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2 years ago

If I had posted a review over a year ago it would have been 5 stars. I had an amazing experience when Dr. Brown was still at the clinic. I have a 11 y/o dog who is anxious around new people but loves people when he realized they are not a threat. I was unaware the vet seeing my dog was one he AND I had never met before. I explained to the vet techs he would react anxiously without me but I was refused to be allowed inside with my senior pup. I recently moved and asked for his records to send to his new vet clinic only to find out he was MUZZLED his last visit with this new vet and I was never told. This is traumatizing because he has NEVER had a muzzle before and a new stranger was putting stuff on his face. He was just scared. I am extremely upset and offended this was never brought up to me during or after his appointment. I was never told or asked if it was okay. I read it in his records myself, nobody told me. It makes me sick to my stomach, I would have never allowed that to happen and I would have immediately removed him from the clinic. My dog was acting skittish when we returned home and wouldn’t leave his kennel for hours. He was scared and I was not allowed in to help him. The clinic did NOT listen to my advice on how to sooth him and earn his trust. (Just bribe him with treats I gave them to get him to work with them.) After his appointment the vet was rude and dismissive of me when I tried to ask questions about my dogs check up. That also disgusted me, you should not be working with animals if you refuse to try to understand them. I did not deserve that attitude from the vet and my dog did not deserve that harsh treatment. It should have been brought up to me and not hidden in records until I asked for them. I gave the vet techs his favorite treats and they were returned to me, untouched, at the end of his appointment. My dog has become incredibly terrified of the vet and strangers after his last two visits to Riverside, I guess it makes sense now.

Angela Jackson

2 years ago

So glad I started going to riverside vet thsy have a super super nice staff doctors every thing about them is good they saved my babies life I have had him for 18 years and i was so sure i was going to have to put him down thanks to the doctor and nurses they saved him and also the bill was not bad at all there pricing is great every were else i have been was outrageous Thank you so so much I will highly recommend them to everyone

Daria Gilbert

2 years ago

This was my kitten's first time at the vet and she loved it! Everyone there made her comfortable. There's a very knowledgeable staff and they treated her with care. I look forward to her next appointment!

Aradia Z

2 years ago

Wonderful caring place to trust with your fur babies!

Wanda Marineau

2 years ago

Very happy with service and staff.

Kim Cook

2 years ago

Lost a teacup Yorkie to covid and they were quick to Jump on this and tried to save her. I had two dogs and they are wonderful To my babies

Frankie Lucas

2 years ago

They are always there when I need them.

Christal Brown

2 years ago

Took care of my pittbull and made sure she was safe from other dogs she isn't use to

Brittany Garcia

2 years ago

Riverside is a wonderful clinic! We had called everywhere between Pulaski to Vinton, trying to find someone who would see one of our fancy rats for an urgent issue. We were lucky and happy that Dr. Magyar could see him so quickly! Many people don't view rats as true pets, but all of the staff we encountered were excited to meet our furball. The front desk receptionists were absolutely lovely, making the paperwork and processing a breeze. Dr. Magyar and her assistant, Sarah K., were amazing! Full of compassion and smiles, and so loving to our little family member. They took care of him beautifully, and the way they interacted with us all put me at immediate ease. Riverside is top notch! Thank you all for seeing our little one and taking such great care of him!

Yvonne Gabel

2 years ago

This is a really nice country feeling establishment. All of the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Its vary clean and well managed.

Kathryn Richmond

2 years ago

Can't say enough about them. Staff is wonderful and very helpful. Doc is very caring of the animals she see's and extremely helpful with them. Even if you pet passed over the rainbow bridge they send you a card expressing there sympathy. I have went to other vets a few times and I look for a different one, not any more they satisfied all my veterinarian needs for my puppers.

Jessica Hess

2 years ago

I have trusted Riverside with my pups for almost ten years. I have senior dogs who require almost constant check ups and I always feel the vets really care about me and my pets. You're not just a price tag at Riverside like other places I've tried. Animal care industries are exhausting and I am so grateful for how hard they work to help us here. Everyone knows these are my family members and together we come up with the best plans of action to make sure my boys get everything they need to be healthy through their twilight years.

Carol Walterz

2 years ago

The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Potter was calming and carefully explained the health issues toe that my dog was experiencing. Also provided me the cost for medical care for my dog. I was relieved after speaking with him and plan to continue having them care for my dog. They are available several days each week with evening hours. I appreciate the call I received several days after our visit to check on my dog. Very reasonable pricing for pet care.

Woody Ayers

3 years ago

Great service at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

Rachel Chapman

3 years ago

sent me a sympathy card after my cat was put to sleep where multiple employees mentioned him as "dog" my son was not a dog he was a cat. Shows how much the employees actually care.

Michaela Vaughn

3 years ago

Amazing staff! I take both of my dogs there, and they take very good care of them both. My boys also love getting the attention and the treats.

Heatherlee Dzib

3 years ago

Awesome team. In and out curbside service to get the fuzz ball. Shots and back to my vehicle in 15-20 minutes. So friendly, very informative, I left Town and Country to come here. Believe me it was well worth the change.

Michelle Troutt

3 years ago

They seem like they actually care about the pets you bring to them. They keep you very informed about what is happening to your pet by calling you frequently through the day they have your pet. I believe they are a little pricey, but they get the job done so I really can't complain too much. I've brought both my dogs to them in the past and will most likely continue to do so.

Ben Stipes

3 years ago

Riverside offers great service at moderately high prices with good availability. We have had the best experience with them as our vets in the NRV.

Travis Fultz

3 years ago

I've taken multiple pets (dog and cats) here and have always been satisfied with the service. My cats have seen Dr. Brown and my dog has seen Dr. Potter. I really appreciated the time Dr. Brown took to pet and treat my cats to help them have a positive experience. Dr. Potter was friendly and thorough in his examination of my dog. He was also very quick. I was impressed that he remembered me and what we had talked about between the first appointment I had with him and the second a month later. The vet techs and front desk staff are always very friendly as well. The only issue I've ever had with them has been waiting time. There was one time I brought my cat in that we waited in the waiting room for about 3 hours. They explained to me later that there had been an emergency, so I understood why it took so long. However, I wish they would have told me this and just let me reschedule for another time or day. My cat was miserable waiting for so long in his carrier in the lobby. Other times that I have been there, I had to wait a little bit for my animal's appointment. The wait is never extremely long, but when I schedule for a certain time, I expect to be seen closer to that time. However, I'm sure the reason for the wait times is that they are busy. I would suggest scheduling an appointment when you have a good amount of free time so you don't need to feel rushed to get it over with. The only other downside is that they aren't available 24/7 in case of emergencies, but there are other vet hospitals in the area that are. Overall, I would recommend these vets to dog and cat owners, especially ones who live close to campus. I live very close to their office, which is why I originally chose to take my pets here, but I have been satisfied with their service, as well.

Alison Campbell

3 years ago

Wonderful staff, so friendly! Dr. Potter was very informative & thorough in his review. We will be back :)

Allison Kincaid

3 years ago

My little buddy is 15 years old now, i love this place. My pet is not easy to get along with but they have always been very nice and kind. They always answer your questions and make you feel very well informed about your pet's. I would never take mine anywhere else.

Alyssa Huntington

3 years ago

Riverside has provided excellent veterinary care to my dogs, and is my go-to for kenneling when I leave town. They treat my dog like she's their own and are always extremely friendly. The prices are never higher than I'd expect. When my first dog was in emergency condition, Riverside vets gave her the best possible care and were honest with me when they thought a different facility had the means to give her more intensive treatment. Even after I transferred her to the other facility, they kept up with me regarding her status. I'd recommend Riverside to anyone with pets in the area!

Cheryl Rountree

3 years ago

Plan on spending 2-4 hours when you go there. Not sure why but it happens every time. My last visit I had an appointment but upon arrival was told I would have to wait at least an hour before they could see my pet. So unprofessional when they could have called me at home before I left. As a result I had to “drop off” my pet which upset me cause he was sick and now has to sit in a cage waiting to be seen when he could have been resting more comfortable at home. Very disappointed.

d swain

3 years ago

Dr. Cliff Potter lacks the level of professionalism to be a clinician. My experience showed him sorely lacking in compassion for a hurting family. He was rude, uncaring and hurried. He refused to speak To me personally citing risk of exposure. Sent his staff out to act as his messengers. As a health care provider myself, i cannot imagine not treating a patient family in this hateful manner. I pray if I ever become so blind to the needs of animals and their owners I have the insight to stop practicing. Thankful I don’t live here and only had to use him for an emergency. I have no choice but to post this warning for others. If you love your animals you will not use this vet !!! Cliff Potter please retire, clearly you have lost your commitment and pledge to the hippocratic oath.

Doug Lilly

3 years ago

My cat and dog love Dr Brown!

Hayley Jeffery

3 years ago

We took our cat pidge here over the course of many months in regard of her losing weight very fast, throwing up everything she ate, not being able to make it to the bathroom. She was misdiagnosed multiple times and put on different medications. They told us it was her teeth so we paid $1000 to have her bad teeth removed. It didn’t help anything. She only got progressively worse so we took her to a pet hospital. She was in the examination room with the doctor for 20 minutes and they told us she had a tumor in her liver that had been there for quite some time, we had to put her down the same day. Wasted way too much money at this place when i could’ve gone to the hospital and possibly been able to help her, instead of putting her through multiple medications and surgeries that didn’t help her any.

Jake Fox

3 years ago

They have done a great job keeping their practice run my during these really difficult times. Dr.Brown is great with our animals. Dr.Magyar has performed surgery on a few of our animals. Staff is courteous and professional.

Jase Jones

3 years ago

I went on vacation and I was given a quote of the amount it would be when I returned to pick my dog up. When I went to pick him up the amount was one hundred dollars more than I was told. Plus my dogs testicles were so inflamed he has a hard time sitting down. I trusted they would take care of him. Well I can say they won't never watch my animals again.

Teresa Hurt

3 years ago

Great hair cut but a little pricy.

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