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Anne Grill

2 years ago

I'm not sure I have ever been treated so unkindly by any person as I was by the woman I spoke to at this clinic. I have been trying to get help for a sick pet and have made at least 6 phone calls over the last 2 days. I'm at my wits end, …

Rachel Passarelli

2 years ago

Amazing Place and Incredible Staff!!! Thank You a million!

Carolyn Stevens

2 years ago

I took my dog who was quite ill here right before the holidays. I was extremely stressed about her condition and trying to find the right place to care for her. I could not recommend this place more. All the staff and vets were incredibly supportive, kind and knowledgable. I was able to take home a healthy and well-cared for dog home late Christmas eve. Thank you for your care of Pippa!

Shelley Tucker

2 years ago

I want to express my profound gratitude to the Animal Medical Center for the excellent care our dog Sunny received there!

Alexandra Knight

2 years ago

We needed emergency services for our cat over the New Years weekend and after dozens of calls to other places we were told "Yes, we can make room for him, come on down" by Animal Medical Center. I expected a long wait but they had our kitty checked in and done with his initial evaluation within 30 minutes of arriving in the parking lot. I was allowed to head home and told it would be 6-8 hours for the doc to look at him. To my surprise she called within 90 minutes and had a full estimate, description of what they were going to do to help him and what follow up care would be. We were able to bring our kitty home that evening and because it wound up being easier and quicker to treat our kitty than expected they *refunded us* a third of what we'd initially been charged (only the low end estimate). I was shocked. It would have been so easy for them to say "he's good now, take care!" and keep it all. But instead we received a generous and unexpected refund. Thanks to Animal Medical Center - our guy is doing much better and the care we all received was beyond expectations - especially for it being a busy holiday weekend when all vet clinics were closed.

Marissa Johnston

2 years ago

Our dog was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor (cancer) and we received the best care by Dr. Evans (oncologist) & Dr. Anderson (surgery). Not to mention their vet techs and support teams were so kind and gentle with our girl. Highly recommend and can’t thank them enough!

Jessica Lloyd

2 years ago

Our elderly cat had stopped eating and needed an emergency appointment on Black Friday. Several places turned us away because they were booked up, but AMCS was able to squeeze her in. I'm glad they did, because they took great care of her. They communicated with her regular vet in order to know her full history, had good communication with us throughout the day, and respected our wishes for minimal intervention given our cat's age. We worked out a care plan that we all felt comfortable with and now our cat is home and eating again! The vet (Dr. White) and staff were all very kind and we're incredibly grateful for their care.


2 years ago

Great place to go if you want to sit on hold in your car while your pet dies.

yoko coss

2 years ago

So My dog ate chocolate yesterday 12/16. I used this emergency vet last year for my dog and it was good service. So I just take my dog to this place yesterday. I called from parking and explained what’s happen. My regular veterinarian told me to visit emergency vet because my dog are small and ate dangerous amount of chocolate. It was a little after 4:00 pm… receptionist told me they are closed!!!! But I did see nurse took other dogs inside. They are 24/7 operating and receptionist told me THEY ARE CLOSED. Maybe they thought they can not change me much that’s why she said so like that?? I called few more other emergency vet and couldn’t find any. I end up calling back to my regular veterinarian and they let me come in to see my dog. It’s cost me only $200. I just can not believe how cold that receptionist was. Didn’t even offer another emergency vet phone number or anything. Like I said last year I used this place and it was wonderful. But obviously they don’t care about my dog might die or not. I will not coming back.

Brandee Randall

2 years ago

If you want to empty your bank account and go into debt go here! They could careless about your pets!

Diana Bagwell

2 years ago

I booked an urgent care vet appointment for my senior cat with Animal Medical Center of Seattle. We were extremely stressed and worried about his health since he took a sudden turn for the worse. I cannot speak highly enough of Savannah and Dr. Thomas Wootton. Both were incredibly empathetic, kind, and understanding. I felt like they genuinely cared about my cat's health and wellbeing. I don't ever write google reviews but after this experience, I cannot stay quiet about how amazing they were. We wish they could be our regular vet and vet tech. 100% would come here again if our pets needed urgent medical attention.

Janee Jones

2 years ago

I waited over 8 hours for a blood test and fluids. I paid and they told me they would bring my dog out and it was not until and hour and a half later that I finally got to see him. I understand they don’t have a lot technicians but they were very helpful and seemed to have an attitude when they were in the phone. Only one person was helpful besides the doctor. Don’t recommend if you need to do something through out the day or want fast results

Joseph Lontos

2 years ago

Animal Medical Center, their staff, and their vets are incredible (special shout out to Dr. Howser and Dr. Chih). I brought in my 2 year old Vizsla because he had fluid in his lungs (he had a pyothorax) . Animal Medical Center acted quickly, conducted tests, and while the tests were not 100% conclusive they were able to quickly get him in for surgery. Everyone at Animal Medical Center was very communicative and they kept me well informed of the costs. The experience was as good as it could have been, considering how stressed and worried I was about my dog. My Vizsla has now (for the most part) recovered 100% from his (very invasive) surgery and I am extremely appreciative of the Animal Medical Center and their vets.

Shanta Masstega

2 years ago

Had a scary moment with my 13 year old Shih Tzu. Situation wasn’t quite an emergency, but I wanted her to be seen ASAP. When our regular Vet didn’t have any immediate openings, AMC were able to set me up with a day-of urgent care appointment. All the staff from first phone call, technician that took her and the great vet that saw her were all fantastic, friendly, informative, thorough and you can tell they all truly cared. Since I had an urgent care appt, she was in and out in about an hour with everything that both she and I needed. Price was amazing, even including the deposit for making the appt, it was still much less than an emergency visit (at least in our case). I would definitely recommend to anyone. And thank you to the whole AMC team for your services!!

Ryan Rutledge

2 years ago

I've had two experiences with AMCS. Once a little over a year ago when I brought one of my dogs in for an emergency after he became sick following a surgery done at another facility and again most recently for a specialty dental surgery for another of my dogs. While the experiences were quite different situations, I've consistently had such a positive experience with the doctors and staff at AMCS. They treat the pets and customers with such great care and compassion. They also were communicative, very transparent, and honest about the diagnoses and costs. The prices can sometimes be on the higher end of average, but I've found them to be incredibly fair for the quality of care provided. The doctors and staff make sure to walk you through what is in the estimate and why it's important and I've found they don't recommend services without a genuine purpose. Overall, I'm incredibly appreciative knowing I have a place to turn to that I can trust for my dogs' emergency and surgical needs.

Lavanya Madhusudan

2 years ago

Visited the urgent care on a Thursday, paid $125 to secure my appointment slot. The vet and vet tech communicated well and took good care of us, but we paid an additional $250 for tests and were waiting on results that should have come back within 24 hours and never got a call back. It's now Sunday and I have no idea whether my dog has an infection and needs treatment. When I called to follow up on Friday the test result wasn't back yet and was told I should expect a call from the doctor soon. Then I called again on Sunday since I hadn't heard anything and I was informed that urgent care is closed on Sundays. What's the use of having an urgent care if you're not following up in a timely manner? We likely won't return to AMC after this experience.

Jill Chiang

2 years ago

Our dog swallowed a belt from our closet and it became lodged in his system. We were so worried that he would not be okay. Thank you for saving our naughty little baby, Dr. Chih & Dr. Turner! Such care for our baby pre and post care. We are forever grateful.

Cindy Trejo

2 years ago

If I can rate them a 0 I would , my 3 month old Siberian husky puppy got a fish hook hooked on his bottom lip or under His tongue we brought him in at 5:30pm and till 12midnight they removed his hook , I thought this was an emergency clinic . They weren’t busy after 7pm anymore we waited in the parking lot for 7 hours. As we watched all the workers leave the facility, don’t bring your loved ones here. Could’ve been a worst situation and they wouldn’t even care .

Brittany LaBoyne

2 years ago

This place is amazing, I would highly recommend to anyone with pets. They were all so friendly and professional, my dog came out with 0 distress, and he's a huge baby! The receptionists and the Dr. Were just great, they truly care for you and your pets well being, they know how to talk to their clients, they take their time and are in constant contact with you. they were just wonderful. First choice, from now on. Thank you animal medical center team ????

Baylee Rabe

2 years ago

Took our puppy Earl to see a neurologist today. The staff was so warm and caring from start to finish. That hard to come by these days. We will be recommending all of our friends to Animal Medical Center. Dr. Swanson was kind and throughout with her explanation. Hoping our pup stays well and we don’t have to return but in the chance something happens we will be returning. Great job staff & thank you!

R. Majoewsky

2 years ago

Despite being at capacity when I showed up with my cat in the middle of the night, they did not turn me away, and kindly took him in to check if his vitals were stable or if he needed to be admitted. He did end up needing to be admitted, and they took excellent care of him, in addition to being compassionate, professional and patient while communicating with/updating me on his status and time estimates. The price was very reasonable for an emergency vet, and the staff seems to genuinely care about their patients. I highly recommend this facility, and am thankful for the care they provide

Stephen Lee

2 years ago

Checked my dog in at 4pm in the afternoon and waited till 12am to tell me to bring my dog home. The doctor didn't even brother to exam my dog

Sonya Metcalfe

2 years ago

I called to get my dog seen and after describing the issue they said it could be very serious and to bring him in immediately, and that they were still taking patients. After getting there and calling to check in I was put on hold for 20 minutes, then told they would call me back. I did not get a phone call for almost 2 hours before I called again, to make sure I was still able to check in. They decided that was the appropriate way to tell me that they actually would not be able to see my dog today. I understand that there is a shortage of vets at the moment, and there were likely lots of animals having a larger emergency than mine, but they wasted my time by having me sit in the parking lot for 2 hours only to be told to basically kick rocks. In the meantime, we could have been calling other vets to see if anyone else in the area had availability to see our dog. They could have at least had the courtesy to call me and tell me that they were wrong and would not be able to see my dog today, but communication was very poor. Id call this place last if you're looking for emergency care.

Shawn Whiddon

2 years ago

The best, most patient staff. Thank you.

Sharon C.

2 years ago

I had an emergency situation wit my young cat and this was the only ER willing to fit me in. In a nutshell, the team of docs and techs saved his life. He ended up having emergency surgery and staying for a couple days - during his recovery there were a few hiccups and I relied on phone consultations from the techs and docs. Everyone was skilled, kind, knowledgeable, and good at their job. Even the folks on the front line answering my calls were great. If you have an emergency situation, this is a great place to take your pet. I am thankful to now have a healthy and recovered furry family member.

Aubrey Stone

2 years ago

After my oldest furbaby had a tumor that ruptured in the middle of the night, it was AMC of Seattle we rushed to for help. They not only treated our pup quickly, efficiently, and with love - but put our hearts at ease about his condition. We could not be more thankful about their care and expertise. I am 100% convinced that our pup would not have made it without their help. Thank you all for your aid and support. Highly recommend!

Amanda Wilber

2 years ago

My cat was having breathing difficulties and the first emergency vet I called was clearly over being an emergency vet. These guys were the total opposite - wonderful, calming, and super helpful. They offered other emergency locations in case they were closer (they weren't) to save on time. Once there, they gave estimates of times and often gave me updates early, communicated assessment results throughout, and they were transparent about the costs. Just like a human emergency department, things take long but that's the nature of emergency medicine-triage and treat! They even had some sweet touches, like decorating the bag her meds came home in with her name. She's doing great now, catching up on the sleep she missed today and I'm really grateful for their care.

Alycia Francis

2 years ago

Our vet in Burlington had set up an arrangement to take our dog who is nor eating to this place. Then they absolutely refused to take her, even though we were told a vet to vet transfer would be ok. They may be good vets, but their customer service SUCKS.

Abigale Mattingly

2 years ago

This was the only vet around that could fit my dog in for an emergency appointment today. The vet tech that came and got her was great and very understanding with my shy girl. The staff was very clear and patient with their updates and answering my questions. Also, the price was very reasonable for an emergency visit! I would highly recommend this clinic for an emergency. Thank you for taking care of my girl!

Sara Jones

2 years ago

They are amazing at this facility! As with all vets in the state, they have more patients than they could possibly handle due to the pandemic pet surge. They took my dog in when ALL others would not. They were wonderful to me and my dog and saved his leg when it was injured bad enough to amputate. They were honest, up front and timely with all communication. Highly recommended for specialty care for your pet!

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