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christian gomez

2 years ago

So far my experience with Hannah has been wonderful and the staff has been friendly and helpful. I had help from Dominek Ferruci help me out this morning with getting my pets profile transferred over and he made the whole process a quick and easy thing to do

Regina Zynko

2 years ago

This is the best vet I have found in Portland since moving here in 2018. It was recommended to me by a friend from work. I only wish I had contacted them sooner. The best vet care, less expensive than other plans. Dominek Ferrucci has assisted me get 2 of my 3 pets on a plan and soon I will be contacting him again for the the 3rd. He is the best guy, he really works with me on the initial sign up prices. Everyone at Hannah has been extremely professional and they are great with the animals!

Jen Edwards

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci was very polite and his customer service was great.!

Lady Renegade

2 years ago

Hannah Pet hospital is 100% amazing and I completely recommend them. My mother-in-law had them for her dog they did very well with her. They managedto get us in immediately for a doggie doctor appointment. My sister also recently signed up with them for her cat and it's going well for her as well. I recently moved into my own apartment alone for the first time, and definitely needed a companion so I got two cats so I called on January 13th 2022 and spoke with associate Dominek Ferrucci. He was absolutely amazing 100% attentive, he actually let me talk and didn't interrupt me at all. Some people like trying to dictate the conversation when you're signing up for something. I love Hannah Pet Society if you're looking for anmial insurance for your animal it is100% the place to go.

Kendra Yosanovich

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci has been amazing in assisting me get my pets set up. I had a TON of questions during the process. He remained patient, considerate and professional! I feel very comfortable with having my fur babies in their care.

Tessie Johnson

2 years ago

Yesterday started off the worst day I've ever had Financially and Emotionally. I literally cried off & on all day in the parking lot of Banfield Veterinary Hospital. And still pulled out with a very Broken Puppy. But by the grace of God Dominic answered when I called Hannah & went out of his way to comfort me and Educate me on Everything Having Hannah for my Puppy would do to fix everything that was wrong. I can't find the words to describe how I'm feeling. All I know is how grateful I am that there's a service such as Hannah available in an Emergency. It literally saved my Puppys life. And will continue to leave us anxiety free as Puppy Parents Thank-you. Tess Johnson

Claire White

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci helped me set up my account for my Cat Boo and he was very helpful! He got me all set up with services that I can afford and helped me set up my account so that it works well with my pay schedule.

Cynthia Irvin

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci was great helping me get my cat signed up for lifetime care. Fast and efficient.

Jocelyn Chalmers

2 years ago

Signed up for your services with Dominick. He was great. Appreciate the patience with us and all of our questions!!! Thanks.

Julia Porras

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci provided excellent customer service. He answered all my questions and discussed plan in detail.

Lauren Wiseman

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci was very helpful and nice getting me set up with a membership for my 6 month old kitty. I have yet to have any services done by them but the service thus far has been amazing!

Lillian Hosman

2 years ago

Working with Dominek Ferrucci was a complete pleasure. He was easy to work with, polite, didn’t get ruffled and was generally just terrific.

Rachelle Niko

2 years ago

The gentleman who set us up was wonderful, Dominic. He was informative, professional and fast.

van pham

2 years ago

Thank you Dominek Ferrucci so much for your help and care . wish you Happy and Healthy so you can help more customers like me. Thank you so very much.

Adrian Montiel

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci was super helpful, got an appointment as a new client within 20 mins for the next day, explained all the coverages and possibilities with my concerns, happy to say I’ll be switching to this care provider. Previous Banfield client.

Brian R.

2 years ago

Carly was very informative and helpful in helping us get set up for Scouts health care ????

Christy M Marble

2 years ago

Setting up my membership was made easy with the assistance of Dominek Ferrucci, who walked me through it, answered my questions and got my newest fur baby ready for care. Looking forward to working with Hannah , so far the experience has been positive...

David Takeuchi

2 years ago

Hannah Pet Hospital is far better than having pet insurance and having to worry about expensive emergency visits. My Care Credit account was always maxed out and had to worry about how to pay for the next emergency visit. Not any more thanks to Hannah!

Dayna Dague-Morales

2 years ago

Dominek Ferrucci in the Tigard office is a 5 star employee! It takes alot of skill to connect with clients over the phone. We found him to be professional and welcoming. I was worried when I called about our cat. Dominek put my mind at ease. Terrific service!

Eli Butler

2 years ago

I spoke with Dominek Ferrucci this morning after a stressful day yesterday with a sick pup and could t find a vet to see her! He helped out and was on top of all my questions! Glad to have all my animals on woth Hannah!!! Thank you Dominek????????

Lynnette Newsom

2 years ago

Domenik F. was very helpful at getting my dogs signed up and setting our first appointments.

Maple Medina

2 years ago

I just signed up for Hannah because of referral from my friend. I have to say, the level of customer service Dominek Ferrucci has is more than 5 stars. He is so professional, relatable and not pushy at all. He is an amazing face aka over the phone face because I haven't met him , representative of the company and hope my pups visit will go as smooth as my sign up for the company. Thank you again Dominek for making it so seemless.

Doris Drew

2 years ago

Hello I am so excited for joining Hanna Pet Society. I worked with Dominek Ferrucci and he was very helping in getting my new pup signed up. I can’t wait until my Angel’s appointment. Dominek really knows his job and he was able to explain everything to me.

Violinfiddler Reynoldscat

2 years ago

I appreciate everyone for knowledge and patience with concerns and stories of my cats, with special thanks to Dominek Ferrucci for clarifying my intial membership while answering all of my concerns and questions as I worried for my first injured cat in Spring of 2021, when I began enrollment. I'm glad to say that all medical care for my cats has been in tune, on time and affordable to me thanks to great combination of wonderful staff and facilities with generous structure for membership, creating good feeling of care surrounding me along with my pets... Following discovery of 5 feral cats in early Spring of 2020 I recognized need to Trap Neuter (spay) Release with help from local Feral Cat Coalition at the very least, and I hoped to tame and adopt them all at best. I finally trapped all 4 kittens in December 2020, each spayed neutered given shots and released together-but Momma Cat took me another month and 3 more attempts to succeed ... Season by season I grew deeper into caring for them all... heartbreaking, lost one of kittens in April- likely coyote in rough neighborhood for cats... When another was injured in late Spring, I learned about Hannah Pet Society, and I am profoundly thankful to be able to have such great care available for my cats!

Lydia Cazares Cruz

2 years ago

New member here! Dominek Ferrucci was a big help made the process fast and easy !! Very helpful in all my questions and needs definitely a happy new member ☺️!

Amber Sohn

2 years ago

Dominek F. was so helpful and friendly! He answered all of my questions in great detail and helped me schedule many appointments. I’m super pleased with his customer service!

Jani castell

2 years ago

They are scammers, I have paid around $500 for my 2 cats and all they have done is give them their kitten vaccine. They both are scheduled for surgery I took our male cat in this morning as scheduled by taxi and the rude obnoxious girl stated I owed $25. And refused his scheduled surgery, since I had just talked with the billing girl on the 15th and she stated all was good we were good to go, I refuse to give them another penny we prepaid for the surgery they refused to perform. Be very cautious and really look at your bank/credit card statements they have been reported and investigated by BBB numerous times I wish I would have known that before I let them steal $500 from me

John Rossetto

2 years ago

Best service l have had with any of the other Vet services we have been to. Dominek Ferrucci has very helpful with Boo. If Boo needs anything Dominek sees that he gets it. The rest of the staff that l have met are as helpful whit Boos needs.

Dallen Esselstrom

2 years ago

Hannah Pets provides an all inclusive program to assist in caring for your animal. As a first time dog owner I have appreciated the concern and helpful suggestions regarding feeding, regular health maintenance practices and support in behavioral training.

Janna Stamper

2 years ago

I have a German Shepherd that has fear of other dogs. Poppy the trainer at Hannah has been extremely helpful with working with us on his issues. She's very knowledge in reactivity training and never gets frustrated with us or our dog. You can tell she has love for animals as it comes out in her training. I'd recommend Hannah and Poppy to anyone who needs some extra training with their dogs.

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