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Shareen Wornson

2 years ago

My dog was seriously injured in a bicycle accident and I brought here here for a surgical consult. Dr. Cioffi was super professional and helped put me at ease about the decisions I had to make for the well-being of my dog. I would highly recommend her as well as Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland. Everyone was very friendly and responsive during what was a very stressful time for me.

marianne m montgomery, cas

2 years ago

Our newest adoptee was hit by a car that broke her leg requiring surgery. The staff and surgeon could not have been more responsive, awesome , beyond expectations and successful. It's a long journey for her but will be successful. There were no complications afterwards but bringing her home did speed up the 1st week adjusting to being bedridden. Thank you all for opening the surgical schedule and hearts to Izzy.

Kathy Atwood

2 years ago

Dr. Kiefer and team did a fabulous job on Enzo. Enzo had double TPLO surgery, has recovered excellently. Dr. Kiefer shared before and after x-rays, gave full explanation of what Enzo's surgery entailed and fully set my expectations! Thank you for caring so much!

Elise Newman

2 years ago

My dog recently underwent TPLO surgery with Dr. Jordan. From the very beginning, Dr. Jordan and his entire team were communicative, reliable, and kind. They took excellent care of my dog and answered my thousands of questions and many phone calls. They also gave us excellent after-care instructions, and post-surgery, she was in much better shape than I expected! I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them!

Tom Franklin

2 years ago

Kona, my 10 year old Labradoodle, blew out her Right ACL, after the same thing happened to her left ACL 4 years ago. There was no other consideration to going to another surgery center. While her surgeon from the first repair has moved on, Dr. Cioffi has proven to be an outstanding surgeon and caregiver. She has taken the time to meet face to face with me both at the initial consultation and after the surgery. She has taken great care in explaining everything that was going on and what would be happening in the recuperative period. Dr. Cioffi is excellent and I would recommend her and the facility without hesitation.

Norris Perkins

2 years ago

Safe, efficient and fairly priced based on our experience with other vets. Happy with the results!

Ofosa Main

2 years ago

On behalf of Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals and me personally as Finn's foster mom, I want to thank Dr. John Kiefer for his incredibly skillful corrective surgery. Our beautiful little Italian Greyhound, Finn, was born with deformed hind legs and thanks to Dr. Kiefer, she can now run and play like any other dog. Was it spendy? Yes. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Thanks again to Dr. Kiefer and VSCP for their expertise and compassionate care..

Tim Overton-Harris

3 years ago

Our dog needed a lot of work on her knee and they did an excellent job on the surgery and immediate after care. We found them a bit hard to communicate with when we had some questions about after care at home but are chalking that up to pandemic craziness. I would recommend them to others.


3 years ago

That moment (and the ensuing days after) your dog tears their CCL (doggie version of an ACL). All the research, pricing, and pouring over reviews of different locations and doctors. All the planning, prep work, schedule considerations for surgery and recovery. ...What an insane amount of stress and overwhelm throughout the whole process! Thank goodness I went with my gut and landed on Veternary Surgical Center of Portland. I must have called 20 surgeons, surgical centers, or vet clinics in a 50 mile radius of Portland to see about wait times and pricing, but I got in for a consult sooner than any other place with Dr. Cioffi. She was careful and tactful not to immediately default to “yep, let’s cut the dog open”, but offered other, more conservative treatments first (so awesome coming from a surgeon). Ultimately, after consult with an outside radiologist to formally diagnose the tear and discuss options, she offered me a surgery appointment for 72 hours later. The surgery package price was comparable or better than other locations, and included everything I’d need for the next 8 weeks of recovery with no surprises. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Cioffi, or the decision to go with VSCP. I drove here an hour and a half each way from Mount Hood, happily, for each drop off/ pick up/ and recheck appointment. Dr. Cioffi spent (a LOT of) time with me on the phone for initial consult and rechecks (because COVID), ensuring my questions were answered and helping quell my ridiculous level of anxiety about surgery for my fur baby. She was personable, honest, direct, compassionate, and without a doubt knows her way around the inside of a dog’s knee... five stars, over and over again. Unfortunately (though rather expectedly), my pup tore her other CCL within weeks of being “cleared” at her 8 week check for the first. Not uncommon, though disheartening for sure. ...But we knew the ropes the second time around. Having to take the guesswork out of where to go/ what to do/ what was involved was insanely relieving, in a strange, “not our first rodeo” kind of way. I didn’t hesitate for a moment to have Dr. Cioffi slice open my dog a second time, since she’d totally crushed it the first time around. I’d recommend this place, and Dr. Cioffi, without hesitation, to anyone needing a surgical consult for their pup, and DEFINITELY if you’re looking to go the TPLO route for a CCL tear.

Robin B

3 years ago

My dog needed surgery for a livershunt and we were referred to Dr. Simpson by a friend. She is amazing. Very compassionate, spent time answering all of my questions, gave me updates during his 3 day stay. The vet techs were great. Gave me nightly updates and even sent me a picture of my boy. He was in great hands. I highly recommend this veterinary clinic for your surgical needs for your pet .

Ross Kalkowski

3 years ago

Great job on dogs surgury

Kimberly Chessler

3 years ago

I have to be honest when I first took my cat to Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland I was super nervous. He had an extreme procedure that needed to be done quickly and I did not do as much research and vetting as I would have liked to prior to agreeing to go under the knife. Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland has been so kind, attentive, professional and my kitty has been recovering wonderfully, best case scenario! FYI you may find something online in regards to Dr. Simpson that seems completely false and defamatory. I believe this to be entirely untrue and written by someone who is out to ruin their pratice. Don't get me wrong, I freaked out when I read it but I assure you this place is legit and do a great job! Being a vet is tough, things don't always go well and it's out of all of our hands. Be nice to eachother and trust your pet is in good hands here.

Elyse Miller

3 years ago

Friendly staff, made us feel comfortable during a scary time

Caryn Epstein

3 years ago

We were referred here by our regular vet for airway surgery and neuter for our pug puppy. We met with Dr. Simpson during our consult, and she was absolutely wonderful--knowledgeable, kind, and answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. She was not aggressive about surgery, but rather assured us that she would only do what was absolutely needed for our dog's health. She was able to book us the next week. We felt so comfortable dropping him off, as the staff was friendly, capable, and very communicative. We were updated when he came out of surgery and were told to call whenever we liked to check in on him, as he had to stay overnight. The next day when we picked him up, we were given thorough and clear aftercare instructions, and assured that the staff would be available to answer our calls should be have any questions or concerns (which we did!). The surgery cost came in just above the lowest end of the estimate we were given, which we were very happy about. Our dog has recovered beautifully and we are so grateful for the excellent care he received at VSCP. We, of course, hope he doesn't have any more surgical needs in his future, but if he does, we will definitely go back to VSCP and Dr. Simpson!

Lisa Lavelle

4 years ago

A bit of a wait, but very knowledgeable and caring.

anthony Puhlman

4 years ago

Very good experience. Vet Dr. Simpson and her staff are fabulous. They show they care about your pet and provide lots of information. Very friendly, kind, and professional. Positivity and exceptional customer service. Prices very reasonable too. Our puppy broke his leg and their knowledge left us feeling confident with our decision, leaving him overnight as a new patient, and we had instant trust with this business. Highly recommended!!!

Ashley Wortham

4 years ago

Our 6 month old border collie was diagnosed with osteochondrosis of his shoulder and needed surgical repair. After extensive research we decided the Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland was our best option. Not only did they have the most affordable prices around, but they went above and beyond caring for our pup. When we called in to check on him early in the morning (as he had to stay over night) he had not done well overnight in the crate so the techs let him out to lay by their side instead. We felt so comforted by their care. As for the surgery, Dr. Kiefer also did a phenomenal job, as our boy has made a full recovery and is back to running/jumping/playing as he should be! We were told by our vet that there was a good chance he would not recover fully, but thanks to the team at the Veterinary Surgical center, we are as happy and healthy as can be!

Bernardo Viscarra

4 years ago

Very professional, very clean establishment. The vet explained everything in a manner that was easily understood. I recommend it.


4 years ago

Okay so I'm going to review this place and hopefully edit later. I just dropped my chihuahua mix off to have an emergency tibia fracture fix with a metal plate. My dog was attacked by a pit next door in my yard yesterday (7-7-19) she had several lacerations and a badly broken back leg. I was sent home from the emergency vet with referrals to have surgery done in the next 2 days. I called nearly all 7 places I was referred to and they were booked and unconcerned. So when I got to this one they were amazing! I said do you have any availabilities tomorrow for an emergency tibia surgery. She told me she would call back. A little bit later I was told to come in today. I came in and dr Simpson came in (on her day off) to explain everything since dr kieffer was in a surgery. As always I'm good at asking everything i want to know. I left feeling comfortable. I get her back tomorrow morning and will edit to add on to this. P.s they let her keep her big fluffy pillow for after surgery.

Linda Lee

4 years ago

Dr. Keifer was amazing. He was very informative and realistic. I was concerned because my dog has liver and kidney issues before her surgery for her CCL tear last year. I am so happy that one year later my lab mix, Gigi is pretty much 100%! Thank you so much. ????

mike Mike

4 years ago

Dr.Sinpson took amazing care of our dog Sunny. The staff was very informative and friendly. Dr. Simpson explained the surgery in great detail asked if we had any questions and they even followed up in a few days to see how he was doing. I wasnt happy about needing Surgery for our dog but they made it a lot more relaxing and a much easier process. Hopefully I wont need anything else but I will highly recommend them. I drove from Vancouver just to have them do the surgery

vinnie miller

4 years ago

Caring staff that is capable. Got a lar par surgery here for my dog. A bit more expensive but competent

Wesley Clark

4 years ago

Our little yorkie had knee surgery here. The staff was really nice and very helpful. The surgery was successful and the follow up has been outstanding. Highly recommended.

Mike Zech

5 years ago

Great staff. Extremely careful and loving with the animals. Top notch care, to notch place. Took great care of my big baby American bulldog Caesar, who by the way is better. Thanks Dr. Simpson and staff.

Erin Zech

5 years ago

I have to say i was completely impressed with them. They were friendly and genuinely cared about our big boy Caesar. They listened to our concerns and what Caesar needed. They understood my husband and Caesar's relationship. Caesar was diagnosed with cancer. They removed a huge lump under his arm and all the little ones he had. They really cared about his well being and they really showed how much they cared. We don't have a lot of money and the price is just a little high, however, they kept the price they estimated. Though they could have charged much more for what they did. I have to say we will never take him to another place except vsc. The price was worth every penny and they earned every penny.

Mandi Blackwelder

5 years ago

As a veterinarian myself with I have lots of choices for surgical care and I chose VSCP for my little girl (love of my life and the best friend in the world of my disabled son). As a pet owner, I love that my girl is greeted by name and treated like a queen. When she has stayed overnight post op I talked to the overnight tech at 10pm to check in and was given a full report. Dr. Simpson calls personally to update me on biopsy results and discussed options. Every time I have been there as a visiting vet (gone to the back), there is someone curled up with a recovering patient giving love and care just like I would do on my couch at home. The technicians have a long bond to the practice and love their jobs, which translates into expertise and TLC for my girl! The front office staff is always responsive to my calls, my concerns and when my office calls for records we get a prompt response. The doctors are always prompt with response to my inquiries about my patients too -- what that means for a non-veterinarian client is that there is open communication between your vet and VSCP, in a timely manner, so nothing gets missed for your pet. Happy to be a client at VSCP!


5 years ago

I'm adding a post from my daughter... our dog is now 5 yrs old and we just spent another $1200 on her for arm braces. They seem caring and passionate but when you have an issue they put you off. She's maimed for life. If your surgery is picture perfect then go here but you cant ever promise a picture perfect surgery. When it goes sideways you want a team that will listen to your concerns and follow up and not brush you off. We have over $30k into our dog. Shes 5 on 12 different meds 3 times daily. Our vet was willing to testify to the gross negligence of this office. Our vet will NEVER recommend this practice again... we spend 200 a month on meds. And the 1200 for braces isnt counting all the cast and splint materials we have to have to support her while breaking in the braces. What started as a 3500 sugery has now cost tons of money we cant afford and heart ache and grief and constant monitoring of her for any issue and it can all be tied back to her surgery at 9 months. All the specialists we have seen have seen original records and said they would've done PT first and never slicing her ulnas... super old school and on large breed dogs a big big NO NO! THEY DON'T HEAL! We didn't get a second review because of wonderful online reviews... both our primary care vets went to school with him and gave him wonderful reviews. About a year later I heard of others getting the same treatment we got when things started sliding south. We were told they would do another surgery for 1/2 what it should cost if needed but when we called over and over they said put neosporin on the open seeping wound. It cost another 4k on top of their 7k. Only reason we are willing to keep going is shes always happy. She dances and plays and loves to swim. Vets are amazed at how well she's doing and she's still alive after her ordeal there. So if you can guarantee a perfect surgery I wouldn't trust them at all... if I could post a 0 or half star I would. Oh and the 30k doesn't count monthly meds.

Mary Nelson

5 years ago

My Pomeranian recently had surgery here. All of the staff has been amazing, helpful and provided great care for my dog. I am very pleased with everybody we have dealt with.

Laura Voigt

6 years ago

They took very good care of my kitty and answered all of my questions thoroughly. He's like a new man. They were very flexible with getting him right in and with appointment times. I highly recommend this clinic.

Alyssa Berry

6 years ago

Do not bring your dog here. They did surgery on my dogs elbows when she had a fever. And they did a double elbow displaysia surgery on my Bernese mountain dog puppy which hey scared us into thinking they had to do right away. The first time my dog was sick or had issues they brushes us off and told us to go to our local vet. They surgery didn't go well. They continued to make us do 2 other surgerys. My dog got MRSA from this clinic which I think if from not being clean. I spent close to $10,000 and my dog still has two broken ulnas that never healed. The final time they put plates i. And my dog still had an infection they brushed us off again and only removed one plate. We were fed up! And went to another doctor. He said if we hadn't removed the plate that day my dog could have died. And the second doctor said that the double surgery my dog got is a very old school surgery. Then they had the never and call to ask if "he" is ok. My local vet said we should have never gone here. My poor dog will one day need a double elbow replacement. She's on constant medication and physical therapy. She's 4 and can barely walk 10 minutes. She would have been better off with the elbow dysplasia. Get a second opinion. Do not do elbow dysplasia surgery here!!! I feel like atleast they should have refunded us everything. And they didn't. Do not come here. Bad surgerys. Very expensive. Bad follow up care.

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