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Lily C (Ellie)

2 years ago

Dr. Brandt is the best veterinarian I have been to. She has such compassion for animals and takes my concerns to heart about my senior boys. She even listens to my one boy who is a talker and has a LOT to say. She does an excellent job at explaining things and is very honest. I unfortunately lost one of my boys (no fault of Dr. Brandt's) and she reached out personally to give her condolences and said to give her a call if there was any way to make this transition easier for me and my other boy. This meant the world to me. I will continue to take my animals to see her.

Zoe Snyder

2 years ago

I have always had positive experiences with handfuls of vets but I have very serious concerns about the legitimacy of the vets at this office. We went in for a standard puppy visit for her vaccines and we had some concerns about worms and or fleas because of some symptoms she was having (itching her belly constantly, frequent itchiness, changes in appetite). Nothing crazy and pretty standard. Her vaccination: After receiving her vaccines she was instantly ill which I usually would consider a rare reaction except I saw another review saying another owner’s dog was sick after getting their shots and asking around to find out everyone I asked comes to this vet for standard care and ends up leaving with bigger issues. And on top of that, the vets responses show they really are just trying to save themselves by continuously avoiding accountability. So right off the bat, having my baby puppy vomiting with diarrhea I called them to see her again and the best they could do was check her in 2 weeks after the matter. The worms & fleas: I had mentioned concerns with our pup having fleas and worms but the vet said the things I had mentioned were nothing to worry about and there were NO FLEAS. We went to another vet not long after for an emergency visit and found out she was INFESTED with fleas (just as I, a non veterinarian, had assumed). She also had worms…just like I had again assumed. Save your time and money. It’s not worth spending money on vet that makes you pets more ill and you end up having to spend more in the long run. I hope the vet looks into their quality of care and medicine and that hopefully this review saves a pet from the emergency visits that me and many other pet owners have gone through after visiting this establishment.

Michelle Krasser

2 years ago

This is the best vet hospital we have ever been to. I have 2 older Border Collies and they were in to see Dr Nadell for their physical exam. Dr Nadell was fantastic with them and performed the most thorough exam of each of them in a timely manner. He uncovered some issues that we needed to address. I'm so thankful we were able to have him treat our pets. I highly recommend this vet hospital!!

Debbie Hallock

2 years ago

I have been taking my Bulldogs here for 5 years, I have only had good experiences with every Dr my dogs have seen. My big guy is Epileptic & requires more frequent visits for blood work & medications plus, when he gets into things he shouldn't. Always caring!

Katherine Munoz-Flores

2 years ago

Complete miscommunication between Vet Trch and Dr. You never really get to talk to the doctor about your concerns he simply comes in after examining your dog without you there based upon what the vet tech interprets you think the problem is…. My dog was doing pretty well before he went in and as the day evolved the medication they gave him he became very ill.

Ben Reed

2 years ago

Very kind and compassionate staff.

Shelli DeMuth

2 years ago

Loving Dr. Peterson! I have two pitty/boxers 85+lbs and they are treated with the upmost respect. Although they are brats at home...they are puddy in Dr. Peterson's and the staff's hand's.

Dustin Fletcher

2 years ago

Incredibly nice staff, always patient, and good at brainstorming ideas to help your pet. I’ve been to several vets for my older yellow lab, and there is nothing that compares to this place.

Taylore mallery

2 years ago

We’ve been going here for years and have taken every animal we have had here! All my animals were well taken care of by Dr Peterson, Dr Sky(who sadly doesn’t work there anymore) and Dr Borg. They were very professional and answered every question I had. I very much recommend them!!

Stacey C.

2 years ago

I can't say enough good stuff about them. They are like extended family. We have been with them for 5+ years now. Just took our 2 new kittens in for a check up last week. They were so good with our babies. Our family highly recommends them ❤

Tiffani Williams

2 years ago

The staff is very professional and friendly. They took time to explain the exam, the options I have, and to answer all my questions. Highly recommend.

Bria W

2 years ago

SCARY!!! Unbelievably rude and unprofessional!! When we showed up for our appointment, the lady said they will be "right with us". That being said, they kept us waiting outside in rainy cold weather for 20 minutes!! Eventually, we decided to call their number. An old lady picked up the phone and without any apology or help, rudely told us that it's our problem and not theirs that we had to wait! We could call them sooner she said. Unbelievably rude.. Not to mention that all this time she was sitting behind her desk inside and could see us. Yet, no care for us. In addition, they were hesitant to provide us with price range for their services. I don't trust this place specially after reading some of the horrible stories other people wrote here. I'm so glad we walked away. This place is scary and not trustworthy. I don't want them touch my babies.

Brooke W

2 years ago

My dog recieved a rabies shot here and had a severe reaction that the vets neglected to care for or even treat her properly. Let me first start with the fact that her shot was given in the INCORRECT area of her body. After recieving her shot, her shoulder swelled to the size of a baseball (she is only a mini dachshund) and she cried and peed everytime it was touched. She began to lose her fur around the injection site and blood and goo began to ooze from it. I called many times and on different days concerned for her health and safety and the vets brushed it off and left her untreated and unseen. $800 later at an emergency vet after calling AGAIN in concern to this vet who refused to see her. We find out she has a severe infection and abscess in the injection site and needed to be operated on immediately. She now has a drainage tube installed in her shoulder and is finally on proper medication and antibiotics no thanks to this vet. DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE!! A simple shot turned into an $800 operation on our little baby

Dmitri Levine

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful, great experience for my deaf dog !

Elizabeth Spencer

2 years ago

First time client at this vet, positive experience! They were fast, efficient, they got both of my girls done within an hour, and decently priced. Aydin and Sarah are friendly and professional, and Dr. Nadell (hope I spelled that right) was great! Also very surprised because one of my dog's does not like going with people she doesn't know but willing went inside with Sarah! Highly recommend, we will be back!

Shaun R

3 years ago

Excellent service. Detailed explanation about exam options, was given choice of tests/treatments. Thorough explanation of needed tests, and results. Wasn't pressured to get every vaccine, or shamed for length of time between visits (6 years). Prices seemed fair, but I have limited reference. Staff was friendly, although interaction was limited due to covid. Tech met my dog (Bentley) and I in the parking lot, Bentley didn't seem to mind the whole experience, he was brought back out to my car as well. Overall satisfied, and will be returning for care needed in the future.

Sharon Miller

3 years ago

I gave it 5 stars!!!! Compassionate to my 2 cats! Efficient and thorough!!! Professional vet! He knew what he was doing....and well!!!!

Adam Wunsch

3 years ago

Amazing staff. They were able to get my pup in the same day after he decided to jump off a cliff.

Alexa Lioncourt

3 years ago

Exceptional service. We only go here for all our pet needs. The staff is great.

Anthony Russell

3 years ago

Before covid when we brought our old grumpy shepherd mix in. They sat on the floor with her and I while they did the exam to help her be comfortable. That was huge in my eyes. Even during covid getting her meds is such a breeze.

Cathy Aluia

3 years ago

Great place. Super nice staff.

Christine Eilenberger

3 years ago

My dog was diagnosed with a Mask Cell tumor. Our regular Vet wasn't able to get her in within a reasonable amount time. I talked to a few recommended Hospitals & Dr. Nadell totally stood out. They got her in quickly for surgery & everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable & kind. Her surgery & healing went perfectly. I had grown used to working with a large clinic that often seems understaffed, hurried & unavailable. Snoqualmie Ridge Veterinary Hospital is the opposite of that. Also, I picked them before receiving the other estimates & assumed the superior service would equate to a higher bill. In actuality they were better priced then the other bids. I give them Five Stars & would Highly recommend them to a friend.

Derek Peterson

3 years ago

They’re handling COVID situations very well with curbside animal handoff.

Joel Blakley

3 years ago

The folks here are great! Always treat my dogs great

Jon Lawton

3 years ago

Ben taking our animals there ever since they opened. They are Awesome!

Monidipa Mollick

3 years ago

Friendly and caring staff, my puppy was happy to see her Dr there.

Alan Reznick

4 years ago

Always take good care of my boys!

Ashley Beecher

4 years ago

Both my dogs disliked the Vet. I left with a huge bill for only shots, a small amount of medication, and a 5 min ear cleaning that was extremely over priced. They were disorganized, unprofessional, seemed to only want the money and not CARE about my animals or me as a human. (You can hear their conversations through the walls in the room) They have a new female vet that I hope brings the place back around for future customers, however, I will not be back with my animals there ever again.

Becky Manni

4 years ago

I love the attention you get when you are being seen by the vet. They make sure your questions are answered, they don't rush you out the door after your appointment is done.

Brad Skogsbergh

4 years ago

I have trusted Dr. Peterson and his staff with the care of my pets for the past ten years. The attention placed towards the well-being of their patients and owners has always been a strong attribute that keeps my family's trust with Snoqualmie Ridge. Thank you for all of the great treatment given to all of our pets over the years.

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