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Chloe Stier

2 years ago

Disclaimer: I've never taken my dog in because they make it pretty hard to do so... You have to schedule an evaluation first; I just called, and they don't have availability for an evaluation for multiple weeks. After that, you have to schedule at least five 9-hour full-day daycare sessions before they will consider boarding your dog. Fair that they want to understand a dog's behavior and temperament before boarding, but an evaluation session plus 45 hours of observation seems a little excessive. If you're looking more for an occasional boarding option than a routine daycare option like I am, this is probably not the place to go.

Angela Mae

2 years ago

I took my recently adopted Golden Pyrenees to the groomer at House of Ruff. The poor boy had a lot of old Texas dust locked up in his undercoat, plenty of matting and such. He went in looking dingy and came out glowing! He is SO soft and fluffy, and his coat absolutely shimmers. Best of all he is delighted! He was prancing and lopping on the walk home, clearly feeling much better. This was definitely worth the cost and I plan to add this service to my budget so we can engage it a few times a year.

Tyler Foote

3 years ago

Cool place, but when we went it was outside only....they have two areas. One for shy/smaller dogs and the other for the playful.


3 years ago

Our dog Doris is always thrilled to spend the day at House of Ruff. She comes home tired and happy - the ideal combination for dog owners! CJ and the entire staff at H.O.R. are all awesome, and we are so grateful to have found such a fun and reliable space for our pup to spend a few days a week.

SPRUSE Cleaning

3 years ago

This place is great if you have a small dog. As most other dogs are smaller. They don’t like larger dogs rough housing. Would recommend growlerz, or even central bark for your larger dogs daycare needs

Sierra Houk

3 years ago

Fantastic park, their group boarding is great for our dog who hares being left alone and won't be crated.

Dave Rodriguez

3 years ago

Locally owned and managing to support furry friends during COVID 19 times

Brenna Pink Pampena

3 years ago

We love this place and so does our dog. He is always so excited when we drop him off.

Adreana Pankey

3 years ago

House of ruff is an amazing place.. they provide a safe fun environment for dogs and even better I get to work with them! ????

Matthew K

4 years ago

Tl:dr- they don't know/care how to help introduce puppies to daycare, dont pay attention to the dogs they're providing daycare for. Expensive and just not a place I will trust to "watch" my dog. Took our rescue puppy here for daycare assessment. She's a bit skittish and had only been with us for 6 days at time of assessment. Matt at the counter took our pup straight into the daycare area after checking us in. Without any small group interaction he put her inside the group area which excited the pack of about 20 dogs who were there since she was new. The pack immediately surrounded her, and things were going fine until she was cornered under a picnic bench by two small terriers, at which point our pup started to bare her teeth and snap. Matt and the other attendant were not paying attention (were on other side of room) so i went and grabbed our dog, who was in full flight or fight mode. I had to go get Matt's attention to ask about how we could help her get acclimated. He grabbed her leash and brought her straight back into the middle of the pack, which freaked her out in her by-now fragile state. Left with Matt telling us there was a 90% chance our dog could not ever do daycare because she doesnt know how to socialize with other dogs. I've never done daycare before, so while i thought the process was weird, i didn't have a reference to say it was wrong in the moment. All I knew is that I would have fight/flight reflex being dropped into a social scene where i was immediately the center of 20+ strangers' attention. Upon talking with many other dog owner friends though, this is NOT a normal way to assess a puppy's social skills. Most places will build up to full pack interaction, and will help the puppy get comfortable in a pack scenario. In fact, other friends who have used House of Ruff have said this was not at all their experience in introducing their dogs to daycare. Not sure if it was an off day or weekend staff issue but very disappointed with the level of apathy, weird judginess about our dog and the fact that they charge for such a half-a**ed "assessment" where it seemed I was the only one observing the dog's behavior. Ps For what it's worth, took her to the off leash public dog park nearby later that afternoon just to see how she handler In interactions on and subsequently off leash with groups of 5-6 dogs she was great and just a normal puppy having fun. She seems to really like other dogs! Definitely willing to put my money on the 10% chance Matt gave us to ever be able to put her in daycare, just has to be the right daycare!

Allison Deusenberry

4 years ago

After three months there with no feedback whatsoever, I was told my dog barked excessively and she would need to wear a bark collar to be allowed back. When I questioned what was going on I was told she was "cranky" and keeps to herself. She has been to two other daycares and was always reported to be happy and playful. It would have been nice if someone would have told me she was so miserable there! I talked to a dog behaviorist who said bark collars should never be used in a daycare setting. I won't take her back there. I should also note her barking problem was reported only after I purchased a $400 prepaid daycare package that they will not refund. I'm very disappointed in my and my dog's experience at House of Ruff.

Caroline Studebaker

4 years ago

Everyone who lives in the Central District and has a dog(s) should become members of House of Ruff. It's a great indoor park for the days that are too hot or too rainy/cold/muddy to play outside. They keep it very clean and it's big enough for multiple dogs to run around and have tons of fun. The hours are super convenient since they are open into the evening midweek and during the day on weekends. My dogs get very excited when we come here, but they need more friends to play with! So, please! Anyone looking for a dog park in the CD, just come on over to House of Ruff!

darius Ellis

4 years ago

My dog have a great time and everyone has been nice

Kay H

4 years ago

Lovely place and people, my dog Quill loves going to daycare and it sufficiently tuckers him out for the rest of the day. Never have had an issue and I am comfortable knowing he is in good hands. Affordable for an entire day.

Kevin Werner

4 years ago

We have been here three times with our samoyed. One time was great. The other two were not great.

Lauren Miller

4 years ago

Just had a meet and greet, but it's a large space with indoor and outdoor parks. Friendly and understanding staff.

mahnaz akbari

4 years ago

The owner and staff were super nice. The place is very clean. No odor at all. It's spacious. But they required a visit before accepting our dog. The visit took 20-30 minutes, and they charged us around $50. Then we took our dog back for a full day stay. I wrote instructions on food containers before I drop them. When we picked up our dog, I asked for the containers. Half of the food was still there. I think they forgot to feed our dog. The owner said that she didn't eat the food, but that doesn't look like our dog. I offered the food to my dog right a way, and she finished it in seconds. We won't take our dog back there.

Matt Hall

4 years ago

I've left my dog Kratos with this place many times for both boarding and daycare and he always leaves happy and healthy. Most recently I left him for 5 days during the snow storm, while he needed daily medication. High needs dog during demanding conditions and they provided with flying colors. Would give more stars if possible.

Natalie Van Gaver

4 years ago

Buckets my labradoodle loves it here!

Nick Sullivan

4 years ago

Great doggy daycare. Fun spot to bring your dog on a rainy day too. They have a huge indoor run and also drinks.

Nile Klein

5 years ago

Stellar group of wranglers, so often willing to go above and beyond, thanks folks!

Andrea Hatfield

5 years ago

My blue heeler Rocky loves going to daycare here! He's been coming here for over 7 months. At first I was hesitant to take him to a mainly indoor dog daycare. The behavioral assessment was nice because I was able to ask questions and look around the facility. The employees are always very friendly when dropping off or picking up. They also offer grooming during the day which is really nice to be able to get a nail trim while he's at daycare for the day. Great people, great place, and great doggos!

Dylan Kasprzyk

5 years ago

This place is one of the only indoor dog parks in the area. It's kinda small so I prefer to go when it's not too crowded. Wednesdays and Saturdays seem to be the busiest.

John Carter

5 years ago

Great place for your dogs to play.

Megan Howard

5 years ago

Great resource for dog owners. Staff is friendly and genuinely seem to care about the dogs. Very flexible and have accommodated all my last minute request for daycare!


5 years ago

We love the House of Ruff...and it's affect on our dog! She has a great time there and the staff is very good to her. She comes home good, happy, and thoroughly exercised. So glad we found this place!

Shannon Romano

5 years ago

Great indoor park for rainy days. Helpful and considerate staff. You do need a meet & greet before using the facilities.

Samantha L'Allier

5 years ago

My dog hated the last 2 places!! Loves it here

Mike Rotskoff

5 years ago

Our favorite dog boarding place in Seattle. They take good care of our pup.

Xavier Marquez

6 years ago

the nicest people! they really love dogs.

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