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Davis Harrison

2 years ago

Great spot. They accommodate my sweet but nervous-about-nail-trims dog as a walk in and are quick, kind, and professional!

john arnold

2 years ago

First time coming to Bark In Style. The groomer asked questions, and showed different lengths in cuts with swatches. Why the heck wasn't my old groomer so thorough?! When i came to pick up Mia the groomer followed all the instructions. She had a cute bandana, and she was showing off the entire walk home.

Jessi Gray

3 years ago

I brought my 2 dogs in for nail grinds for several years before moving away. We recently returned and visited Bark in Style again. I let the groomer know that my old lady has arthritis in her one leg; she suggested we switch to clipping to avoid further aggravation of the joint. I had always thought it was the opposite & I am so grateful to the groomer for having my dog’s best interest in mind - especially since clipping is cheaper than grinding.

Vashti E

3 years ago

Bark in Style reliably does an amazingly thorough job. They are so kind and sweet with my dog (who is very large and very nervous at the groomer) and I can't recommend them enough!!

Byron Howell

3 years ago

Ladies do a great job.

Gerardo Mayorga

3 years ago

BAD EXPERIENCE. I brought my 11lbs dog for a trim, when we got home we noticed that she wasn’t cut well on her stomach, very uneven and looks really bad. She also has some injuries on two nipples, was bleeding and sore ????!!! All this for $75 plus tip. When I went to pick up my dog, they didn't notify me of anything, I had to find out on my own. They should be more careful to see who they hire and review the work done, that speaks of professionalism of workers and the name of the business.

Jon Chao

3 years ago

Consistently awesome!! We love going to Molly!

Melanie Busch

3 years ago

DO. NOT. GO. HERE. -> One of the groomers has the most availability on their scheduling app for a goood reason! The groomer razor burned my poodle's paw so badly she limped the whole day and developed an infection so severe that she couldn't weight-bear by the next afternoon. It literally reeked the next day it was so burned & infected. We took her to the vet for wound debridement and got 14 days of antibiotics & 3 days of anti-inflammatories. All for $300 because of the $130 groom. So, over $400 in the hole by the end of the weekend? Yikes! Should have bought a catastrophe pet insurance plan before grooming there. When I let them know what happened she was like "hmm yeah I don't know how that happened, there was no blood and I don't remember anything happening. You should know there is always a risk with grooming and actually my clippers can't get hot, so I don't know how that is possible"... I feel about 0% professionalism/ ownership/ integrity/ customer + animal sense from this lady. My intention of calling Bark in Style was to inform them of an injury resulting from a groom there and help prevent it from happening again. I didn't ask for a refund or a coupon or anything and they were will super rude to me. The other reviews about burned animals at Bark In Style makes it seem like they don't let clippers cool or have enough sets of clippers to rotate and safety groom dogs. TL;DR - Do NOT groom here.

Ruth W

3 years ago

All the groomers I've had--over the years with two dogs--do a good job. C They communicate well and know their trade.


4 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for several years and have never been disappointed with his cut. I always ask for a puppy cut, very short and my pooch always receives compliments afterwards. You can schedule online and they offer mobile grooming services as well as walk-in nail trims. It's popular so book ahead, usually by a week, if not more.

Will Aufhammer

4 years ago

Great prices and great service.

Veterans Helping Veterans

4 years ago

Always lovely, although a bit over priced.

Rob Gregerson

4 years ago

This place is THE place to get your furry friend groomed and pampered! I have a 3-year-old golden retriever (Hurley) who has the energy of a wild banshee, thus making him hard to settle down for a hair cut. They know exactly how to handle him with love and care and he always comes back looking like he could be on a puppy calendar. I've had many different groomers work on him at the shop (all have done a tremendous job), but I tend to stick with Bridgette. If there is any downfall, it's only that the waiting list is about a month out. I don't see that as a fault to anyone... it's just a testament to how much Bark in Style is in demand. Highly recommend!!

Reshma Kulkarni

4 years ago

I have a samoyed and inexperienced groomer can harm the coat. It's not like a bad haircut where your hair just grows back. Molly has been grooming her for over 3 years now and is awesome. We live farther but still keep going back to Molly.

McKenzie Brickl

4 years ago

So disappointed that the manager chose to show her racism, rather than to be kind to a paying customer. We’ve been coming here monthly with our dog for the last 4 years, but we’re done, after this.

Marie Burdin

4 years ago

Love this place, puppers is always well looked after and comes home fluffy and clean. Staff are awesome. 100 percent recommend

Justin McKay

4 years ago

They have done wonderful job grooming my shih tzu over the years.

John Ford

4 years ago

My fiance brought her 11year old golden retriever into be groomed. It was pouring rain. We were the first appointment of the day. They saw we were. Black and wouldn't open the doors. Once they opened the doors for other customers. No apologies, they threatened to call police. I haven't experienced racism like that in a long time. Shocking in this day and age this would happen and I'm Wallingford. We were devasted.

Erica Louderback

4 years ago

I’ve taken my pup to Bark In Style a few times over the last year and have had decent experiences up until today. I dropped him off for a full groom (haircut and wash) this morning and upon picking him up this afternoon one of the groomers immediately told me “there was an issue on one of his legs because he was matted and it was irritated and to watch it”. Strange because I didn’t notice any matting on him prior to dropping him off. A few moments later another groomer chimed in telling me “oh it must be allergies and to watch it because he was licking his leg”. Again, strange because my dog is 5 and has never had allergies before. Once we got to my vehicle and started driving home, I could tell he was licking one spot on his left front leg pretty excessively. When I took a look at his leg it looked like he may have been nicked by the razor. I am almost positive this is what happened since 1). He wasn’t matted. 2). He doesn’t have allergies. 3). The groomers were obvious in trying to come up with excuses and both of them said it was from different things. I get accidents happen and I wouldn’t be writing this review had they been honest and told me they accidentally got a little close on one of his legs and to watch out for him licking it. But I am very unhappy by the fact they lied to me about it and tried to cover it up as something else. Accidents happen, however, I won’t trust my dog at a place that is dishonest with me. I won’t be bringing my dog back. Be upfront and honest with your customers!

Elizabeth Martin

4 years ago

They take amazing care of my little buddies, and do an awesome job getting them clean and trimmed up, at a great price.

Debra Montgomery

4 years ago

I brought my 11year old golden retriever in to be groomed. We were the first appointment of the day at 8am. I got there 5-7 minutes early, it was pouring rain and asked if we could wait inside. The staff was chatting, eating and drinking. The manager saw I was African American and wouldn't open the door. She said if she did, she “would have to open the door to everyone” mind you I was the only customer there. Beau and I waited out in the rain. Once inside, I asked the manager why I couldn’t come in a wait a few minutes to get out of the rain. My dog is old and has arthritis so it’s not easy for him to get in and out of my car. The manager then refused services to me and told me I had to leave. She then threatened to call the police on me. This was shocking, insulting and racist. Racism shows up everywhere in many forms. Racism doesn’t always have to be over sized and blatant, a lot of times racism is powered by small everyday micro aggressions like this. I haven't experienced racism like this in a long time. This is NOT okay. I’m saddened and shocked in this day and age this would happen. I was humiliated and devastated. We have to do better people. We all deserve to live in a caring inclusive community. This was an example of poor judgment and blatant racism. Last time I checked I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a sign posted above the doorway “For Whites Only”

David Hill

4 years ago

Very friendly and courteous, but I was a bit surprised that when I dropped my puppy off at 10am for a 10:15am appointment for a simple shampoo and trim around the edges, he wasn't ready for another four hours. To be honest, I am not sure if this is the norm as it was my first time, but it really messed up my afternoon having to wait so long. On another note, they were really friendly and my dog left seeming quite happy, so they still deserve 4 stars.

Cynthia Weber

4 years ago

Great job and good prices. Call way ahead of time as they are usually booked for a month or 2

Cindy Krafft

4 years ago

Updating my review. Always treated my dogs well but were racist towards a black neighbor. When confronted with their actions, rather than apologizing and retraining employees, they denied that it happened. Sad to see this happen, and will find another place to take my pups.

Bailey Jones

4 years ago

reasonable prices, had last minute availability. nicole was great!

Annette de Soto

4 years ago

I'd recommend reading the 1 star reviews before taking your pet and your business here. There are plenty of good groomers in town who don't threaten to call the police on their African American clients. The business manager then gave a canned response on the Yelp review referencing the "real struggles of the marginalized". If you don't think having white people call the police on African American customers is a "real" struggle, your privilege is blinding you.

lakshmi strom

5 years ago

Kylie is amazing with both of our dogs.

Yvette Nameth

5 years ago

They always make my pups look way better than they went in. I should take my cavalier spaniels here more frequently to keep them pretty. Fair prices too.

Doug Shuffelen

5 years ago

This is a great place to take your dog at any time. They can make a dog that has just been brought in looking terrible to a dog looking fantastic. They have great service at a quick pace and is happy with what they do. Our dogs look great whenever they groom our dogs. I really recommend bringing your dog here.

Jesus Balbas

5 years ago

Super nice ladies working in this place..

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