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Jonah Garza

2 years ago

I have taken my dog here for a little over a year and a half. Great care. I was never allowed in or the opportunity to meet the vet face to face because of Covid-19. I understood for the longest time. But I went in for a check up last fall and was surprised. I tried walking in the building and no one there was wearing masks. The receptionist said that I must wait in my car because of the covid mandates. I went to my car, called them, and asked why they weren't wearing masks, yet I have to wait in my car. She said most were vaccinated; like that matters in the eyes of the governor's mandate. Having patients wait in the car is not mandated. It is this business's choice. For them to act like it's because of the mandate is completely unethical and unprofessional. Most vets in the area don't force people to wait in their cars while their animal receives care. They were breaking the mandate. She acted like I was the crazy one. She said she was just following the rules. (Even though she wasn't by not wearing a mask... AS A RECEPTIONIST) I asked to speak to her boss which happened to be the owner's wife. The receptionist said she was busy and would call me soon. I never received a call and I am not going back.

Jennifer Hartman

2 years ago

My pet and I are new to services provided at South Grand Vet. I have taken my dog to SGV twice. We have seen Dr. Miller both times. Our first visit was for GI issues that have persisted over the past few years. After a thorough assessment Dr. Miller suggested a prescription diet and within a week my dogs GI symptoms were gone. I was very pleased with the follow up that Dr. Miller provided, her genuine concerns for my fur baby made me feel comfortable with the choices that I was given to solve this longstanding GI issue that my dog has had. When my dog developed an ear irritation I felt comfortable calling Dr. Miller again. We were able to get in quickly for an appointment and once again my dog was properly diagnosed and treated. She is feeling much better and I am thankful for the quick response from Dr. Miller and the team at South Grand Vet. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller for any of your pets needs.

Vicki Spencer

2 years ago

I'm new to the area and a friend recommended Dr. Miller. I was not disappointed! She was so thorough and caring with our family dog. He had been vomiting for a couple of days and was becoming lethargic. He was diagnosed with a foreign body in his abdomen and promptly taken in for surgery. He's doing amazing now and back to himself. Dr.Miller and the staff at South grand vet clinic are outstanding!

Carol Wolfe

2 years ago

Unfortunately I had to have my cat, Bodie, put to sleep there today.. They were very caring and compassionate.

christina decker

2 years ago

I took my dog in to see Dr. Miller unfortunately I had to stay in the car while they took my dog in who had been not feeling well for a couple of days. After they called me when Dr. Miller did the exam she told me they would have to do blood work and some x-rays i said that was fine. When they got the results back and told me it was low thyroid and gave him some meds for that and said it would take some time for the medications to work. I took my dog home and started the medication after a week he still wasn't getting better so I called they wanted me to bring him back for over night care and IV. I decided since it was going to be another 500.00 I would get a second opinion. So I called a vet closer to home they got my dogs x-rays and blood work and sat down with me to go over my dogs blood work which I thought was so nice since Dr. Miller never did. Anyway they inform me my dogs thyroid was low and he also had stage 1 kidney disease need special dog food they also put him on some meds for his leg which Dr. Miller want to remove when my dog was better. He is doing so much better so thankful I found Dr. MOM in Spokane Valley! Would not recommend Dr. Miller.

Darlene Gaffney

2 years ago

Dr Rush and his staff are absolutely the best!! I feel that we get awesome care.❤❤❤????‍????????

Rachael Gonzalez

2 years ago

We saw Dr. Miller. She is really nice and informative. While she did find that my cat had renal disease which I do appreciate because I got another couple of months with him, she never really addressed the issue I originally came in for. This and the following is why I changed my rating from 4 to 3 stars. I once called to see if I could bring another cat to the appointment the reception staff said they never put my other pets name down for the appointment which would explain why I never got a reminder call. They also had food visible at the reception desk which was something that was not allowed when I worked at Banfield. Finally the staff miss pronounced a medication from what would be an URI med to what is an antipsychotic med in humans. I know my spelling and grammar are not great in Google reviews, but this is not my job so getting things right isn't a priority but when it comes to common medications your clinic distributes you should know these things. This tells me that they either don't hire staff with minimal certifications or they don't take the time to properly train their staff. I prefer to go to a vet clinic that take animal care as seriously as human medical clinics take human health care. I switched to another vet on the South Hill.

The Enigma 1144

2 years ago

Don't bring your pets here, just don't. My cat was having a life threatening urinary blockage and I took him in. They claimed they cleaned him out and sent us home with some meds. He was traumatized and still unable to pee, in fact he was even worse than before. He couldn't couldn't walk and hasn't eaten/drank water since last night. They told me to just give him meds and he would get better. He didn't in fact I'm at the emergency room right now not even a day later becuase he is so sick I couldn't wait anymore. The ER told me that if I hadn't brought him in he would have died today. That he needs to be hospitalized and on a catheter for several days if he's gonna make it. If I had followed this clinics advice my cat would be dead today. I am furious becuase I spent the rest of my savings here for the treatment he was supposed to receive and didn't. I had to make a gofundme to pay for costs and get a loan and I'm now going to be in extreme debt.

Lyle O'Neel

2 years ago

I don't enjoy sitting in car while pet is being treated. I understand the reason but am looking forward to when this is not considered to be necessary. Thanks for your excellent care of Rawley.

Travis Johnson (StAlphonzo)

2 years ago

This clinic is full of loving professionals. Our dog actually loves visiting with them.

Jennifer Hand

2 years ago

Excellent service and they were able to see us in just a few days after adopting a new dog. Will transfer our other dogs here

Christopher Spencer

2 years ago

Took a new puppy in to get checked out for a UTI. Dr. Perscribed a NUKE of a medication that is NOT meant for dogs under a certain age. The cutt-off wasn't even close, so a "judgement call" wasn't the reason these meds were given. The puppy ended up needing an emergency vet visit because of sever and uncontrollable shaking, "drunk walking" and other dangerous warning signs. The 24 hour emergency clinic said it was the meds and how they should not be given to puppies, or even as the first option to treat a UTI. After contacting them to explain the issue, they ghosted. Didn't return calls, emails, or even bother to apologize for any of it, let alone offer up anything else. I'd avoid this place with your pets.

Christina Morse

2 years ago

Dr. Miller and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to save my parents' cat after he had been hit by a car. The family was pretty shaken up and we're so grateful Mickey will have many more years to live his best kitty life!

Christine Slider

2 years ago

The staff is fantastic, the prices are great, and my little dog Finn was happy the whole time!. My new favorite Vet place on the South Hill!

Irene Dilley

2 years ago

They were so nice and professional with my mom's cat! Would highly recommend.

Kat Milton

2 years ago

Dr. Rush performed a cranial cruciate ligament surgery on my 12 year old dog. The price was much better than anticipated. My dog recovered beautifully and the follow up appointment was free. Dr. Rush was kind enough to answer any questions I had and made it clear that he was available for any further questions. I would highly recommend this facility. Even the veterinary techs are gentle and sweet with my old boy.

Pepperann Saccheri

2 years ago

Hands down the Best vet in the world.. If i could give him 100 stars i would! Thank you for everything you do and have done Dr.Rush.

Virginia Kneib

2 years ago

Good prices, caring people. Each time the vet called & spoke to me after the pet visit (covid restrictions) in detail to let me know where it stood with my animal. He did not go to the most expensive treatment right away and was honest about how much my animal really needed or didn't need a procedure.

Vikki Hoskins

2 years ago

I wasn’t sure which veterinary I had taken my cats to I found South Hill veterinarian on my phone search My dog had eaten some mouse poison and I needed to have her vomit to get it out I called them and they met me at the door- took her in -The doctors came out to my vehicle and explained everything their prognosis and also checked with me on further medication that I had to OK I was very impressed with their professionalism and compassion My border collie seems to be back to her normal self as of this evening I would suggest this clinic to anyone in the Spokane area I drove in from Greenacres and passed a lot of different veterinarians in my area because I like the way I was treated on the phone when I called this office for my emergency Hands down they are a great team I will definitely return for my other animals

Christina Meyer

2 years ago

Me gusta Dr. Rush. My dogs walk straight in and seem a little nervous, but pretty calm. He does a good job on conversing and explaining to pet parents.

Chelsea Shirley

2 years ago

I bring my cat here because Dr rush genuinely cares. He helped my boy when I didn't really think he was going to make it.

Braden McGlone

2 years ago

Worst veterinary experience in my 15 years of being a dog owner and lover. Let me begin by saying that I'm absolutely shocked that Dr. Rush and his team have any positive reviews whatsoever. Also, I very rarely leave negative public reviews unless I feel that it's completely necessary and that I might prevent a poor experience for someone else. I am new to Spokane and found South Grand Vet online. My first visit was for an examination of my 10 year old lab's back leg after a noticeable difference in how he was walking with it. I was told with certainty that he tore his ACL and was referred to the veterinary surgery specialists. After an exam with the specialist, it was determined that it was most definitely not an ACL tear, a prior lower Achilles injury that should have been recognized at his visit to South Grand. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and returned to South Grand Vet several months later to examine a mass in the same hind leg. They performed a fine needle aspiration and I was told that the lab would have results within a day or so. A week passes by and I finally called them only to be told that the first test was inconclusive and that I needed to come back in... I take him back in for the second aspiration. A month passed by, no word from Dr. Rush. I should have followed up sooner but I was hoping the "no news is good news" theory was in play. Well, I finally called over a month after the second aspiration was done to find out that they did get the results in weeks ago and they were quite alarming. It was likely an aggressive soft tissue sarcoma tumor. Dr. Rush casually apologized by saying "someone cleaned my desk off so the results were misplaced". Now that I had him on the phone, Dr. Rush proceeded to read me the lab report word-for-word as if it was the first time he was reading it himself. Most of it being medical language that no common person would understand. No recommendations, no empathy, no concern. But his next action was the most shocking. He began to search and read through what was described as a private veterinarian forum. He rambled on while he was reading through other cases for at least 5 minutes before I had to stop the conversation out of pure shock and frustration. At no point did he showcase any clinical judgement or weigh in on the matter based on his own professional experience. His overall demeanor was not of a professional guiding a patient through a traumatic experience. He threw around possibilities of amputation and 6-month life expectancy like it was an everyday occurrence. Without request, he quoted $700-900 to "take the leg". At this point, we decided to change clinics and the process of having his records transferred included several follow up calls to the front desk and guidance on how to send an attachment via email... Fast forward to today - my Labrador just underwent amputation surgery of the mentioned hind leg. At a cost more than $4k. I truly believe if we would have acted quickly on the results that were presented, there's a chance the tumor could have been removed and amputation could have been avoided. If you love your pets like we love ours, I would not trust their well-being in the hands of this clinic.

Alison Burns

2 years ago

I have been taking my animals there for many years. I have never worked with kinder people that truly care about our pets. Dr. Rush has always given me as much time as I need to discuss issues and treatment plans. He has also taken the time to call and check up on the status of my pets. Can't thank that team enough.

Nicole Buchmann

3 years ago

They took great care of my fur baby's

James Norman

3 years ago

If you have a pet you love very much I recommend this veterinarian he's the best I've had since I've been taking my dog and cat

Jordyn Young

3 years ago

I have never had such an amazing experience with a vet. I brought my Bernese Mountain Dog in to have an update on his vaccines and try to figure out what has been going on with him as he had become a bit lethargic and not like himself for a couple of days. I was obviously very worried about him, but the phone call from Dr. Rush put all my worries at ease. He answered every single one of my questions, wanted to make sure he knew all of the details about what had been going on and informed me what the problems could be. He was extremely thorough and kind. Every interaction I have had with the staff has been great. I will bring all of my animals here - I am so grateful to have found Dr. Rush!

Mickey Miller

3 years ago

Thanks for all Pepsi Family getting their shots. All 5 are happy cats!!!

wayne stronk

3 years ago

Our cat was under some type of gastric distress and even tho the clinic was full, they cared enough to take him in. He was put under observation, evaluated, and cared for in between the staffs other appointments.

Katlyn Moos

3 years ago

After calling all the veterinary clinics in Spokane Valley to get my cat a same day appointment I finally stumbled upon South Grand Veterinary Clinic. They were able to fit my Neptune into their already busy schedule. I was beyond amazed by their customer service and animal care. The doctor gave me an in-depth summery of what was happening and my cat came out of their office happier than I've ever seen him leave a veterinary clinic.


3 years ago

Dr. Rush and his staff do a great job, always courteous and prompt, their sincere love of animals is very evident. Quality care every time!

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