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Lynnea Aillery

2 years ago

Auntie Linda took great care of our 3 cats for over a week. She was very accommodating and reasonably priced. She also sent us texts with photos and updates on how they were doing. Our cats looked happy and well taken care of when we went to pick them up and it was clear they had a great week! I highly recommend Auntie Linda's boarding service.

kathy wagner

2 years ago

Haven't used her services yet. Seems to be a nice person! We had a pre-boarding meeting, my dog, part Pitty (female) introduced one at a time to dogs already in boarding, all went wonderfully! ...I thought! I was given quite a lot of paperwork and instructed to schedule for a Kennel Cough vaccine, plus exam. $80.00 later, I got everything ready for train trip to see mom and sis in Wisconsin. Three hours before my train left, I went to drop off my dog. Auntie Linda came to the door, saying she didn't have anyone on her schedule. WHAT? Then she told me, "This is just not going to work out." WHAT???? I stood on her sidewalk, my jaw hanging in unbelievably numbing shock! I had no back up, and had to forfeit my entire trip. This made NO difference to Aunty Linda. She just went back in her house, not even saying goodbye! (Says E-mail sent?, but never received by me!) Not all Pitties are aggressive, as portrayed in the media! In fact, they were often Nanny dogs to children in the past. When raised with love, they are very sweet, but protective of those they love. Although Aunty Linda did seem to be nice upon meeting, her integrity left so much to be desired. I recommend you keep looking for a place where your pet is Welcome! Pitties need not apply!

Leah Elaine Jones

2 years ago

Absolutely not! If I can rate this no stars I would! Took my dog here she’s a girl. And this lady had already dogs there and released them to meet my dog and the male German shepherd attacked my dog! Absolutely not ok! Maybe next time you let your dogs meet a strangers pet put them on a leash. We tried to pull my girl away and her dog kept coming and with another right behind my baby, myself and my boyfriends mother were holding our dog and she was terrified! She’s terrified to even go in the car now because she thinks she has to come back to this awful place. I would like to mention Linda did mention she would pay for the vet bill but this not just about money my dog is terrified.

Stacy Addams

2 years ago

My Russian blue kitty didn't want to leave aunties house , just after two days!!! Thank you Linda for making my little guy feel so safe.


2 years ago

Linda took very good care of our cat Thomas. You can tell that she has a heart for animals. She made sure to send me lots of pictures while we were gone and Thomas was happy when we picked him up ????


2 years ago

Haven't used the services yet, but very friendly and personable owner.

Steve Peterson

2 years ago

My 15 year old chihuahua Tron really loves Auntie Linda’s pet boarding! I’m very picky about who I leave him with and how he is treated if he’s not with me, and Auntie Linda’s absolutely aced his stay over. He’s not real good with most care facilities because of partial blindness and being such a tiny dude. When he goes to Auntie Linda’s he gets excited when we get there, I think it’s because he knows I’m leaving, but he feels safe in her care and knows I will be back. Everyday he’s not with me, I receive a new picture of him smiling and laying on his cushion. I’m not the easily trusting type, but after the first of many happy stays, I knew this was the dog-sitter I needed. If at any point I am running late or need an extra days care, Linda has happily helped accommodate, within reason, changes of plan. I feel very happy with every stay he’s had, she truly cares for animals and loves being around them and it shows. So from Tron and me, Thanks Auntie Linda You’re a great caretaker of man’s best friend!

Linda Jenks

2 years ago

I am sorry. However, for me it was not acceptable.

Janet Gillespie

2 years ago

Excellent animal sitter!!!! My 2 siamese cats lived at Linda's over the month of March, while I negotiated a complex move out of state. I visited several times and felt relieved that my cats were so well cared for. Linda is a straight forward, responsible, competent animal-sitter. She provides exactly what she advertises: a safe, pleasant place for animals to be boarded. Linda is positive, direct and caring. She is flexible to accommodate client needs and she has an uncanny sense of what will and won't work, in terms of placing animals in her home; she has many animals at once and considers the current mix of critters placed, when accepting new clients. Over several visits, I witnessed both great dog and cat care, and appropriate food and kennel/open room placement of animals in her home. Linda is ethical and honest, and her rates are a bargain for the care she provides. She is polite and deserves polite clients. This is a dream come true for nervous pet owners looking for excellent care. Linda ricks!!

Sam Ramirez

3 years ago

This is the 2nd time I’ve used Auntie Linda’s service to board my cats while on vacation. She is very responsible and takes excellent care of them. I definitely recommend using her each time you need an animal looked after while gone.

Rhonda Hayes

3 years ago

Excellent service. Auntie Linda is very sweet and kind my cats love her too. I would highly recommend this place for a safe, professional, and clean facility for all your pet’s care/needs.

Liesel Bradshaw

3 years ago

Auntie Linda’s provides good, reliable service at a very affordable price. It is clear that she really cares about the animals in her care, as well as their owners. We left our cat with her for two weeks and she updated us regularly with photos and texts. I never had to worry for one moment. She will be my go-to pet boarding facility from now on.

Kathy Preston

3 years ago

Until I could find a place to live that would allow cats, I needed to board my baby Jill. Little did I know I would find someone who loves animals, an has a special place in her heart for cats. Jill stayed with Aunt Linda for six months. Jill could not have been happier. Jill was well cared for, brushed, nails clipped and even went on a diet and lost weight. Aunt Linda kept untouched with me and let me know how Jill was doing an she even sent me pictures along the way. Jill was sleeping with Aunt Linda so I know she felt comfortable and loved???? The price was very reasonable and I will definitely take any pet I have back to Aunt Linda. Thank you Aunt Linda.

Elizabeth Payton

3 years ago

We are very picky about anyone watching our three little short hair cats. When our apartment needed to treat for possible pests we turned to Auntie Linda's. With Covid going around we knew we wantss to support a local business. We recieved a few pics of our three little girls during their overnight stay and were given peace of mind instantly when we met her. Our girls were returned to us in the same condition we entrusted them to her in. We couldnt be more pleased. We will definitely be using her services again. Thank you so much Linda for the care and love you gave them.

Cheryl Chapman

3 years ago

Aunt Linda's took great care of my cat. She loved it. Very reasonable daily rate.

Shannon Gray

3 years ago

I'm a Professional Yorkie Breeder. After talking to Linda for only a short time by phone, she won me over with her vast knowledge of not just Good Boarding practices but extensive knowledge of special medical needs care and wisdom! I will be referring all my customers to Auntie Linda!

Asher S

4 years ago

My brother and I went there with our dogs to see if they would be a good fit, and it was a bit of a disaster. We brought them to her back yard where she let out the other dog that was staying with her. When the other dog started barking, she brought out a plastic bat and HIT THE DOG with it. She then looked at us and said “it doesn’t hurt it’s just to get him to stop”. She has this plastic kiddie pool in the backyard for the dogs to drink out of, which she explains that she keeps clean by adding POOL CHLORINE TABLETS to. Please don’t take your dogs here.

Richard Lee

4 years ago

Takes good care of our animals

Mark Zandhuisen

4 years ago

Linda is a warm person who cares about the animals as if they were her own. If you have a special way of playing with your dog or your dog has special needs, Linda's place gives them that extra special " Home away from Home".

LeeAnn McGill

4 years ago

My Fiancè and I left our Chorkie with Linda for 10 nights and we would take him back if we needed him taken care of. Linda sent us pictures of Turbo everyday and when we got him back he was excited and happy like a dog that just came from vacation. Our only issue we have is the fact that there was no way for our 9lb chorkie to go through 4 lbs of food in that short amount of time. I wish I would have noticed before I left but that's my bad for not checking. It also would have been helpful to inform me that I was almost completely out of dog food before we left especially when the bag was brand new when we dropped him off.

Justin Boldt

4 years ago

Linda is extremely sweet, loves animals, and has the best prices in town! I moved from Seattle to Spokane and she took care of my dog for over 2 months while I was making the transition. I highly recommend Auntie Linda's!

Hongjia Zhang

4 years ago

Linda is super nice and responsible. She took care of my cat Lilac for 3 month. Lilac looks very healthy and happy. Thank you so so much Linda take such good care of her.

Heaven Smothers

4 years ago

When I said my dog was a pit she hung up on me????

Amanda Wanker

4 years ago

Very loving and caring of our cat while we were away for a couple of days.

Terrie Yeager

5 years ago

We were gone for 11 days and almost every day we received updates and photos on our cat. No extra charge for clipping his nails. She really does love them. I will use her again. Better than a kennel in a cage with no interaction between the boarder and the animal. And no extra charge. Also it was late at night when we got to pick him up. Great Job Linda.. had no worries.

Shweta Bangaloree

5 years ago

Auntie Linda is a doggie whisperer. She also sends regular photo updates on how your pet is doing.

Robert Mathison

5 years ago

We have been using Auntie Linda for 9 years. Our little “Annie” always is returned to us happy and CLEAN! We would highly recommend using Auntie Linda’s the next time your pet requires boarding.

Rachael Mooter

5 years ago

Super nice lady, my cat got the queen treatment, she had her own nice room with big beautiful windows and lots of cat towers and toys, and even got to sleep in the same bed as Aunty Linda every night, which was perfect because she doesn’t like to sleep alone at night. Super affordable too and flexible too.

Michael Raffaldi

5 years ago

Auntie Linda is great! After a year of using the larger and more expensive kennels, a friend reccomended Auntie Linda's. Our dog Mara has stayed here many times now over the last 2 years for as short as 2 days and as long as 2 weeks. She gets excited the minute she sees the building. The dogs have nice indoor and outdoor space and auntie linda is very nice to the animals, friendly with customers and also very flexible with pickup and dropoff schedules. We wouldnt leave our family pets anywhere else!

Jonathan Van Dyke

5 years ago

Best place in Spokane to board your dogs

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