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Robin B

2 years ago

After our nearly 13 year old Mastiff had a stroke and we couldn't transport him, we needed someone to come to our house. We got an appointment within hours of calling and requesting one. The vet was knowledgeable, friendly, and very accommodating. He calmed our worried minds. Our old boy is close to fully recovered now.

Toni Youngman

2 years ago

Very professional. Made the decision we made as gentle as possible. Very carring & compassionate. Would recommend to everyone faced with this decision

Doug Casteel

2 years ago

The doctor made us feel at ease on our best friends last day. I feel like he felt our pain.he even sent me a sympathy card.

MandieLayne Primal

2 years ago

Scheduled for vet to come immediately, he said he'd be there by 10:30am. At 10:35am, still no vet. My dog passed, in my arms. It was devastating. The vet arrived 5 minutes later, then used his stethoscope to verify that my dog had no heartbeat, and pronounced him dead (WE KNEW THAT!) then charged me $50. It was absurd. I still, to this day, do not understand why I was charged FIFTY DOLLARS!!! when he was late and didn't do anything! Will not be using this mobile vet ever again; once I get another dog, or any animal!

Sandi Goodwin

2 years ago

Dr. Kennedy came to my home and was so skilled, kind and helpful on a very difficult day.

Bethany Oye

2 years ago

An Incredibly kind man full of more compassion and care than you could imagine. He made, what has been one of the hardest days of my entire life a smooth & gentle transition to peace. He was not only very professional, but he was very respectful. He came in, checked out my girl to make sure I wasn't just making up the situation to get rid of her like some do, then gave her a shot to sedate her, stepped outside to give us our private time, then came back in and gave her the other medicine, then stepped out again to let us cry and grieve the loss of my little girl, then came back in one more time to make sure there was no heartbeat and that she had fully passed on. He also is one of only two who offer this kind of service to Spokane Valley. When he called, I had just gotten off the phone with the other clinic and they couldn't come for another 4-5 days. He called me back (I had called the night before and left a voice mail explaining the situation) before noon and came in 45 minutes. He did also offer cremation services but I had already picked out another one (Eternal Paws which does INDIVIDUAL pet cremation, so you are only getting your pet and also offer a pick up & drop off service so that is one less trauma in the whole process). I did not ask any specifics when he mentioned the cremation service so I do not know if his clinic does individual cremation as well. Between the 2 clinics that do offer service in my area, he charged less. So in a time of spending a lot of money during, again, an extremely difficult time, it was nice to know we were getting a fair price. All in all, I never want to have to go through this again but if I do, this gentleman is the first and only one I'll call. Thank you again so much Dr. Tod Kennedy. You a soothing, kind light. Thank you for letting me hold her the whole time so I could comfort her and for being so gentle with my little girl. Update: It's been 3 days since and I just received a condolence card in the mail from him. He goes above and beyond & continues to show endless compassion. I'm truly touched by his heart and comfort through this journey.

Colleen Langdon

2 years ago

Dr. Kennedy came and put my Golden retriever down and he was very kind and efficient. It was nice he came to my house cost me $175 plus $60 travel fee. That is definitely most cost efficient than the other places I called and he was able to come out within a couple hours. If you have to go through this whole experience I would definitely recommend calling Dr Kennedy.

Just Me

3 years ago

Professional fast knowledgeable his first concern is your pets health

Cheyeanne Murphy

3 years ago

Kash was family not just a dog. When we had to make the choice to end his pain. Driving to the vet seemed awful and probably not safe. I cannot say enough amazing things about having Dr Kennedy come to my home and help us make a smooth transition. He gave us time in between the shots. It was very peaceful. 2 days after I received a handwritten condolence card.

veronica Hall

3 years ago

Dr. Kennedy was wonderful with my dog!

Emily Clark

3 years ago

Great service for affordable vet care! Try to get there right as they open as it’s first come first serve.

Donald Preston

3 years ago

Was one of the most caring vets that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I had to have my feline buddy put to sleep. Dr Kennedy was most gentle in the manner in which he put her to rest. 5 stars is not enough to describe his service. His rates were much lower than I expected. Thank you Dr Kennedy. You went above and beyond.

Dan Fereira

3 years ago

Best convenient vet in town and the visit is very good with lots of love. The pet is happy for the visit from a considerate and confident veterinarian.

Ashley Garrett

3 years ago

We had Dr. Kennedy come to our home to put our sweet dog Yoshi to sleep yesterday.. Yoshi had osteosarcoma and was in so much pain.. we wanted him to go peacefully in the comfort of our home. Dr. Kennedy was great. My husband and I questioned if this was the right thing to do.. he was Very reassuring and calming. He gave us the time alone, in between the shots, so we could spend the last precious moments with our boy before he passed. Thank you Dr. Kennedy!! We will absolutely be going through you for any vet appointments going forward!

Andrew F

3 years ago

I had to put my beloved cat of 17yrs down. Dr. Tod went above all my expectations. He is calming, gentle, kind, and smart went it comes to animal care. I wanted to send my kittie off peacfully, And I think I chose the right option. I would recomend Dr. Tod hes a very nice person.

Jenny Patricks

3 years ago

Does not answer or return calls.

Jeremy BA

3 years ago

My mom and I had to put our beloved 19 years old cat Charlie to sleep after he went downhill the last 28 hours. Dr. Kennedy was very helpful during this process of preparing to lose our beloved pet. He was tough to understand, but he recognized our body language. Thank you for everything you do.

Kiesha Locklear

3 years ago

VERY CONVENIENT. I was on the tail end of moving cross country and needed an updated rabies shot for my dog per my new building requirements. The doc showed up at my hotel room in person, same day. I think it was $102 total for the shot and the trip. Not bad at all. He was very pleasant and my dog hated being restrained way more than the actual shot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thanks Doc!

Michael Beck

3 years ago

Great bedside manner, polite and understanding. Also better priced than many other regional emergency clinics Come here with confidence

Barbara Grimes

4 years ago

Just what you need when you've got a menagerie.

Bertina Yslas

4 years ago

Dr. Kennedy was so very kind when he came to our home to ease my Shelby's suffering at the end of her time with me. It was greatly appreciated and I should have written this sooner. He is a lovely and caring man.

brad welter

4 years ago

This man is priceless!!! Very attentive Knowledgeable, experienced and helpful!

CynDee Aerts

4 years ago

Dr. Kennedy is efficient, compassionate and comes to the home to care for our fur babies in their own comfortable environment.

David VanKirk

4 years ago

Diane and Erica supported us during the pet's last days. It is not an easy service to provide and yet the service and care was superb. They are the right people to trust with these difficult and emotion circumstances. A month last they were there for my brother-in-laws family as they said goodbye to their sweet pet. Tranquil Passings also suggested Loving Paws for cremation services and arranged everything for us. Loving Paws was as wonderful as Tranquil Passings. Thank you Diane, Erica and Tranquil Passings.

Dianna Simmons

4 years ago

They did awesome with our dog

Dulcie Ruf

4 years ago

Dr Kennedy has been doing home visits for our dogs for about 7 years now. I am so grateful for his kindness & skill in caring for numerous old dogs (special needs & senior rescues). Recently he performed a final call for our 16 year old lab. She was sedated and just calmly went to sleep. Thank you again.

Sue Bloom

4 years ago

We had to say goodbye to our 16.5 year old cat. Dr Kennedy was gentle, respectful, and eased the passing for our cat and for us.We were able to do all this at home, which also helped greatly. He reassured us, and hard as it was to say goodbye, he made it easier.

Timothy McCanna

4 years ago

Thank you for making Moemoe’s passing so peaceful.

jeromy Smith

5 years ago

A wonderful man who will take great care of your pets without automatically jumping to the most expensive option. I can't express how much I appreciate him coming out to see my two old pups.

Doctor Nitro

5 years ago

MOST AMAZING VET I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN MY LIFE. And I've had animals all my life. He sees my 19 year old kitty because she can't handle the stress and trauma of a car ride and vet's office and he's just as sweet and patient with the animals as he is with their humans! Very good prices too. Very knowledgeable, can answer any type of question. I called him out one time when my kitty acted weird one day and it turned out to be nothing and I was embarrassed but he assured me he totally understood, and I believed him. This man genuinely loves animals.

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