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K Smith

2 years ago

My pitty Chuy who tore his CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) in his rear hind leg. Couldn’t bare any weight on it, very sore, to the point where even light walks would wear him OUT!! Would be sore for days severely after a light walk. Took him to his normal vet and they gave him Rx pain killers but that can damage his liver in the long run so kind of searched for more natural remedies. Some people told me this wouldn’t work, it’s not real, fake medicine, but let me tell you, after two years of vet trips, and continuous leg exercises, light walks, and pain pills and chews, Benadryl for swelling, THIS is what healed him!! Got him in there; excited new cool place of course and when I say mind blowing I was never going to expect him to IMMEDIATELY calm down so fast once she strategically inserted the needles; he didn’t even flinch! He just started snoring within a minute. ONE MINUTE. He went from 100-0 in one minute. That has NEVER happened. He was so calm, and after, in the ride home he slept the whole way! I was like “hmm this is off” but I could immediately see a slight change and over the next few months he can now run, bare full weight and go for walkies no problem (hiking is tough but we’re working on it!). He did just recently (this is five months post first session) start showing some irritation again so I booked another appt with them for in a couple weeks, it was truly amazing. I would have never guessed it would have healed him like that in ONE session. That doesn’t mean that’s every dogs experience on the first go, but, there’s still something to be said about acupuncture that most people don’t recognize as amazing. 100/10 recommend. What will it hurt to try something new? It could save your fur-child!

Jen Min

3 years ago

Ancient Arts is a wonderful healing space for animals. I bring both my 13 yo cat and 2 yo pup here on a regular basis and find the warmth and care of the practitioners to be exceptional. My cat when I first brought him in was dealing with kidney issues and stiffness in the hips. The original vet at a different location wanted to place him on a number of medications. Working with Dr. Darla we were able to reverse the kidney issues and my cat is as spry as when I first adopted him! The entire staff is great and you can tell they genuinely love seeing their patients! I think it's important to think about the services at Ancient Arts as being both preventative as well as mindfully addressing acute issues. Don't wait until there is a serious issue, this is a space that will create more health and nourishment for all phases of your animal's life!

Kayla Atherton

3 years ago

Our puppy had suffered a spinal fracture at just 4 month old. We were quoted outrageous prices for more imaging and for multiple surgeries and we looked into Ancient Arts as an alternative to these and the pain medication treatment we were on. This place truly brought us a miracle we have gotten to work with both doctors here as well as utilize their acupuncture needle treatment, a herbal blend, and laser treatment. We were so amazed after our first round of acupuncture and week of herbs we have been hooked. We have an absolutely healed puppy who now runs and jumps and plays just as she should. And we are taking our other pup here for allergy treatments. This place is truly a saving grace. Thank you guys so much for allllllll you have done for us! Kayla, Jeanette, and DANI!!

Liliana Sacarin

3 years ago

The Ancient Art Veterinary Medicine staff and physicians are exceptional! I can not thank Dr. Regis and Rewers enough for the exquisite care they gave to our 15.5 year old terrier, Lucie. They help extend Lucie's life with acupuncture, homeopathy and herbs beyond our expectations. Needless to say, that they were the clinicians to diagnose Lucie with an extremely enlarged gall-bladder and nearly failing liver; thank to their prompt referral we were able to have Lucie undergo surgery within the next hours before her gall-bladder duct will burst. I would like to thank the staff: James, Malia and everyone else we have been taken care by at this holistic approaches-clinic. Acupuncture sessions gave Lucie, along with the supplements more vitality at a time the allopathic approaches had not much more to offer. The Pet-Massage class with Dr. Regis also helped to alleviate nausea and other symptoms Lucie had due to her illness. THANK YOU! I highly recommend your clinic.

Julie Ericson

5 years ago

Dr. Rewers offers a comfortable environment to holistically treat animals. She is amazing at what she does, she and her staff are clearly passionate about the health and well being of our furry loved ones. What a gift and a blessing she is!

Rosalie Savillo

5 years ago

I love this holistic vet! We came here when my dog was very sick, after being diagnosed with cancer. After his first visit he started feeling better. I'm so glad we went here! Dr. Regis is just awesome. She took the time to listen to all my concerns and prescribed him herbs and acupuncture. I really like the office too. It's very comfortable... not at all like a typical vet. They have comfy mats for the dogs and the Dr gets down on their level. Excellent all around, would recommend for anyone, especially with a dog with a serious illness.

Sarah Salter

5 years ago

I loved the warm and friendly employees. My dogs particular vet was extremely hands on w/him in a very tender and loving manner. This made my dog at ease and he slept through much of the appt. The appt room had a large comfortable mattress type bed on the floor that my dog, myself and my Dr all sat on. No sterile, uptight atmosphere here! That, in addition to the exceptionally "homey" beautiful decor (it's almost like a metaphysical/cultural/museum vibe) facilitates a healing energy you almost cannot help but absorb. You almost smile just walking in, because the feel of the highly unique space is uplifing. Anyone educated and openminded enough to understand holistic medicine is as effective as allopathic ("regular" medicine) medicine, and often better due to the lack of unpleasant side effects, will benefit from the medical knowledge gained from the staff. The consistant satisfactory results (most of these techniques and medications have been used for thousands of years by some of histories brightest cultures and civilization's) achieved by treatments such as acupuncture will surely improve the health of your treasured pet! The first office visit is expensive, but hang in there. It's worth it, and the office visits after that are much less expensive. This price policy of first visit appointments is standard with both human and animal doctors. My vet spent as much time with me as I wished. I showed up 10 minutes late to my appt and then asked the dr to postpone starting my dogs appt 15 more minutes until my husband arrived. The dr kindly accomodated me! I've only had two visits with this vet so far, but it's very high marks so far!

Justin Mezistrano

8 years ago

If you truly love your pet, take them here. Three years ago, my cat was fighting some of the symptoms of kidney disease, and the medicine my normal veterinarian was prescribing was not working. A friend told me about Ancient Arts and acupuncture, and I was speculative at first, but I was willing to try anything for my cat that I love more than anything. Acupuncture quickly cleared up the symptoms he was experiencing from kidney disease and I have been taking him there ever since. Dr. Rewers is the best of both worlds, she has experience working in a standard veterinarian and is as knowledgeable in that area as any of the several animal doctor I have worked with, but her knowledge about eastern medicine and acupuncture is what makes her and this place so special. My cat, Cody, is now 18 and approaching the end of an amazing and full life, and I believe I have Dr. Rewers and Ancient Arts to thank for that, and I am truly grateful for everything they have done for me and Cody.

Rhonda Kopelli

9 years ago

Dr. Rewers is amazing! She has done wonders with my 14 year old beagle and an added bonus - the space is beautiful and peaceful.

Jill Avey

11 years ago

Dr Rewers has done wonders for my dog. He has a torn ACL and arthritis. The acupuncture, energy work, and herbs have nearly cured his knee and he is getting around almost like he used to. When he first injured his knee, he could hardly walk a block and now he can go hiking again. Our new dog walker didn't even know he had an injury. In addition to the great care, Dr Rewers is just wonderful to work with, she is such a nice person and is kind and gentle with our animals. I couldn't say enough about how much we like her service.

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