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Paige Belt

2 years ago

Very disorganized. Multiple issues with incorrect prescriptions, incorrect charges for services not rendered, not taking notes of medical records, inability to take blood, etc. Don’t waste your time here.

amy Shipman

3 years ago

A super knowledgeable and compassionate female vet staff. The holistic care given to my dogs and cat is outstanding and includes a combination of eastern and western medicine.


3 years ago

I've been bringing my bengal here since she was a kitten and have always had a great experience. They're very respectful of my cat and really take care to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Also, I appreciate that they take the time to go over everything that they may do with prices and answer any questions you may have. Would recommend!

Helen Kemp

3 years ago

The team at Irvington Vet is truly amazing. They have cared for my kitties in sickness and in health and are nothing but compassionate - even with the especially nervous cat. Their expertise is apparent. They kept me updated during procedures and checked in with me in the days following. I recommend them to all of my pet-owning friends!

Brett Pinkleton

3 years ago

Irvington Veterinary Clinic is a wonderful organization. They take great care of our cats and are always kind and accommodating. Even during a pandemic they made myself and my animals feel comfortable and taken care of. Would highly recommend!

Tami C

3 years ago

I love Irvington Vet Clinic! They have been taking great care of my 11 year old Goldendoodle. My doodle experienced a Grand Mal Seizure at age 2. At Dr.Rachel's suggestion, my doodle started taking chinese herbs & eating raw dog food. My doodle has never experienced another seizure. You would never know my doodle is 11 years old. Thank you, Irvington Vet Clinic!

Deborah Dombrowski

3 years ago

Everyone at Irvington Veterinary is so kind and skillful. We really appreciate their care for our dogs--Luna and Milo.

Dee Wise

3 years ago

I can't say enough good things about Dr Ilona and her staff. Always super friendly, professional and empathetic.

Elizabeth Sloane

3 years ago

All of the doctors at Irvington are exceptional. They care deeply for the pets and humans that come through their doors. They cared for my dog for 10 years of her life and saw us through a few confusing issues. They were so patient and kind in trying to find solutions. They’re also great at offering both holistic and western options for treatment. I can’t recommend them enough!

Genie Young

3 years ago

Great visit at Irvington as always! My dog gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. She can't wait to go inside to see her friends. She loves the team at Irvington and so do I!

Heather Bochan

3 years ago

You are excellent! I cannot think of anything to improve upon.

Heather Sadler

3 years ago

Everything you guys do is always awesome! I've referred you to several people and I know they like you too.

J a s o n

3 years ago

I've gone to this vet for 10+ years and have been satisfied. However, recently, the vets have offended me as they appear to be focused on the bottom line. They claimed the they would need to use anesthesia to trim nails, and reiterated that my dogs need for anti-anxiety meds prior to each appointment. I call BS. My dog had his nails clipped on Alberta and he was cool as a cucumber. They charge more for their integrative medicine, which is woo woo bs

Jamae Ann Sabangan

3 years ago

The team who assisted us—technicians Kimberlee and Nick as well as Dr. Jordan—were kind, gentle, patient, efficient, and informative throughout the visit. They are superstars! Nothing could have made this experience better than it already was.

Jenna Suharto

3 years ago

Everyone... literally everyone, are Irvington Vet Clinic is so kind and compassionate. We trust them with the health and comfort of our pets and their knowledge and advice has been immeasurable for our family.

John Kenagy

3 years ago

We LOVE Irvington Vet! The veterinarians and staff are all SO wonderful--helpful, caring, attentive. Our dogs have been lovingly cared for through all transitions of their lives. We are so joyful to have Irvington Veterinary as a partner in caring for our "furry family members"!!

John Whitford

3 years ago

Great response to talking care of our new kitty! They are taking covid seriously. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I look forward to establishing a relationship with this care team.

Julia Ramirez

3 years ago

We've been taking our furbabies to Irvington for over 5 years (since they were puppies) and we're all very thankful for the caring staff. we appreciate everyone's genuine interest and well-being for Chet and June. The visits are filled with treats, praises and a thorough check-up where all our questions are answered and concerns addressed. We really like that Irvington practices both natural alternatives alongside traditional medicine. Thanks for keeping Chet and June healthy!

Kat Hall

3 years ago

Irvington is the best vet office we have ever been to anywhere. It is clear they care deeply for animals and us. Dr Ilona has made every experience pleasant and so thorough even when we were in there for scary things. Nick is also especially helpful and kind. Thank you for all you do! I always recommend them whenever I have the opportunity.

Mead Hunter

3 years ago

The level of care and genuine concern at Irvington Vet is astounding. I trust them totally with my two pooches -- they actually enjoy getting to visit there!

Monique Gutierrez

3 years ago

My cats and I always feel at ease when we visit Irvington Vet Clinic, it's always a pleasant and informative experience! The staff is warm and friendly, all my questions get answered, and I get great advice on keeping my boys healthy.

Quentin Collins

3 years ago

I have been bringing various pets to Irvington Veterinary for over ten years. Always professional and caring. When it was time for my cat to move on from this life, I made the appointment. When I brought Susanna in, there was an exam room all prepared with candles lit, overhead lights off, and a cushion for her in the exam table. I held her as she passed. The vet then said, “Take all the time you need.” Can’t ask for better than that.

Rhonda Hills

3 years ago

My pets have been patients of Ilona Eden, DVM for many years and they always receive top notch care from her. In fact, I've followed her wherever she has gone. And the staff at Irvington Veterinary Clinic have been wonderful and I look forward to continuing to work with them too for many years to come! They are all of those above...quality, professional, reliable and responsive. Thank you!!

Sally Coulter

3 years ago

I am delighted to have found this great vet in my neighborhood. I have been taking my cats here since I moved to NE Portland in 2017. I'll be upfront about the costs: Irvington Vet Clinic is not the cheapest vet. So first, chill out about that. If that's a problem for you, stop reading. They're not exorbitant by any means, but again... not cheap. But the level of care really is gold standard, and if you want gold, you usually have to pay for gold. My elderly cats are my constant loving affectionate companions, and I want them around as long as possible. This is why I trust them with Dr. Ilona and the other wonderful doctors, technicians, and admin staff of this excellent veterinary clinic. Some particular highlights: incredibly polite and professional and friendly front desk staff; multiple phone calls during procedures, so my worrywart heart can be put at rest; check in by phone and email the day after procedures; excellent medical care, always with multiple options offered and detailed explanations; neat, delicate, and skillful surgery (my experience with IVC has been mostly of the dental type); up-front and accurate estimates; a willingness to try dietary/supplemental therapy as a therapeutic option before trying pharmaceutical medication; and above all, a sincere and deep respect and love for animals. I am particularly pleased with their dedication to anxiety-free procedures. They are a "Fear-Free" certified clinic. During a recent procedure, my girl Wendy needed her urine checked, among several other tests she needed done. When they told me that Wendy had "declined" to have her urine sampled, I knew they'd observed that she'd reached a high level of anxiety and they'd need to really aggressively restrain her to get the test completed. For the technicians working with Wendy, this was a sign that she'd reached a red line, and they did not cross it, even though it would mean a return visit. I would MUCH rather return again a few days later with a more sedated Wendy than put her through a procedure after her red line was crossed. I returned a few days later having given her a sedative earlier in the day, and she was dopey and cooperative. They had her back in my car again in about five minutes (they also have very strict COVID-19 procedures, in which the owner stays outside the entire time... only staff and pets allowed inside the clinic). I soooo appreciate this dedication to a fear-free environment. At a different vet in Portland, I once had the awful experience of Wendy being returned to me after some routine bloodwork, panting and wide-eyed with fear and covered in her own urine. That would NEVER happen at Irvington vet. They respect your pet's limits and do not push them into a traumatic experience. If your pet's anxiety about going to the vet is a problem, then this is a great clinic to consider. They do good work, and put good into the world.

Sani De

3 years ago

This crew will take care of your little animal friend with the respect and tenderness they deserve.

Aisha Madrone

3 years ago

I think that this is the best veterinary clinic for professional holistic care and follow up. Priced very fair and affordable for such great help.

Aliceianna Youst

3 years ago

I have taken my kitty Kaida here two times now. They are extremely helpful and have been really great about helping me get her treatment going even with my limited income. Kaida just loves going to see her new friends she has made. Every person we have had contact with has been both professional and very friendly. The lobby and exam rooms are very calming and comfortable for both me and my cat. I love that the staff seem to care about Kaida almost as much as I do as it is really hard to find a doctor be it a veterinarian or human doctor that care about thir patients and really enjoy takeing care of them. I would definitely recomend using irvington veterinary for your fur babies. Recently brought my new kitten in and again I'm so happy I chose irvington veterinarian as the place I trust with my kitties. Had another visit with the kitties got their microchips done today. As for Kaida girl she is showing off how to get the perfect weight from a cat.

Alex S.

4 years ago

These people are the best! My dog has been going to Irvington Veterinary Clinic for the past six years. I initially chose them because they were closest but I've stayed because they are always so consistently wonderful. Their staff clearly loves animals and they have gone out of their way again and again to give my dog the best care and always do. Can't recommend them enough.

Ashley Mote

4 years ago

This clinic is amazing! Every staff member was incredibly lovely and knowledgeable and everyone treated me and my pet very well. They try to keep the waiting area clear by moving clients to rooms fast and by having people check in from their cars so that animals aren’t overwhelmed or frazzled. We got some medication for our new cat, and the entire trip was very affordable— there were no surprise costs for medication, vaccination, or the visit itself. We even got to pay for treatment in the room and had medication brought to us so that we didn’t have to go anywhere to check out. But the thing that impressed me the most was their dedication to animal safety and comfort. We were having issues with our cat taking her pills, so we called back and got some great advice right away for making treatment easier. They even called us the next day to follow up. I definitely suggest this clinic to all new and experienced pet owners.

Claire Lavendel

4 years ago

My dog gets really scared going to the vet. I recently had to make two visits, with a higher dose of anxiety meds on the second, to get a needed blood draw. My dog still freaked out and we were about to abort again, but masterful vet tech Sarah worked her soothing magic and got the job done! These guy are really great!

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