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Teresa Potts

2 years ago

Banfield has its business down to a science. They are fully stocked, and they do know what they're doing. I'm grateful for their location and their availability.

Carmen V Lane

2 years ago

Great customer service skills from the front of the house(receptionist(nurse's)) all the way to the back(vet's)

Frank Dasta

2 years ago

Was not very happy with this place . They are not very friendly or seem to even know my dogs name.

Francess Li

2 years ago

The staff was so kind to my frightened cat. She didn't have any of her usual anxious after-effects either.

Ebone Drake

2 years ago

I always take my pup there never a issue finding what I need

Ligia Diaz

2 years ago

Why call Hospital a place that won't treat emergencies!! Our dog got very ill on a Sunday after 4 30. When I call their number to call is in Ohio, another State, not where I live!! I had to pay at another Hospital for my pet when I was paying for Benfield health plan.

Tosha Pollard

2 years ago

Always in & out with good quality care for my puppy.

San Paty Varela

2 years ago

Kira is very happy thanks Banfield friends????

Emily Hellwig

2 years ago

DO NOT take your animals here. Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had at a business. I arrived for my cat’s first appointment, and while I was waiting, the man working received a call from someone whose dog had been at the vet for hours, so they wanted to check in on how he was doing. The man assured them he’d check and call them back - he proceeded to REMAIN SEATED and then call them back a few minutes later. I was shocked to hear him say “Hi, I went back and checked on your dog, he’s doing just fine!! He should be one of the next animals to be seen.” After he hung up, the woman working next to him laughed and said “Lies!!!” After they had a good laugh about this, he complained about how the customer was ridiculous for being surprised at a “last minute appointment“ taking hours. In addition to lying to a customer, their behavior towards me was rude and unprofessional- I had booked online and typed out which vaccines my cat needed, and confirmed with the male employee via phone that the necessary vaccines were showing up in and would remain in the appointment notes. But when I arrived, the woman had no idea which vaccines my cat needed, and said she didn’t see them listed in the notes. I kindly explained “I spoke with him yesterday *gesturing towards her coworker* and he said my vaccine notes were accessible to you all, maybe he can help.” Upon hearing this, he loudly and rudely said to the female employee “Oh, because I’ll magically have some answer you don’t have!!!” I decided I did not want my cat being treated here, and asked for her back (they had taken her into the back to “wait”)… I explained to the female employee that I was upset about her coworker lying on the phone, and she did not say a single word, brought me my cat and I left.

Amy Booher

2 years ago

As with most pet owners, my dog is a huge part of my family and personal life. I had a terrible terrible experience at my 2nd appointment. There is a totallack of internal communication at this office. Front desk receptionist was accommodating and scheduled me for an "in person" appt, where I could attend with my pet, as per my request. I had to wait several weeks for this type of appointment, their other options were drop off type appointments. When I arrived for my appointment, the staff tried to take my dog to see the vet and wouldn't allow me to accompany him. I had specific questions and topics regarding to skin issues that I wanted to discuss with and show the vet in person. I cancelled my appointment and took my dog to another vet. The staff told me they don't offer in person appointments, ever... Not since covid started... And that they were short staffed, etc... In addition, they also sold me their Optimum care plan last year, which they expected me to continue paying for, yet I couldn't take advantage of the services, as advertised/ offered in the marketing materials due to no in person appointments. I wasn't interested in paying for a drop off vet appointment with no interaction except for a phone call from the vet. We are 1.5+ years into Covid, I'm beyond accepting it as a poor excuse for why patient and customer needs can't be met, as they previously were. If you are cutting back on staff and services, then you should offer discounts. Why should anyone pay full price for partial service?

Bridget Chefbinthekitchen McCord

2 years ago

The most amazing staff ever, so nice, and such a welcoming place, my Dobbie goes without a problem

Ben Campbell

2 years ago

Great vet, easy to communicate with and far more affordable than our previous vet. Very clear and up front about costs.

Eileen Collie

2 years ago

Very unprofessional. Booked an appointment online, showed up and you couldn’t go inside. You had to call a phone number on the door. Tried 17 times and it said “user busy”. On the 18th time it picked up just to immediately be put on hold without ever speaking to someone. After 15 minutes, I went inside. Took a while for someone to come out at they looked frazzled. I asked them how long the wait was and they said at least at hour. The vet I booked was in emergency surgery. Tried to rebook but there were no other good times, so I just left. I understand there was an emergency surgery, but a heads up would have been nice so I didn’t have to force my cat to be in a carrier for no reason!!! Will never return here again and don’t recommend anyone else make an appointment unless you have hours to wait.

Jessica Thompson

2 years ago

Friendly staff, we skip some services but it’s convenient that they are everywhere.

Michelle Holbrook

2 years ago

It was okay but the representative did provide some information that was helpful for my dog.

Tehia Mason

3 years ago

Great staff and they take great care of my fur baby!

Sarah Harvill

3 years ago

Extremely knowledgeable and caring staff. We just lost our second cat to FIP and had to put her down. We are so thankful for the compassion they showed us!

Jennifer Kyte

3 years ago

I've been going here for a year with two dogs and they've been great. One dog is more difficult but they handle him well. They have reminders for immunizations. The only downside is that they are extremely busy. Appointments need to be scheduled 2 weeks out or more. Overall a good place.

Brad Bradshaw

3 years ago

They took care of my kitty he was happy and so was his Mommy. Except one staff member who was the only person with no respect toward my wife and I. I was raised to greet people with etiquette and respect. You don't walk in a room of people and not speak. And then think that people are to speak to you first. So I had to make her speak by speaking to in a very firm tone. Then I received her greeting. The others who are there are very kind and treated my wife and I with smiles and care.

PawPrints Retro

3 years ago

Highly unorganized. Flustered. Slow. Do not know what they are doing. Very unprofessional. I’m now driving my dog 45 min away to avoid this location rather than deal with the stupidity.

Tonia Barnes

3 years ago

I have never been to Banfield

Hannah Harkness

3 years ago

I brought my cat in for a teeth cleaning and vaccine update, they tried to upsell me several times and each time the price increased. First it was $100, then $150 and then over $300 for the same procedure. Then when I tried to pick him up nobody was in the office, I called several times and kept getting the automatic hold. They gave him to me with medication, no instructions, no aftercare, no proof of vaccination. I’m very disappointed because usually I have a pleasant experience. It seems like they’re just trying to get an upcharge to get you to spend as much as possible, with little care for your pet.

Ebony Clemons

3 years ago

It was not that bad my only problem was that we dropped our dog off at 9:15 and did not pick him up until4:45 when we were told 4-6 hours and he was there longer

Bisli Bytes

3 years ago

Dr. Armour is an outstanding vet as are his colleagues. His staff is attentive and caring. Most have been around for years. You may need to be on hold a bit, but it's worth the wait.

Mily Gordon

3 years ago

Very Kind staff!!!!!! My Sasha is well taken care of.

Victoria Nicholle

3 years ago

First time in a long time my puppy Was Not Afraid coming out of the vet everybody here is so sweet and knowledgeable I'm very happy that I was recommended by a friend. Will definitely be taking my fur baby hear from now on????

annie garcia

3 years ago

Not cat friendly! I took my cat in for a basic checkup and rabies shot. I understand covid restrictions make things difficult but I had to drop her off and got a call 4 hours later that they can't assess her because she hisses at them when they walk by. 4 hours in a crate in a new place where she can hear and smell dogs, of course she is a little on edge. You would imagine professionals would be able to handle a stressed cat. Instead I am instructed to premedicate her next time and if that doesn't work they will need to sedate her. For a rabies shot! No thanks, I will take her somewhere that knows what they are doing.

Debbie Urbahns

3 years ago

They were efficient and polite and good with my oet.

Elizabeth Bliss

3 years ago

Staff are very nice .

Dora Woodson

3 years ago

They are always friendly and professional

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