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Catherine Reynolds

2 years ago

They are awesome here ♥️

Christine Straight

2 years ago

I just put down my cat named Lucy at VCA. My Lucylu has been with me for 17 years...through my divorce and move to NOVA. SHE was a one constant through all my turmoil with everything. Never complained like me. God brought me to Dr Lucy. Must be the name! Dr Lucy was so compassionate at a horrible time. Thank you and your staff!

Devon LaPorte

2 years ago

Always great! I have a care plan for 3 of my cats, soon to be 4 and find it to be gods value. Service is always awesome.

Allyson Navarro

2 years ago

Good Morning VCA, My name is Allyson Navarro and my pet is Cora, the reason I’m sending this email is to describe my frustration in relation to how VCA handled Cora’s skin allergy treatment. Last Saturday 6/26 I was there for doses of vaccines (rabies and heartworms that are $100 which may have secondary skin effects I was not informed of until the end of the appointment). I also asked them to have her skin allergy checked, and her left ankle but they totally forgot to check both of those concerns. The first time I took Cora for the skin allergy, they offered me a vaccine for skin allergies that is administered according to the needs of each pet, which isn’t very affordable.. it was $120. This shot didn’t help at all with her skin issues, it actually made it worse. My problem is that at this last visit, the vet offered me a more powerful medication that they are sure will help with Cora's allergy, which of course is more expensive, $148. The assistant was surprised that I wasn’t offered this medication in the previous visit instead of the one they gave Cora. I don’t understand why I wasn’t offered this stronger medication in the first place if it’s known to be more effective. Why didn't they give me the option to decide the better choice for my pet and the use of my money? VCA shouldn’t assume that if I already paid for the first medication that did not work at all, I would pay for the second medication! VCA failed to inform me about the other medication that would’ve been more effective and could have saved my puppy weeks of pain and discomfort. I’m expecting VCA to give my pet this stronger medicine at no cost to me and make things right. I am starting to question the quality of the service provided towards the welfare of my pet. It is in these moments when I feel that this is just a business that only seeks to obtain money at cost of our pet's health. I have spent my weekend comparing prices with other vets around this area, and I was sadly surprised that your prices are over 40% more expensive. I’ll be waiting to hear back from you soon, otherwise, I will have no choice but to take Cora to a different vet and give VCA the proper review on all different platforms.

Dallon H

2 years ago

VCA has taken care of us for almost a year now. They have helped us with a range of issues including getting immunization records and prescriptions transferred from out of state, routine care items, and took care of a small injury our dog sustained in a boarding facility while we were out of town. They communicate thoroughly before, during, and after care. We had peace of mind that the pup was being taken care of while we were states away. Every staff member we've communicated with has been friendly at all times, and additional services are never pushed. Any time a decision needs to be made, they've had a conversation of options with us, and the conversation is updated as additional information is gained. They've even called the day after any visit where minor care was administered or medicines were changed/added just to check in. I don't even treat my family this well (but they enjoy my company for free). Based on our experience so far, your pet would be in good hands here.

Kainua Russell

2 years ago

VCA Southpaws has done one thing with excellence: Dealt with emergencies and end-of-life for 2 dogs. In the case of having two dogs euthanized due to extreme medical problems, there docs were both good at their work and kind to me. They stayed and talked with me after my friend has past. Difficult moments but I cant thank them enough

Jennifer Byrne

2 years ago

VCA saw our cat a couple of times for a second opinion. He recently passed, and I just opened a sympathy card from VCA. Not only did they take the time to send the card, but the entire staff wrote a note and signed it. That is such a nice touch and I would be happy to recommend this center to anyone!

Courtney Ferenz

3 years ago

I wish you had more than 5 stars. My experience at this clinic has always been positive. The staff has been professional, kind, caring, and knowledgeable. They have really gone above and beyond for me with our two dogs and I will be forever grateful. Thank you for all that you do.

Kara Capelli

3 years ago

Completely unaccomdating. I wanted to purchase simparica flea and tick, which my dog has always been on, and they won't sell it to me with out an expensive appointment. I was willing to do the appointment but they can't schedule for 2 months, and won't accommodate in the meantime, even after I offered to have my previous vet call to recommend. They suggested I go get something over the counter. I obviously don't want to do that, or else I would have already. Not professional throughout the conversation.

Toni Kottman

3 years ago

PW Highway Dept but up a detour sign on Old Carolina Rd with no directions. Vets and staff at VCA Healthy Paws Re the best.

James Wills

3 years ago

The staff is loving and caring with both animals and people.

Lisa Tucker

3 years ago

This is difficult one to review. For the last year we have been unable to go inside with our pets. We have no way to gage how they are treated. I will say that when they are brought back to our vehicle, they were all in good spirits and didn't appear to be upset. So that's a positive! My biggest concern is that I feel left to my own judgement and research in terms of necessary vaccines. I felt pushed to provide every possible test and get all the vaccines when my dogs has been basically quarantined for the last year. These are 2 Shih Tzus who are mainly inside with me all the time, except for short walks and for them to potty.I was quoted over $800 just for a yearly visit for 2 healthy dogs. The prices at VCA are consistently higher than most veterinary practices. All in all, VCA is not a bad choice for your pets. In my opinion, it is average in its care and overpriced on all of their testing.

julie spencer

3 years ago

This office has the kindest staff. Really impressed by how nice and personable everyone is. They have been so compassionate with our animals and that’s exactly what you hope for when finding a vet!

Tom Catudal

3 years ago

Have used Healthy Paws for over 15 years. Their process due to COVID-19 is out of control. They might as well alert patients 1/2 hour before at home they are ready for your pet instead of having everybody wait in the parking lot. They even confirmed by email and a text but staff had no idea I have an appointment. Excuse was they have new staff members. But as a professional Organization that’s not an excuse. I asked them to contact me once Virginia moves to phase 3 in the COVID-19 aftermath. If possible delay all your vet visits to them till they move to phase 3 and don’t treat everyone Like it’s the initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Stephen S

3 years ago

Review Updated!! Sorry for the bad review - I'm sure you guys are wonderful!

Shara Baythavong

3 years ago

Just moved here and was able to get right in. Due to COVID safety protocol a staff member comes to your car to get your dog / pet. I actually like this... because it means NOT dragging my two kids into the office. (Not opposed to keeping this policy.) The tech was very kind and explained everything to us and even allowed me to leave to take care of something while my pet was being treated. After her vaccinations the office called later on to see how she was doing - wow! Thank you! It's also so nice that we aren't left waiting forever for appointments compared to where we moved from. So far, very happy with this office and staff.

Rhett Greenhagen

3 years ago

Worse service I've seen at a vca, and I've used them for years.

Kristina Sherman

3 years ago

Professional and compassionate staff. We appreciated the kindness and understanding for our pet's specific needs.

Kathleen Valletta

3 years ago

I have been going here for one year now and I’m happy with my experiences. All the vets are super friendly, answer all my questions, and scheduling is super easy. You can’t go wrong with this veterinary practice. I came with my golden retriever puppy and he is super healthy and happy.

Jennifer Arnold

3 years ago

We are a military family who moved to the area 3 years ago. VCA Healthy Paws is a vet close to our home, clean, and had a caring staff. Over the past 3 years, staff has changed and definitely lacking customer service skills. Our German Shepherd, Dago, gets chronic ear infections when the seasons change. Here we are entering spring, and Dago has another ear infection. My husband is active duty military and currently on deployment. I broke my kneecap 2-weeks ago, and I am fully handicapped with a brace. I called VCA Healthy Paws and spoke with Scott regarding Dago's ear infection and our situation. I asked that the doctor prescribe the medication Dago has been taking for 3-years without me bringing him in for an exam, due to my current medical situation. He spoke with Dr. Lucy, and she would not do it. Scott asked if I could have a neighbor help me bring him into VCA. Now, we have boarded our dogs at VCA and spent thousands of dollars, so they know our family and know Dago. As a staff, they know that Dago can be aggressive towards strangers. I can not handle a 110 pound German Shepherd, and Dago surely won't let a stranger near him, especially with his ear infection as bad as it is. Again, they know our family, Dago, and that he has chronic ear infections as each exam is noted in his chart for the past 3-years. VCA Healthy Paws is not family friendly, considerate, nor loyal to their customers. VCA Healthy Paws only wants your money not what is best for the animal. I am at a loss as to what to do for Dago.

Connie Usserman

3 years ago

I have been with Healthy Paws since I moved to Virginia from Ohio last year in July. I have boarded my dog, Reese, with them on several occasions and oftentimes felt that because Reese was not one to make much noise "asking" for attention that she may have been left in the kennel for long periods of time as she would immediately hit her water bowl several times upon our return home. But, because I was on a fixed income, they were least expensive and the closest to my home. This past Thursday, Oct 22nd I left her with them as I flew to Ohio for a family visit. I told them that she had been lethargic for a few days and whimpered when I would pet her around her neck. They called me and told me she was fine and proceeded to give her a Bordatella shot. Upon my return from Ohio Monday evening, Oct. 26th, I could tell she was considerably worse than when I dropped her off. I took her Tuesday morning of this week to an animal hospital where they proceeded to tell me that they could tell that she was in a lot of pain and would run tests to see what was going on as they could tell that her heart sounded very large. Upon running tests, it was determined that she had a tumor on her lung that was pushing her trachea into her spinal column and 5 of her vertebrae were compressed. She was also dehydrated and her colon was completely full of stool.This was 17 hours after picking her up from VCA. There was nothing they could do and I held her in my arms as she was euthanized yesterday morning. Upon speaking with VCA they reimbursed me $46 of a $325 bill. My heart is breaking from the loss of my beloved 12 yr old Shih Tzu.

Diana Arvidson

4 years ago

Love the friendly staff!! I know my babies are in good hands when I leave them ❤️

Jay Kershenstein

4 years ago

An amazing team for sure!! Am always treated so well and everyone is extremely friendly and true pet advocates

Amanda U

5 years ago

VCA Healthy PAWS Medical Center is amazing. Every time I take my pets here, it has been a positive experience. So thankful I found this place!

Elissa Steele

5 years ago

We just finished with our first 6 months of raising our new mastiff puppy. VCA Healthy Paws was recommended to us from the breeder and they have been amazing. We signed up for their Junior Paws Plan and it was completely worth and it. -Most people there know our puppy's name! -Our puppy LOVES to go to vet, like gets excited when we pull in the parking lot, and thats because of how everyone at VCA Healthy Paws has made sure she has good experiences there. -The vets and vet techs are excellent, they take the time to talk to you, teach you, and they remember and address your concerns. They're very informative, make good referrals and recommendations. -Our puppy has never noticed a single shot because she is always distracted with a treat, etc. for anything uncomfortable they're about to do. And I love that!

Leslie Kerns

5 years ago

The doctors and techs at this veterinary office, as well as the office manager really go above and beyond consistently to provide exceptional care to the animals and thier people. When our dog developed seizures, he was started on medicine that took some time to get to therapeutic levels. With the support of Dr. Mays and Dr. Lucy, I was able to make adjustments to get him stabilized on a standard dose regimen. As the medicines changed dosing, the refill prescriptions were quite confusing to write out for the pharmacy and the office manager made sure she was available to clarify for them if needed so he didn't miss any doses!! He also needed unexpected surgery for testicular torsion, which Dr. Lucy performed so quickly. To keep him comfortable, she provided a range of pain medicine following surgery and carefully considered interactions with his seizure medicine. While he was under anesthesia, she also drained a cyst he had on his eyelid which was such a nuisance for him! Yesterday, sadly we had to say goodbye to our precious dog. And again, they were exceptional! The way they cared for us through this decision was simply wonderful. The way I see them care for others is also amazing, including staying late to meet the needs of thier patients. Thank you all! Thank you for what you do everyday effortlessly. If we ever all another fur baby to our family, we will turn to you first for our care needs!!! <3

Teutonic Reign

5 years ago

I have to say I was really impressed with this place and the staff. I live in the Manassas area so its not the closest place for me and my cat but it was well worth the drive. My cat needed his annual shots and we decided to get him a lions cut as I've become allergic to him and my wifes allergies got to the point where they were really bothering her when he was around. I was really nervous as to how my 12 year old cat would take to this. I talked with the staff (Meredith) about it before hand, she made me feel comfortable so I took my cat in. The place is very clean, I love how they have separate cat and dog waiting areas, and it was a very comfortable place to wait. Meredith did a great job on his cut, as my cat was very calm and it looked good. The prices were very acceptable and I got a very good debriefing about what they did, next steps, etc. This is my new vet clinic for all my little furballs needs!

Matthew Taylor

6 years ago

Great staff. They provided excellent care for my dog. They stayed late helping him. Really can't say enough good things about them.


6 years ago

We have been going here for a year and we love these guys. Every dog I have ever had HATES the vet. My dogs now LOVE this vet. The techs love and smooch on them while we are waiting, and in the exam room, distracting them with treats while they get shots etc. The vets are gentle and knowledgeable, explaining everything they do and why. They also give you a cost estimate before they do anything so there are no surprises at the counter. The only downside is you don't get in and out fast because of all the loving and explaining, but to see my dogs get all perky and wiggly at the sight of the vet makes it all worth it.

Gizette Khamphong

6 years ago

VCA Healthy PAWS Medical Center is our beloved fur son, Nikko’s saving grace!!! Last month, October 24, 2017, our nine pounds, seven year old, Yorkie got into a big dog-little dog fight where Nikko suffered a great lost (muscles tore from …

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