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Steven Carroll

2 years ago

Unfortunately, Had an issue putting my 20 year old cat down here. Missed the main vein and was incredibly upsetting to my family. Realize it is difficult to have a seasoned vet miss the vein, however, wasn't especially worthy of what you should expect.

Amanda Lemke (27deathage)

2 years ago

If you need ultrasounds and ekgs they'll be able to help you, when a lot of vets do not have this equipment. However I do not know who has helped me but the service wasnt great. Being put on hold and having the call drop, told to wait in my car with no estimate time frame, ended up waiting for 2 hours, told they'd refill a prescription and call but it took 24 hours and they never called. Then I found out the cost of the medications were grossly over priced by over 3 times.


2 years ago

Took great care of my hedgehog and were very kind and informative


2 years ago

Unfortunately, this business is more concerned about making a substantial profit off of you instead of providing quality care for your animal in a moral manner. I wish they were as concerned about my dogs health as much as they are concerned about making as much money as they possibly can off of me. I've decided to change up our primary care provider for our dog. Save your $ and choose a different clinic.


2 years ago

Dr. Tello and his entire team treated my anxious cat, Theo, with care and compassion yesterday. Fear of Theo having another meltdown in a Veterinarian office had kept him from getting regular care. He underwent a full exam with blood work and ultrasound and drainage of a cyst on his liver while under sedation. I am happy to report that Theo was purring and affectionate the second he entered the car and I opened the cat carrier. He remains utterly unfazed by everything that happened yesterday. I am deeply grateful.

Heidi Dixon

2 years ago

I am a new client and they were awesome. The bill was very reasonable, the staff were friendly and the care was very good. My little pup enjoyed it too.

Carol VanDomelen

2 years ago

Brought in my beloved Newfoundland as an "emergency" visit. They worked us in around a full schedule. Dr. Tello was so thorough in examining Mojo and updating me with his findings and thoughts. The initial exam was inconclusive but Dr. Tello wasn't satisfied with that and asked permission to run more tests and take an xray. Though the end diagnosis devastatingly wasn't what we were expecting, Dr. Tello was gentle in presenting what he had found with Mojo and very thorough with presenting what the professional literature and himself had to say about the diagnosis and prognosis. Dr. Tello has a VERY IMPRESSIVE curriculum vitae and is an extremely knowledgeable veterinarian. I feel very fortunate to have my beloved dog being treated by Dr. Tello

roman Catabay

2 years ago

Quick and easy. Always friendly staff. Our Saint had to get his rabies shot before he turns into Kujo

Alexander Mast

2 years ago

I was quite disappointed with the end result of everything. The first part that occurred was a lack of understanding on the receptionist part of things regarding the amount of play dates versus the amount of days boarded. Which did get figured out but not after wasting almost a half hour. The next part that was extremely frustrating and quite frankly uncalled for was the paperwork that I signed for play dates was $11 and when the main person came out with my final bill she goes, we went ahead and took off the addition play date (thanks, because I didn’t ask for that…) and it looks like our prices went up to $12 so your bill is this amount. At this point I didn’t even care about the principal of the fact anymore and just left. Sure it’s only $2 but it’s the fact that I SIGNED a document stating it was $11. So, with them adding an additional play date and then increasing a price that I DID NOT agree too…what if I didn’t catch that? Is this how you get your money? As soon as my contract is up for insurance, I will not be back. The lack of concern for honesty and morals within this business surprised me.

Anne Love

2 years ago

They worked in my sick cat on a busy day. Everyone was pleasant and kind, the technicians and Dr Tello. Thank you ❣️


2 years ago

Very friendly and honest staff. You can easily tell that these folks have a deep care for animals, as the vet I had seen for my dog went above and beyond to try and help me with my dog's health certificate for moving out of the country. Due to the 2019/2020 pandemic, regulations have made it confusing and quite scary, but she had found solutions to what questions were on my mind, and went over it carefully with me so I would be well informed to the best of her ability. My plans have changed and I will be taking my dog next year, but I feel better knowing that this vet is available for my dog to move in April. Thank you so much for assisting me!

Roxan Kraus

2 years ago

Great staff and my dog loves them all.

Saleena Beckmeyer

2 years ago

We have been taking our fur babies to Tigard Animal Hospital for years. Every aspect of this business has exceeded our needs and expectations. They are professional, friendly and easy to work with if you need special accommodations. Thanks for all you do!

tonya killion

2 years ago

I've been a customer of Tigard Animal hospital for well over 15 years and they used to be amazing. 6 star amazing. I don't know if they sold out or what but their service has majorly deteriorated in the last few years. New location and completely new staff. I've stayed because I've been there so long and they were so good to me in the past but after this last weekend I'm so disappointed with them I'm looking at new vets in my area. I've brought my dog there since he was 2 months old and he has been at the end stage of life for about a year now. Friday he couldn't get up anymore so I called my vet and told them he couldn't get up and I needed at home euthanasia service as I have always done. They told me he needed to be seen first, I repeated that he's 150 lbs, in pain and couldn't get up so she said I could do an at home appointment to determine if euthanasia was the answer. She said the doctor was busy but would call me right back. The next morning they still hadn't returned my call even after knowing the urgency so I was forced to call another vet who was able to help. They were amazing and made my dogs last day comfortable. Shame on you Tigard Animal Hospital, you should have been there for him. We've been very loyal for years.


2 years ago

Dr Tello was the best. He saw my cat Jazzy when every other vet had my baby waiting for hours. We drove all day from vet to vet, until we reached the Animal Hospital, where Dr Tello took Jazzy in and biopsied a piece of his growth inside mouth on jaw. Two hours later I was bringing my Jazzy home. Communication was so good. He called me at every step of the process. We're still waiting for results, but for now Jazzy is home getting love and not dying in a waiting room alone. I cant thank Dr Tello and the Animal hospital enough for taking care of my Jazzy. I finally felt like my baby was in good hands. Thank you to everyone at the Animal Hospital and Dr Tollo. Sylvia

Matt Koppelman

2 years ago

Good and bad: In time of need they dropped the ball. My dog was dying and TAH did not provide the care he needed in his final days. Not because they couldn't, but because they didn't follow through with what they said they would do. For example one of their doctors was unexpectedly out and there was no one to help with my needs. The situation was urgent and their technicians told me someone would get back to me later in the day, but they did not. They did not communicate over the course of a couple of days and time was running out. I did find out that there were people that could help they just forgot to follow up. I literally had to find a completely new vet even though my dog had been their patient for the entire time I had him. Of course I cannot expect them to save my pet from the inevitable. However we reliability and consistency are very important and they really let my family down. I'm giving a three-star rating because they had always been good for everything else.

Leo H

2 years ago

FYI they are still having contactless visits as of 12-2021. I was not made aware of this fact until my actual visit, even though I spoke with the representatives a couple times before my in person visit. I am a proud pet parent & need to be with my little one during the exam. My dog is not a Car & the Vet shouldn’t be like dropping your car off at the Mechanics. I had brief contact with a couple of the workers that came to the car beforehand & Like other reviews here I also found them to be unfriendly. The Vet sees your pet alone then drops all these $$$$$ charges after the exam that your conveniently not present for, which has to be approved before any treatment goes forward. I am vaccinated & have seen doctors with my husband in the hospital while wearing a mask. I’m sure the Doctor & office workers are having contact with real humans after work in all kinds of places, store etc. so why they have a closed office, with all the shades down, in Dec 2021 is beyond me, unless they have something to hide, like unsanitary work conditions, once again, I don’t know because I couldn’t go in. Most others Vets as of this date are letting one person in with exam, that is fair especially for us folks with sensitive pets. The are whole states that are mask-less with stadium events of up to 100,000 people’s attending maskless, going on over a year now. Ok not here in Oregon yet but we Can be vaccinated & where a mask for simple 1 person & pet office visit. Let’s move ahead folks & offer both so we at least a have choice unless you have something to hide I don’t understand this policy in December of 2021.

Julie Snead

2 years ago

For my last visit to Tigard Animal Hospital, you had Georgia for two hours. I asked three separate times to trim her nails. Which was not done. There has always been a problem with your communication between the people who answer the phone, the technicians and the vets. Due to knowing her history, you should automatically be asking me if it should be done. And if I ask three times. It really should be done. This upsets me quite a bit. I thought I would send this directly to them vs. posting on Google but they actually blocked me from doing so. I was hoping they will learn from this and maybe even correct the issue. Because she still needs to have them trimmed.

Jaimeleigh Salazar

2 years ago

Kind staff and great service.

Ellen Ronquillo

2 years ago

My dog Curly became very lethargic Thursday, I called several B..ld Animal Hospitals, where I have a plan for my dog for the past several years, despite the urgency of having my dog examined , all of them will not take him, I have to wait from 4 days to 3 weeks to get an appointment or to be listed in their waiting list, in case someone cancelled , but this never happened. Desperately, I tried to contact other Veterinary Hospitals, luckily I found Tigard Animal Hospital, after a few questions, they booked me early next morning (since it was already late afternoon). Dr. Tello was very knowledgeable, upon seeing Curly he immediately had an idea of what's going on. He did a few test, and the cost of these test is very comparable to the cost if you have a plan at B..ld. Sad to say though despite the best medical attention given to my dog by Tigard Animal Hospital, it was time to say goodbye to my baby Curly. Dr. Tello did such a great job of making us understand what is best , bring in dignity and comfort in one of most painful moments of my lives. He explained things and respected the time, space and emotion as we went through the process.

chris tollackson

2 years ago

Very unprofessional, and sadly don't care to look into matters. Would gladly let you wait in a parking lot for 30 min while visibly chatting with each at the desk. Still will not let you enter the building under any means but will chat amongst each other while you wait to just get medicine for your pet. It's a shame that this is what we have to look forwards to when all where trying to do I'd take care of our pets.

Dana Fullman Manning

2 years ago

They trimmed my kitties nails fine but they want to charge you $41 for a pedicure. $28 for the pedicure, which is higher but good location to my home. AND THEN $15 for a “tech” fee. WHAT??? Am I paying the tech’s wages. This is a MAX 15 minute procedure I made an appt for. Plus my kitty is medicated and completely docile because she gets scared and bites. I have been paying $28 since last January. Do these techs make $60 per hour and TAH makes $28 or $2.80 per toe? Give me a break.

Matthew Satterlee

2 years ago

Tigard animal hospital took great care of our dog in a time of need. Our boy Kirk had swallowed a whole Kong ball ???? and none of the emergency rooms in the area had room to treat him. We were so scared he wouldn't make it! The staff at Tigard animal hospital were so calm and collected - they put our minds at ease and had Kirk returned back to us the same day. The surgery went very well, cost much less than expected, and the aftercare instructions were very helpful. Kirk was back to his old self in no time and his family couldn't be more thankful. ????

krysti hake

2 years ago

We have used this vet twice now and they have been very thorough and awesome...they worked us in when swamped and were very knowledgeable and vet and techs really care I would recommend them to anyone very good care and service ..

Krystal Taulai

2 years ago

Dr. Desonier Is the best doctor ever. She cares so much about the work she does and loves on both my dogs that she sees. She takes the time to read chart notes and truly understand my dog’s health concerns. If you are looking for a fantastic team of professionals who love animals and want to support a healthy dog life this is the clinic!

Kristina Estelita

2 years ago

Very nice and helpful staff (especially Kassie). The veterinarian was very nice as well. My dog enjoyed going there for her check up exam.

Kailia Gramlich

2 years ago

AMAZING experience! The staff was all so friendly and they took my cat in when no other vet had time or availability!

have faith

2 years ago

Dr. Zietz was ok but stopped working there within a week after seeing my cat the first time I took her there. Then I was stuck with Dr Mollo who is not a good communicator and doesn't seem to be a good vet. He diagnosed my cat with "Vertebral Disk Disease" and said she was in pain. I agree she was in pain, she had a broken leg that most likely never healed properly since when she was a kitten. Neither vet EVER even looked at her leg although I told them both about it. She showed NO signs of vertebral disk disease. She could jump up on chairs and the window sill, he never asked me questions about her behavior that related to the disease. She had anal gland issues and each time I took her in to have them expressed they charged me not only for expression, but for the sedation and also another exam even though she had an exam nearly every other month for the last three months I had to take her in! The last time Dr Mollo didn't even mention Vertebral disc disease and I said "last time you examined her, you diagnosed her with Vertebral disc disease" and he said "oh, yeah, how is that going?" Seriously, you diagnose my cat with a fatal disease and then forget about it at the next exam?! He wanted to do blood work for diabetes although my cat showed no signs of diabetes. All I wanted was to figure out a way for her anal glands to not have to be expressed and this place could not help me with a long term solution, I really think they wanted me to keep going back there for the $$. It was hard on my cat, she got restless and had anxiety from the sedation and having to go in there without me (why is it, we can go into restaurants and stores with masks on, BUT WE CANT GO IN WITH OUR PETS AT VET CLINICS?!! ) each time she had her glands expressed. This last time I took her in, she was vomiting and had diarrhea for a few days afterwards and I decided to have her put to sleep rather than take her back there where I can't trust the vet to even diagnose what is wrong with her and where it would cause her more anxiety to be in a room with strangers without me. I felt helpless since Dr Mollo wouldn't help me figure out a long term plan to try to improve her anal gland issues or even look at her leg. I hope my poor cat is at peace now.

Chase Couvillion

2 years ago

These are great people to trust in!

Brittaney Allen

2 years ago

They went above and beyond to get my cat the emergency surgery she needed!

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