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Karen Lanther

2 years ago

Went into this store a while back and wasn't happy with what I saw. Today I decided to give it a second chance, I am so happy I did. It looks completely different. It was very clean and an over all great environment. They are super friendly and kind. I learned that it is under new management, and they are doing fantastic with the animals. Will definitely be coming back!!

Chad Sartor

2 years ago

I work downtown and often go here on my breaks. I have been a regular there for the past 4-5 months now and it is under new management. The entire store is getting redone and the place just continues to get better and better everyday.I buy all of pet supplies from there now, local business supporting other local business! ????????

Ronda Morris

2 years ago

Amazing service!!!! Best groomer around!! Very clean store.

selina raye

2 years ago

Everytime I buy rabbit food from here, the price is different. The hours are also constantly changing with no notice. I don't understand if it's an understaff thing but it's extremely frustrating. My rabbit will only eat the food specifically bought here. I will no longer be giving my money to this place. Just shut down your business if you can only keep open for 30 mins every other day.

Emma Goodwin

3 years ago

this place is absolutely horrible! i got a ferrett from here she was completely fine for about a month and she got really sick we took her to the vet they said she had a disease and they couldnt help her not only that the vet said that every ferrett there had it and we cany have a ferrett for a couple more years because it can be trasmitted by ANYTHING that my ferrett touched or did i give these people 0 starts because they were definitely aware of what was going on and didnt do absolutely anything.

Jerremiah Martin

3 years ago

Clean store, friendly staff, and a decent variety of pets and all of the pets that they have in store all seem to be healthy, clean and well cared for.

Warrior Tina1107

3 years ago

we were about to get a cat but there wasn’t any more there’s hamsters, bunnies, cat, dogs most times there isn’t any cats or dogs, snakes, etc I wouldn’t recommend going if you don’t like the smell of cat poop ????

Jerry Friend

3 years ago

Very nice place to get a new pet.They carry supplies too an have friendly staff an groomers

Shirley Stull

3 years ago

Love this little store. Got my prairie dog here

Sarah Kyle

3 years ago

They don't seem to know much about their animals...unless they've owned that type of animal. That made me just a little upset. But I did go back for a second animal. So. Andddd the ladies that run it are definitely friendly and sweet.

Ri Leavh

3 years ago

Jessica wasn’t very personable the other little girl wasn’t a charmer but much nicer

randy pritchard

3 years ago

Very good with dog and cat grooming and price

philip bane

3 years ago

Such an amazing place, especially to have your Pooch groomed!

morgan hall

3 years ago

The puppies look so sick. I don’t understand why this place is still open

Alex White

3 years ago

Volunteers and staff mean well and take good care of the animals! They are work study so they don’t know much about each type of animal but always tried to help me out when I had a question. Cats and puppies are often dropped off when people find them or can no longer care for them, not from mills.

Allen Nutter

3 years ago

Very poor place to get a dog we bought a pup yesterday for 318 and are great dane not getting along with it so we wanted to take it back and they said no refund but why would bring it back give it to them for free and we paid 318 for it just for they can sale it again for 318 very bad place to go if u want something and get it and dont get long so no refund

Angela D. Jennings

3 years ago

Excellent product! Speedy service! Very pleased. Will order again...which will only be when we get a new dog or our phone number changes since these tags are indestructible!

aurora roach

3 years ago

Pups and kittens in horrible condition, they’re definitely sick and will most likely die soon. Dogs are from puppy mill, no idea where cats came from and employee made a laughable story. Fish are too big for their tanks and need to be cleaned. Birds need grooming and are crammed into cages. Alligator in back will never be able to grow to it’s normal size because of the small enclosure. Every animal there needed medical attention and will likely never receive it.

dolores pritchard

3 years ago

Phoebe loves Jessica and get excited every time she sees her that how I know she’s a loving groomer.

Jaylynn Knightly

3 years ago

Great staff members really respectful and helpful and cheap

mike riblett

3 years ago

We have snakes , they have feeder rats , very friendly people.

Aaron Wenzel

4 years ago

I went to animal house on July 6th to get a ferret. I purchased my ferret and got him home. He seemed healthy and was eating/drinking just fine. I kept my older ferret away from him so they could be introduced slowly. His poop was loose and grainy but I assumed it was the change to the Wysong Epigen food. This is where things took a change. The next day was fine but on Monday the 8th my older ferret began to act very lethargic. I let her get some rest and later that day I checked on her. Her stool was green slime. She was not eating or drinking. I put her on pedialyte mixed with distilled water and chicken baby food and warm water on her Wysong kibble. Today I took her to the vet along with the new baby ferret and she had to be put on IV fluids and both of them are now on antibiotics. It turns out the ferrets sold at animal house are carriers of ece which is highly contagious and the older the ferret is the worst the symptoms will be. You don’t even have to purchase the ferret to bring it home to yours. So do not handle their ferrets if you have one at home as it will make them sick if you touch them. You will end up having a hefty bill from the vet.

Shae Goddard

4 years ago

very rude!!! tried calling the pet store and they answered twice and purposely kept hanging up to avoid call!!! worst service ever!!!

Sadie Bushyeager

4 years ago

The puppies were kept in 2ft x 3ft cages, 2 to a cage. there was no food in the cage, barely any water, and laying in their own urine. Awful conditions...

Nico Hartley (nicohusko)

4 years ago

Staff is nice but they're all volunteers who arent knowledgable on these animals, which is not good for a shelter who takes in abandoned or sickly animals. For example I was told a hamster cage they had would work for a rat if I were to purchase a couple, which is blatantly false, I later learned after asking rat owners. Rats need lots of room for climbing and are much bigger than hamsters- hamster cages wont cut it if you want healthy, happy rats. Also walked in there once and saw 2 large rats cramped in a tiny "travel" cage with another cage on top of them. Not only is that just pure neglect, it's very dangerous. They looked so sad and sick. The rats are also kept in tanks which is not good for them at all since they have respiratory issues and tanks dont provide a lot of ventilation. Many of their birds are also stacked on top of each other- I dont think the doves on the bottom row have seen sunlight in a long time. Place is very crowded and smells, but that tends to happen in a shelter.

Kimberly McKinney

4 years ago

very nice place a little small but decent prices.

Karen Smith

4 years ago

DO NOT SHOP OR GIVE ANIMAL HOUSE YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!! (Please take the time to read) My daughter worked here for a period of time and would come home with so many horror stories from Animal House. Cathy, the owner of Animal house, is primarily focused on the business and the business only. She claims to be an animal advocate but is a master manipulator, making you see her in a light that she wants you to see. A majority of the animals are sick. The reptiles and birds have respiratory infections due to Cathy’s constant burning of incense, despite being told that incense causes these types of issues in animals. The reptiles and birds were also prone to having mites but the issue isn’t addressed whatsoever. Puppies and kittens are the main source of Cathy’s income, so of course she tries to get in as many as possible. She also LIES and says that the pups/kits are old enough to be sold BUT THEY ARE NOT!!! If the excuse for their young age is attributed to their “mother getting hit by a car” or “they were brought in, no questions asked” THEY ARE LYING. This is what the workers are told to tell customers if red flags are raised. Although they are wormed and bathed, they typically are still put out to the public with worms and fleas and customers are told that everything has been taken care of already. The number of times a customer would complain because they need to follow-up with veterinary care or continue treatments is ASTOUNDING because the issues were not addressed at AH. Additionally, AH is lacking in organization and communication. The workers never seem to know when the fish, snakes, and/or “Chomp” have eaten because there is little record of anything. Cathy also fails to properly train her staff. A majority of the workers are work study or volunteers and have little knowledge about any of the animals in the store. Chinchillas are placed into glass tanks, although they can overheat and die from these types of living conditions. The hamster and gerbil cages are too small for the overpopulated amount of animals in each tank. The workers are unable to sex any of the animals, meaning that litters of new animals are not kept under control. The fish tanks are rarely cleaned and are almost always filled with algae. When my daughter was hired, Cathy simply asked “do you like animals and are you scared of them?” and that was the only concern before she was hired. Cathy informed her of the daily procedures and said if someone asked a question she didn’t know the answer to, to say “Let me double check with my manager/coworker” and go in the back to look up the answer on her cellphone. Also, the animals that are kept in the back are kept in awful living conditions. A majority of the time, they are forgotten about or are not cleaned as *regularly* (as regularly as it gets) as the front storerooms are. There is a tank of breeder rats in the back that will never leave that tank until the very day they die because Cathy will continue to work them until they can no longer give her babies to sell. The mothers are so beaten up after so many pregnancies. People also choose to board their animals here over holiday breaks and there have been a few incidents where boarded cats DIED because of the uncleanliness of this store. Cathy never took ownership or confessed to what truly happened to these animals and claimed that she “did all she could” and got them vet help. AH is filled with sickness and disease. There were also so many times where my daughter would come home in tears because she would tell Cathy about sick animals and their need for veterinary care. Cathy would say she’d get help but would often leave the animals in the back room to worsen and die, or she would take them home to never be seen again. I assume she never seeks out vet care (due to the loss of money!!) and takes the animals home to die. The quality of life that these animals get are devastating. Cathy is in the business simply for the money. WVU should not be associated with this business and no one should ever set foot into her shameful business ever again.

Jenna Friend

4 years ago

They keep chinchillas in tanks. You can't keep a chinchilla in a tank! They get overheated easily and can die very quickly! Their bunnies and other small animals aren't in any better condition. Their fish tanks always look quite dirty.

Farha Khan

4 years ago

You can volunteer here for community service. Has an ever-rotating population of creatures both big and small

Jaimee Harrison

4 years ago

Bought my dog here last year. She had terrible worms after they had told me she had already been dewormed multiple times, she had fleas and was extremely aggressive as she grew older. I was told she was 12 weeks, vet said she was 4. I had to bottle feed her. Do not buy from this place. They do not look into your background when purchasing an animal. They do not care about the animals well being.

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