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Nina Trbovich

2 years ago

I have had multiple issues at this establishment and I’ve finally learned my lesson. They have repeatedly failed to contact me with important information regarding my pet’s visits. In the face of their mistakes, they will do nothing to right the wrong but take a rude tone and say sorry. The service is terrible and I have no idea how good the care is because they’ve never let me step foot in the building. Even after I’ve specifically asked if I could accompany my dog for the appointment and been told I could, they changed the COVID policy, failed to notify me, and suggested I didn’t care about the health of their staff when I expressed frustration at their failure to notify me of the change prior to arriving at the appointment.

Simon Cullen

2 years ago

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Dr. Lawson has moved to a new clinic. We've had good experiences with the vet there now. --------- Dr Lawson at City Vets is an extraordinary doctor. He clearly adores the patients in his care. He is knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, and goes to extraordinary lengths to help you understand your furry friend's medical problems, no matter what background you come from. We were frankly astonished at the time and care he took to help us understand Nadja's conditions. One time, he returned our call so late we were sure he was staying way overtime at the clinic to care for his patients and communicate with their owners with the same degree of rigor and care that he expects during non-pamdemic times. (All treatment is greatly slowed down by the social distancing measures that were in place - everything takes at least twice as long.) Dr Lawson explained Nadja's test results in detail and he explored our options clearly, providing us with vivid examples that helped us understand her condition. And he did this without ever pressuring us in any way. If only my doctors were as thorough, patient, and concerned about my own health! I never really write reviews, but I am so grateful and impressed by Dr. Lawson, I had to write this one. I will definitely be taking little Nadja back to him and I commend Dr. Lawson to anyone who wants the best vet care you can find in Pittsburgh or, I reckon, pretty much anywhere else! 10/10 ????

Ellie Stroh

2 years ago

Had one cat I brought here a few times and it was clearly expensive but the location was great. I then found two new kittens and have since given this place hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I was told two new kitten appointments that have now somehow turned into 4 appointments each time costing me $200+. Never any interest in explaining why everything is so expensive and absolutely no other services offered such as nail clipping or anything. Also do they really all need to take lunch at the exact same time? Had to stand in the rain because I had an appointment when their lunch ended and they refuse to answer the phone or door during this time. Overall not super friendly or helpful and you’ll have to take out a loan to afford anything. I would just make the trip out of the city to avoid these prices.

Victoria M

2 years ago

If you love your pet, go somewhere else - like ANYWHERE else. They are located on the corner of my house and I am never going back there. Money grabbers, couldn’t care less about your pet. Really really disapointed in this so called vet clinic, extremely sad to see a place like this treat animals with such neglect.

Heidi Gregori

3 years ago

Dr. Lawson no longer works here. He was the only doctor worth seeing. The other doctors have no empathy for you or your pets. I recently took my cat to CityVets and was charged $70 for them to tell me they can’t do anything. My cat was there less than 10 minutes. Also, I was told that since I wrote a review about my negative experience, they will no longer see my cat. So on top of being unprofessional and overpriced; this clinic refuses to try to improve via constructive criticism. I would recommend not wasting your time or money with this vet.

Emma M

3 years ago

First, let me start my review by saying that I am a VERY anxious pet parent. My cat is my world, so I only want the best for her. Ever since I started coming to City Vets, I feel like she has bene given high quality care at a great price. This year, my cat needed her annual checkup, rabies vaccine, and tooth extractions. Dr. Moneyhun and Dr. Bunn were both incredible throughout the process; Dr. Moneyhun did my cat's annual and vaccine, as well as pre-operative bloodwork. They got the results back to me VERY quickly. On the day of my cat's procedure, Dr. Bunn was very patient and understanding with me while I asked questions about my girl. The vet techs who work there are always helpful and patient, even after what must be long and stressful days. To top it all off, the pricing for everything is extremely fair and exactly what I would expect for the quality of care they give. I will continue taking my cat to City Vets!

Keithider Keithider

3 years ago

I called in to set up an appointment and they informed me they are not taking new clients at this time due to the worker shortage. Understandable, considering the pandemic is just now coming to an end in our country. They were very professional and helpful, however, by giving suggestions for other clinics near downtown. Because of the convenience and professionalism, I (and my lovely cat) hope to be future customers.

Kinder Garten

3 years ago

My cat was suffering from an unresolved hyphema, and the front desk told me that she had to cancel my follow up appointment because I was more than 10 minutes late by their clock. I admit that I was late, but absolutely no more than 10 min by my iPhone clock. Certainly all costumers should be cared, but I did not receive even a call before they just canceled my appointment. Awful policy and costumer care.

Phil Leisey-Bartsch

3 years ago

Stay away from this vet. Not professional or honest about health of animals.

Muffin Button

3 years ago

Do not take your exotic pets here. I have spent $250 on vet bills for my sick animals, and the exotic vet just gave some supplements for two of them and said the other was just scared of me despite my insistence on physical issues, not just behavioral ones. (I told them I know my animal has lost weight since I have a scale, and they ignored that)

Courtney Leavitt

3 years ago

Found a stay and she was very sick. They where able to take us immediately and found out she had worms. She got the best care and ever since we've taken our other kitties there too. The staff is just so sweet and informative. They have no problem explaining things and are happy to help in anyway they can. We will always go to them. Also the price is right too. We have never felt gouged by them in Costs and if they feel like they can recommend a cheaper route they'll inform you ( we had to get the stray fixed and rather than gouge us in price the recommended animal friends to us.) We will always trust their professional opinion.

Alexis Lamperski

3 years ago

I’ve gone here twice so far. The first time was almost a year ago for my cats regular checkup. She’s 5 but I’ve had trouble finding a vet I both like and can afford. They were very kind and understanding of her anxiety and put her in a “cat burrito” to keep her calm during the exam and they talked me through everything. The 2nd time I came was yesterday for suspected feline acne. Bc of covid, I couldn’t go in with her but the vet called me to tell me all the info over the phone and was patient with my questions. They did a thorough examination of her and prescribed medication for a good price. I’ll be back in August for her annual

Amanda Sawyer

3 years ago

The professionals at City Vets are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. We have seen each of the vets at one time or another, but Dr. Lawson has been particularly wonderful to us. Our older dog (14 yo) has a collapsed trachea that he occasionally needs to be seen for and he also needed multiple teeth extractions which the vets handled with care. Our puppy (5 mo) has received all of her vaccinations and check ups from them and Dr. Lawson takes the time at each visit to give us a thorough update on her health and answer any health or behavioral questions. Depending on the service, the pricing has been on par or lower than any other vet we've used and the care our pets receive is wonderful. I highly recommend City Vets!

Ana Cocola

3 years ago

They do an amazing job caring for my Shibas, who can be quite stubborn and particular and are very understanding and knowledgeable of the care needs of this breed.

Cats Aregreat

3 years ago

Looking to buy expired medication and then told it's fine? Perhaps having to correct the Dr. when they tell you your pet was diagnosed with something even though they weren't is your thing. Maybe you'd like to give extremely detailed information of symptoms you've witnessed only to have no one actually listen and then have them act surprised when you bring it up after another payment and "diagnosis"???? Well, if none of that sounds like what you're after it's a fantastic place to just go throw away your money!

Chela Bunny

3 years ago

A little expensive, but worth it. Dr. Lawson is great.

Sidney Bash

3 years ago

Very responsive team that truly cares for and goes the extra mile for our boy Loki the Akita (despite his nervous pees that he occasionally did when going there after getting neutered). Dr. Lawson was especially great with him and seemed to always put Loki at ease when Loki had to go in by himself due to COVID. So sad when we moved to Cleveland and had to find a new vet.

Devon McClelland

3 years ago

Incredible staff... they sent me to have an emergency surgery done somewhere else after giving a fast and accurate diagnosis and even called the next day to make sure my little old man Paco was healing up and ok I highly suggest them????

Elle Cumberledge

3 years ago

Very kind and helpful! I called on a Sunday because my cat was behaving abnormally, and they made him an appointment for the very next day. I was nervous about the cost, but they gave me various options for my cat’s meds. They went over everything thoroughly, and ensured me I could and should call if anything seemed concerning. Highly recommend :)

Jordan Stoddard

3 years ago

Over 12 years of dog ownership, I’ve found that you can find vets that either provide an exceptional service experience or are conscientious of your budget, but never both. This place has both, no question. Vet does a great job of explaining what’s going on, treatment solutions, and alternatives if necessary. Each step of the way talking about pricing options that fit a variety of budgets. Won’t go anywhere else in PGH.

Josh Harper

3 years ago

Pulled in to the parking lot to a lady screaming in the phone about lack of service from City Vets. I wish I took that as a warning. I took my bearded dragon for issues from tail rot. The Medical Director advised it wasn't bad enough for surgery. She wasn't going to do anything $100 later and nothing to solve the issue. I took him to a better Animal Hospital. Right now he's getting x-rays and a treatment plan together. Because he NEEDS surgery. Dont waste your time or money!

Kara Brown

3 years ago

fast, professional, and reasonable. they were so good to my pup. we will definitely be back.

Kristy Weber

3 years ago

I have been taking my cat here for 5 years and recently my new puppy. They are extremely caring and Dr. Lawson is fantastic!

Melisa Deardorff

3 years ago

After 2 days of Romeow being sick, not eating, not wanting pets, being moody and lethargic, we were able to get a last minute appointment at City Vets. This was our first visit, they reviewed the concerns and symptoms, gave us some options for what kind of testing we were willing/able to have done and were up front with the cost, which were pretty reasonable. I can't say anything about how well they did with him because COVID is still causing fur-parents to wait in the parking lot. We're now waiting for blood work results but no life threatening concerns, probably just a kitty who's not feeling well and a fur-mom (my daughter)that goes into panic mode when one of her babies is sick. I am happy to have found a vet and will be scheduling appointments for the kittens soon enough.

Natalie Davidson

3 years ago

It was my first time here and Dr. Bunn and her vet tech took great care of my dog Rocky! They were extremely friendly and accommodating and were extremely clear and transparent regarding his treatment and pricing for everything. Rocky usually does not do well at the vet, but he actually seemed to enjoy it, which is a huge testament to their service! They even cut up his pills for us without us asking since he needed 3/4 pill per dose. Above and beyond!

Natalie S.

3 years ago

I love this place!! Dr. Lawson was so so helpful with all the questions I had regarding my first kitten. He’s extremely knowledgeable and actually explained the “why’s” behind treatments, vaccinations, etc., which I appreciated very much as a pet owner. Overall, the staff are efficient, responsive, and their love of animals is very clear!

Natalie Washabaugh

3 years ago

Over the past month and a half I have been bringing my dog in for a minor fracture on his leg. He was hit by a car and in the original exam of my pet I was very happy with the service and information I was given. However, after our second visit and after every visit since I have been increasingly upset and unimpressed. During our second visit I was given completely different information than on the first visit and the vet tech who was in charge of my pet was extremely condescending when speaking to me about how I care for him. In speaking to the vet we saw, a different woman from our original visit, I also felt that she did not take my feelings about the situation into consideration and that she spoke down to me about how I care for my pet. It was completely inappropriate and I did not feel that my pet's care was the top priority or that I had good information in bringing him home that day. On our next visit, we had to make an appointment earlier than planned bc the splint that was used had broke in more than place. When we brought him in I was told that I should have been sedating him, I was sedating him. I was giving him the sedative as prescribed by the vet on our original visit. Not even 3 days later the splint broke again so we brought him in again and another different vet gave us more completely different information than we had previously received and reinforced the splint with a metal rod. We had already been told that another splint option wasn't available, and we had been told to give the sedative once every 10-12 hours. On this visit we were provided with a completely different option for the splint and told that the sedative could be given every 8 hours. On our last visit, today, we were again given completely different information that previously given and overcharged on top of that. We were supposed to get an x-ray today, per one of the vets instructions, to see how the bone was healing. However, when we arrived we were told that an x-ray isn't necessary at the 4 week mark and that it's most common to wait for the 6 week the SAME vet who had originally told us that the 4 week mark was most common. Then, we did not get an x-ray, weren't brought into an exam room, but were still charged almost $100 for a simple bandage change that I had previously been told was only $30. This office is clearly not knowledgeable, not sympathetic, there's no communication between different veterinarians, and very little to no communication from vet to pet owner. Why was the information we received COMPLETELY different depending on the vet or techs that we saw? Why was my pet's care not the top priority throughout this situation? Why was I not given clear and complete information about my pet's care from the beginning? I am thoroughly disappointed and will not ever be returning to this establishment. I have already given way too many chances.

Rachel Simmons

3 years ago

Phenomenal vet experience!! I just took my cat Lidda to City Vet for retching/heaving of a mystery cause and they were the MOST helpful and informative vet I’ve ever visited. I have had some really questionable/scary Pittsburgh vet visits at other places, and I chose City Vet on a friend’s recommendation, so glad I did! They gave extremely thorough explanations of everything— step by steps through the exam, discussion of possible causes, discussion of possible tests/treatments, very candid and understanding when it came to cost as well. They were so good and gentle with Lidda too. There was no pressure to buy any service or medicine that was not necessary, and I feel so much better having a vet I can trust. Will be using them “furever” —- or until I move to a different city

rini johnson

3 years ago

I’m honestly hurt to have to write this review about a veterinary practice that I believed was providing quality care to my pet. My dog developed a corneal ulcer, and after a week without improvement, he was prescribed a new medication. On the 3rd visit (9/11/20,) I was informed that it was not getting better, and his medication was changed. We went for another recheck 5 days after starting his new eye medication, and it had still not improved, so the doctor recommended sedating him to debride the ulcer, which we chose to do. After his procedure, Dr. Moneyhun informed me that they were unable to get everything, and we scheduled another appointment to debride the ulcer again in 3 days. After that procedure, I was to continue administering his eye medication 4 times a day, and recheck in 5. I called today to refill his eye medication, and realized that it had actually been filled incorrectly. I have been putting the wrong eye medication in my dog’s eye for 2 weeks now. The doctor assured me that he would be fine, and I sent my boyfriend to pick up the correct medication. When he called to pick up the medication, the receptionist failed to put him on hold, leaving him to hear the conversation between three employees about how he sounded “backwoods,” and how we must not be very smart because his eye should have healed by now, even with the wrong medicine. They also chatted about how we shouldn’t be out I medication already, and I guess we wouldn’t be, if I had the ointment I was prescribed, instead of the drop that I was given, which I’ve had to dodge teeth to instill 4 times daily. Instead of apologizing and taking responsibility for the unprofessional behavior, the employees chose to deny involvement. We’ve spent $1,000 in 5 visits in the last month at this place, and now we will have to search for another vet. I’ve never experienced such a lack of compassion from a veterinary practice. It’s very disheartening. After all of this, I called the vet to request my pet’s records and have his medication refilled at a local pharmacy. I have still not received my records, and the wrong prescription was called into the pharmacy. What a truly awful experience.

Desiree Vazquez

4 years ago

After a month long debacle of being told my dog had pneumonia and treatments of said pneumonia with no improvement, I took my buddy to City Vets for a second opinion. I am so glad I did! From the minute I walked in the door it was nothing but a pleasant experience. We were both greeted by name and were made to feel like everyone we encountered genuinely cared about what we were going through. It turns out that my buddy actually never had pneumonia and instead has congestive heart failure. Because of the doctor’s careful examination and diagnosis as well as consideration to cost, my dog is now getting the appropriate treatment he needs. I am so thankful for City Vets and the time they took with us. I know my buddy’s disease is progressive and he won’t be 100% better but, I am so glad I found this team of people to help us along the way! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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