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Chris Destro

2 years ago

We searched and spoke with many German Shepherd breeders. Once we connected with Jessie, we felt super comfortable as she did not rush our decision at all, in fact, she was extremely patient and helpful as we made our final choice. So glad we went with I-Guard and her! Our dog, Koda, is one of the most amazing GS's we have seen (we are biased of course :) We are constantly being stopped when we walk him and people ask to take pics at the local pet store. He is amazing with kids and has a friendly disposition. Amazing! We love him very much. Thank you again, Jessie...Koda is the best!

Elle Kirby

2 years ago

I can't recommend I-Guard enough. Everyone on the staff are so kind and caring. They made my boyfriend and I feel like family from the beginning. We picked up our puppy from them about a month ago. She is such an amazing fit for us, and she has a great personality, she's sweet and sassy. Jessi are so helpful, whenever we have questions she always answers anytime of day. Nick is so personable, I've only met him once so far but to see how good he is with our puppy and how much he adores and wants what's best for her makes it clear that we made the best choice for breeders. Every time we bring her to the K9 country club all of the staff drop everything to help. Such incredible staff and people. We will never go to another German Shepard breeder, we're so thrilled to be apart of the I-Guard family.

Kimarie Johnson

2 years ago

This guy should be charged with a crime the way he treats his customers. Search for another breeder.

Libby Yates

2 years ago

I-Guard is by far the most professional and best option for German Shepards. The care from the facility is top-notch, and every employee puts their forth amazing effort. A great thing about I-Guard is that they make sure that each employee is of the highest respect, and ensures this through their around the clock care and answer all of your questions. Each puppy that comes from this facility is healthy and suited for the best home. Plus, the dogs are at an amazing value. I could not recommend I-Guard enough, and if you are looking for your perfect companion, this is the place for you!!

Lynn Giesken

2 years ago

Great place with an amazing and friendly staff!

Ozzie Smith

2 years ago

By far the best German shepherds we have ever had. Amazing temperament and very healthy this is our third dog from this breeder and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a best bred German Shepherd or training.

Sophia McCauley

2 years ago

We love our German Shepard from I-Guard! Nick and Jessi breed only the best quality dogs and we were blown away by their dogs’ amazing temperaments and GORGEOUS coats. I would recommend I-Guard to those looking for a well mannered dog from an ethical and trustworthy breeder. They are truly best of the best. They truly do go above and beyond for all of their clients !


2 years ago

First class breeders! I adore both of my German Shepherds that I purchased from I-Guard. Nick did a wonderful job placing us with two that are a perfect fit for my family. They are absolutely the most beautiful dogs I've ever owned, and better yet, their temperaments are second to none. Extremely tolerant yet confident and aware - my three small children (all under the age of 5) are completely safe around them. The dogs watch out for the boys and are protective over our property. Nick has been very helpful and involved in their training, making sure that the dogs are on track with their education and adapting well in our home. I've always felt I had support from I-Guard through the entire process of making these dogs into "good citizens" and recommend them to anyone looking for a good, protective family dog.

taylor kam

2 years ago

Great place!!! Love the staff!

James Irving

2 years ago

Just picked up my GSD, Bridger, from I-Guard International/K9 Country Club, in Spokane, WA. He was there for their board and train program. If I had one word to use regarding the experience it would be "incredible". This is not the same dog I dropped off for training! Nick, Jessi, and the entire staff at K9CC are highly skilled professionals. I swear, Nick is the dog whisperer of K9 training. What a difference in my dog. Highly recommend!

claire peterson

2 years ago

I purchased a beautiful German Shepherd puppy from iGaurd International (in Liberty Lake, WA) last Summer. This very sweet dog has cost thousands in Vet bills during her first year because of extreme allergies and teeth issues. Not only is cost a concern but she has been an uncomfortable puppy that has had to go to many vet appointments. (During the pandemic when her owners were not allowed to go into the vet with her.) In addition there was confusion about her lineage and now iGaurd is having an issue getting her registration papers sent out to us. Without going on and on about this let me just say that I would not recommend them at all.

Natalie Garland

2 years ago

Stopped by their facility to look at some puppies and was blown away. Top notch facility and staff, and the owner clearly knows his stuff when it comes to breeding and training these amazing dogs.

Kristen Pool

3 years ago

They were very helpful with answering my questions! Very professional and responsive.

Hannah McDaniel

3 years ago

I highly recommend I-Guard International. We had a great experience!

Dennis Miller

3 years ago

Got a new German Shepherd puppy from I-Guard and am very satisfied with the overall experience I received from the crew there. A lot of good recommendations and a lot of help from them. Thanks again and highly recommend ????????

Tiffany Martin

3 years ago

I-Guard is the the best place to go for dog breeding and training! One of my best friends just bred her German shepherd at I-Guard and she had such beautiful, sweet and healthy puppies.

Shelley Fellers

3 years ago

I have been working with Iguard for a couple years now. I bred my female to their premier sire Basko. I had 7 beautiful puppies that are going to be incredible dogs. Of course I sent them up to Nick to work with them when they were weaned as I want them to have the very best start. All of their dogs are stunning and have the dispositions that we all want in a dog; well behaved, respectful, intelligent and kind. It’s amazing to see how well Nick Lungu has trained his dogs. Their focus and obedience is unequalled. I would highly recommend IGuard for your next German Shepherd if you are looking for the best in family dog, service dog or protection dog.

Sarah Jane

3 years ago

I love Jessi! She is the perfect person when it comes to customer service and caring for animals. She knows her dogs that's for sure, if ever need help she's the go-to! Nick, from what I've experienced, seems very down-to-earth and loves every minute spend with these animals. Staff has always been welcoming to all animal-lovers. I purchased my puppy here and he is perfect! Thanks guys, you're awesome. :)


3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about I-Gaurd! Amazing people, amazing dogs. They treat you like family. I mainly have talked with Jessi, she is so sweet and more than helpful. I talked with her when I was ready to get a dog and told her what I was looking for. Hugo is that, and more. I really could not be happier . I won't go anywhere else for a dog ever again.

Nathan Vaughn Lasko

3 years ago

Great experience from start to finish. Received a beautiful and well behaved German Shephard. The facility is very nice as well, perfect temperature every time I visited.

Lily Crytser

3 years ago

Previously I had posted a glowing review of our experience with I guard. And at that point, days after bringing our puppy home, it was true. Our experience was good and we had a beautiful and sweet puppy. However, I feel it’s my responsibility to share some of our further experience. The first sign that something was up was that she had water resource guarding (we’ve worked through it now) and our trainers concluded that she might not have had access to enough water as a puppy. Another red flag is that they suggested we buy a prong collar small enough for an 11 week old pup. I employ balanced training, and did introduce a prong at 6months after appropriate introduction to commands, but it’s my opinion that a prong shouldn’t be used on a puppy that doesn’t know anything. We then discovered that due to a chicken allergy she had an ear infection and hot spots between her paw pads. She was only on a chicken protein before we got her and had itchy ears when we brought her home. It’s my understanding that allergy-prone dogs can be a result of breeding. We’ve since treated her paw sores, and gotten two ear infections treated, and eliminating chicken has helped. When I reached out to Jessi about the allergies she didn’t seem to know much about the parents and didn’t express an interest in finding out for me so I could better help our puppy. While this has been costly, I’m glad to say we’ve figured it out with no breeder support. Four months after we got her, we still hadn’t received her papers so I reached out to Jessi, thinking I had missed something. I’ve never had a papered dog before so I didn’t know if I had done something wrong. Jessi called me and told me that the male dog they had thought was the father, was actually not. They had bred the mother to two males in a short timeframe and realized that the father was a different dog. I was pretty understanding, but overall concerned about the health testing of the new father and the standing of our contract/health guarantee. Jessi told me not to worry (that’s it), and that I would have her papers by mid December. I still haven’t received papers for my puppy and haven’t heard anything from I guard. Again, no breeder support. When I was doing my research on the OFA website to try and see if the new father was health tested, I found that my puppy’s mother and the dog we thought was the father originally were siblings. I guess it’s our luck that she has a father that isn’t related to her mother, but I find it alarming that this would be acceptable practice for I guard, and that we wouldn’t be told about it. I am a research biologist and have worked in genetics labs, I know that inbreeding can cause weakened immune systems among other things. This is not a recommended practice. Finally, we have an appointment this week for a base narrow canine that is growing into my puppy’s palette and causing discomfort. It’s my understanding that this is also hereditary. Our puppy may have to have the tooth removed, ground down, or receive costly orthodontic care. We love our puppy. She’s beautiful, smart and a joy to be around. However, it’s my impression now that I guard is an expensive and glorified puppy mill. Producing dogs at such a rapid pace that they’re missing the values they pretend to care about: providing breeder support to healthy dogs. There are other breeders in this area that go above and beyond to produce happy and healthy German shepherds, so to those that have made it this far in my review, I suggest seeking them out.

Gerald Williamson

3 years ago

We are so impressed with I-Guard International !! My family and I just recently purchased our little puppy Rocky and are in love with him. Jessi is the best!! She is very informative and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She toured us around the facility (which is amazing) and made us feel like we are apart of their family. Jessi was in constant contact with us on how our puppy was doing prior to him coming home with us. Nick was very welcoming to us and is fantastic with the dogs. We are so excited to be apart of the I-Guard family and are looking forward to adding another I-Guard puppy for our little Rocky. We highly recommend I-Guard International!!

Cassondra Arnett

3 years ago

I highly recommend I-Guard International! We had an amazing experience. I had researched breeders in Washington and Oregon and had contacted several with no response back, but I-Guard called me back within 24 hours. They set expectations up front about how the process worked, communicated regularly, and have kept in touch since we brought our puppy home. The customer service experience was great! And we LOVE our puppy! I had GSDs growing up and this girl exceeds our expectations already! At 8 weeks, she was well on her way to potty trained, she understands several commands, has a very sweet demeanor and gets along great with our other dog, cats, and kids. We had specific needs and I-Guard matched us perfectly with our puppy. We have acreage, wild animals, 4 cats, young and older children, a 5 year old yellow lab who is an alpha female, and lots of friends and their dogs coming and going. Our puppy adapted well from the beginning, she's curious, sweet, eager to please, obedient, easy-going, and intelligent. I-Guard spent time with us and made us feel at home when we picked our puppy up and have checked in often since we brought her home. The boarding and training facility is very clean, spacious, and the staff is professional and friendly. Now they just need a facility in Seattle! We couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better puppy!

Brian Lewis

4 years ago

We purchased a puppy from I-Guard, hands down the best experience we've had with a breeder. Jessi was wonderful to work with and happily answered my many questions. If we decide to get another puppy in the future we'll only be contacting I-Guard. Wonderful service and TOP quality dogs.

Cindy Paige

4 years ago

Best place in town for training And breeding. Highly recommend.

Christine Haven

4 years ago

The site was very informative i was able to find everything I was looking for.

Chase Plischke

4 years ago

First, I have to say how much of a pleasure it was working with Nick and Jessi. What awesome people! Before we ever met our little boy, they worked with us to make sure that we and our lifestyle were a good fit for him, and that he would be a good fit for us. It was plain to see right from the start that they're not just trying to sell a dog. They want to make sure that their dogs will be in the best possible situations and that their new families will have the best possible match. Nick is incredibly passionate about what he does, and he and Jessi absolutely LOVE their dogs - it is blatantly obvious to see. We so appreciate that and love that about them. And their dogs love them back! When we brought Dexter back in for his initial checkup, he was SO excited to see them. Now about our goodest boy ever, Dexter - we brought home our newest family member a week ago and he has been an absolute joy. It's incredible how well-behaved, fun, loving, and intelligent that he is - he's quite literally the full package! He was 4mo when we brought him home and had already had some training from Nick and the team. We couldn't believe how well he was doing already. They know what they're doing there! He is a fast learner and wants to please, and he's already showing us with his behavior how great of a protector he is going to be. We couldn't ask for more! It's only been a week and my wife and I already completely adore him. I can't possibly recommend I-Guard International enough. They're the real deal and after working with them, I can't honestly imagine going anywhere else for a GSD pup.

David Sutman

4 years ago

They care about where and with whom the dog's are going. My wife and I take great pleasure in choosing I-Guard to help us in getting our new addition to the family. Thank you goes out to Nick and his staff for such good service and caring.

Barb Price

4 years ago

We purchased our Hannah last week and instantly fell in love with her. We inquired about getting a puppy from I-Guard International K9 services and Jessi answered all my questions and we made an appointment to meet with Nick and get a tour of the facility. We were very pleased with what we’d seen and learned and decided to complete our decision. Thank you Nick and Jessi for our experience and meeting our expectations. We love our girl.

Andy Breneman

4 years ago

Great service, training, and anything else you could imagine. Even had the owner come to my house for some training tips. Their dogs are top notch, which is simply par for the course with this company.

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