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Brenda Bowman

2 years ago

A excellant place for your family pet A home away from home. Delightful Spa for your pet . I won't go anywhere else.

Chester Richardson

2 years ago

Great place take good care of our dog

Brenda Hunt

2 years ago

I had a discussion with the owner about my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She told me to bring a list with me letting her know what I wanted done. My daughter took them in and gives her the list. She takes a quick look at it and hands it back to my daughter. I told her I only wanted them to have a trim but wanted to keep their skirts long and flowering around the paws trimmed but not cut short. She chopped them off. The hair is choppy, not even at all. This is the worst grooming I have ever seen. She told me her son had a cavalier King Charles before so she was familiar with them. She also didn’t get any knots out of their hair. She said she charged $70 per hour for knots but couldn’t get them out. I had just combed the majority of the knots out that morning. Their hair on their tails was chopped off. They don’t look like they should at all. I want to call them and tell them how disappointed I am but I just want this experience over. My girls are bathed every other week and combed daily. My dogs are very expensive dogs, they are supposed to look like show dogs, but they did a number on them. Very, very disappointed.

Matthew Winner

3 years ago

It's the only place we take our Yorkie to be groomed and they've done nothing but good work. He even gets a cute little bandana when he's done!

sharon poff

3 years ago

They take such good care of my precious dog from grooming, to her health, and the joy they give in caring for her.

Robert Critzer

3 years ago

Our dog got groomed here when she was a puppy. When our groomer from the last 8 years quit there was no question we wanted to take her back to about pet center. It's a little out of the way for us but worth it for a quality groomer!

Ginna Garcis

3 years ago

I want to start by saying that I’ve never met a team of groomers so enthusiastic and so open to getting to know you and your pet. My first experience was amazing!! They made me feel like I was leaving my baby with family. I had no worries at all!! They were so caring and my baby loved it! First impressions are everything and this one will stay with me forever! In a Great Way!!! My Lana will definitely be back! Thank you guys !! Y’all are amazing ! Keep up the great work!!

Cathy Brammer

3 years ago

Love this place!! Laci loves to go there. I can leave her there and know that she is going to be taken care off.

Anna Drew

4 years ago

Very frustrated with poor communication about their pricing. When I booked my dog for boarding, I told the woman on the phone that I would be dropping off my dog on Saturday morning and picking him up on Sunday, at which point she told me that the Sunday pickup time was from 5 pm to 6 pm only. She then proceeded to tell me that it would cost $28 to board him. As this is well within the normal range I have paid for boarding at other establishments, I agreed and booked my dog a stay. Much to my dismay, I was charged DOUBLE at pickup, with the gentleman at the counter claiming that, since I dropped him off on Saturday and picked him up on Sunday, he stayed for two days, and that they charge by the day for overnight boarding. I find this utterly ridiculous, as any other establishment I have used for boarding charges on a by night basis. Additionally, there is no way that I could have avoided paying for a second day, as they don’t have any morning pickup hours on Sundays! The woman clearly told me over the phone that it would cost $28, NOT $28 “per day”. In addition, they did not provide me with a record of when he was fed, let out for restroom/exercise, or the timing or type of bowel movements that he had. All of these are provided in detail at any other facility that I have taken my dog to, and without the having to pay the “boutique” price. If this facility wants repeat customers, they need to communicate their pricing system clearly on the phone and not resort to predatory business practices to make a few extra bucks.

Shannon LoBue

4 years ago

Absolutely the WORST breeder and person living on the face of the earth. Dealing with this woman for the last 2 1/2 years has been literally a living hell. We purchased our Yorkshire Terrier from Victoria Radford in December of 2016 for $2,400. We had a contract for a purebread Yorkshire Terrier and was told that she was free from an defects. Being a new puppy mom, I was quite unaware of questions to ask and she did not provide pictures of the dog as she said she was not advanced in that area but we talked for hours upon hours, she came recommended from another breeder in NY and she made arrangements to have the puppy flown to NJ from VA. Upon seeing our new puppy, we fell in love. She did seem to have a strange underbite but Victoria said that would correct with her adult teeth. She seemed knowledged and boasted of her 25 years of being a breeder . She seemed very helpful with my questions as a new puppy mom....at first. When we went to spay her (as per our contract) at 5 months old, we found out she had liver shunt. Victoria denied that it could be true and told us to wait a few months and have her blood work retested. We actually started to question our vet and took her to another vet for a second opinon a couple months later. After thousands of dollars of bloodwork and an ultrasound, she was indeed diagnosed with a Portocaval Portosystemic Liver Shunt. She also has patellar luxation and a severe underbite . We notified Victoria immediaty and from there the relationship changed as we enacted our right under the health guarantee of the contract. We wound up settling with her in which she did wind up doing the right thing and cancelled the contract and withdrew all liability from the contract and our dog after a month of emails and threats of legal action. That was fine with us as we will be happy to care for our puppy for whatever time she may have left. She is a part of our family and we would never purchase or take another dog from Victoria's line again. That was October 2017. Now fast forward to May 2019. We contacted Home Again where our dogs microchip is registered (Victoria had that put in before she came to us). We wanted to combine her account with our other dog. We come to find out that Victoria never transferred the microchip to our names!! So we put in for the transfer. Victoria SPITEFULLY DENIES the transfer. WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE WANT TO BE NOTIFIED OR BE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DOG IF SHE GETS LOST?? This is just pure evil and spite and how this woman does business and lives her life. We now are in the process of re-applying for the transfer and have to get multiple businesses involved and she is wasting the resources of Home Again, our Vet and we may have to file a Civil Action against her to be able to get the chip transfered to our name. Again, this woman is just PURE EVIL!!! Anyone who does just has hatred in their heart and doesn't care about anyone . I would NOT recommend doing business with someone like this ....EVER. UPDATE: My vet contacted Home Again and this they told my vet that Victoria claimed that she was in possession on my dog!!! Are you kidding me! She literally LIED and told the microchip company that she has my dog. My vet told her that they literally scanned her 15 minutes ago and that is impossible as she couldn't be in Virginia and New Jersey and that the dog has been vacinnated, registered with our town, and treated for over 2 1/2 years in New Jersey. Now I have no choice but to file court papers tomorrow and to file complaints with the AKC, the USDA, the BBB, and the Federal Trade Commission. This woman is an absolute liar and lunatic.

Maggie Mangas

4 years ago

We travel from Richmond just to have our two Yorkshire Terriers groomed. It is worth the trip for the best Yorkie look! Best groomer in the state!

B Westerhold

4 years ago

Our dogs have always loved going there and are well taken care of.

CJ's Pantry

4 years ago

I do not know what they do to our dog Sushi, but he LOVES going to About Pets Center. The staff is caring and friendly and the establishment is very clean. He gets so excited when we ask him if he is ready to go, and once we are there, he drags us, trying to get in back for his day. Our dog is a precious part of our family and we are stingy when putting trust to the care of him. We have complete confidence in About Pets Center.


4 years ago

Super friendly and my dog loves them.

Deborah M. Fodor-Bode (Deb or Debbie)

4 years ago

About Pets Ctr., (APC), is a very nice, clean, well kept, safe, exterior & interior. We used to bring both our G.R.'s there to be groomed & pampered until their policy of all dogs must have the "H3N8 vacination" was put into place. We checked w/our 3 vet friends, (separate clinics) & they all agreed, the vaccination was very unnecessary, unless we traveled out of state, w/our dogs & could potentially make one or both of them, very sick. Unfortunately, we had to agree to disagree & part ways, w/APC I would encourage anyone, thinking about getting their dog, the H3N8, vaccination, please double check w/your trusted vet. Otherwise, APC is a very nice, safe place for your beloved fur babies. I would've liked to give them a 5 star rating but, 4 is as high as I felt I could do.

JuliAnne Murphy

4 years ago

We stopped in Salem on a cross country road trip to board our two cats and were very impressed at the quality and service at About Pets Center. The woman who owns the operation moved to Salem 18 years ago from Washington DC and is very professional. When you walk in, it smells wonderful - almost like a decor shop, and definitely not like a pet hotel. Our cats were treated well. The prices are fair. Recommended.

Shaiema Joseph

4 years ago

Gotta have thick skin to speak to the owner. She is very direct and rude at times. Left my kittens with a 5lb bag of food for 5 nights, was told they ate it all, can't prove it but I don't believe they ate all that food because they eat a bag in two weeks at home. Same with my Boston. I left them the treatment for his skin and it was not applied, he came home with a worse condition. My first experience boarding they gave him a bath without my consent then charged me for it and lied about cutting his nails as an excuse why it cost more than his usual groomer. Never again. Found a much better place with much friendlier staff.

Marjene Schrader

4 years ago

Always clean and the owners are wonderful and always friendly. So many great items to choose from to spoil the fur babies with, along with the services they offer!

Maria Weaver

5 years ago

We love this place the owner Victoria and her her son are very friendly and knowledgeable about the fur babies. We have 2 labradoodle that love going here. Would highly recommend you and your pet give them a try!

Langley Hayman

5 years ago

Called to make an appointment. The lady who answers was very impolite. Will take our puppy elsewhere ????

Hattie Savage

5 years ago

Great place to board or have your pets groomed!! My dog have been a loyal customer for 8 years....his home away from home!!!

Kyle Inman

6 years ago

A wonderful pet resort that took care of my beloved Solo whilst I traveled to a resort far less appointed! Upon return, my dog did not seem to want to leave! I'll never go anywhere else. The best in the valley (and many valley's beyond). To have a dog that happy to stay away from home is a huge guilt relief that allows me to have a great time, too.

Rosalie Murdock

6 years ago

Pet hell. The lady in the lobby wears a permanent scowl and doesn't give a damn about your pet but she does want your money, oh, how she does! She tries to up-sell you: bathing, playtime, nail cutting, etc. My dog was shaking when we picked him up. Everyone I spoke to afterwards said, "God, what were you thinking? Don't ever take your dog there!"

Teddi Rutschman

6 years ago

Once you gone to the best you will never want to go somewhere else!!!

Yaya S

6 years ago

This was our first and last experience. We were to pick up on Sunday and facility was not opened. Left a voicemail and sent messages via social media and no response. When facility opened 5 minutes late on following day. Counter clerk informed us they were present which was false, and that he had a family emergency. I asked were their not other employees that could of called use and no answer. Next questions was when was last time our dog ate...another employee lied and said 4pm from previous day when I know he was out of food. So that is 15 hours of him not being cared. Another care taker yelled and said that the price would be the same. I informed her that I do not care about money instead service and life happens for all of us. Our dog was shaken, smelled, and worst experience ever. They ask for a copy of a credit card and they should not be rated top in state. Totally disagree and will never use their service again. Lastly I walked out and a cat roams and informed them I was scared of cats and they did not care and let the cat wrong. I informed them that we should of at least received a call about family emergency and received no response just a bill.

Kat Pascal

6 years ago

Absolutely felt at ease when handing over our 1 year old terrier. I was a day late in pick up and received a call to check on us. Thank you for the great service and care of our pet. Will be back.

David Body

6 years ago

The owners are very nice and really care about welfare of our pets

Henry Firely

7 years ago

I feel it is a duty as a pet owner to make people aware of this place. I could have just walked away from the bad experience without making a stink. However, in my opinion this place isnt just bad it is dangerous. I left my dog there once as it was the only place that had room on a holiday weekend. The fact they had openings and no one else did should have been a sign. When i got there, my sense was something wasnt right. But I had a plane to catch and really no other options. I instead decided to buy my dog all the "perks" they offer. For example, if you want your dog to go outside you have to pay extra. I figured if I paid for as many perks as possible at least that would be some insurance my dog would be treated ok. They also have a policy that they do not give back "extra food" which probably means they dont monitor the food they are supposed to give the dogs. What other boarding place doesnt give you back the extra food. Super Shady. . When i picked my dog up he was out of breath like I have never seen before. He had clearly been left in hot conditions for extended period of time. I put him in the car with the AC blasting and it took him a good hour to cool down. The older lady at the front could car less about your pet. I have no idea why she runs a boarding business. She seems to not only car about animals but you feel she has a sort of disdain for them when you speak with her. In addition to ALL this, the place is just a complete rip off and they will try to charge you for anything possible. My bill was something like 60-80 dollars a day to board a dog. If you want a good place to board your dog in the Roanoke area that isnt a rip off and will actually care for your pet check out Valley Animal Hospital. They are the best. I repeat stay clear of this place. Edit: Why would I tell you who I am? Look what you did to the guy below me. You purposely used his name and home city in your post for SEO purposes "Clay Fulk of Charleston, SC." So now if someone Googles his name this will pop up. That alone should be telling to anyone considering to board their pets with you.

Michelle Spicer

7 years ago

Can't remove rating but I have never been here I'm so sorry.

Paul Fischer

7 years ago

Voted best in VA. it is true we travel from CA to VA when visiting family and we give our dogs a vacation as well. its as if they know when they see the luggage before we go. When we pick them up, they're groomed, healthy, and happy, always excited and ready to be back with mommy & daddy.

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