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Adrian Dean

2 years ago

Great helpful and knowledgeable staff. Plus a point system to earn store credit from regular purchases

Ethan Holt

2 years ago

This place has a really good variety of animals and the staff was amazing. I LOVE this place and I will keep on coming back for all of my pets needs.

Valerie Nelson

2 years ago

Great place, with high quality feeder mice. Comparatively to chain pet stores, visually, the pinky mice (that's what I use for my snake) look so much healthier... For being dead and frozen ????

Kelsey F

2 years ago

Staff were very knowledgeable and helpful! Seems like a great place

Bryan Walker

2 years ago

Super friendly staff and great selection of product. Always my first stop when building new critter habitats.


2 years ago

Tropical Hut is a great place with knowledgeable staff.

Sandra Flynn

2 years ago

The people are friendly and the store has just About everything you may need for your pets and they also have a large selection of fish dragons snakes and many more animals to chew for your new pet Thanks to Tropical hut I have many of my own

Blu Jay

2 years ago

Informative staff and pet care you can respect. A great alternative to other pet stores

Jonathon Jomwe

2 years ago

Best reptile store in Portland Metro area. Knowledge is the key.

Marie Louise “ML” Meneses

2 years ago

Got to chey this place out with my baby. It's been a couple months haven't been, and they are in stock of cricket ???????????????????? s! I know they sell out. But when I catch when there in stock. There cricket ???? s are good and healthy. Plus they got fun colorful trinkets (front counter) to decorate for your Lil critter pets????????

Regina Zynko

2 years ago

Awesome store, especially for reptile needs. Best selection in Portland, can even find springtails and isopods on occasion.

Kenny Richey

2 years ago

Always the best goods and live smart service with all your tropical animal needs.

Michaela Lauzon

2 years ago

The worst customer service, wrong care information and very pushy staff. I was debating on getting a snake there but left immediately after being interrogated about my setup and told I HAVE to buy a different item by arrogant "know it all" staff.

Garrett Veltman

2 years ago

Awesome selection of snakes, spiders,fish, mice, rats, and other small animals. Huge selection of tanks for reptiles as well. Plenty of choices for any other item you may need for your tank. They have the largest selection of snakes within I'd say 30 miles. I went to 8 pet stores and they had the largest. They are very knowledgeable and the all animals here are kept in great living conditions unlike other stores who seem to not care about it's animals.

Roger Flaming

2 years ago

My friend Tyrone has two python snakes. I help out by picking up a mouse as needed, to feed his snakes. Fast service, friendly people to help and give advice on all your pet needs.

Ol Geezer

2 years ago

I would give less then 1 star but there’s no option never felt so blown off by anyone as bad as this place take your business somewhere else where they will help you!!!!! Terrible from time I walked in till I left

Mama Jewells

2 years ago

DO !NOT! PURCHASE A REPTILE FROM HERE. THE OWNER ! TERRY ! SELLS SICK DYING REPTILES AND SHE’LL PUSH YOU OUT THE STORE UNEDUCATED. the owner Terry sold me a $400 Lesser Crystal that unfortunately died within 7 days of rehoming him and I never got a refund; in fact she suggested after his death and with his lifeless body in my hands that I needed to spend more money at her store. !! I found out after his passing from a veterinarian that my ball python was sold to me sick and had a stomach infection. after I showed up to Tropical Hut and showed Terry my ball python she immediately blamed it on me and not her staff for selling me a ball python and heating pad WITH NO THERMOSTAT. they even told me he needs a RED LIGHT for his enclosure.. ! later researching that red light is bad for ball pythons ????‍♀️ most horrible experience I’ve ever experienced while shopping and we are still suffering from his unexpected (in my part) death. my whole family and I have been spreading awareness since. please save yourself a broken heart and don’t go to this reptile shop. there are so many other good ones in Oregon! ????

Jonathan R

2 years ago

Cool little place, very nice staff. Seems a bit thrown together, but with the amount of stuff in the small space I can't really hold that against them. Very busy when we visited. Great selection of dart frogs, snakes and tarantulas.

Jayden Stucky

2 years ago

Got to see all the snakes,frogs,geckos, and tarantulas. Loved it so much!!!! Amazing customer service as well!!!

Jan Beebe

2 years ago

Great selection very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Brought home a beautiful ball python

helena bales

2 years ago

I got a beautiful ball python here, as well as some supplies. they've got a good selection of supplies, and have some amazing morphs available. it has been about 8 months since I brought him home and he's doing great! I'm glad that they have healthy snakes who make great pets. first photo is the day I brought him home, the second and third are more recent. he has grown so much!

elliot rat

2 years ago

when i visited, several of their betta fish in cups were straight-up DEAD, their turtles were so crowded that they were literally stacked on top of each other, and apparently this place illegally sells an endangered species of tarantula. can we get law enforcement on this place already??

Zion Gibson

2 years ago

Really good serves thay set the cage together and everything i recommend it

skyler parrish

2 years ago

Nice people! Great service! Thanks guys!

Josh Battles

2 years ago

Awesome place, they definitely have all of your terrarium needs! Super friendly staff as well.

Tommy Tommy. Sparks

2 years ago

I love this little pet store very good vibes education on all types of pets as well as experience tips on how to care for the pets great service fun atmosphere I will return

Lucinda Gilman

2 years ago

Tropical Hut is far and away the best place in Portland to get reptiles, feeders and supplies. Super nice people. Buy local.

Jopey Coffin

2 years ago

If you have an exotic pet, or want one, Tropical Hut is the spot! It's the only place in town that has all the things you need to keep your critter happy. I personally don't like shopping online for things for my turtle, because when you're looking for stuff for your animal, you usually need it now rather than later. They have a great selection of Terrariums that your animal is sure to love, plus all of the fixings to make it truly your own. They have an impressive selection of animals, from mice and hamsters, to snakes and chameleons, crickets to rare spiders. They really have a lot of great stuff. And the staff is so knowledgeable about what they sell. They also have a rewards program for people who are going to be coming here more than once, which is really helpful. Seriously, would give these guys 6 stars if I could. Thanks for all the help, Tropical Hut. My turtle is one of your biggest fans. ????❤️

sean halm

2 years ago

Only place I can find that sells live snake food. Great service and great place in general.

Marek Jarocki

2 years ago

This is my new happy place. Super friendly & knowledgeable staff and apparently the only place in town to get noflight fruit flies :P

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