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Barbara Hansen

2 years ago

My roommates are happy with their pets care at this hospital.

Diane Keough

2 years ago

I want to thank you for the compassion and kindness extended to my husband on Monday, November 22, when he brought Smoochy in. It was not an easy day for us, but much harder on him. I was a coward and stayed at home. … Five stars is not enough.

Jess O'Donnell

2 years ago

Refuse to treat sick pet until they got a deposit. Then, never treated them after the deposit had gone through and said to take them somewhere else or have them kept over night till the morning for treatments. They only cared about the money deposit. They could've treated them and then waited to bill later when I could physically be there to pay.

christopher clark

2 years ago

Thought they were great and treated are little girl Mazikeen great

Thomas Mitchell (Tomasu)

2 years ago

Vet and Technicians are both awesome. They did not even have to sedate my fussy shiba inu for an xray! Prices are standard. Service is excellent.

Michelle Burgoyne

2 years ago

Listen to our concerns and reassured us they would do all they could for our pet to get a solution to the issue.

[ooo ooo

2 years ago

Rude& Not willing to answer Basic answers. All about the money!! Not the pet! Prices are Insane!!! Dont walk Run away!:($$$$

Fahria Samat

2 years ago

I had the worst experience here. Been going here for over 18 years. I put my feline down less than 2 weeks ago. After spending 1800 on endless tests and medication and food he is gone. He had full blood work and full body x-rays. Everything came back clear except kidneys and hyperthyroidism. Once on meds thyroid was normal and he was eating well again. Never got clear answers. Just told he has compromised kidneys feed him this give him this. They can live many years with this condition they said. Yet 6 weeks later he was gone. Always I had to call back to get more information like what level is his kidneys functioning. He started to eat again and eating well. But two days before I put him down he was having a hard time breathing. I took him in said it sounds like he is wheezing. I was told well his kidneys are compromised. I asked than should I put him down. Doctor never gave me a straight answer. Just well is that what you want to do.. I took him home with antibiotics incase he had a respiratory infection. Next morning my cat woke up. Ate whole can of food. Drinking water and no vomiting. But breathing got worse. Coughing. Tired. I decided I cannot see him suffer so I took him in to be put down. He even coughed there in front of assistant. I'll never forget. I'm in the room getting ready to say goodbye when the assistant came in and asked me DO YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH PAYMENT NOW OR AFTER!!!! Meaning after he was gone???? I waa disgusted by that question. It never set right with me. He was eating well he was doing good; purring, cuddled and not vomitting. Not a cat at end of life so why couldn't he breathe???? Finally I myself figured it out after seeing videos. My cat was having severe asthma attack!! My poor baby wasn't able to breathe for several days and if treated for asthma helping opening his Airways he would still be here. I'm completely shattered he was with me for 15 years. I find this is no longer the vetenarian place it use to be. There is an extreme lack of care for your pet. Just want your money . Please go to vet at Columbia square.

James Huang

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly, patient and is super helpful for any questions or concerns you have for your pet. Would highly recommend any pet owners to come here!

Constance Wagner

3 years ago

They are very caring and friendly.

Matthew Gibbons

3 years ago

Awesome experience with the team, explained everything thoroughly and I trust they will take care of my cat as if it were one of their own.

Avis Unwin

3 years ago

Excellent staff who really care about the animals awesome vet!

Robert Cocking

3 years ago

Great service and especially in these tough times. Thank you for being there!

Brittny Hampton

3 years ago

Best vet around! Started going here because they accommodated us in an emergency, and loved them ever since for our dog's routine appointments. Recently had another emergency caused by a different animal hospital, and Alpine was extremely kind, patient, and understanding with our situation. While we no longer live as close to this location as we did when we first started going, we won't be going anywhere else!

Laura Cuthbert

3 years ago

Yesterday, a year after treatment I received an $86 bill for a test I don’t remember (how could I, it’s been a year) consenting to. They say that I consented to the vet orally on the phone for the additional test. But they never sent the bill and claim it was by voicemail. I didn’t get that voicemail. Additionally I went to another clinic because when I left my cat was still sick. That clinic treated her and she came home. They admit that the now overdue bill is due and will be sent to collections. But they never told me it was due. Pretty bad customer service and honestly ridiculous. Never again. Dismissive and fraudulent.

Kim Grady

3 years ago

My family and i been clients with alpine vet now for over 20 years, at first they were reliable, but over the years i have noticed a significant downfall in professionalism and care. I will say the few vet techs i have talked to are the only reason i stayed with alpine, dr singh himself was originally friendly but over the years again, a downfall. My cat has recently been sick and i relied on alpine for help but after awhile it seemed as if they began lying about my cats care. I decided to see a new vet who can deal with cats more professionally. Upon this visit this new vet read my cats files from alpine and disclosed health problems dr singh NEVER told me my cat had. This new vet has mentioned there was a lack of care once it came to these diagnosis and i now may be losing what i describe as my son. Alpine has quickly become a veternarian place that just wants your money. I will no longer be recommending them. Thank you to the 2 main vet techs who helped me with my cats care and updates. However, i will still no longer be a client to this vet or doctor singh, and will be recommending another vet from here on end.

Kirandeep Singh

3 years ago

Had to take both of my dogs to the clinic last week one was puking the other was lethargic. Both came out the same day, and I am happy to say both are back to normal. I wanted to thank Dr.Singh and the clinic staff for their exceptional care.

Kyla Villeneuve

3 years ago

Been taking our animals here over 20 years. Dr. Singh is very good and compassionate and the staff is amazing.


3 years ago

I’m a relatively new pet-parent but ever since I adopted my cat I have been taking her to Alpine and I have nothing but good things to say! The staff have all been very friendly, efficient, and helpful during my visits/when I have called in. The doctor is thorough and informative and he really leaves you feeling at ease and like your pet is taken care of. If you’re looking for a vet in the New West area I would definitely recommend giving Alpine a call! (Photo of my cat for good measure)

Nyree Bergeest

3 years ago

Rooms are filthy. Cat got sick there. Cost me hundreds at the emergency hospital. For some reason my cats elevated thyroid or heart murmur wasnt brought up until I brought him back after he started convulsing. Finally got him proper treatment, but his heart eventually failed and he died. Avoid this place!

Alison Solven

3 years ago

I've taken my pets to Alpine for over 10 years. Always fast and caring service. Dr. SIngh is awesome and really cares about animals. They are very reasonably priced too.

Alicia Annan

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this vet. They have always been wonderful to my 3 cats over the years and many times it was at the hardest times. They are always so nice and helpful and you can tell they love animals. I won't take my pets anywhere else.

Alexis Walters

3 years ago

Bad and stinky 0 stars

Alexandre Soares

3 years ago

Quick service but we are not being able to enter with the pet in most cases.

Alex Phoenix

3 years ago

Will keep away from this knackery. 1) Lot's of money spent but my dog's problem wasn't solved. 2) They will tell you about unexpected expenses right before the simple surgery . And they even can't guarantee that my cat will survive after spaying ? Seriously ? Is it a wet clinic or butcher shop? Never again !!!

Roger Lickacz

3 years ago

My dog is much better since he has been there .The staff was very curturios towards us .Recommended100%

smritika prem

3 years ago

Amazing service, very friendly and affordable

Sylvie Hiekel

3 years ago

Always great experience and reasonable prices

Teresa Wright

3 years ago

I get kibbles from there and in the future my cat will visit this vet Can't say much more right now

cinfulllady g

3 years ago

The operation went well and the cost was minimal but when I called to check on my cat reception scared the daylights out of me. The vet however later told me it was not so bad but to watch her.

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