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Rahil Arora

2 years ago

This Petco has a variety of tough toys for big dogs and plenty of fresh food options which you might not find at a smaller Petco.

Sriram Srinivasan

2 years ago

Don't ever get your dog to groom here unless you want them back all bruised and cut! Dropped for a cut and got back with just shower without any mention of accidentally nicking to find him all hurt!

Zayd Dinaully

2 years ago

Disabled online appointment booking only to, also, not answer the phone... there needs to be a better system in place, this is ridiculous!

Amanda Sava

2 years ago

Service is always good, but the selection isn't always consistently stocked.

Vikas Taneja

2 years ago

Cleanliness, courteous staff, good prices, fast checkout, availability of pet related items.

Jaime Jimenez

2 years ago

I was able to find what I was looking for. Thank you.

Alex Morris

2 years ago

They don't take care of anything in the store. Their feeder fridges are something of nightmares, cups disheveled everywhere 90% dead feeders. Even their crickets and roaches are mostly dead. They have their "store use" feeders in the same fridge filled with the only cup that had live feeders in their fridge of death. Worthless store, useless employees. You certainly live up to your name of not giving a s*** about animals or your customers. Avoid this stain.

Red 840

2 years ago

This is a small location but they do have a lot here.

James rhee

2 years ago

I have been to almost all Petcos in the State of Washington. Only K.a.t.i.e there unlike other employees and managers is the kindest, sincerest, and best worker I have ever met at Petcos. They need her to be promoted as the chief manager.


2 years ago

The person who helped me was genuinely interested in well being of fish and me than just selling it. I appreciate Petco's effort to hire such employee.

Bruce Ferguson

2 years ago

Katie was knowledgeable and helpful in making decisions for my cat's diet.

Zahid Aslam

2 years ago

Went in to pick up 2 30lbs bag of cat litter that I had ordered online. Also bought some stuff in store that I paid for at checkout and also verified my pickup order. While walking out with 1 bag, the other staff member who just showed up at the counter found it prudent to call out at me in a loud and accusative tone questioning whether I had paid for the litter. I actually had a Petco bag in one hand for the stuff I had bought in store, and was walking in front of the checkout counters. Even if he had some doubt, he could have easily asked the other staff person right next to him. Not like I was running out of the store with a 30lb bag. But of course, what other explanation could there be seeing a brown guy walking out of the store with a 30lb litter in front of the checkout counters other than he was stealing it. Never been this embarrassed before. Never ever returning to this store ever until they get rid of this guy.

Ken Easley

2 years ago

We asked for help finding something and the salesperson was very helpful. The store is clean, bright, and well organized.

Ritzy Sharma

2 years ago

I have bought my gold fishes from here and can vouch for quality fish with right advice on taking care of them. I am happy to visit the store as the current staff is extremely sweet and knowledgeable.

Arianna Panattoni

2 years ago

The store itself is good, had all the items I needed and looking at all the cute pets here makes me happy however I will not return to this store. James, our cashier, was SO pushy about joining the rewards program. He asked us at the beginning of the transition to join and we said no. He then said it would save us some additional money, we again said no. He then told us how much extra we are spending, how it hurts him if we do not sign up and then as we were leaving said it hurts his cashiers. Okay? I get it.. I worked retail and they track that stuff with percentages but making the customer say no to your rewards program 8+ times in a 5 minute transition over some cat food makes the customer feel awkward and not want to return. I will be going out of my way to drive to the other pet store from now so I don't get hounded.

Henry Lowery

2 years ago

Very friendly staff! Been here hundreds of times and never had a problem with customer service

Michelle Link

2 years ago

Employees seemed genuinely happy to be at work. We were greeted at the door by one employee that asked us if there was anything she could do to help. But the 5 star rating was earned by an employee by the name of James. My 8 year old saved up to buy a hamster and the accessories that help facilitate it. This person went above and beyond to talk over everything we would need to keep a hamster happy. They must have spent 30 minutes trying to help four clueless people try to house feed and get a hamster. They also let us know personalities of the hamsters available. They recommended the little guy we inevitably took home. So far he is a perfect fit. Wonderful, enthusiastic, helpful staff. Nothing short of 5 star experience.

Marla Bennett

3 years ago

The staff was very helpful, showing me exactly what I needed and how best to use it.

Harold Evans

3 years ago

Update 3/16/21: Prices have been going up for a while now and with decreasing rewards even boutique pet shops are cheaper. Recently bought aquatic plants, all had snails. Doubt these issues are specific to this location.


3 years ago

Clean store with well kept pets and supplies - even the bettas had fresh water and were cared for

Ramiro Rico

3 years ago

I received a dirty look from one of the older employees as I walked in. Didn't feel welcome at all.

sandra collier

3 years ago

Petco always has good products for my cat, good service, good location in Redmond and easy parking and friendly, helpful staff. Just wish the Redmond store would stock suet for our wild birds!

Sarah Clawson

3 years ago

Got some fish. They was cheap.


3 years ago

They have a good curbside pickup program

Susanne Stieglitz

3 years ago

WARNING ⚠️ They are NOT TAKING ANY RETURNS! AND...... they are not up to date and current, regarding recommendations for appropriate hamster habitats. They will give you outdated information in order to sell what they have in the store, and then refuse to take your return. So if you care about pets, do your research before you go here and know what to buy so that you don't learn the hard way, AND waste your money and your time, on top of stressing out an animal that you care about. However, on a positive note, a few days before Christmas, I went to the store right around closing time, just to look in to see if they had hamsters, and I had a very good experience. An employee was more than willing to show me their hamsters and answer some questions, in a relaxed, courteous manner, and did not try at all to rush me out the door, despite my being there right at closing time. Too many retail employees hate it when a customer walks in the door just 5 or 10 minutes before they're about to close, and will make their feelings known, making me feel very unwelcomed, despite the fact that I am well aware of what time they close. The Redmond Petco employees, a couple nights before Christmas, did not do that at all. Which was very refreshing and nice. They weren't so nice when I came in to return the 20 gallon glass tank, that I now have to find a place to store, waiting for the random day that they decide to resume taking returns, which is extremely inconvenient for somebody living in a one-bedroom apartment, with 2 children, but, all my experiences there haven't been bad. I'm just upset because all the other stores have figured out a way to accept returns, so why can't they. This 20 gallon tank and metal screen cover are half the size the hamster needs, but, it is a large, breakable fragile heavy item, that I have no need for, and should never have been sold, and now I'm stuck with! When I bought it, they were taking returns, and within a few days, they stopped. And I don't know why, because everyone else, all the other big retailers I've been to for the last several months, are taking returns just fine. So it's very very frustrating to have such a big, heavy, breakable item, sitting around in my car taking up room, for God only knows how long. Jan 19th: Still have this aquarium, taking up space in my vehicle. And since it's breakable, I really want it gone. Today I called, no change. I asked if they could take my number or email, so they could contact me, so I didn't have to keep calling them. I was transferred to the manager because that employee didn't know. Well, that's when things went from bad to worse. He was rude, argumentative, didn't care about my situation, didn't want to even listen, and hung up on me. I hadn't yelled, I hadn't sworn, I was just telling him it was frustrating since all the other retailers are taking returns, and this return was due to their own outdated advice. I asked if he would at least take my email or my phone number, and contact me, so I didn't have to keep calling them, but he hung up on me! Really sad. I have gone there for decades. I know people are being pushed nowadays, we are in some crazy, stressful times, but you don't treat customers that way. Especially when you are the manager. Personally, when I've read critical reviews, I've always taken them with a grain of salt, assuming that the reviewer is one of those impossible to please, difficult types. I've always thought, there must be more to the story. But this review is happening because the employees' behavior was really that rude and unprofessional. And it's really upsetting because we have a new pet, we are going to need to buy supplies for, on a regular basis, but going to Petco is now DEFINITELY out of the question. I don't even want to call them, let alone shop there. My kids are going to expect to go there again, for bedding and food and play things, but I will either drive us three times as far to go to another pet store, or, I'll turn into an online shopper.

Ailynn Collins

3 years ago

The whole process was very easy and fast.

Archana Das Stockwell

3 years ago

Love their collection of cat toys and specially the holiday ones! Definitely adore the scratch pads, our cats love them the most!

Cas Lorence

3 years ago

It says that they close at 8:00 pm And they actually close at 7:00 pm Totally disappointed!

Craig Swanson

3 years ago

Ran in here to get flea medication for my WIFE's cat. I know nothing about it and the gentlemen who helped me was awesome and really gave me a good education on the product and how to apply it. Very happy.

Artem Stasiuk

3 years ago

aquarium specialist was very knowledgeable.

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