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Beatrice Allard

2 years ago

no stars money to make an appointment is outrageous especially when people are on low income

Sadee Flames

2 years ago

Finally found a vet that I trust my bunnies with. Had a wonderful experience this morning and will be transferring all of my veterinary services here


2 years ago

Wouldn't take my babies anywhere else!! Dr. Saunders and her team are wonderful ❤️

Christine Elledge

2 years ago

I brought my girl in for AI. I love the doctor had time to go over things. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I will definitely return,, and Chambers Prairie is over two hours from our home… but worth the drive.

Sharon Brown

2 years ago

Great care, knowledgeable and caring staff. Dr.Saunders is excellent.

sierra harper

2 years ago

The staff was real friendly and communicated great.

James Moudy

2 years ago

They are very sensitive on how you feel about you pet. And knowledgeable.

randi maton

2 years ago

Doc sanders did knot even look at my dog mouth I had to show it to her.she tryed to tell me that his tooth had to come out and that is full of crop thay could down the surgery with out removing the tooth and thay gave me a high price to do the service. I would knot take my animal to them again because thay did knot want to work with me I will tell my friends to stay away from that place.

Darlene Heitzmann

2 years ago

The staff were the kindest, most compassionate and caring people. They made me feel welcome. Their knowledge was very impressive. They went out of their way to take care of my dog.

Veronika Davis

2 years ago

The staff went out of their way to get my puppy in for a follow up appointment after another local vet messed up on my appointment time. It was critical that my puppy was seen due to some serious injuries he was recovering from. The other vet did not even attempt to make the situation right or think about the needs of an injured animal. Chambers Prairie squeezed my lil one in and did a remarkable job coordinating care with the emergency pet hospital in Tacoma. Thank you again

Sharon Collins

2 years ago

Worked my dog in for an appt. Dr. Saunders was very nice. I have already recommended her to a few friends.

Denise Levine

2 years ago

Dr. Dobyns and her staff have been professional, compassionate, and 100% understanding with our needs for our new homestead animals. We have been in search for a vet that would accommodate some unfortunate events with our Nigerian Dwarf goat. Dr. Dobyns was very thorough and caring with his care. We are excited to have her care for our animals and know that in an emergency she and her staff are there! Thank you to the entire team at Chambers Prairie Vet Hospital!

jackie mcclure

2 years ago

Took care of our kitty and gave excellent advice and product for keeping fleas at bay.

Joan Walker

2 years ago

The appointment was on time, courteous, pleasant, and informative. Like the staff very much. Been going there for over two years.

Kayte Jenson

2 years ago

We had 15 puppies come with us, all at once. To say it was chaotic is an understatement! The doctors and techs were all very friendly and professional and took it all in stride. They answered every question I had and I could not be happier. I highly recommend them to all of my local clients. Thanks everyone!

Leona Lisa

2 years ago

I have been going to Chambers Prairie for canine repro and appreciate how the team works together to accommodate my dogs several appointments


2 years ago

Excellent all I did was inquire about their vet services for rabbits when I called whomever i spoke with was super nice & helpful & was able to answer everything & I've got my 1st appt here since my former vet isn't avail as much as I'd like so I'm excited & it's closer to me which is awesome but the facility is mostly why I chose this over others they r very clean & organized & very thorough which I assume carries thru to their patients! Excited to be a part of their clinic! So is Bunsky! ????❤️

Christine Hawkins

2 years ago

They took wonderful care of my baby during an emergency situation.

Savannah Turner

2 years ago

Save yourself the time and do not go here. We received more compassion receiving my dog’s ashes at the emergency vet than anything Chambers ever did. Never did Chambers call to ask about our dog, ask how she died, nothing. The tone in their voices is abominable when you call and ask them to actually do something. To be clear, I am not writing this because my dog died I am writing this because vet care is a hospitality industry, where compassion is a quality. No one at chambers has compassion or empathy. Do not bother. You will be mistreated and disrespected. Where has human decency gone to? Ever since ownership changed at Chambers, it has really been downhill. The front desk staff are rude, the owner and head vet is rude, and condescending. We have been long term clients, over 10 years. First, before you even do anything, they ask for payment - as if I am going to drive off without paying - never have I not paid for a bill. It is very off-putting that the very first thing they ask for is money. Second, they have no compassion for sick animals, so as long as your pet is healthy, probably an okay place to go. For example, our dog began having seizures, and we took her to the emergency, which after some medication and tests, directed us to do a follow-up with our primary vet in 1-2 weeks. We called promptly Chambers, which "could only find time" 3 weeks out. During that second week, she began to have more seizures, and we called Chambers at least 3 times every day asking if there is ANY WAY she can be seen because she is getting worse. The front desk said, the doctor said, "there was nothing they could do” and questioned why we even had an upcoming appointment scheduled. And then, they said there was NO WAY they could get her seen, AT ALL. Even though this was a very urgent situation. The emergency vet told us to follow up with our primary vet, chambers, and that’s exactly what we attempted to do, but to no avail. Now, I understand vets are busy, but come on - we were long term clients and they had absolutely NO compassion, all they said was no we don't have time. That's all. We were not asking for brain surgery, we were asking for the doctor to review her medication records, and give us something different or a supplement because this medication was not controlling her seizures. Something SIMPLE. I ended up calling 10 other vets in the area, and was even able to get an appointment at a vet, where we have never been clients, because after a 20 minute chat with the head vet, she determined she needed to be seen urgently. Chambers? Nah, she needed a neurologist, not a vet - unlike the emergency room instructions. She died three days before her appointment was scheduled at chambers. While a vet appointment may not have been able to change the outcome of our beloved dog, their lack of compassion and outright rudeness is telling. They do not care about your pet, they care about the money. A different vet was willing and able to go out of their way, and are booked weeks out, but still decided to take our dog as a new client because she needed to be seen. Talk about freaking compassion for animals!! Chambers didn't give a d**** about that. The doctors could not take 20 minutes to review her medication and give us something to supplement her current medication. I am appalled and if you're animal is sick do not keep Chambers as a vet. They don't care about your pet, they care about your wallet. We are very reasonable people, and people can be stressed and emotional when their pets are in distress, and the way Chambers handled the situation was completely not called for in any way. Find another veterinary practice, that actually cares about the pets. We notified the other vet (where we were able to get an appointment for) that our dog had passed before the appointment, and the amount of sorrow and compassion in their voices was 1000000% more than anything Chambers ever did or expressed. And that, I am thankful for. I do not recommend this vet to anyone.

Alec Haag

2 years ago

I took my cat “Oreo” to his very first very appointment here. I loved the staff, I loved how I was in and out! Would recommend this place to all my friends and family! 5/5!!

Amy Garrison

2 years ago

I've been taking my pets to Chambers Prairie Animal Hospital for a few years now and I am still very happy with the care we receive as well as how we are treated by the vets and staff. They are always courteous and helpful when I call. I look forward to being able to interact face-to-face again some day post-Covid


2 years ago

The care they give our pets is always excellent.

LeeAndra Spencer

2 years ago

These people are so awesome! My dog jumped out the window to get to the tech, he was so excited!

Summer Garcia

2 years ago

Staff were professional and friendly, Dr. Dobyns was great!

Tracey Fisher

2 years ago

They are great with my Great Dane puppy. Very nice and listen to all my questions and concerns.

Reva Rice

2 years ago

We’ve been coming here for a year and have loved them. Until today. I had to wait weeks to get our new puppy in, which is that way all over. My appointment was for 8:30, I was on my way and set to arrive a bit early. However, there had been a school bus accident on Rich Road right before Yelm Hwy. I couldn’t get around. I called and told them. They said I had until 8:45 to get there. Thankfully, no kids were hurt, and they finally let me through. I pulled in and called at 8:45. They asked me to hold, then told me I was too late and missed my appointment. Dr. Saunders wouldn’t see me. I was very upset and went to the front door, finally Dr. Saunders came out and agreed to take him back. She said perhaps her clinic wasn’t a good fit, I agree, but then again, I think it’s just her who isn’t t a good fit. When they are so overbooked, you would think they would show a little grace. I’m willing to give them a second chance, but I don’t want to see Dr. Saunders again.

Raychel Schultz

2 years ago

This is a very helpful place, with wonderful friendly staff.

Christina Cimo

2 years ago

Amazing staff and attentive. Very thoughtful as well.

Diane Schmid

2 years ago

We've got a new puppy! And are so happy he will continue his care here, along with our other dog!

Chad Simmons

2 years ago

First class treatment & show the utmost care for you & especially your pet

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