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Stranger On The Bus

2 years ago

(Review written by Jim Tedford) Dr. Jennifer Fligiel has been our vet for almost 20 years, and she's been knowlegeable about our cats's health, but more than that kind and compassionate. When Dr. F. moved to the Cat Clinic of Seattle a few years ago, we naturally followed her. She's still the same great vet - and surrounded by a superb staff and administration who help their patients and clients through sometimes scary situations. Our kitties are our children, and Dr. F and the Cat Clinic make sure they are healthy. You won't find a better veterinary clinic than this one.

Jeannie Park

2 years ago

I have taken all my cats to the Cat Clinic for years and we’ve received excellent care from the vets, vet techs, and front staff. They’re really friendly and provide great customer service. I highly recommend them.

Linda Mendez

2 years ago

My poor old scrawny alley cat gets lots of attention and care here. They are genuinely interested in finding out what’s wrong with him and, while it’s not cheap of course, everything is explained to me, and I am a partner in his care.

Susan Evans

2 years ago

Dr. Fligiel and her staff are great! They were so pleasant and treated my cats and me with courtesy and respect. Dr. Fligiel gave me lots of good information on the best food to feed them and how to put them on a safe weight loss plan.

Russell Carrick

2 years ago

Just an overall great experience. Obviously know cats since that is all they do. Staff is friendly, very concerned for the well being of your meow monster. Our kitty had to stay overnight because he hadn't given a urine sample yet. My GF was very apprehensive about this but they calmly explained how the car ride seemed traumatizing to him and how he was now friendly and settling in. They assured her they'd let us know if there were any concerns at all but based on their expertise he'd be fine. I think it really saved him some trauma from two extra car rides back and forth and I had him back first thing in the morning. Services seemed reasonably priced, especially for a specialist. No trying to upsell or do unnecessary tests like some vet offices. Really seems like they genuinely LOVE cats. Highly recommend!

Leslie McIntosh

2 years ago

We have been seeing Dr. Jennifer Fliegel since 2007 for our cats. We now live in Bellingham and would travel anywhere to have Dr. Fliegel take care of our "Baby Girl" - And Dr. Fliegel has the biggest heart, too! We love her dearly!!

Vin Colgin

2 years ago

Meh. Closed Monday, Tue to update their software, for the next cpl months, in addition to normal Sunday closure. This is the second cat I've lost and this vet didn't have hours that could accommodate our needs. Seems to be a vet that wants to see only preventative visits, periodic vaccinations and Rx reviews for special food. There seems to be a blanket response to call them to provide feedback, maybe if they were open, I could.

Rebecca Petriello

2 years ago

I’m so happy to have found Dr. Fligiel! She was our vet at another clinic previously and I didn’t know she joined the Cat Clinic of Seattle. She is tremendous with the cats (and owners too). I know my cats get the best of care with her. The clinic was prompt and professional. I’m glad that my cats can be taken care of here.

Justin Horton

2 years ago

The Cat Clinic is currently my go-to vet in the Seattle area for my two cats. We had difficulty finding a good vet for several years as most cater primarily to dogs and seem to view cats as an afterthought. We had a chronically ill cat and most vets would shake their head and tell us to try different food. We took her to the Cat Clinic and right away they started us on a bunch of things and had a treatment plan ready to go. Unfortunately it turns out she had bowel cancer and she passed shortly after. The Cat Clinic refunded us 100% for all of the medicines and special foods we had just purchased, and donated them to a local animal shelter. They truly care, and it shows. If you have a cat, go here.

Zachary Adams

2 years ago

I had been going to the cat clinic for over 5 years, but after they got bought out and changed vets, the service has been terrible. The new management only cares about bad reviews, not the health of cats. The two new vets told me different things and I didn’t know what to do for my cat. In the end, I switched vets to city cat and am much happier now. The one vet at cat clinic told me my cat has a heart murmur, but after changing vets to City Cat instead - my new vet offered a simple blood test to look for heart disease and we are all good. I much prefer and would recommend city cat vet. Cat clinic is not somewhere I would send my friends. Unreliable, expensive, and unfriendly since the new ownership.

Teresa Grassley

2 years ago

The bottom line is: Dr. Fligiel cares and Akuna can sense that, too!

Maria Curry

2 years ago

I love that it's just cats.

Larry Henion

2 years ago

I've been taking my cats to the Clinic for decades. They're the best! ????????

Jonathan Jimenez

2 years ago

This was my first time using their services, but despite the covid precautions, the visit was seamless and easy. The staff was friendly in all their communications with me and my cat seemed at ease when he was returned to me. So glad to have found them!

Jeanne Sauvage

2 years ago

We have always had a good experience here. The staff clearly love cats and are good with them. I highly recommend them!


2 years ago

They always take such good care of my kitty, mango. I Highly recommend this cat clinic ! They are reasonable with pricing and always go above and beyond for my 21 year old kitty????

Chris Paradeise

3 years ago

They don't treat autistic people well. They treated my two cats well enough until the cold weather got to Seattle and most clients would wait in their cars, I do not have a car. I walk to the clinic with 1 cat at a time. It's about a 7 minute walk. The first time I brought my kitty during covid, I waited outside while I called the front desk, a young man answers and I tell him my kitty is ready, probably 6 minutes early, and this young man starts to turn me away while my cat is sitting outside in the cold with lots of loud cars, trucks and busses driving by on busy Stone Way N. This man rudely says, "maybe you should time your walk better."

connie mccrery

3 years ago

The best! So caring and kind and they love the kitties!!

Kyle H

3 years ago

Great people always incredibly helpful, I always feel heard. They are taking COVID precautions very seriously, which is great.


3 years ago

No salamanders or horses or Klingons here, just cats and cat people. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, examination rooms, scrubs... hey, this place is real. And as far as cats go, they're more real than anybody! I've been bringing my furballs here for years now. They always greet my kitty with a twinkle of genuine recognition! Do it for your cat. Ask for their complimentary cat scan!????

Stephanie Light

3 years ago

I had a really positive experience here. First of all, what cat likes the vet? This place has those plug in pheromone emitters in each room. My cat was completely chilled out the whole visit. My vet was friendly, professional and super knowledgeable but I really appreciated how down to earth she was. No high pressure sales gimmicks, no guiltily trips, just honest conversations about my cats best interests.

frances williams

3 years ago

I have been going to the Cat Clinic since 2011 when it was owned by 2 other vets who were also very good. New owner and vets have continued great service and expertise. A bit on the pricey side i admit, but well worth it. Love the techs and the front desk staff, too. All really friendly, very helpful, caring, and very knowledgeable. Tried a different vet a couple times when i adopted a new cat recently and was so not satisfied. Went back quickly to the Cat Clinic and it was like night and day. Dr. Hunt and the techs were able to examine my really squirmy cat and discover and notice things the other place could not. Plus they gave me helpful recommendations for future visits whereas the other place didn't really treat us like they considered us a lifelong patient. We were more like a number to them. Thanks, Dr. Hunt, Ann, and everyone else at the Cat Clinic! Sorry I strayed, but I'm back for good.

Evelyne Rozner

3 years ago

They are warm and professional, thorough and loving with your cat. Good communicators so you know what to change or do to keep your kitty healthy. Highly recommend....if you can get in!

Erika Odegard

3 years ago

I have been taking my kitties to the Cat Clinic for 15 years and have always been pleased with their caring and compassionate service. I would highly recommend them!

Ellen Koretz

3 years ago

I have been using this clinic since I adopted my cat from a shelter 10 years ago. They are always kind to her and give me good advice to keep her healthy. I have occasionally boarded her with the Cat Clinic and she's always come home healthy. I like the fact that they have people on site 24/hrs.

Debra Hannula

3 years ago

Excellent cat care. Thorough exam and patient vets.

cyndi hargrove

3 years ago

My 12 year old high anxiety kitty LOVED it here! ...Well, they didn't need to wear leather gloves, at least, because the staff is focused on providing a calm and happy experience. So glad I found Cat Clinic for our new home.

Amber Litteken

3 years ago

Cat only clinics are the only way to treat your cats. Dogs in the vicinity can give them more anxiety. Also this allows the staff to specialize in cats and provide them better care. They still serve during the pandemic but take your cat inside while you wait in the car. Very cheap competitive prices and EXCELLENT care.

Anthony De Simone

3 years ago

We have taken our cats to the Cat Clinic for a few years now and are very pleased with the care they've received. We're happy that they care for cats only, as we've gone to other vets with both cats and dogs in the waiting room and it tends to upset our cats. The staff are great and always handle the cats with a gentle touch.

Breanna Hushaw

3 years ago

Dr. Nevin & staff are very friendly and professional with my cats. They take great care and are perfect for your feline best friend. They now offer a low cost pet insurance option for cats as well which I bought and it overall saves me money on costs. The cost of care is slightly higher than other vets but that is because you are getting a premium service & speciality vet that specializes in only cats. You can offset the cost by opting into the insurance plan. It’s worth it to take your cat here.

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