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jramrod r

2 years ago

Great staff very friendly my puppy is happy and so am i

Courtney Peters

2 years ago

We love VCA Crown Hill! All of our pets have their own doctors--Howlie sees Dr. Wang, Pants sees Dr. Darley and Rookie sees Dr. Mintz. We love that so many of the staff members have worked there for so long and we always know everybody. That is rare at an animal hospital! They get to know your pet and have always been there for us when we need them. I do not use pricing as an index for deciding what veterinarian I go to and do not think that is a proper judgement to make about medicine. I would rather take my pet to a hospital that charges a bit more but pays better wages and benefits for their staff in able to retain them longer and make them live happier lives. I think a lot of people don't realize that animal hospitals pay human prices for medical supplies and that stuff is NOT CHEAP. Additionally, VCA Crown Hill is AAHA certified which means it meets strict standards for operation that are recognized as gold standards of care by the American Animal Hospital Association. I always try to take my pets to hospitals with the AAHA stamp of approval. That said, we are taking Rookie in to Dr. Mintz later this week because he is depositing his urine in places that are not the litterbox! Bad Kitty!

Erin Smith

2 years ago

I won't be going back to this vet. I took my puppy in for his first vet visit and a combination of things had this place feeling kind of like a car dealership (and it's already a bit more expensive than other vets in the area). They tried persuading me to sign up for this really expensive puppy package right off the bat, which includes things he already had like his microchip and a few initial vaccines. They also convinced me to switch up the vaccines I had initially come in for, which they said were core vaccines, and I later learned not all of them were (I'm getting the follow up shots at the Seattle Humane Society). I also tried to ask if my puppy was a healthy weight (which I believe he is, but I wanted to get confirmation I shouldn't be giving him a little more or less food) and I kind of got the runaround on where I could go to find resources and visuals on a healthy weight, which didn't feel helpful because I just wanted confirmation from the licensed vet who was seeing him in person.

Samuel Vincent

2 years ago

They are very professional, and show a genuine care for you furry loved ones.

Ezgi Coban

2 years ago

treated with care and efficiency

Carri Urbs

2 years ago

I don't know what we'd do without Dr. Wang and Dr. Mintz! Our eldest dog is 17 and has cancer, aka the story will not end well soon. Dr. Wang has an empathetic bedside manner for us, while still being forthcoming about the difficult reality of his situation. We also have two younger dogs and she lavishes them with just as much kind attention. Whenever she's out we see Dr. Mintz and I love how affectionate she is with our old boy!

Jason Sendelbach

2 years ago

Great team of vets. I have the monthly payment package for my dog, which includes checkups, vaccines, an annual dental, and more! My dog does not enjoy, but they treat him well :)

Chelsea Riddle

2 years ago

I actually got referred here when another vet was too busy to see my cat, but I'm glad I ended up here. Dr. Desideri is patient, knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and explanatory. I've been with VCA hospitals for many years, and she's great even by the already high VCA standards. My pets are absolutely family, and she takes care of them as if they were her own.

kelsey ferguson

2 years ago

Very kind vets and they always take care of our Ashanti!

James B (JB)

2 years ago

I have been using the good doctors of CHV for 10+ years. I have always been made to feel comfortable and inform. This is the first visit I have made during the Pandemic. With this said, they take social distancing measures seriously! I was not allowed in to the facility. But instead had a staffer received my precious Kitty ????. And was asked to wait nearby. This is okay with me! All in all, as far as vets go I couldn't ask for more ????

Mohan Reddy

2 years ago

It's the staff. They genuinely love animals and it shows in their work. I regularly use their boarding facilities.

Maggie Wimmer

3 years ago

Dr. Shinagawa is amazing and we feel so lucky to have found her. She has a calm, warm presence and answers all of your questions. In the midst of the pandemic, she stayed on the phone with me for over 30 mins to make sure all my questions were answered - never once making me feel rushed. She made it clear she understood how important my dog is to me. The front ladies are always such a joy to speak with. Very kind and eager to help. I wish I knew the name of the technician who took my dog back on the day of her echo. Usually my dog is not happy about going in to the vet, even when I go with her. But with this tech, she trotted right in with her tail wagging - we were shocked. What a wonderful place.

Lis Bee

3 years ago

I brought our dog Taco, 14 year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier, to VCA Crown Hill and Dr. Jessica Mintz was a great resource for me re: my dog's kidney disease. She told me that cats can live longer than dogs with kidney disease. She explained to me what was happening with his current condition. Dr. Mintz offered me choices as far as what procedures or lab tests were necessary and she told me what these would cost so I could decide if I wanted to do them or not. She ordered medications to comfort him, advised me on what he should eat and answered all of my questions. He passed away a few months ago and I miss him every day, but I wanted to thank all of the staff at VCA Crown Hill for their thoughtful care with Taco.


3 years ago

Always compassionate and kind to my senior dog.

Alison Maxwell

3 years ago

Very professional and kind staff


3 years ago

The staff was so patient with me. My dog and I were treated well and left happy. The prices are fair and the people were kind.

Ryan Richardson

3 years ago

I got my rough coat collie fixed here and established since she was 8 weeks old. Dr. Wang and all of the vet techs such as Jacquelyn and Alison have always been pleasant and warm to speak too. Very knowledgeable, caring, and passionate people. Always willing to work with you and answer any questions. Kora is resting up from her spay today and wants to say thank you for being so wonderful for what the Crown Hill team does.

Robert Zwirner

3 years ago

Conscientious and easygoing from the admin desk through to the vets. My dog goes beyond the doors frightened and returns happy - a testament to good bedside manner.

James Hunter

3 years ago

The first thing that attracted us to Crown Hill Animal Hospital was the entry door, level with the parking lot; important because the previous vet, located in a repurposed house, had an entry at the top of two flights of stairs. Convenience is good but goes only so far. We saw a number of Crown Hill techs and DVM's before we were seen one day by Dr. Victoria Wang. After that visit, we asked for Dr. Wang whenever either one of our cats needed to be seen. Dr. Wang's medical skills are matched by her ability to interact with the human clients. She has the ability to gauge us as well as to diagnose her patients, to listen and assess both pets and people before offering thoughts or recommendations. She has the unexpected ability to be compassionate and direct at the same time, often in the same sentence, a quality I admire. Dr. Wang also does more. She is the only vet who has surprised us with a follow-up inquiry, or just a "how's it going?" check-in message, following a visit, a treatment or one of our inquiries. She can be relied upon to respond to our questions via email. She is never too busy to offer a prompt reply. Dr. Wang conveys, in many ways and at all times, that she has the welfare of our cats, and us, in mind. I was pleased when I learned she had been named director of the Crown Hill clinic. This recognition is well earned. I wish the best for her career but hope Peanut and Squeak, our two newly adopted cats, will be the benefactors of the same care she generously gave to Mia and Tuffy over their lifetime. We came to Crown Hill for the level entry; we have remained because of Dr. Victoria Wang.

Hail Stew

3 years ago

Woke up early to call on my day off , as my boyfriends cat had an abscess rupture over night . Called at 8am, 805am, 810am, and at 812am, the receptionist had finally turned the phones over so i was able to get through. Called and there were no simple 30 minute appointments open for today. He was hoping to establish care with them but they didn't seem very compassionate when i called . ???? Reception was pretty rude and lacked empathy. Got in at Alderwood Companion where the receptionist was really nice . They'll probably be caring for his three senior cats now instead of Crown Hill.


3 years ago

I have been bringing my Cat Kaykay there since she was a baby. I have always received top-notch care for my baby… I never worry about if she is in good hands with them. They are so good with handling a scared kitty! And they always distract her with bits of bonito flakes (kitty crack)????

Elizabeth Dubuque

3 years ago

They have taken care of my dogs for years. Some new faces and I felt it was more a transaction rather then the acting I have seen from past bets and technicians I have dealt with before

Desiree Snider

3 years ago

Staff is always so nice and informative! They really show their love for animals and I feel good taking my animals here!

Cassandra Philipps

3 years ago

Dr. Mintz has seen my cat for the past year and has provided amazing care. The nurses/office staff are always kind, responsive, and helpful.

Carly Fischer

3 years ago

We stopped going to VCA Crown Hill after a series of contacts that left a bad taste. It seemed to us that the vet practice that my family has used for years has changed and cared about getting our money more than anything else. Reception is no longer friendly or helpful, we were forced to do two tests and charged for both though we were told later one would have been sufficient, and when trying to get just a ballpark on dental cleaning prices to find out if we could afford it the entire office acted like it was a crazy request. I spoke to multiple people and eventually their billing expert and was told it was impossible to provide any estimate. Not interested in getting care there any longer.

Brittany Tungcab

3 years ago

Talk about the easiest and most realistic vet visit ever! With our first pup the bills were huge and utterly riddiculous at a different vet, and I think they exacerbated the issues more than resolved. Tried this place with our newest pup, and it was a win win win! Well kept, people were friendly, professional, and down to earth. No huge bills, no frills, but my pup was quickly put to ease and, as per his usual self, made a ton of friends. I'll be coming back again and again!

Melanie Smith

4 years ago

Friendly staff. Quite a bit pricier than traveling pet clinics charge for vaccinations, but seem reasonable and knowledgeable on other vet services.

Pat Pronesti

4 years ago

This vet "TOOK" a lost dog from the finder saying it was the law. She refused to give the dog back after a chip check showed none. She said she got that information directly from SPD and Animal control. SPD & A nimal control denied ever saying that to her.

Sara Richards

4 years ago

All the doctors and staff are kind and easy to work this

Luna Azul Gallagher

4 years ago

Thorough exams and wonderfully nice staff

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