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Sarah Gray

2 years ago

My dog was boarded here for 4-5 years and her quality of care was always excellent. She was excited to go see her friends and get a puppy massage. My dog always came home happy and ready to be a couch potato. If any concerns or questions arose the owner and staff were polite and helpful.

Shirin Zargar

2 years ago

My dog did their one month board and train and somewhat learned but I know he loved the experience! I don't know if I would recommend it because their prices were comparable to other board and trains but overall it's a beautiful farm that exposed my dog to animals that he wouldn't have been exposed to in other places


2 years ago

We have been boarding our dogs at Charlton Kennels for more than fifteen years and know they are well cared for and looked after while they are there. Staff is very friendly. On Sauvie Island.

Ana Henry

2 years ago

The owner is the sweetest and all stuff are always helpful and assuring. Wouldn't take my Oliver anywhere else but #CharltonKennelsandFarm

J Taylor

2 years ago

My parents took there dog there many years ago, my dog loves it too.... it's like summer camp for dogs.

Holly Shilling

2 years ago

Beautiful property and kennels. Very safe, caring place for dogs and cats. I've been bringing my dogs here for 29 years. Wonderful owners and staff. My dogs all get very excited when they arrive and are happy to be there. Current puppy loves it!

Tana Hall

2 years ago

We have had 2 of our dogs trained at Charlton Kennels. We can not say enough good things about their training and care. Unfortuntely my husband had to be hospitalized and we could not take our new dog home. Dan the trainer kindly understood what was going and helped us find a good home for the dog. Dan's compassion and skill with the dog really easied our hearts at that trying time. My husband and I will always remember his kindness. Thank you again, Tana Hall & Michael Donnell

B Powell

2 years ago

Charlton Kennels is such a lovely, nurturing place. Here is a review a client asked us to post after seeing a false review posted on google review: My name is Tana Hall and my husband is Mike Donnell. Back in March we placed Molly our dog to be trained by Dan. My husband had a heart attack. Dan helped us find a good home for Molly. Husband is doing good and I have heard Molly is doing well also. I wanted to post this review to your site but I can’t see how to to it. We have had 2 of our dogs trained at Charlton Kennels. We can not say enough good things about their training and care. Unfortuntely my husband had to be hospitalized and we could not take our new dog home. Dan the trainer kindly understood what was going and helped us find a good home for the dog. Dan's compassion and skill with the dog really easied our hearts at that trying time. My husband and I will always remember his kindness. Thank you again, Tana Hall & Michael Donnell A recent review was reported and it is absolutely not possible. All I can think is that is was a review of another kennel or something. The prices were completely wrong and our head trainer is a man, not a woman. The person reporting (Arey Ounew) is someone we have never heard of either. We have a loving staff and very kind trainers that use positive reinforcement always. It's all very treat and praise driven. If any client is unhappy with training outcomes we are eager to meet with you and your pet as often as needed to help you with issues. All clients meet with the trainers on pick up to address concerns or issues. If clients are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service we are eager to refund them and to always do better. Sometimes we cannot address particular behavior problems (separation anxiety, aggressive behavior) and we refer those clients to an animal behavior therapist. Dogs are not robots, each is different and we work hard to give you and your canine companion the best outcome. Again, we are all about praise, treats, and gentle care.

Arey Ounew

2 years ago

Spend $700 for a month for boarding and training and when I got there the woman that was supposed to have trained my dog came out with him and she couldn’t even get him to walk on the leash. When she couldn’t correct him verbally she hit him on the head and my dog withdrew from her. When I asked he why she did that she replied that sometimes you have use negative reinforcement. I was appalled and grabbed my dog and got out of there infuriated.

Kathleen Grant

3 years ago

Our dogs jump right out of the car when we take them to Charleton Kennel. The kennel is clean, the dogs are happy, the staff is amazing and really understand our dogs, and their trainer, Dan, is the best. I recommend this as the best kennel I have ever taken my dogs to, and Walter and Henry, my dogs, agree!!

David Thompson

4 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Charlton for over 20 years. I have never had one complaint about how they care for our animals. The dogs are always happy and healthy when we pick them up. The staff at Charlton truly care about the mission of caring for beloved family pets. They treat the dogs as if they were their animals. They are always friendly and accommodating with the pets owners as well. This has always been a family run business and they have mastered the art of pet care. 5+ stars!!

Natalie Mayfield

4 years ago

The last two times we boarded our dogs here, the quality of care and organization has been terrible. One of our dogs was fed twice as much as she should be eating, even though we told them and wrote on the food bag how much she eats. It was lucky we had put so much extra food In the bag, or they would have run out. The next time, we got charged for daily walks even though we didn’t ask for them; when we complained, they took it off the bill, but it felt unprofessional and disorganized. Our other dog was only fed half of the amount he should be eating over a four day span, when, again, we told them and wrote on the bag how much he should be eating. When we asked about it, they said they put their food back in the bag when they don’t eat it. It made sense, but seemed unusual because we’ve never had that problem before. They tried to give us another dog’s food and blanket when we picked our dogs up; we let them know they weren’t ours and handed them back. When we got home, we realized they had also given us another dog’s toy. How did other dogs’ items end up with our dogs’ things? Both our dogs were wearing Seresto flea and tick collars, which cost us about $60 each and last six months. They were both gone when we got home. They were on the dogs’ necks as instructed by the company and have never fallen off, so it would be a surprise that they would have both just fallen off at the kennel with normal care. I called to ask for them back and Charlton said they throw away flea collars they find, so that’s $120 lost. It’s a shame because we had really been happy boarding our dogs here before. I’m not Sure what happened to their service.

Paul Diener

4 years ago

Easy, open air kennel in a rural setting.

Philip Corriveau

4 years ago

Barley loves it there.. they take amazing care of the dogs.. and training is amazing thanks dan!

Sarah Adkins

4 years ago

Our kennel away from home!

Jason Hinson

5 years ago

If i was asked 2 years ago, i would have given 5 stars. Ive had 3 bad experiences since then. TLDR; While there always seems to be room at a moment's notice and they take intact dogs, my dog has been returned to me in much worse condition than dropped off. Swollen bumps on his head, growling when playing, bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. They also refused to let me see the kennel he would stay in and showed me a "demo" kennel instead. I'm not bringing him back here anymore. THE GOOD: They take my dog at pretty much any time which is nice and he seems happy when i pick him up or drop him off. They take intact dogs. THE BAD: The last time I dropped him off I realized i hadnt seen where they keep him. I asked to see where he was kept and the lady at the front desk said no problem. She walked me past their washing station and down a hallway with little hinged doors to old dog runs they dont use anymore. We got to the area where the dogs are now kept and she began showing me a "display" dog run. He had already been taken to his dog run so i asked to see him and his dog run. She told me when customers ask to see the kennels, they just show the demo dog run. NOT COOL. The demo does not portrait the state of the kennels you actually keep the dogs in. 2 years ago, we picked him up and brought him home. When we started playing with him he started growling. I clicker trained him from a pup to be docile around people as i planned on having children and he never growls except when his alpha status is challenged by other dogs. I dont know if it came from playing with other dogs or if his handler played with him that way but it took a few training sessions to correct the behavior. Last year we got him back and he seemed like his head was irritating him. We looked him over and he seemed to have little tufts of hair sticking up in spots. It didnt seem bad so we scratch his head and ears for a while and he calmed down and took a nap. An hour or so later he came up to me and the top of his head was swollen. We looked him over and it was like a bug crawled from one ear to the other biting him the entire way across. It looked like golf balls were growing from his head. We brought him to our vet and had some tests ran. They said it was a skin reaction but no sign of bugs or bites of any sort. Hes never had a reaction like that and weve allowed him outside rummaging through every outdoor place we go. After the swelling started to go down his hair fell out at each of the swollen areas. We called Charlton kennels and was told there is a lot of different grass there and plants have different effects on dogs. Not an answer we liked but didnt have evidence it was anything else. The last time we brought him home, his farts were so bad we had to roll all the windows down. We got home and he drank his entire water bowl which wasn't normal. A few hours later he started vomiting. He vomited multiple times throughout the rest of the day. He didnt eat his evening meal. The next day he had the runs. Needless to say we will not be bringing him back to Charlton Kennels

Brenda Parsons

5 years ago

Awesome kennel. We've taken all our dogs there for years.

Brian Hug

5 years ago

Great staff , nice area .


5 years ago

I love everything about this place and it’s obvious my pups love it also. Legit can’t control them when I’m dropping them off or picking them up.

Rob Rayborn

5 years ago

My dog actually pulls me into the door when I drop him off here. They really seem to treat him well and have a lovely location.

Janet English

5 years ago

Great place for dogs to go and stay. Staff are all very helpful and very kind to my dog. Dan the trainer is awesome.

Jeff McGrew

5 years ago

We bring our dog there exclusively because she is kind of a bad dog and they are very talented ladies there taking care of her. they know how to deal with all different ranges of dogs whether they're bad good or in between.

Joe Johnston

5 years ago

OUTSTANDING Kennel - been kenneling our dogs here for the past 15yrs.

Katherine Raina

5 years ago

Our dog is beautifully cared for here and always seems happy and content when we pick her up, highly recommend!

Marley Kimbo

5 years ago

Family owned, knowledgeable staff, beautiful location for pups, this place is a dream for most types of dogs & cats! Wouldn’t board anywhere else, thank you so much to the Charlton Farms team for always caring for my babygirl. She’s always so happy returning from her doggycamp stays. They offer massages, extra walks and training while you board! Highly recommend this to anyone considering boarding their pups!

Olivia Peppersmith

5 years ago

Knowing that this beautiful kennel takes excellent care of my dogs helps me enjoy my vacation. I've boarded them 4-5 times at Charlton Kennels and every time I pick them up they seem to have had a great time. In fact, they are less crazy-happy to see me than I expect them to be when I pick them up them -- but I believe that only means that their stay was comfortable and fun. There is pretty much nothing more important to me than the well-being of my pets and I am really thankful to have such a great place to take them to.

Teri White

5 years ago

Wonderful place with great staff!

Mike Rocheleau

6 years ago

Took great care of our dog and cat..

Rob DuBoff

6 years ago

Our dogs love it here. They take exceptional care of my pups, one is older and the other has separation anxiety, they keep both pups happy while we have to travel.

Marc R

6 years ago

My dog loves the friendly staff here! Always the top choice for longer trips. I am very happy knowing that she will have great folks taking care of her.

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