ago

Visiting Ashland from Kansas. On a walk our 6 lb dog, was bitten by something. Left a nasty bite mark on the inside of the leg. We called another vet and was told that it was surgery day and they wouldn’t have time to see our pet. Called Bay Area, and the Doctor himself took our call, and scheduled us an appointment a few hours after our call. During our visit the staff was very professional. The Doctor performed a thorough exam, then recommended a anti-biotic paste as well as a spray to help with bugs/insects. My wife and I were VERY impressed with the professionalism as well as the quality of care we received. Excellent facility, great location.

Shannon Esala

3 years ago

We have been brining our pets to BAAH for years and appreciate the expert and personalized care we receive. Dr. Haukaas takes the time to fully listen to any questions or concerns we have and gives excellent care and direction. Very much appreciated!

Stacie Bryant

3 years ago

Since my post is long, let me make my statement clear - I highly recommend Bay Area Animal Hospital for your pets care, no matter how far you have to drive! Due to the state of things in 2020, most vet offices have been utilizing curbside services for seeing their patients. When it comes to pets, your patient is equally their human counterpart. It’s the human that sees the concern, contacts the vet, sets the appointment, receives professional information on the pets condition, asks questions for understanding, receives instructions for care, administers that care, makes the follow up appointments, and lastly, pays the bill. So if a vet refuses to see the human, how can the human have confidence in the instructions for care, prescribed treatment, and evaluating services rendered, then justify the expense and continued patronage? Well, they can’t. My 7 year old dog has suffered with an antibiotic resistant pseudomonas ear infection for almost all of 2020. I can tell you that I had about 4-5 curbside appointments with my local vet. Yes, the vet called me and talked to me on the phone while she was examining my dog, but i didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions that typically come to mind when you’re in the room, focused primarily on your pet and treatment. I was given antibiotics and an ear wash. No instructions. In a follow up appointment I asked if I was ‘doing it right.’ It was at that time the vet did inform me that the ear anatomy of a dog is different from human ears and verbally explained how I should be doing it. My dog, mind you, was in so much pain that a whisper in her ear would make her yelp! Ultimately, I turned to YouTube. It was only slightly more insightful. Third time, when the infection was still present, they ran a culture. It came back abx-resistant and so, they gave me another antibiotic and had me keep cleaning her ears. Upon my 4th visit, with no relief, they stated I’d have to take her to a pet dermatologist because allergies likely caused the infection to begin with. It was a ridiculous, expensive, dragging out of incompetent care because the local vet couldn’t make changes to their practice to be able to see their ‘whole’ patient. I live in Green Bay. I’m surrounded by vets. Not even the emergency vet office will see the humans! This prompted me to start looking rurally. I made the 4 1/2 hour drive to Ashland to the Bay Area Animal Hospital to get this infection taken care of since the doctor here seems to understand the importance of seeing his ‘whole’ patient. I can tell you I was shocked when he showed me exactly how to clean Mila’s ears! I would’ve been too afraid to do it correctly if I hadn’t seen it done. YouTube videos only showed cleaning the ears of dogs without infection. The in-person experience made a 100% difference! And what about protecting himself, staff and human-patients? Well, this office simply made adjustments that would enable them to maintain the quality of care their patients deserve, while implementing safety protocols. It can be done! Round trip, I spent 10 hours in the car. But it was worth it! Since that first day my dogs ears have been clean and she has been pain-free! Of course, the vet did care about her pain from the outset and addressed that from the start! My local vet, not once, offered anything for pain. On top of that, this vet showed much greater knowledge in attacking pseudomonas both topically and systemically. Pet owners know that whatever needs to be done to receive excellent care for their pet is worth it’s weight in gold. I absolutely recommend this animal clinic if you want quality care for your pet!

Neal Shipley

4 years ago

Best vet I've ever had from st Paul mn to wakefield mi

Darlene Halverson

4 years ago

They take wonderful care of furbabies!

Corey Sandy

4 years ago

Great staff and the Vet Doc was so kind and he was wonderful in explaining everything thank you again for being so kind with words and helping Trapper find his peace

Anne Atwood

4 years ago

Great experience after finding this animal hospital in an emergency. We’ll come back for all our pets’ needs. Wonderful service and very kind.

the codes

5 years ago

A very clean & professional environment. The Staff is friendly, I'm very pleased with the care they provide for my best friend. The vet is Honest and straight to the point. The vet has always examined (my best friend) & told me what was up, before handing me the bill.

Shannon Swanstrom

5 years ago

Dr. Haukaas and the staff have been wonderful working with our dogs and cat. He helped us care for a sweet old rescue pup who’d come from a rough previous life. Dr. Haukaas and his staff were gentle, caring, and didn’t give up on our Pinto Bean, who we were able to get to a healthy, happy place.

Seth And Jen

5 years ago

We had our dog spade on a Thursday and at some point the following Sunday, our hyper pup had her incision burst open and her bowels were hanging out. The doc and staff were waiting at the door for us and had her back in surgery in under five minutes! Amazing, kind, and responsive! Great customer service and we will take our animals there forever! Thank you for loving our babies like we do!

K. Lein Pondmire

5 years ago

A while back I took my dog to Bay Area. Never in my long life have I ever had to deal with a worse veterinarian than Dr. Haukaas. I waited for over an hour and a half to get in. My dog was there for a bladder infection. I was handed a 1/2" high bending plastic tray to collect urine from my dog, and it (of course) spilled on the way back inside. When I finally saw Dr. Haukaas, he took one look at my German Shepherd, and said, "You need to get him neutered. You are irresponsible." Dr. Haukaas stayed on the far side of the room even though my dog neither growled or barked, or even paid any attention to Dr. Haukaas. Clearly, the vet is terrified of German Shepherds. The urine was checked, and I had correctly guessed that my dog had a bladder infection. After waiting another 1/2 hour, I was given the antibiotic and a bill which claimed that Dr. haukaas had given my dog a full exam. But Dr. Haukaas had never touched my dog, had never gotten closer that 6 feet to him, and clearly had never given him any kind of exam at all. I told the receptionist that the only thing that had been done was a urinalysis, and that no exam had been given. They insisted that I pay for the full exam in order to get the antibiotics. Dr. Haukaas is a rude, fearful, unqualified veterinarian, who rips off his clients. If he is so scared of certain breeds, he should say so before you make an appointment. I highly recommend WILLOW Vet Clinic where all the vets have a great bedside manner, and are happy to deal with all breeds of dogs.

Joan M

5 years ago



5 years ago

Haukaas is very good with cats. I’ve tried other local vets who were not. I’ve taken my cats to him for 20 years and always will. Also, very nice clinic.

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