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Joel Morales

2 years ago

I scheduled my cat for a spay surgery and the coordinator for this program is rude and moody. Very stand-off ish when going down in person. I was also the only person of color dropping my pet off, I felt like I got different treatment my entire time communicating with this individual. Do not recommend, accreditations or RVT licenses are not listed.

Shelby Byerly

2 years ago

Please be careful about surrendering animals here. I have been trying to get help for a sick cat that was living in a colony, so I contacted The Pixie Project. After submitting a form I received a call and we discussed the cat’s condition. I was told that they would euthanize the cat if I surrendered it, even though they never examined her. I do appreciate the honesty, but the vet who actually did examine the cat (twice) has not recommended euthanasia. After reading the other reviews, it seems like unwarranted euthanasia may be a common problem. Please ask a lot of questions when surrendering an animal here and consider other rescues and shelters, especially if you are surrendering an animal with medical or behavioral issues.

Stephanie Hodgkin

2 years ago

The website was very easy to navigate. Most of the animals I searched were adopted so seems like they do a wonderful job finding forever homes for these fur babies

Katie Bider

2 years ago

They were so helpful and flexible when I needed to find some help for a stray mama cat who had kittens. I now volunteer here once and a week. It’s a great place. Super clean and nice staff.

Ray Cruz

2 years ago

Love this place too. ❤

John Acerbi

2 years ago

Stopped in at a slow time with less options, so my opinion is not exactly a good perspective, even so, the staff were very inviting and friendly.

Arianna Perez

2 years ago

I had an appointment to neuter my kitten, and I forgot to fill out the consent form 72 hours before the appointment so my appointment was cancelled and I was permanently removed from waiting list. As someone with ADHD, strict policies like these are harmful especially since they do not give any reminders in any form to prevent cancellations.

Hempress Carijuana

2 years ago

The staff was wonderful with my kitten Jack Jack's neutering. Super clean, efficient, compassionate and affordable. What more could you ask for?

Mary Bedford-Carter

2 years ago

Affordable medicine and great service

Tyler Mowreader

2 years ago

Amazing organization. 10 out if 5 stars.

Beverly Gardner

2 years ago

Wonderful care and staff every time i contact pixie project. Even years apart with each interaction same excellent caring staff. They respond quickly to emails. Never had anything but a wonderful experience with each person ive worked with there. I recommend to people as often as needed. Such a great organization.

Daniela Ramos

2 years ago

Amy is an absolute nightmare to deal with. I do not recommend supporting this organization what so ever.

Hunter Johnson

2 years ago

I called this place hoping to get literally any information about re-homing a dog an they told me to put it down an called me irresponsible without knowing ANY parameters regarding my situation. 0 questions were asked. Most unprofessional animal business I have ever spoken to. Both ladies I spoke to were horrible an I dont know how you can call yourself a shelter an tell people to kill their dogs with literally 0 information acquired. I hope this company suffers.

Dianne Omen

2 years ago

Dedication to the health and care of our beloved animals!!! By those who volunteer,donate,and save lives of in wanted animals in there no kill shelter!do so much more then any body can truly knowa

Nancy Fuls

2 years ago

Thank you for taking Bobbysue in for her leg.. You are wonderful.... Can't say enough about this place it is great.

Luke Hostetler

2 years ago

Used to really enjoy coming here, but I can't recommend this place due to the owner's behavior. A 5-minute browse through Yelp should tell you all you need to know.

kay masters

2 years ago

They were very helpful and kind giving me information and mailed an application out to me right away.

Gerilee Cristina

2 years ago

I’ve worked here a while back. Now I’m working at a different clinic that Pixie Project sometimes takes our animals. I am always afraid for their lives because what I have seen behind the scenes. I have been checking their website for adoption and very rarely I’ll see them in it. Granted they may have found a home before posting for adoption but I do know they do get put down often. I have seen beautiful shy friendly dogs got put down. Please do me a favor if you have scared, shy, fearful or aggressive dogs or cats do not surrender them to Pixie Project. They do not give them a second chance. They get an evaluation but most of the time they get put down. They don’t not invest their time and money to help them to improve. Please surrender them to a different shelter that will do so.

Emily Wendt

2 years ago

A few friends of mine were dog-sitting a good pup that turned out to have behavioral issues with other pets and children, upon trying to return the pup to the owners after the duration of dog sitting, the owners went ghost and fell off the face of the earth. The owners had a euthanasia appointment (due to behavior) at the Pixie Project, after spending time alone with the dog we realized that she has way too good of a heart to be put down, regardless of the previous attacks she has made. She has the potential to be trained if in the proper placement. While in the parking lot of the Euth appointment, (which got pushed back 2 hours after we were already there) we decided to not go through with the appointment they had because we knew in our hearts the dog could be great if in the right home. When calling from the parking lot to cancel the appointment, we were told by Amy that we are cancelling the appointment for our “own mental clarity.” we were called “selfish” for letting the dog live. We cancelled the appointment after we found a home with a behavioral therapist for dogs with aggression and let Amy know that it was good news. Amy stated that “It’s actually horrible news, no one can save this dog besides us putting it down.”. I have attached update photos in the order they were received, Willow is now thriving. She has only been sweet in this home. I have also provided screenshots of updates I have received on her behavior. I will never support Pixie Project or anything to do with them again. Unless you have a small boutique style dog, they will be no help to you. Overall, I am happy with what took place for Willow’s life. But I am furious and disappointed at Pixie Project and Amy particularly for lack of humanity and morals.

Christina Maples

2 years ago

This org has been so great to work with. We adopted two kittens from them as new pet parents and they have been super supportive and encouraging and have remained in touch since the adoption as needed. The wait list was long but I’m so glad we adopted from them! They do such great work!

Bonnie Stanfill

2 years ago

If you are interested in fostering, I would not recommend TPP. I own that I assumed a few things that were not correct. For example: I would know what the issues were with the dog we were fostering up front. If I needed special skills or knowledge to support the dog, that would have been thoroughly addressed up front. These were not valid assumptions. Next time I'll know I'm ready before I accept the dog. I was paired with a dog I knew nothing about prior to arrival at my house (different than the dogs we initially talked about.) The dog (6 yr old female from Texas, husky/lab mix) was presented as neglected and recovering from parasites, needing time to heal, rest and be supported through any separation anxiety. I was asked to give the dog trazadone for a week at night to help it sleep. I assumed this was doable and if it had been just those issues, I think it would have been. Quickly we realized the dog had major potty training trauma. I didn't know what to do with this so I reached out to the owner of TPP. I received encouragement but also conflicting support (ex: short walks, no walks, just sit in one place until she goes, don't sit - just stand, go back in as soon as it's clear she's not going, don't engage with the dog just pop out - but take treats to engage good behavior, don't focus on training at all, give more medication). As I tried to follow the advice, things got worse. The dog seemed more and more anxious, biting the leash, pulling, panting and refusing to potty outside. (Of course, I was changing method everytime the owner told me to!) We were spending hours trying to walk/not walk/sit to go potty. If I had a yard, maybe I could have made it work, but there were bits of poop everywhere in the house. After 3 days with the dog I was disheartened and struggling. I told the owner that a 'newbies' class would have been helpful for me. It would have prepared me more for what I could commit to or not. The owner was offended and said "Never in the 13 years I've been doing this" has anyone asked for something like that. I was surprised as that was a sharp change in tone from her. Later that day we had a phone call that was bizarre and adversarial. She explained she had given me perfect advice, the dog only had few behavior issues and obviously doing the wrong things. - Which I'm fully admitting! That's why I was asking for help! Again she said "never in the 13 years I've been doing this" has anyone not felt perfectly supported (Yelp disagrees). I got off the call and I was shocked. I knew it was over. I would receive no more support from her. I resigned to taking the dog back. It was heartbreaking.

Amanda Migchelbrink

2 years ago

I have fostered for the Pixie Project for 6 years after fostering for another group in another county…Pixie is the best rescue I have worked with. By far. They work so hard to make sure that the right animal is put in the right placement. They care so much about the animals they rescue and they work so hard with the foster families and adopters to make sure they have all the skills and tools they need to be successful pet owners. I would absolutely recommend fostering for them and adopting from them. The staff is super friendly and helpful. They respond quickly to any question, even if it seems dumb or trivial. They are the best!!!

Margarita McCraw

2 years ago

We just had an amazing experience at the Pixie Project. Our pup just got spayed, and they made sure to explain the process in the beginning when we dropped her off and at the end when we picked her up. We definitely felt comfortable leaving her in their hands as they were so kind and gentle at introduction, she didn't even cry or squirm when we left. When I asked for a receipt/certificate for they spay I got one no problem, plus some unexpected bonuses! Thanks you all so much for your time, efforts and kindness. Also email correspondence is great! Plus clean/simple environment

Amanda Huntwork

2 years ago

Manager rude as hell.. basically told me I shouldn’t have gotten a dog if all I wanted to do was keep him in a kennel… which may be true but he’s NOT in the kennel all day. maybe you should have listened to me instead of interrupting me and being rude

Jace Jones

2 years ago

What a great organization such cute dogs I want to adopt them all everybody should support this organization they have a very positive and well-organized adoption process that's thorough and we'll get lifetime homes to the rescued pets


2 years ago

will you guys ever put ice on the adoption list. i love my dog ice he was my bf since i am doing 6th grade online. please don´t kill him i love him.

Jen Brugato

2 years ago

I really love this place and wish there were more places like this one!

Alanna Colwell

2 years ago

They are so kind and focused on the animal, not the bottom line. Wonderful organization!

Jackie Keppinger

2 years ago

All looks really good. Great job a rehoming pets to find loving homes!

Seth Alley

2 years ago

Pixie Project is an amazing organization. I have never personally adopted a pet from them, but I've watched Amy and her team grow their services from grassroots to a highly-organized nonprofit that serves a vital need in our community. If you are looking to adopt a furry friend into your life, I highly recommend you contact Pixie.

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