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Brian Bogren

2 years ago

Run away as fast as possible. The people at VCA Woodstock are predatory, and they leverage the love you have for your pet into the slimy little tactic of extracting money from you and placing it into their pockets as quickly as possible. Here is just one example of that. They prescribed a medication in July of this year, which was incredibly safe, according to them. We waited to get a second opinion and explored some options, because once you put your pet on this medication you apparently should not stop. Fast forward a few months to us deciding to start her on the medication. I called them, and told them I was doing this, and asked for a prescription for the medicine that THEY prescribed. I also scheduled some routine shots. When I brought her in, I was informed that I waited too long and would have to pay for $600 worth of tests in order to get the medication. Keep in mind that we had already started it, and they knew that. This is just one example of how they leverage the love for your pet into money in their pockets.

Sara Fitzgerald

2 years ago

I was in for an appointment just to get my cat a vaccine shot. We had already seen the vet a few weeks ago so I was told I wouldn't need an exam and could essentially be in and out for the shot. I arrived 10 minutes early and when my appointment time came, another person who arrived after me was taken back for an appointment at the same time as mine. After that i proceed to wait another 30 minutes. I had been told a few times it would only be a couple more minutes but by that time I had waited 40 minutes and had another appointment for myself that I had to get to. I told the front desk staff this and left. It has been over 3 or 4 weeks since this happened and I nevet recieved a call to be rescheduled or given an apology for having to wait so long for nothing. I am only giving this review a 2 because I felt they were affordable. But this type of service is not worth saving the money


2 years ago

Really had high hopes for this place considering they are walk-able but our experience has been one that has left us feeling like our cat is not cared about. On our first visit, we took our cat in to have lesions looked at. The vet didn't know what to make of it and recommended an expensive biopsy, bloodwork and threw a dental cleaning on top of that (even though his teeth were cleaned less than a year before). All that (except for the dental work) was fine with us because we want to take good care of our beloved cat. After the lesions didn't go away with the wipes they prescribed, we called back to schedule the appointment for the biopsy. Over the phone we were told that the vet would want to look at the lesions first before the surgery. I said okay, knowing that they had record of the previous visit. The next visit was EXACTLY the same information. "We don't know what this is...please schedule a biopsy." At this point we were frustrated because that was a waste of another $250 for a different vet to tell us the exact same thing with no additional insight. We asked them to send a quote for how much the operation will cost and they never did. We called twice on two separate days to remind them we hadn't received it and although we were told they would, they never did. In fact we were told that they would have to see our cat AGAIN because quotes expire in 6 months (even though it hadn't been 6 months and we never received one in the first place). It's a real shame because we wanted to love this place. They seem nice. But they are disorganized and put profit over care.

Kris Dawson

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about Dr. Krage and the team at VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital. Dakota had some back leg/hip issues and after Xrays showed no hip dysplasia I was not sure where to go next, but then we were introduced to Dr. Krage and the Acupuncture was the best thing I ever did for Dakota, she is back to a full run at the dog park. The entire staff was caring, concerned and very attentive to Dakota's needs. I so appreciate them!!!

Rebecca Miles

2 years ago

Horrible experience! All around awful I was fed mis information twice, my animal was not treated and the prescription I was told to get at Walmart wasn't available because Walmart doesn't do animal prescription!

Paige Fischer

2 years ago

I took my 10 week old puppy here on recommendation from a coworker. As a new dog owner, I was very nervous. All the staff I interacted with were so very kind and knowledgeable! I never once felt like I was being talked down to or judged for asking questions. My boy Roscoe loved the staff as well! I am a huge fan of their swift service and great communication. I highly recommend Dr. Krage and the rest of the staff here!

Maren Sinclair

3 years ago

I am not exactly sure how this clinic can call themselves an animal hospital when they are not able to provide even basic care for your pet - even when you pay their $90 a month fee for a wellness plan. I would save my money and find a reliable, responsive and AVAILABLE veterinarian who will actually make time to treat your kitten when they are experiencing an issue. I was told by this clinic that I have to be referred to an urgent care clinic for a simple UTI for my male kitten and on top of that I had to ASK to schedule an appointment with them for care — which they only have availability 4-6 weeks out. How is that helping to take care of my furry family. When you could only make appointments for care two months in advance. I have never written a bad review on Google but I feel very strongly that this information needs to be shared. If you do not have time to help the animals and their families that you have agreed to help — please don’t take our money and please let us find someone who will have the time and space available to help when needed.

Malynda Mercado (Mini)

3 years ago

Great!!) Our Casper be Cat came home ready to patrol Floss street.????

Martin Thompson

3 years ago

The staff are great, patient, and thorough. The doctors are professional, attentive, concerned, and compassionate. If you are looking for an animal hospital for your four-legged family members, Woodstock VCA is the place to go. Their pricing is fair and they are happy to answer questions and provide confidence in recommendations.

Nancy Kuhns

3 years ago

Love my vet Amanda tinsley but very hard to get my dog's nails trimmed correctly there

Sleepy cat

3 years ago

Dog is dying and they refuse to see them

Stacee Brice

3 years ago

I'm so sad to have to write this review, as I started off loving this vet and their treatment of our dogs. I wanted to share so others' pets don't have the same experience that ours had. One of our dogs has severe allergy issues that kept getting worse over time. At first we brought her to VCA, thinking we’d get guidance on how to make her more comfortable from our regular vet. She was losing patches of fur, constantly getting ear infections, and was itchy and fatigued constantly. We were basically told there wasn’t much we could do besides give her medications and that this was typically a lifelong thing. The meds worked for a few weeks, and then her symptoms came right back. They just gave her more meds and let us know, again, that this is likely a lifelong condition and not much can be done. My dog was only 5-6 years old at the time, and this really wasn’t done in a reassuring or compassionate way. After doing some of our own research, we found out that there are allergy specialists for pets!? So I scheduled her to see one in Beaverton, and lo and behold - there are other things we could do for her. We also found out the meds that we had been giving her were not advised for long term use and could damage her kidneys. She's now on immunotherapy and her skin and energy are amazing! She's like a whole new dog! My biggest questions for VCA - why weren't we referred to a specialist if our vet was not capable of treating this condition? Why were we charged so much for medication that she didn't need? Fast forward to now - my frustration with VCA hit its peak this week. I know COVID-19 has made things insanely difficult and everyone is doing their best. I just don't see the point of having a regular vet if we can never see them? An ER vet that helped with an emergency thyroid issue advised we get a urine test run for our dog to check her kidneys with our regular vet. Her levels have been off each time we tested at the ER in Vancouver, and they didn't see the need to drive 30+ minutes for a simple test. They called VCA to run the test and the ER would analyze the results. We were told VCA has a 4-week wait. To run a urinalysis. That the ER would read the results for. We've been going to this vet for years and have to wait a month for a test that doesn't require an appointment. Super disappointing - and prompting a search for other vets out of necessity at this point.

Katie Templeton Colman

3 years ago

I love taking my kitty, Ember, here! They are so kind and clear with me and they treat her very well. She is a very shy, indoor kitty, but we've never had an issues taking her to this vet clinic and she is very calm with the technicians. I also really appreciate that they are upfront about cost and give you options without pressuring you into choosing the most expensive one. I highly recommend taking your animals to this clinic!

Sól Rose

3 years ago

They were amazingly compassionate and did everything they could for our little Bean back in November. Thankful for the whole team.

Aaron Stiner

3 years ago

Staff were very courtesy and respectful. I have found my new vet!!

Andrea Kelly

3 years ago

I just want to take a minute to rave about the staff here. I've spoke to Max and Meghan on the phone many times and they are so pleasant! From ordering food to making appointments, they are always friendly, thoughtful, thorough, and accommodating. I find myself smiling when I hang up! As for vets, Dr. Tinsley is my absolute favorite. She's highly skilled at what she does, but what I love best is her way with people. I love that I can be frank with her, and express my concerns without feeling pressured. She gets my sense of humor and is very realistic/down-to-earth about pet care. I'm so glad to have this team looking out for my two kitties! Thanks VCA Woodstock!

Annabel Pirrie

3 years ago

These guys are the best. I adopted my dog in 2018 and the first few months were packed with vet visits as I figured out her health needs. I can’t recommend VCA Woodstock more highly, their team is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and I always feel incredibly well looked after. They have provided me peace of mind an innumerable amount of times and helped ensure that I am the owner of a very happy, healthy (albeit cheeky) dog.

Artic Rose Creations

3 years ago

The vet tech seemed very unsure of her job and the vet didnt do much for our cat. We spent 2 hours in a room and paid around $60.. to spend about 20 mins with the tech and vet combined I guess this place is more dog than cat friendly

Bob Prochnau

3 years ago

It seems this vet is more interested in making a profit rather than taking care of the owner and the pets. I asked for a tranquilizer for my dogs for the 4th of July, they approved one and said the other was slightly overdue for a vet visit, I got a follow-up phone call today on the 9th telling me that she would have to have a vet visit before any medication would be dispensed for tranquilizers for the 4th of July....... Keeping in mind it's now the 9th. Additionally I was not pleased to see a bulletin board in their back near their bathroom that showed expected earnings for the office, it almost seemed like they were promoting selling their services. I will not be returning to this vet.

Bubba Yarfkowitz

3 years ago

Excellent service for a fair price

Carol Garner

3 years ago

They are so good with working with my cats

Elizabeth McNally

3 years ago

They have a weird bug infestation inside. I don't think it's a pest that the animals could pick up, but I think it might be something related to the food they're selling. Not of major concern for me, since I don't typically buy our pet's food there, but if I did, I wouldn't again after seeing that. The staff are really great though and I think overall their care is good.

Heatherann “Nausi Windstrider” Price

3 years ago

The staff here is friendly and helpful. They go out of their way for my cat and I. Their knowledge and dedication is everything I need when making choices for my beloved aging pet.

Holly Foran

3 years ago

Super helpful at any hour and not sticklers on cost as ur animal's health is what's most important and should be!

Julia Howells

3 years ago

Helpful receptionist however, they are not accommodating new patients during Covid-19.

philip mann

3 years ago

The only people that I will let care for my service dog Lucy. Very kind very professional highly recommended. once again I have taken my service dog Lucy in to see the most professional and caring people in Portland. I put my life in my seizure dogs hands every day. I trust her only with the very best wish I could put a picture in if you love your child like I loved mine these are the people you want to trust God bless

Monty Sleeper

3 years ago

I so trust them, they are a very professional team. Hey Max

Nina McAdoo

3 years ago

Wonderful staff, and woody the greeting kitty is the softest old man I've ever pet, so well behaved.

Peter Brown

3 years ago

Would you like to compare basic fees from one vet to another? I want to. I was recommended to Woodstock Animal Hospital by a co-worker. Their attitude towards me as I expressed a desire to compare a couple of price points against my current vet was classic passive aggressive. Their unstated position was "how dare you inquire about the pricing structure of professionals." Here's why they get 1 star, and why I'll paste this review everywhere I can. I gave them the specific names of two lab tests I had done on one of my dogs last week- an older dog who will probably be consuming more and more health care in her sunset months. They told me they would email me their pricing for these two labs. I received nothing from them. At first they kept saying that I needed to bring my dog in for an appointment in order to learn their fees, as they need to assess each dog individually. But I have a vet, I told them, I just want to compare prices. Isn't that what a smart consumer does? I suspect that they had no intention of emailing their prices for those two lab tests. So why lie to me? That's a business cardinal sin. Hint to the uninitiated: when someone calls a business from a personal referral you have a damn good chance of winning that business; unless you screw it up!! Now, getting frustrated that most replies to my pricing questions ended in "we have to see the dog" I asked if they need to evaluate a dog to quote a price for a nail trim :-) No, they said, "we charge $40." For one dog. Folks, that's a rip-off, and if it's any indication of their other prices (which they won't tell you unless you want to schedule a check-up) I suggest you stay away from Woodstock Animal Hospital.

Sean Franson

3 years ago

Friendly staff, usually can get you in quickly

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