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Tamara R.

2 years ago

First and Last Visit Ever This review is in regards to my negative experience to Cloverdale Animal Hospital this evening, Jan. 17, 2022. I rang the doorbell and entered the clinic before entering. I was greeted very abruptly and in a rude manner by a staff member who said, ‘Hi, I’m going to have to ask you to wait outside LIKE THE SIGN SAYS’ (verbatim). For reference, sign on the door indicates, ‘STOP! Please ring the doorbell before entering the hospital’. It does not stipulate anywhere on the other door signs to WAIT OUTSIDE UNTIL A STAFF MEMBER ALLOWS YOU ENTRY (or anything along those lines). Perhaps make the sign more clear and less ambiguous for your customers. I waited outside for several minutes before I was helped by another staff member, (who also was not a warm nor professional individual) and was asked some questions about the purpose of my visit with my puppy. She told me that it was ‘not going to be long of a wait’ for the next available room. I asked how long that would be, and she said it would be approximately 5 minutes or so. I decided to wait in my car for her to call me when the next room would be available. 20 minutes passed and I was finally called. I was told that ‘you can come inside the clinic now, if you want’ (verbatim). I entered the clinic lobby area, where my puppy was weighed. We waited for several more minutes, then was allowed into an available room. I was then asked more questions by the staff member, and proceeded to wait for an additional 30 minutes inside the room. I noticed that the room was quite dirty, that I did not let my puppy roam around the room as I was worried that he might eat the bits of garbage and dirt off the ground. During our wait, I had informed my mother of what was happening. She had called the vet clinic directly to inquire with the staff member how much longer the wait would be. The staff member was extremely rude to my mother as well, and kept talking over her when my mother was trying to gather more information to relay to me. Apparently the office was in the process of completing 3 surgeries during the time of my visit, according to my mother. Eventually we were seen by Dr. Om, who I felt rushed the visit and did not do a thorough assessment of my puppy. I explained the symptoms that my puppy was experiencing, and I felt like he was not listening to me as I had to repeat myself more than once. He then administered 2 injections, and since he was unable to administer the oral liquid antibiotic (my puppy was being fussy), he told me to try administering it at home myself instead. Prior to leaving the clinic, Dr. Om further rushed through the discharge instructions with how to administer the meds to my puppy then he just left. I had to ask for further clarification from the staff member, as I obviously wanted to ensure that the meds would be administered to my puppy in a safe and effective manner. The staff member also echoed the same, that Dr. Om does rush through giving the discharge instructions. It is to be noted that during our visit, not one person checked in with us to apologize for the delay, or an explanation of the delay, and furthermore we were not thanked for visiting the clinic when we were leaving. I think that if I were given some sort of reassurance or explanation, I would have been more lenient. This experience has nonetheless left such a sour taste in my mouth that I will not return nor recommend this place to others. Please spend your hard-earned money at a more worthy clinic where you and your pet will be treated better. I’m quite surprised that this place has good reviews for the unfortunate first impression that I experienced today.

Bedia sami

2 years ago

Wow, I can't recommend this place enough!! We have taken our dog of 14 years to many different vets over the years and we just wish we had known about this place sooner! We will be singing praises to all of our friends and family with pets about this place. They treat your pet like their family member and their well being comes above all. They were fully booked and didn't turn me away, even before they saw how severely ill our dog was. They have a great system where you can wait in your car until an available room opens up between appointments. I had no issues having her checked out on multiple occasions and waited no more than 10 mins. I honestly cannot say enough great things about them. Trust you are in good hands here. Their compassion is honest and they have been nothing short of amazing with helping us treat our severely ill dog. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Errol Jones

2 years ago

This is an amazing vet I'll be back.

michael greggain

2 years ago

There very professional and kind they help us out very good. Thank you to all staff

Marsha Haines

2 years ago

Just started going here, what a breath of fresh air!! Dr. Om and his staff are just terrific, compassionate, friendly, and very informative!! My chocolate lab has allergies and Dr.Om has been very informative on my dogs health. Her health issues were fixed and we can’t be happier!! Thank you Cloverdale Animal Hospital for listening, and helping our dog make a big comeback on her health!!! I will be returning to your office and so very happy to have a clinic that truly cares for our animal health concerns.

Crystal G

2 years ago

This clinic and Dr. Om is hands down the best clinic I have ever been to. I'm in my 40s and I have owned animals since I was a kid. I am also a breeder. That all being said. I have been to almost every clinic in Surrey and Delta until I came across Dr. Om and this clinic. Wish we found him years ago ! Since we have they have been nothing but a GOD send to my furry family and Human family. Thank you so much for all your care. Crystal H Brandon Hope And furry friends Emma , Beau , Basta, Nala, Michio, and Roxy.

Baltej Badhan

2 years ago

Dr Om is the best. Nothing else to say.

Sunny M

2 years ago

Really great service. Dr is awesome

Maria Betker iverson

2 years ago

I just started coming here and they really make my animals feel at home and welcome. Very gentle and kind towards people and animals. I would highly recommend this place for you beloved animals. They took such good care of my kittens when they needed it most. no other vet would too this vets needs towards animals. Thank you cloverdale animals hospital

annette welsh

2 years ago

Our family would like to thank DR. Om for the over 10 years of professional care that he graciously administered to our family dog. We recently had to put her down due to health issues, and Dr. Om and his staff helped our family through a very stressful and emotional time. Without a doubt the best veterinary clinic around.

Cody Marshall

2 years ago

I was unable to get into my usual vet before heading out on vacation and this was the only vet offering a drop in opportunity. I was able to get in promptly to see the vet along with get the necessary meds for my dogs ear infection. I was quite disappointed with the staff working the desk. They were far from professional and have left me wondering how they have such a good rating. The office itself is not exactly inviting and looks as though its just run down. I contacted the office requesting my pets health record, then was told it would be emailed by end of day. A week later I reached out again requesting the necessary documentation to submit an insurance claim. I was told that I could not get them as that's not what they do. I explained that this has never been a problem and didn't understand why no one said this couldn't be done. The head clerk (who's Far from professional) said that they have over 500,000 clients and can't do everything. Didn't know half of Surrey visited this vet.... Long story short, I would highly recommend going anywhere but here! My dog is my world and I want to know that the services I pay for are quality.

Denise Belisle

2 years ago

It's never a fun time when you have to go to the veterinary clinic. It's usually because your loved pet is not feeling well. Fortunately, the staff at the Cloverdale Animal hospital made me and my cat feel right at home. I drove from Vancouver especially to go to this hospital because I know the their heart is at the right place. It is worth the drive. Thank you for your amazing services.


2 years ago

Had a hard to find cat food

alannah o

2 years ago

Okay, where to start... My cat had a big tumour in her mouth and Dr.Om said she had gingivitis. He didn't prescribe blood work and if he did at the time this might of not happened to the degree it has.I had to keep going back to the clinic and it was just a super upsetting situation. Like a tumour and gingivitis are such different things, he even told me to brush her teeth, can you imagine the pain that would of caused her... Dr.Om also told me to force feed my other can when he was dying and wouldn't eat. I honestly think he should have his licence revoked. I basically learned he doesn't diagnose properly and gives really bad advice. Do not force feed an animal. I took his advice and now I have to live with it for the rest of my life. This situation doesn't even deserve 1 star

Richard J. Braun

2 years ago

Great service, at a fair price, thankfully our dog is getting better

Beverly Clive

2 years ago

Trustworthy, compassionate, caring, honesty and reasonable are just a few of the words that I would use to describe Dr Omm and his staff. I have taken all my pets there, and I recommend this clinic to all pet owner.

Brittany Horne

2 years ago

Dr.Om is great, they are always able to work with my schedule and go above and beyond with the care of my animals.

Elsie Bertholm

2 years ago

Dr. Om and staff are the most professional, caring and compassionate people. I have brought in all my pets over the years and Dr. Om has cared for my pets and our family so very well. We have had brought in our animals when they were attacked by a coyote, needed an eye removed, needed to be given peace as they were suffering, vaccinations, ear infections, seizures......and always, always, always Dr. Om and staff cared for our animals, answered our questions and supported us through caring for our animals. Dr. Om and staff are absolutely amazing. I am so grateful for them.


2 years ago

Over the past few years we have been taking all of our dogs to DR.Om’s office. I’am so glad we found such a loving and compassionate doctor to take care of our dogs when needed. He is always very clear and I can always trust him. Receptionist Amber is also very kind and warm hearted. One of our dogs passed away 2 years ago and Being a difficult time Dr Om and Amber were so loving and supporting through the whole process. They kept us updated on what was happening & showed genuine care for our family. Everyone at this office truly loves animals and you can see it as soon as you walk into those doors. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a new doctor once you go in you will totally understand. Thank you DR. Om and staff for always being there.

Toe_ Tag_

2 years ago

Terrible. Way overcharged for ear infection and wanted to sell more services that were not needed.Stay away. Over a year to reply here. Shows how much you care. Yes I went elsewhere where I'm not over charged. Thanks.

Kristi Vanskiver

2 years ago

Been taking my dog here for years and I highly recommend this vet! No price gouging, honest advice and friendly service.

ponyboy stang

2 years ago

Dr.ohm and staff are the best.. really cares about our animals..

karen ring

3 years ago

Dr Omm and staff are amazing, gentle caring people. They truly care for our pets. The service was wonderful and at a really good price. I totally recommend the Cloverdale Animal Hospital as your pets vet. I do not have an affiliation with this place and haven't received remuneration for my review. In case you were wondering.


3 years ago

awful experience at this clinic! filthy, unprofessional, rude, and not even worth your time.

Derek Humphrey

3 years ago

Dr Om and his staff are awesome. I have 2 diabetic dogs and they are always there for us. He will answer your call any time of the say. Thanks Dr. From Buster.

Navi Pattar

3 years ago

The reception is absolutely amazing and there is no veterinarian like Dr Om. He truly loves and cares for his patients as if they were his own. Very knowledgeable and professional!

Ron Horvat

3 years ago

Good staff, caring vets, good prices.


3 years ago

There is so much wrong with this clinic, I don't even know where to start. The level of disorganization and unprofessionalism is astounding. When trying to make an appointment, they often refuse and just tell you to drop in. When you drop in they are of course full, and the only way to get in is wait multiple hours or demand they schedule you an appointment for another day. My dog had a corrective surgery in February that was unsuccessful, so they offered to redo it. However, everytime I tried to schedule the second surgery with them they said they would call me back and NOT ONCE, did they follow through. After SEVEN MONTHS, I was finally able to get back in. They waited until my dog was put under to call and tell me they couldn't redo the surgery. They then proceeded to cut his nails on 3/4 paws. Ive never seen a dog's nails cut so poorly, they were tattered and broken, and I have way more success cutting his nails when he's concious than they managed to do with him passed out. They frequently have a lack of communication when explaining what they plan to do with/ give your animal, and the unprofessionalism when trying to get your animal in for a visit is astounding. I would highly recommend seeking another vet.

premika Narayan

3 years ago

I would like to thank Dr. Om for being so caring and helpful, it was totally after hours he was gone home but my puppy was sick so he came back and give my puppy her medicine she needed Dr..Om is very good doctor. Thank you Premika.

Sarah Seeck

3 years ago

Dr. Om is amazing and treated my cat wonderfully. He also helped when my mother's dog started to decline and was able to take him in on short notice.

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