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2 years ago

I wanted to give this place more stars because they seemed so nice, but the care I received for my cat was definitely lacking. It could be because of covid and the “no contact” style of appointment, but my cat has been sick for months now and when I brought her in for an appt, I feel like they just didn’t care much about helping her. I only got a 5 minute conversation with the vet after he saw her, he didn’t ask me any questions about why or how she’s sick, and didn’t give me a treatment plan at all. Just said she needed more testing, which in total with medicine could have costed me upwards of $800-1000 on the spot. They were not willing to do payment plans so I couldn’t get the testing that she supposedly needed at that time, which tells me they care more about my money than they do the health of my cat. I did take her back for a blood test though, and was told the vet would call me to discuss the details of the results. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME! I had to call and talk to a technician days later, and asked to talk to the vet but never heard from them. The technician told me I needed to buy a special cat food that cost $70 for one bag of 6.6 lbs!!! And oh by the way, I couldn’t find it online of course, it’s so special that only the vet carries it. I still haven’t gotten any answers to my questions and my cat is still sick. So I’m going to take her care elsewhere and hope that they actually care about her and help me fix what’s wrong. I do not recommend Martha lake vet, at least not during covid.

Donna Filbert

2 years ago

I cant say enough about the quality and compasssion from the staff of Martha Lake veterinarian.The dedication is beyond any other.. I'm so grateful to each one of the staff members. Big hugs from Scotty and I. Mr. 1 Ear was loved by all.

Linh Bui

2 years ago

The vet and staffs here really makes the different. I feel my kittens are well taken cared of here.

Mic A

2 years ago

We brought our cat in last year in some distress to discover he had a tumor in his mouth. They were compassionate & explained all options. In referring us to a cat surgeon & subsequent consultation, we knew palliative care was our only option, we had over a year with him before he just couldn't go on much longer and the Vet & techs were so kind, thoughtful & caring of both him & us that evening.

Hon-Choi Wong

2 years ago

Don't go!!!! I have two cats, and we take our cats for regular check here. So it makes sense we chose this clinic for spay surgery. The process was done outside ( drop off and pick up outside), so there is no chance to check my cat there. However, we are shocked after we picked our lovely cat home. The wound is very long and dirty as the photo shows. I can't imagine how painful my cat is. My first cat did spay in another clinic as well, but the wound was short and clean. So I know what is good and what is bad. My cat definitely needs a longer time to recover and suffers more than it should be. Don't go to this place! Unless you don't care about your cats!!!!

enrique ramirez

2 years ago

They took great care of my little popillion. Surgery went great and he has made a full recovery.

Cheryl Harris

2 years ago

They are open later than some of the other guys.

Kailin Zheng

2 years ago

Don’t go to this clinic unless you have any emergencies. The vets in this clinic only cares about how much money you can spend there. Last week my poodle had a diarrhea, and didn’t feel well, it not really an emergency but I didn’t want to wait for a few days either, so I took him there, it took him a long time to get a vet checked on him, finally vet checked him saying diarrhea can be caused by many different things-well that’s true. Then he mentioned to put some estimates together then transferred my call to the technician, that lady read a list of hundred checks or exams recommended by the doctor for me to choose, without any recommendations from my vet. And each check/ exam is a least $100! Well if I could decide what to do with my dog I think that would make me a vet. And while I was asking her questions she never stopped reading until I had to raise my voice a lot. I ended up spent $300 dollars, having my dog did a cPL exam, an anti dehydration shot, Sucralfate and pain killers. After I did those expensive exams, the vet said if he’s my dog I would just give him some Sucralfate then wait and see if he gets better. I thought you could mentioned that before I spent that much money! Worst experience EVER!

Burhan Nurdin

2 years ago

Only place I go to with my dog.

Christina Son

2 years ago

Everyone is so caring and helpful at the clinic. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a compassionate vet!

Connor Mays

2 years ago

They did a biopsy on my puppy and assured me he didn’t have cancer. Recommended me to a dermatologist because my puppy has “allergies”. Few months later and I have to lay my puppy to rest. After having watched him suffer without treatment from Cancer. The vet they recommended me to ‘Animal Dermatology Services’ did 6 biopsys and after 3 rounds of testing confirmed my pup had 2 types of lymphoma. Shady people and shady business tactics. I emailed/called to get my pup’s records and they still haven’t sent them to me. Edit: they sent me my dog’s medical records after reading this review. Thumbs down to your team! I asked for these 1.5 months ago

Diane J.

2 years ago

We experienced an emergency Friday afternoon and they took care of a dog I was petsitting. He had been in a dog fight with horrible lacerations. Dr. Pal was a miracle worker, and after 4 hrs of surgury we were ready to go home. We had never been to this vet! The whole crew stayed until 9:30 Friday night to help when our own vet wouldn't even look at him. Can't say enough good things about the compassion and professionalism at Martha Lake Veterinarian clinic.

Linda Baxter

2 years ago

Very caring and awesome staff. They put your pet first T I have always been given excellent service

Vanessa Punches

2 years ago

Easy to communicate with! They always take the best care of my dog and make sure I have all the info I need.


2 years ago

This vet is great and save my corgi’s life. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve done. My corgi was vomiting and diarrhea seriously and keep vomiting blood. All the emergency hospitals nearby are in full capacity and could not see my corgi the same day. I was really worried and thankfully Martha Lake Vet save my corgi’s life. They tried their best to let me drop off my corgi and have the doctor sees him in the spare time between her appointments. My dog recovered soon after taking the medication. Really appreciate their kind help with timely treatment to avoid my corgi’s situation getting worse!!!

Katie Barnes

2 years ago

I have to praise this vet so much! On two occasions my dog has become very ill and no emergency vet would take them. I called 15 in the area and they are all at capacity or no attending doctor. Both times I have called they get him in within the hour and have great customer service. Thank you for saving my pups life twice now!

Leland Oshins

2 years ago

Very courteous, were super kind to our dog and took good care of her.

Ryan Riggins

2 years ago

Felt like a positive experience, was pretty expensive though maybe I had no idea what it cost. My cat was panicking from another bully cat, they gave her a shot to calm her and oxygen for coupe hours and cost me almost $600. The Doctor Paul, is the owner, he was very knowledgeable and kind and compassionate, he was very understanding of my budget because I could not afford a $2000 fee for blood test so he just gave her oxygen and a shot to calm her down. Pretty positive experience its just expensive for us thats all.

Mackenzie Wright

2 years ago

I've taken my cat to the Martha Lake Vet twice now and I've been really really pleased with their service. I've been able to make same day appointments and they are super accommodating. They are affordable, kind to my cat, and respectful of my budgetary needs. Amazing vet! Couldn't recommend them more.

Paula Mirante

2 years ago

My dog needed to be seen by a vet. While his need for care didn't rise to the level of an emergency, it couldn't wait for weeks, either. I left a message for Martha Lake Vet via their website before I went to bed, and was promptly emailed the following morning. I was able to get my pup in right away. The staff at Martha Lake Vet are phenomenal! I cannot emphasize this enough. We needed them, and they were there for us. My little boy was treated with love and gentleness throughout his appointment. Martha Lake Vet loves pets more than they love money. I was able to go into the clinic as long as I wore a mask, and this was huge to me. I have very high standards when it comes to veterinary care for my dog, and this clinic met every expectation I have. The clinic is easily accessible, has good parking, and is very reasonably priced (if finances are a concern they will do all they can to work with you.) Skilled, friendly staff, ability to go in with your pet, clean and hygienic facilities, no long wait times. You won't be disappointed if you choose this clinic. If you're undecided on where to take your pet, give them a call.

Miranda R

2 years ago

Brought my 12 week old Kitten there for her 2nd dose of vaccines. The staff here were wonderful and so so nice, they really prioritized my baby's care over anything else. Mentioned her ears have always bothered her and got a lot of waxy buildup so they got me some ear cleaner and used teaching me how to clean her ears at home as a way to do a cleaning without charging me for one. As they were cleaning one of the Vet techs got suspicious she might have earmites since there was so much debris in her ear canal and ran a slide free of charge to find out. She was right, so they gave my baby a free dose of earmite medicine to kick start the process of getting rid of them while the Revolution they gave her worked its way into her system Overall I had a great first experience there and will absolutely be going back

Balaji N (balaze)

2 years ago

They take good care of my dog. When my dog was refusing to eat, their diagnosis of parasites in his gut helped. I recommend this place.

David Stern

2 years ago

They were able to quickly assess the plight of our kitty and get him the immediate care he needed. Friendly and caring staff were wonderful to work with and truly worked for his well being.

Kate Valens

2 years ago

Been here a few times. The customer service isn’t consistent. Sometimes friendly, sometimes curt, other times plain rude. I’ve taken my dog here to get updated on her shots— only to return home with her and have them call me again later asking for her to come back because they forgot to give her the shots. Sure, mistakes happen. But they weren’t apologetic at all when I returned.

Kayla W

2 years ago

I took my pup, Yoshi, here because he was vomiting and had terrible diarrhea all day, and my regular vet did not have any openings. He had surgery a few days prior so I knew it was important that he needed to be seen ASAP. After calling 4 other emergency vet clinics with no success, my friend messaged me about this clinic and recommended I give them a call. I luckily was able to book a same day appointment here within the hour, and I’m so glad I did!! Everyone at this clinic was so wonderful! From the receptionist, to the vet tech, to the veterinarian, the care Yoshi received was exceptional! Everyone took the time to explain what was going on, what to expect, and listened to my concerns. The staff was so nice, and they really went above and beyond to provide my dog with the best care. Even after the appointment my dog had a major accident outside and they helped clean him up. I am so impressed with the quality of care this clinic provided. I highly recommend going here for your pets needs. I cannot say enough good things about this clinic. Thank you again !!!

Tiffany Luark

2 years ago

Very caring.. we took my old rescue we had only had a couple months there on an emergency. They were very nice and gentle with him. I would recommend 100%!

Clayton Johnson

2 years ago

Able to accommodate same day appointments in a COVID-19 safe manner. Flexible on care, to not break your budget.


2 years ago

Although I was there on a scary and sad note the place is excellent. Social distancing staff very professional, came out to get Murdock and were very nice. Listened to me and took my concerns under advisement. Got a new dog doctor. Thank you MARTHA LAKE VET. parking is good too FYI. Found out my dogs blindness wasn't diabetes and that was a relief, cateracts , but never found out the source I understand with all the covid media that it was hard to talk to the vet though, so they're excellent with social distancing but also makes it impersonal and that's 1 place in my book that should be more personal, he is my little monster and I value him over it all. Hope to get some vet time and then I'll update this

Dominique Jenks

2 years ago

They always take great care of my dog. We have been taking her there since we got her and Tami is her favorite!

Louise Mary Lee

2 years ago

We called this place after having our puppy in an Emergency Vet Clinic, this place is great price & great staff!! Just happy we got 2 have all shotz up to date. This is a bit of a drive 4 us 2 bring our puppy but they a great place so we don't mind.

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