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Janice Harala

2 years ago

We had bought a kitten paid 140.00 the kitten was full of mites fleas worms.The store was dirty cages low food water

Joe D

2 years ago

We like going here to get food for our reptile and seeing all the other animals. Its like a free zoo . Check it out.

shelly jones

2 years ago

Check your receipts after leaving the store!! I recently spent about $25 didn’t look at my receipt when my bank statement came in they charged me $260. The owner was fairly quick to give me back the difference but wanted me to pay her bank card percentage on the whole $260. I asked her why I should have to pay the difference when they are the ones that made the mistake she kind of bickered with me, but finally gave me the difference in full kept complaining to me while she was writing the check out she was losing money. Never did apologize for the mistake in the first place. Will not shop there anymore!! Edit: I would have been happy to pay 3 percent card charge on the 25.00 purchased, but you wanted me to pay it on the 265.00 you mistakenly charged me.

heidi fix

2 years ago

I have been going here more than 25 years. I love this pet store. The staff has always been helpful.

John Baker

2 years ago

My name is Kim! I bought my little boy Sabastian 2 weeks ago! He is such a gentle fun kitten! So glad I went to Pet Stop 2 days in a row before I just had to have him.

Helena Webb

2 years ago

I could not justify supporting a business that has adult fancy rats in tiny 5 gallon or less fish tanks or adult angora rabbits in a 10 gallon fish tank. Not to mention their mystery snail shells looked corrosive and eroding, likely due to no calcium in their diet or tank. One of the rat's tank was full of feces from top to bottom and after I got done looking at all that feces and those poor rats, the clerk(Denise) started cleaning up in that tank. Their one and only betta fish is losing his natural, vibrant color because his tank hasn't been properly cleaned and the ammonia, nitrate, nitrites are high. Really sad to see a local, none chain pet store treat their animals so poorly.


2 years ago

Great local pet store, and very helpful for those who need some guidance with the right pet/fish and very helpful with knowing their animals. We love our cat "we named him KeeKee" best cat ever! Don't pass these guys up, and help support the smaller business's.

James Jones

3 years ago

Love the small shops they are more personal. I won't go anywhere else for my pets needs

The Grayson Bed & Breakfast Daily- Weekly or Monthly Rates

3 years ago

i love the way you guys take good care of animals and customers

Tyler Nelson

3 years ago

A great little pet shop with a decent supply of food for reptiles and birds. A decent selection of fish, hamsters, gerbils, rats, birds, and reptiles. Local, friendly owners who care about the health and livelihood of the pets they own and sell. Occasionally, they'll have assorted discounted items. Pet boarding for cats, dogs, birds and reptiles. Pet grooming is also available as well. A pleasant experience everytime and the only local pet shop for the Monroe and Stevens pass area.

Anna Boswell

3 years ago

Love this pet store. Owner is super knowledgeable and friendly. Will continue to shop here.

Keegan MX

3 years ago

I love this store they have everything and great customer service they will help with anything and sometimes can give you awnsers about thing not in the store and will give you the best prices????

Brian Durst (Reaper)

3 years ago

Best pet store I know of may not have everything the bridges has but they have animals that are way more taken care of they breed their animals with love and care they don't just slap two animals together shut the lights off and play some jazz music they actually take care and pride in the breeding of their animals so they live longer and are healthy here they are very reasonably priced and I absolutely love the customer service they know everything there is to know about rodents and other small fuzzy four-legged creatures of that sort worth stopping in and the only place I know of that sells bulk food for Birds rats hamsters Etc. In conclusion very friendly very professional very well taken care of animals

Dee Clements

3 years ago

They are friendly and take very good care of my Dogs.

drew sage

3 years ago

Kind knowledgeable has an amazing selection of fish and reptiles adorable options for rodents and they work with the animals so they are friendly when you bring them home

High Rock Honey

3 years ago

Cute little store for a small town. Convenient and glad to have them in town. Even tho they don't carry tarantulas (owner is anaphylactic), I really appreciated the offer to order some in special for me anytime as long as I come pick 'em up right away :) Very helpful and friendly :)

Wolf Dragon 103

3 years ago

Rude owner wouldn’t let me try to look inside around 9:00 says we don’t have kittens was rude about it


3 years ago

The people are nice but they charge $40.00 for a $20.000 bulb. Will not return as I can't afford to get gouged every time I replace a bulb

Marie Robbins

3 years ago

Love the down home feel and owners

Nicole Camerer

3 years ago

Very pleasant employees, cute little pet shop. Check out their reptile room :)


3 years ago

This past week I've been having so much trouble finding a place to clip my pups nails as she's stubborn (and even with my parents help) she's a nipper! I was calling around a Pet Stop was kind enough to fit me in today! I've love the Pet Stop Pet Shop because I was able to go back and watch my 8-9 month old pupper get her nails clipped. It makes me feel better being able to see her and watch her as this is my first puppy of my own and I'm a protective puppy mom! Plus the price for just a nail trim is so so very reasonable I'm sure their other grooming services are JUST AS GOOD with BETTER PRICES than other competitors in the area! I've also loved the Pet Stop Pet Shop since I was little as it's THE ONLY place in town that you can go in and look at animals and they are still keeping that alive!! They have some beautifully colored bunnies, some colorful fishies, smart rats, CHINCHILLAS WHO TAKE ADORABLE DUST BATHS and much much more!! I WILL be coming here again in the future for my dog's nail trims!!

Spencer Paulson

3 years ago

Good place, good people... Glad irs near me.

Stella Schmidt

3 years ago

The Pet Stop is cute, clean and local. It is literally five minutes from where I live, so it is no hassle to get there. I have been relying on The Pet Stop’s supplies to care for my animals since I was eight, and have not once been let down. The managers and staff there are so kind and knowledgeable. They really care about the health and care of our pets, and are never hesitant to give tips. I love the variety of fish and supplies there. There are guppies, bettas, tetras, oscars, pretty much ANYTHING you could think of. The Pet Stop has a huge variety of hamsters. Once, I even got to see a teddy bear hamster have her babies. It was a really fun experience to see them every time I visited and watch them grow. :) They have LOTS of gerbils to choose from. Although I do think that the gerbils are overbred and kept in overcrowded conditions, they look healthy for the most part. My cockatiel, Luna, loves the food they carried, which I buy in bulk. Although I have found two types of bugs in it on several occasions, it does not seem to hurt her. I just stick it in the freezer and they all get killed. Once I complained about the bugs and the staff were not hesitant to do an exchange. :) I think it’s cool how The Pet Stop offers to pet sit while you are on vacation. Such a nice feature! I love how they rescue and take in abused animals. Like for instance recently somebody brought in baby bearded dragons who were raised in a clutch of 30 in a 10 gallon aquarium. One had no tail, another had paralyzed black back legs. They now look healthy and happy, and most have been sent off to new loving homes. They also rescued a family of cockatiels who were kept in overcrowded, filthy conditions. They were abused in their past home and had a tendency to lash out. The managers there worked with them and the mom and dad were sent off to loving homes. One of them, named Terri (might have misspelled that,), is now a permanent resident. He has overcome most of his bad habits and is actually quite nice. I think that this is a really amazing small community of pet enthusiastics. I know I will continue to go here for countless more years. :D

Susan Shore

3 years ago

My two girls love getting groomed by Kristin We are in Arizona for a month swimming and relaxing and we will have to go els where this time and our mommmy is very scared for us as so are we. When we come here she just know exactly how we like our hair done. So we are very excited to get back to pet stop for our girls spa day. See you soon pet stop, love Laverne and Shirley


3 years ago

We had an amazing visit! I used to come here with my dad when I was young I'm so happy this shop is still here. The variety is amazing and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Patrica Hoolahan

4 years ago

I took my dog there to be groomed and they did an amazing job! Bella was happy when I picked her up, not scared and upset like the other places I've taken her. Plus it's great supporting small local businesses.

Linda Allison

4 years ago

Very knowledgeable about multiple issues on a large variety of companions. Helps with a large variety of rescue animals.

Melissa Howell

4 years ago

Cute little pet store with very friendly and helpful staff. Healthy bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, and kittens. You can tell they care about their animals and educating people.

Michele Cooper

4 years ago

The best pet store in Monroe! I have taken my dog Happy to their groomer"Christy" ever since he was a puppy. She is amazing! Happy is a Maltipom and needs grooming every month! He loves going to Christy!

Saydie Bear

4 years ago

Very nice and helpful! Always go there to get my guinea pigs nails clipped

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