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Stephanie C

2 years ago

100% trust and recommend Greystone Animal Hospital, the staff and doctor are incredible and kind to our pup! It can be scary going to a vet, however, there are no fears with this one! We have recommend to multiple people who are looking for confident care for their loved animals.

Wendy Coulson

2 years ago

The service is always good in there we won't Take our dog anywhere else they have expanded the office

Jakub Dolák

2 years ago

Super friendly staff, awesome doctor who really cares about animals. 10/10

kerry coulson

2 years ago

Great vet and vet assistants

Dave Hui

2 years ago

Our puppy loves coming here to see Dr. Kamboj! Her tail is always wagging walking to and inside the clinic. The staff here are professional, kind, and take great care of your pets. We always leave feeling like we got the best of care.

Tay Cun

2 years ago

As a first time pet owner and a new parent they were kind pleasant. They explained proceedures before hand. They explained the medication and how to administer and explained the after care. They even call to check up on the fur-patient. They really take care of you and they take care of your pet. Highly recommend

Alyssa Hajum

2 years ago

Awesome experience bringing my doggo in. Definitely will bring him here from now on :)

J Pisacreta

2 years ago

Great Vet, good common sense approach, very fair pricing, no pressure service

zlybax o'mally NukeToronto

2 years ago

We have been here multiple times now for our dachshund. Everything from regular checkups to what we felt was an emergency (which the Dr correctly diagnosed as him having eaten some cannabis) to most recently a diagnosis of pancreatitis, with the resulting tests indicating early stage kidney failure. Dr. Kamboj has always been thorough and caring, but has never once made us feel we're being upsold on unnecessary treatments or medications. The nurses are likewise very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone I know.

James Loucks

2 years ago

Were very helpful and tender with our cat. Followed up the next to see how he was doing.

Jennifer Evancio

2 years ago

The entire team is professional and friendly. I am really happy to have found this veterinary clinic.


2 years ago

Great vet with awesome pet-side manner. They really care and don’t charge an-arm-and-a-leg!

Sophia and Hans Goksoyr

2 years ago

They are wonderful, caring, supportive and so helpful.

Helen Traverse

2 years ago

Awesome staff took great care of my kitties

David Smith

2 years ago

Lucky's vet for many years. The cats go there as well. We love the care the pets get and the professional staff ????

Button Switch

2 years ago

Finally .....a vet (et al.) that cares about animals!

Chandra Snow

2 years ago

I've visited a number of vets over the years, and this clinic is the best. I've been bringing my cat here for about five years (surgery, dental cleaning, and treatment of eye infections, among other things). Dr. Kamboj's advice and treatment have always been excellent and both he and his support staff have always been extremely helpful and patient when I have questions (I can be pretty neurotic about my cat). Greystone is also quite reasonably priced compared to other clinics in the area, and not in any way pushy about their services. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Koutecky

2 years ago

Brought my 3 year old cat for dental cleaning,and shots he is doing well, front staff really caring and knowledgeable, as well as how clean it was, Jessie really helped me and explained everything to me before we booked, Thank you Graystone hospital me and my fur babes will be back!

Vic Capiral

2 years ago

The doc and the staff here are great! Very knowledgeable and helpful when needed most!

Twila Schembri

2 years ago

Amazing place! Very caring people who have taken wonderful care of my dog's and cat. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Carolina Schulz

3 years ago

I had an excellent experience with this Animal Hospital. From the first time I reached out via Email, I received a prompt reply from Paisley with all information I was looking for. Their quote for the Dental procedure I needed for my Dog was better than all the other Vets or Animal Hospitals I reached out, and the Veterinarian had excellent reviews on Google and Yelp. One day before the appointment I received a reminder email with instructions and when I entered the Animal Hospital (even using a mask due to COVID 19) it smelled perfectly clean and disinfected. I have never seen such an organized and clean space, not even my family doctor or the Hospital I go to for Humans is so organized and clean. I felt very re-assured, the staff is knowledgeable about the procedure and explained to me the procedure that would be performed to my pet. Something I really appreciated as well was: they offered to call me to pick my dog up after an hour of observation after waking up, because not all dogs enjoy being kept in the cage away from the owners after a procedure. It shows me they really care about the pets well being and experience. Last comment I would like to make is about the medication I was given to take home. In comparison with previous vets/ animal hospitals these antibiotics and pain killers seem to be more modern, with flavoring for dogs, I did not need to hide a pill inside food to trick my dog... I just gave it to her and she did not refuse (this is from my experience - again I am not a doctor or vet so I could be wrong - just my impression).

Andrea Brayshaw

3 years ago

The staff and the Doctor are so friendly and helpful. Have been taking our puppy here and have been very happy with the service. They are always so helpful answering any questions we have had. Highly recommend this clinic.

Didou Lique

3 years ago

Please don't go there!!! The vet refused to give an oxytocin shot to my dog that just gave birth and didn't expel the last placenta because this treatment was against is conviction.... And now she is fighting against an infection, high fever, diarrhea, no food, no drink... she had to be under IV medication for a day, blood test, drugs for a week and we are not sure that she will fully recover!! And all of that only because the vet refused to give assistance to my dog in danger! It's ANIMAL ABUSE!!!! But they don't care they charged me $250 for an Xray that i didn't even ask for! This type of behavior shouldn't be allowed in a medical care, you are a doctor to help sick client, your convictions or believes shouldn't interact at all!!! Please if you want your pet to live a long and happy life, don't go there!!!

Priscilla Larocque

3 years ago

The vet here (Varinder Kamboj) is very unprofessional and impossible to understand. He always seems rushed every time we come in and doesn’t seem to care about his job. Today was the last time we’re ever coming back because as he was trying to restrain our puppy to look at his eyes he then went to put a muzzle on him(even though our puppy wasn’t biting) of course our puppy was panicking and he has the audacity to say “you should really train your dog” when we do countless hours of training with him. Only giving 2 stars instead of 1 because the front desk staff is very friendly and helpful. I do not recommend!!

Nadine O'Donnell

3 years ago

They have always been there whenever I/my pets have needed them.

Bead C

3 years ago

It is my first kitten, and this is my first time going animal hospital. My kitten had a fever last week and it truly scared me since I never have a cat before, not mention a weak and sick kitten. Therefore, I brought him to this community animal hospital cause it is the nearest one for me. He really got a fever (104.2 F) after testing his temperature. Then the doctor said it is very high tempearture for cats and suggested give him a blood test. Of course, I followed the doctor's advice and get blood drawn in the lab. After the lab, the doctor gives me 7 pills antibiotic medicine (half pill every time, two times a day, morning and evening, for seven days). The next day, the doctor phoned me and told me he just had a virus infection and he has very low RBC (Reb Blood Cell Count), and the doctor said keeping taking antibiotic pills should be good, no more cure needed so far. Here are the reasons why I give one star: 1). Do we need a blood test to diagnose a "virus infection"? It seems the blood test only tells low RBC. I know he is virus infection by his symptom. And blood test is very expensive (200 out of 300, the whole fee is 300). The doctor didn't tell which kind of virus infected my kitten as well. There are a whole range of virus infections there, virus infection is too general based on a full blood test. 2). The doctor conduct the blood test on my kitten when he clearly knows the kitten weights 0.4 kg. If you have ever conduct a blood test for your cat, you should know how much blood they draw. I think it is the main reason why my kitten has a very low RBC. I doubt how severe a fever can be that a doctor need to conduct a full blood test on a 0.4kg kitten considering how much blood you need to draw from that skinny body. And my kitten still has a very pale lips now (one week after the diagnosis). 3). The antibiotic doesn't work at all, it helps nothing but let my kitten sleep heavily and remain listless. As we all know, antibiotics only cures bacterial and have no effect on virus. I know virus infection may lead to some bacterial infection, but antibiotics doesn't help cure virus infection although it may relieve its side effect. I maybe a little negative, but I tend to think they make the blood test for profits, not for the kitten's health, even worsen kitten's health for my case. I have heard that a lot of animal hospitals make profits by conducting "tests", not curing your lovely fluffy kid. Of course, hospitals are not charity, everybody is happy to pay if they do their job -- cure the poor kitten, not for my case. I now taking great care of my kitten, I won't take him to greystone animal hospital anymore. After I stop applying antibiotics, he is getting more active. People are losing jobs, so I got plenty of time to care him by myself. I won't take him to hospital if his condition doesn't go worse. Now, I think it is a better choice for him to recover by himself.


3 years ago

I’m so grateful that this animal hospital was able to see my dog for an eye infection on such short notice. I called them on a Sunday around 12pm explaining my dog’s symptoms and that I was worried. They were able to fit us in at 1:45pm. The Dr was very thorough when explaining treatments. Got antibiotic eye drops for my pup and his eye is sooo much better. Thank you!!!!


3 years ago

Dr. Kamboj and his team provided an excellent care to us and our golden retriever, they didn't hesitate to admit us with no pre-scheduled appointment when we were in need. Dr. Kamboj procedures were very effective, efficient and together with his staff he was very supportive and empathetic to us. Thank you for your care, our puppy is doing great now! Greatly recommended!

marie calogeros

3 years ago

Dr. jam oh and his team saved my dog. They cared enough to take him right away, they excelled his case to a specialist. I can’t thank them enough and neither can Max.

Dana Johnson

3 years ago

I have used this Vet for my dog and my cat when we still had her. My dog is very fearful and the Dr and all the staff are so gentle and kind with him. He came in late one night when my dog was in pain for some unknown reason and was very good to us. There is no "upselling" of services, treatments, or products and their prices are very fair and reasonable. I can't recommend them enough.

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