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William Stiles

2 years ago

I was under the impression I was buying an AKC papered $2,000 MINI Australian Shepherd…. If watching him grow into a standard wasn’t proof enough that I was scammed when I finally received his papers they clearly stated that he’s in fact a STANDARD Aussie. The store owner refused to return my phone calls. The breeder informed me she was unaware he was selling them for $2,000 each and selling them as minis. Please avoid this place at all costs. They are major scammers and judging by all the horror stories I’ve heard I’m surprised they are even allowed to be in business.

David Julio

2 years ago

It's got a decent selection of product and a variety of puppies, small pets, and fish. Always stop in when in the mall, but the service can be a hit or miss sometimes. Can sometimes get busy

Rowan McLoud

2 years ago

Way to many animals in such a small space. Disgusting. This place should be shut down.

Stephanie LaFrance

2 years ago

didnt have very many animals this kittens

Junius Hicks

2 years ago

The Alley Cat is the main attraction at the mall for me! They are knowledgeable, friendly, and offer reasonably fair prices. They even have a rewards card punch system. Occasionally I go just to browse and I've never felt pressured to spend a penny. Whenever I do buy from them I catch myself wanting to add to a tip jar because they have earned more than my currency, they've also earned my trust and respect!

jessica Dougson

2 years ago

I wish they helped rehome strays instead of puppy breeders But they are a great little store

Erika Hartenberger

2 years ago

Wish I could give 0 rating! They had beagles there that were only 4 weeks old. Too tiny, and their noses so dry because they aren't getting mom's milk. It's a puppy mill and should be shut down! Do not support this business!

Autumn Avery

2 years ago

This place is truly inhumane, please buy animals from pet stores that care about the health of their animals. There were ball pythons being housed together, which can easily lead to death and you’re not supposed to to under any circumstances unless you’re breeding which this place definitely should not be. The same goes for their hamsters. Their axolotls had gills that looked sparse and sad. All the reptiles seemed to be glass surfing and very bored and unhealthy. The kittens seemed way too small to be sold. And the rodents are on mesh wheels which can easily cause bumble foot and infection that leads to death, it’s very common and literally any ounce of research would tell you not to use those wheels. Just so sad man. The puppies lay in filth and are in tiny boxes. Please do not financially support a place that treats LIVING BEINGS like display art. You’re not saving the animals by buying them, you’re just creating another empty spot for them to fill. The saddest part is apparently this place has been open for a decade or so. The amount of time available to just look into how to take care of and properly house the animals you sell and yet they still fall so short. Honestly unacceptable.

Andrew Stewart

2 years ago

Alley Cat is more then a pet store, it is a Vancouver institution. The best thing about being dragged to the mall as a kid was saying hi to Rocky the macaw (who btws is still alive, and living quite happily in retirement), and seeing all the critters I wanted to take home. When I was ten I managed convinced my folks to get a cat, so it was off the Alley Cat to find our new family member. Her name was Kittykins, she was the best cat there was. As I write this review I have tears in my eyes thinking about her, she had a long and happy life, chased many things in the yard, greeted our family and friends, and cuddled many cold nights with me. She died about ten years ago. I said I would never get another cat. I was done. That was until I saw this guy. His name is Alexander and he is perfect! When I saw him a part of my heart opened back up again. Took this pic tonight, he's three days under two months. The picture I'm showing him is of Kittykins (sorry about the frame, it was gift). Reason I writing this review is because of the HATEFUL reviews of I have read, which I find DISGUSTING. Alley Cat does not buy puppies or kittens from mills!!!!!!!! That is a slanderous lie. They come from breaders known to store. That a bunch or wackjobs and Karen's could go on some sort of campaign to hurt a local business makes me sick. Thankfully I have a perfect little guy to make me feel better. Thank you Alley Cat! You have give me a great deal to be thankful for

Kasey Parker

2 years ago

I was shopping at Old Navy which is across from this store, and was horrified when I saw the dogs in the windows. I asked the staff at Old Navy about the store and they said the animals are left in the boxes overnight and they can hear them crying and howling in the early mornings when opening the store. Before losing my mind, I really wanted to give this place the benefit of the doubt. I went inside to ask some questions about the treatment of the puppies. What if they get 5 walks a day? What if they get to go romp around, but all we see is them stuck in those TINY boxes with direct light on them? MAYBE there is more, and better facts, to this! NOPE. The manager (possibly owner?) point blank told me that the puppies do not get any walks because "they come and go so fast and do not have their shots" and that they get fed "twice a day." Okay, so, they get fed twice a day and do not get to walk, run, exercise, or defecate in sanitary areas. HOW is this acceptable?? This is not good for the animals bones, growth, hygiene, or mental states. You can even tell that the larger puppies are miserable. Shelters treat their animals better than this! And these puppies at this store cost anywhere up to $3,000!!! AND THEY DON'T EVEN LEAVE THEIR SMALL CONFINED SPACES! Not only are the owners of this store responsible for this mistreatment, but so are the breeders. Any breeder who is selling their dogs through this shop do not care about their animals, and probably mistreat them as well. This place is trash and the owners are a disgrace for running a business off neglected animals. And anyone who shops there is equally guilty. If you care about animals, you will source your new pet from a shelter or rescue group, and will not support a business that profits off the suffering of puppies and other animals. Mall management should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this business to continue under their watch as well.

Feryne Wooldridge

2 years ago

These pets are way to expensive, Even for having first shots. I have Bred puppies and kittens. They are no where as expensive as they want to sale them for.

Calcorax Productions

2 years ago

Small, but had what I needed.

Ari T

2 years ago

Busy store. Something happened and half the fish tanks were blocked off and empty. A lot of cute puppies.

Aaron T

2 years ago

Do not purchase or support this store in anyway they are killing their hermit crabs and not taking care of their animals like they should and the girl in there with the blonde hair and the glasses is extremely rude I left the store and came back to hear her talking garbage about me to her coworker saying “I don’t care about them” referring to the hermit crab tank. She doesn’t care about these animals that they are killing and I do not recommend this pet store to anyone stay away and go to somewhere else please or rescue em as they are just killing em

Ashley Laboa

2 years ago

Great selection of puppies we got ours there. I do wish they enforced people not knocking on the windows where the pups are a little more. ???? I know they can't control it much because people walking by are rude knocking scaring them but the shop itself was nice and had awesome selection for how small it is. I got our puppy there and love her to death.

Avicet Crane

2 years ago

This place is pretty cool. Pretty expensive. If you're buying worms crickets or anything to feed your reptiles I recommend going to Petco or PetSmart. Overall this place is pretty great they answer all your questions and usually have a great selection of pets.

Chelsey Hoge

2 years ago

Brought my niece to see the puppies and other creatures. Sometimes it can feel like a tiny zoo. Loved it


2 years ago

Always enjoy seeing the dogs. Keep looking for a dachshund since mine is getting old.

Jeff Kelley

2 years ago

We purchased a puppy from these guys a few months back for around $1100. They told us it was a pure read Catahoula, however there were no papers. We still have receipts, btw. As she (the dog) has grown, we’ve noticed some inconsistencies in traits with what Catahoulas actually are vs what our pup is. I decided to send off for a DNA test to see what breed she is. Turns out, she is not even close to Catahoula. These people lied and overcharged for an animal which was not as advertised. We love our pup, but we are pretty irritated and would caution anyone looking to buy animals from these people.

She doesn't even Go here

2 years ago

this place is not right for animals. do not recommend

Tim Mayes

2 years ago

I come here weekly for feeder rats.The staff has always been friendly and helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Jeana Sheldon

2 years ago

This place should not exist..sad.

Vanesa Sanchez

2 years ago

Please do not shop here! Me and my bf were just waiting for the mall to open and saw this terrible "pet store" as everyone else stated puppies are crammed into a small cage with what I believe is hamster bedding. They were eating it and the water was definitely not enough its the water they use for hamster cages very small and you can only lick it. This is embarrassing that this still exists. They should be shut down. One dog was shaking alot and was all alone. They really should do their research about taking care of puppies. Cramming 3 husky puppies into one cage where they can barely play or move is obviously not doing their research properly. SHUT THIS HORRIBLE PLACE DOWN.

Addie Schierscher

2 years ago

Horrible treatment of puppies. Multiple dogs shoved into small boxes. Puppies looked uncomfortable, sad, and some where whining to get out. I asked if they get to leave the small boxes to walk around and the worker said no, not until they are bought. They should not be allowed to do this! Don’t bother buying a dog here either, this is only supporting puppy mills Edit: I visited a year later and asked again if they let the puppies out of the small rodent like containers. They said no, unless someone is interested in buying a puppy. This business should be closed ASAP

Jocelyn Moon

2 years ago

This place needs to be shut down period. You don’t put 2-5 puppies or any animals for that matter in one small cage. They are suffering and should not be in a cage like that AT ALL. They need room. They need water that isn’t fed to them through a hamster water feeder. They need more and deserve way better. I pray for these baby animals. Way overpriced and not a good environment.

Jaclynn Fox

2 years ago

Wonderful service. I had no trouble at all during my exchange.

Christina Lawrence

2 years ago

Cool to see a shop inside a mall. Place was a little cramped. Prices weren't bad.

Carol Worster

2 years ago

Stopped to look at the animals on the display at the store front

Kiera Martin

2 years ago

gross place. i can’t believe they are still in business, don’t shop here.

Mama wolf

2 years ago

My neighbor came to me this morning letting me know she was on her way to buy a dog from the pet store in the mall and I immediately cringed! I told her that she needs to take the dog to a vet ASAP after getting it from there because that place is a horrible shop and proceeded to tell her the stories and my personal encounters. Honestly, It is mind blowing this place is still open!HOW?!?! I just went to meet the new puppy and I broke down in tears. This is a "boxer/Shepard mix" supposedly, around 2 months old, she has NO energy because she is RAIL THIN with bones sticking out!!!! She is so malnourished and is limp when you pick her up! They are monitoring her by the sec and taking her to the VET tomorrow. I pray she can make it out of this but how could you sell ths sweet puppy for $1000??? HORRIBLE SHOP!!

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