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Richard Beaman

2 years ago

They seem to care about the well being of my dog Jade.

Laura Riggs

2 years ago

I've had a few bad experiences with them. The most recent was about six months ago when I took my cat there. She had a bad stomach abscess. They said we could try a few things, medicine, keeping it clean etc. When I took her a week later they said she should be put down. I understand that, but they Absolutely refused to let me come in, NO exceptions. I understand covid, but there should have been an exception made for my cat being put down. Last time I saw my cat was out in the car, I couldn't even comfort her. The vet (owner) was rude, insensitive and condescending on the phone. I have several other Very negative experiences with this practice. Needless to say, I will never take another one of my precious animals to them.

Steven K

2 years ago

We started taking our dogs here when we moved to Culpeper in 2015 based on a recommendation from a local. Pre-COVID everything was fine when we were able to go in with our dogs. Since then the office won’t let anyone come in which makes it difficult for one of our dogs that is nervous around unfamiliar people. They’ve offered no alternatives for either my wife or I to attend any check-ups with our pets. They will give you attitude when you ask for a written prescription to buy preventatives elsewhere even accusing legitimate sellers (1-800-Petmeds) of selling counterfeit preventatives. If their prices weren’t so high I could buy them directly from the vet buy in the age of online ordering that’s just not a need anymore. I never come here with a positive feeling and feel judged. It’s likely just time to move on to a new provider.

Amy Walther

2 years ago

It is a wonderful place and they are good with the animals.

Joshua Richards

2 years ago

Caring staff that is very attentive to your furry companion's needs

Michael DeMello

2 years ago

Great staff. Had to put our dog down a few weeks ago and certainly made us feel welcome.

Ldyshwn 36

2 years ago

They give wonderful attention to my pets

Karla Johana Morales

2 years ago

I love this place they're nice, polite

Jason Seale

2 years ago

After 12+ year relationship, moving on to a new provider due to a gradually declining experience. Once the best around, but practice has grown to the point it is no better than a “doc in a box”. The front office is the worst ever: no compassion, always overwhelmed, perfunctory attitude and follow through and, at times, down right nasty. Update: Their GROSS INCOMPETENCE, as confirmed by two other veterinarians, resulted in the untimely euthanasia of my cat on 6/29/21. Avoid this practice like “monkey plague”.

Brenda Marshall

3 years ago

A very compassionate, knowledgeable, dedicated team of veterinarians. Very pleased with their expertise in caring for our pets.


3 years ago

Amazing price for the service and dependability you get here. I would expect this level of attention, care, concern, and excellence from a more expensive vet. The value and quality here is hard to beat. Both my cats and my 100lb Cane Corso love this vet office. Recently my Cannie developed some allergies that required immediate attention and I was little nervous seeing a different doctor than the one we had seen constantly....but it went great. The level of care and attention we got was seamless and consistent. Over the years it seems like I only like one or two doctors at an individual practice but with Culpeper Animal Hospital the entire staff is impressive. Thank you so much for taking care of us!

liz moore

3 years ago

Everyone is great. The vets are good about reviewing the expenses before they are incurred. So, I can make an informed decision about my dog's care.

Jimmy Saunders

3 years ago

They are always kind and car with your pets.

Heather Thompson

3 years ago

Very happy with their service

Gabby Partee

3 years ago

Go in there for $82 bill and come out spending $600. Then schedule the other animals to get baths and well check after spending an hr on phone I call Friday to confirm appt one of the animals was not o. Their schedule, and their baths weren't either. Lady said she schedule the other animal now and their baths and they'll treat them and to drop them off at 915am . Come today at 915 I call Lorena said one animal was scheduled for well visit and I I had to stick around, and that she was not arguing with me and hung the phone up. So I call back same person once again says they were not scheduled which clearly they were and then said wepl it was just their well visits not baths so again she stated she's not arguing and then stated that weren't to be there till 10am. Then I asked why tell me 915 am so then persist that she's not arguing with they will not be seen and to talk to management. Instead of a discussion and understandment of why I was upset considering the considerable amount I've been on the phone with them why I was not happy and they refused to look into the matter or discuss any information. They will lose my business . Their attitudes are brute and unreasonable. The apparently dont know how to schedule or explain what they can do there. And if you go in expecting to pay one price they'll obviously find a reason to upcharge you as much as possible to suit their needs. There not there to care for the animals or their customers just to collect money.

Ed North

3 years ago

Great place all employees are caring and friendly, Dr Vargas is very knowledgeable and attentive.

David DeLong

3 years ago

Great staff and wonderful care for your critters. Would give them 6 stars if I could

Mark Humphrey

3 years ago

Great service and good doctors. Just don't like the sitting in the parking lot while my boy is being treated. Darn Covid.

Pam Beer

3 years ago

Had a bit of an emergency called and they got us right in they are always great to us and our dogs I do appreciate everyone there and have reccomended them to others looking for a Vet

Rose Jacob

3 years ago

They have Always been there for us personally as well as making themselves available for our cat rescue group.

Tricia Trenary

3 years ago

Wonderful care for my animals

Chase Johnson

4 years ago

I have gone to Culpeper Animal Hospital before to get checkup and Rabies shots and that experience was good. However last week we went in asking to see a Dr about a bump/grown on dogs paw. Doc came in barely looked at it, immediately said she wanted to amputate. Said "I know it sounds like a lot but it's really no big deal." Gave me Derma-Vet and gave me a $1000 quote to cut the toe off. I went to Blue Ridge Animal Hospital across town for second opinion. They took a sample of it, looked under microscope and found it wasnt cancer. Said the Derma-Vet was for EAR INFECTIONS. They told me to stop and put Neosporin on it and there was no need to amputate anything. Within a week it's already half the size as before. How many poor animals had their toes cut off for no reason?!? Edit: Toe is totally healed and no complications. These people are horrible.

Vicki Chesley

4 years ago

Very compassionate, gave multiple estimates and provided great communication while our fur baby was away from home.


4 years ago

The staff and Drs go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and provide exceptional healthcare.

Evelyn Schaefer

4 years ago

Friendly and professional service. They seem to take a personal interest and concern in your family pet. I have been affiliated with them for over 17 years and would never trust anyone else with my beloved pets. I especially like the service that one of the Techs provides named Sarah. She has a real genuine love for animals. She's great!

Jennifer Allgaier

4 years ago

Caring and compassionate staff. My dog hates being away from home and she is semi comfortable here. She's just a nervous nelly.

Jennifer Shifflett

4 years ago

A friend recommended this vet to us because we were nervous about our dogs being dog aggressive while there. From the moment we set an appointment up, we felt welcome and reassured that everything would be fine. We have had 2 of our adult dogs spayed and cared for by Culpeper Animal Hospital without a worry at all. I highly recommend their services.

John Dickerson

4 years ago

Love this place, they take real great care of my fur baby

Kendyl Van Atta

4 years ago

This place takes great care of all the animals they see.

Laura Bretz

4 years ago

Very caring staff who truly wants what is best for your pet. Reasonable prices and convenient appointment times.

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